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    GoJo09 got a reaction from KTag in Workout Supplements   
    You really don't need to take BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) if you're eating a well constructed diet including animal protein. I work out pretty hard, running and Crossfit, and I don't bother.
    If you're vegetarian, it might be more worthwhile, as vegetarian protein sources aren't complete proteins, ie. they're each lacking some of the amino acids (you have to be very conscious of combining vegetarian protein sources to ensure you get all of the required amino acids).
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    GoJo09 got a reaction from Jingalong in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Woolworths Select brand now has compliant liquid stock too - free range chicken, fish, beef and vegetable. It was $5.99 for 500ml.
    And the Macro brand Dijon Mustard is compliant (and way cheaper than Maille - although I haven't tasted it yet, might not be as good).
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    GoJo09 got a reaction from EllieHH in Minimizing explanations   
    "Alcohol has been making me feel pretty rubbish lately, so I'm cutting it out". Who can argue with that? (Also, why would they argue in the first place?? But as we all know, some people are jerks and have their own problems.) 
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    GoJo09 got a reaction from EllieHH in Minimizing explanations   
    "Alcohol has been making me feel pretty rubbish lately, so I'm cutting it out". Who can argue with that? (Also, why would they argue in the first place?? But as we all know, some people are jerks and have their own problems.) 
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    GoJo09 reacted to helenlovescello in Non-scale victories!   
    I just finished my first round of Whole 30! I probably have lost weight or at least inches, because my clothes fit better, but I'm not going to weigh myself this time- I don't want to forget about my other benefits! 
    Before I started this, I was six weeks post emergency surgery for a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. I was anemic, anxious, and depressed. I woke up about four times every night and couldn't sleep at all without melatonin. I was dealing with a case of tendonitis/tennis elbow/golfer's elbow which was keeping me from doing my job well (I am a cellist and cello teacher). I was exhausted all the time and couldn't get anything done I wanted or needed to. Walking a mile was a huge effort. And in addition, I was stress eating junk food all the time. 
    Now, I sleep through the night, my mood is much better and more stable, I go running three times a week, my playing injury is much more under control, I haven't had my blood tested but I don't feel anemic- I have lots of energy, good color in my face, etc. I don't like junky food as much, and don't usually get hungry between meals. I have a much better relationship with food and don't usually eat because I'm stressed or bored. Plus, my skin looks great, and clothes that didn't used to button button now! 
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    GoJo09 got a reaction from -Kara in Reintroduction: Alcohol question...   
    I personally would leave the alcohol, gluten free or otherwise, until later in your reintros, purely because it's the one item that can easily lead to a face first dive off track - alcohol lowers your inhibitions (especially when you haven't been drinking of a while) and that 1 cider turns into 2 turns in to a run to the ice cream store with a burger on the side, and before you know it you've eaten 7 different things that could all have their own side-effects, but you'll never untangle them.
    You also don't have a reintro day for sugar in your list - if you're concerned about how that will affect you (without the side of alcohol) you should really intro that separately as well.
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    GoJo09 reacted to ElizabethG in Waking up on the right side of the bed & a mini re-set   
    I've completed 2 W30s over the last few years, and have learned a lot, and honestly continue to learn a lot as I work toward finding my food freedom. I have to continually remind myself that it's always a learning process, and I will always have moments that are rough. Yesterday was a rough afternoon to say the least, one which ended with 2 donuts and ice cream. I think it's time for a re-set, both for my physical health, and my mental health. 
    I'm committing to 14 days of W30 to remind myself why I choose this lifestyle, because it really is a choice I'm happy to make most of the time. I'm already anticipating some challenges in these two weeks, but that's part of life, and I know how to handle them. My goal today is to feel proud about making a choice to come back to W30 the second I felt something slipping off the rails, and to feel excited about having 2 weeks to revisit some of my favorite recipes.
    Anyone else out their struggling a bit?
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    GoJo09 got a reaction from Tarrantrl in Beans: problematic or just...beans?   
    That's the great thing, though - you get to choose whether it's worth it to have gas or not! Personally, my reaction to chickpeas was so bad that for the sake of my friendships I have to give them up   (it also lasted for days, so clearly worse than what you noticed!). I'm not game to try other legumes, but I don't like them enough to mind not having them. If you love them and you can put up with the results, then there's your answer. 
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    GoJo09 reacted to kirbz in Smoothie bowl success?   
