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    When my marriage was breaking down eating this way was one of our many issues!!! Funny that months after we split the kids told me that Dad was going Paleo!!! New boyfriend won't give up the beer or bread (yet) but now eats scrambled eggs for breakfast everyday
  2. Sarahjb

    Day 11 already seeing results!!!!

    I have the same issue with shoulder pain - excruciating but no one can give me a cause - after being very compliant it goes away but after a little off-roading it comes back with a vengeance.
  3. Congratulations! I started out at a similar weight to you (slightly higher) and after about 12 months and only 1 whole 30 (plus a few failed ones) I have just reached my goal weight of 120 pounds. My main focus is just shopping the perimeter of the supermarket (rarely buy anything in a packet except yummy oils) and found giving up alcohol a great boost. I'd probably have a drink if I went out for dinner but no longer have alcohol in the house. Not sure if I will ever do another Whole 30 but I stick to the plan most of the time anyway and don't guilt myself if I eat off plan. It gets easier as you get tired of the upset system every time you go off plan All the best
  4. I love reading success stories and thinking "oh wow me too" about something I hadn't consciously realized - the cellulite has reduced in my legs as well Go Whole 30!