    For me, I love green smoothies. And I'm talking pretty green, green smoothies. Like, ones with only a single, small portion of fruit and then lots of vegetables, including green, leafy ones. I don't understand why they're not okay on Whole30. I don't see how they're that much different than drinking calories in bone broth. I don't see how they're that much different than eating a creamy soup. 
    And I certainly don't see why they aren't a good source of greens in the morning for breakfast when they have fat in them and are served with protein. 
    But, I like the black and white of the rules and recommendations, so I avoid them while doing a Whole30. Are they a regular part of my non-Whole30 diet? Yes. But I don't drink them on Whole30 because I try to trust the rules and recommendations just as they're written. 
    I guess this isn't much help. I guess I just want to say that I can definitely relate to where you're coming from. But yeah, I still choose not to drink them while on Whole30. 
    Best of luck to you! 
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    GoJo09 reacted to SugarcubeOD in Sugar in whole-cut meats?!   
    It's actually exactly this (bolded for emphasis).  To the OP @Matthew81, no, there's no scientific reason for the no added sugar rule for things like this - it's because not only does the Whole30 change the food on your plate but it's teaching you how to learn what is in your food and really be aware and cognizant of how much sugar is in every.thing.  The sugar in that meat is probably not going to send you spiralling into a sugar bender but it does bring to light that MEAT could have SUGAR!!??!!
    Why not eat the Turkey breast and then start your Whole30 the next day?  Or if you already ate it, do a Whole32 instead of a Whole30 if starting back at the beginning or delaying your official start date is harder on your motivation.  No one is going to smack that turkey out of your hand as @laura_juggles said but knowingly choosing to eat something with off plan ingredients during your 30 days is contrary to the rules and you won't have done a Whole30.
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    GoJo09 got a reaction from ladyshanny in Craving red wine, alcoholic family, should I give it up   
    Hi @HeatherSoleil
    I have a very similar family history to you, and have had similar realisations about my own drinking habits many times. I perhaps drank a little more than you, depending on the stage of my journey.
    I now have in place for myself quite firm rules around drinking, namely, no drinking alone at home, and no more than 2 drinks at a time. And when I find that I am making excuses to go out specifically so I can have a drink, I'm thinking about it a lot, or I've had drinks multiple nights in a week, I pick a length of time to go dry (maybe a week, maybe longer).
    I also try really hard to examine my reasons for having a drink eg. Because it is nice to have a beer on a Sunday afternoon with friends is fine. Because I've had a rubbish day and I want to make it better is not.
    You've just got to figure out what kind of boundaries work for you, and that might be a complete absence of alcohol.
    By the way, I was going to start a little dry spell on Monday (as I have had quite a few drinks this week), but writing this made me realise that I need to start today, not Monday - another 3 days of drinking isn't going to help me at all! (I literally have 4 social things in the next 3 days that would/could have involved alcohol!)
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    GoJo09 reacted to wellnessandglory in Jumping in with both feet   
    Hubby and I are starting another round of Whole30 tomorrow.  I’m honestly eager for the reset, I feel that my body needs it, however my mind is not quite in sync with the upcoming countdown. But. When your hubby asks you to do another round of your beloved whole30... you say yes and jump in with both feet. So tonight I’m refreshing myself with allthewhole30things and thought I’d pop into the Whole30 forum. I’ve never checked this space out before. 
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    GoJo09 got a reaction from CharlotteU in Hello   
    What @kirbz meant was that you should ignore the nutrition panel (the list of macro/mirco nutrients with all the numbers beside them) and look only at the ingredients. If any of the ingredients aren't Whole 30 allowed, put the product down. If you look at the nutrition panel on a can of tomatoes, for example, it will say that it has xx grams of sugar per 100g - that makes people freak out and think they can't have that product because it has sugar. But, if you look at the ingredients list right below it will not (should not!) list any added sugar - the nutrition panel is referring to the naturally occuring sugars in tomatoes. So, ignore the numbers and just look at the ingredients.
    If there's an ingredient you're not sure of, just google it + whole30 - there are a lot of really long scary sounding words that are actually just stabilisers and are perfectly legit. 
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    GoJo09 reacted to mum-bum in Whole30 w/ my teen...   
    Not sure how wise it is to do a whole30 w/ an already grumpy teenager but here goes nothing.  My DS is 15 and is the one who really wanted to do a whole 30 after hearing me talk about it.  He's read the book and is really committed.  I'm doing this with him.  If we can make it past the Kill All The Things phase it could be a good bonding experience.
    Day 1:
    Breakfast: 2 scotch eggs (homemade compliant) w/ kale salad
    Lunch: Salad w/ chicken, olive oil and vinegar
    Dinner: roasted chicken thighs, steamed broccoli w/ ghee and potatoes pan crisped in ghee
    Standard day 1 feeling.  made it through the day and feeling pretty good.
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    GoJo09 reacted to calikatie in teen eating junk food when out with friends   
    Thanks, @ladyshanny. That kind of talk sounds inspiring. As far as the donuts twice a year, my point was more illustrative. (It's not like I have an alarm on my phone that says "Six months have passed, you can have a second donut." I can't actually remember the last time we had a donut.) I meant to give context that she is not so sugar restricted at home that she might be reacting to too strict a diet - we have the usual chocolate Easter bunnies and eggs, Halloween candy, other treats, etc. that most families do. It's just not a daily thing.
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    GoJo09 reacted to ShannonM816 in teen eating junk food when out with friends   
    This really may be outside the scope of what we can really help you with here. Hopefully you'll get some good suggestions, but you might also consider speaking to your doctor or even maybe a trusted therapist if you have access to one to get a professional opinion about the best way to approach this without causing more stress for both you and your daughter. 
    If this is her way of asserting authority over her own decisions, it's unlikely that anything you do or say to convince her is going to change her mind. She may also feel like the only way to fit in is to eat what her friends eat and do what they do, and she might not have the confidence to speak up for herself even if she'd prefer to eat healthier around them. (I hope that's not the case, but I can remember times when I was younger when that's how I felt, so I'm throwing it out there for consideration.) 
    For now, maybe focus on having healthy food at home. Invite her friends over for meals or to hang out at your home if that's possible, and have healthy food options that they'd still enjoy. Let her help plan what to eat, with some guidelines -- maybe ask her to pick mostly recipes from certain cookbooks or from certain websites, with maybe one or two options that are not as healthy. Offer to make her food to take with her, or offer to bring her food if she wants, but don't force it and don't be upset if she chooses not to take you up on it. When you talk about food or diet, try not to focus on weight, hers or your own or anyone else's. Make it about feeling good, having energy to do the things you like to do, not being moody. If she says she's experiencing some symptom, and you have also experienced something similar and found relief from it by changing your eating, you could mention that, not in a nagging way, just present the information and let her do with it what she will. If you have any of the whole30 books or other books on healthy eating, make sure they're someplace accessible so she can pick them up and read them if she wants to. She may not, and that's okay, the point is to let her figure things out at her own pace, which may not be as fast as you'd like.
    Obviously, if she's having other health problems, if her doctor is wanting to put her on meds for things that could be changed with dietary changes, then you'd have reason to be much more insistent that she make changes.  That's not what it seems like you're describing here, though.
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    GoJo09 reacted to ElizabethG in What has been your most lasting food habit after Whole30?   
    I love this question! I've had a rough couple of days with food choices, and really committing to getting back on track today. One of the ways that helps me stay positive and move forward is taking a few steps back to realize how much good change I've made since my first WHole30 almost 2 years; remember this is a really long journey, with lots of ups and downs. That being said, one of the most lasting changes for me has been cutting way back on mindless snacking. Work used to be a black hole of bad choices, but now, most days I am able to walk right past all the junk food, and recognize I'm not actually hungry. 
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    GoJo09 reacted to Laurenacc in Reintroduction: Alcohol question...   
    Thanks GoJo! I was following the Fast Track Reintro plan that I saw in The Whole30 book...it says Day 1 is optional for gluten-free alcohol but I figured I should include it, Day 1 (or 4) legumes, Day 4 (or 7) non gluten grains, Day 7 (or 10) dairy, Day 10 (or 13) gluten containing grains. No sugar reintro is mentioned...but it *does* say that many of the foods in the other food groups will also contain sugar. So...I assumed that meant there wasn't really a day given for sugar reintro. I'm happy to add it if there's a new reintro plan that I'm not aware of, but I was just trying to follow the outline I saw in the book.
    I'm fine with reintro-ing a dif gluten-free alcohol if the cider seems like a bad trigger, but I figured I should be testing alcoholic beverages I actually consume. I normally don't go for wine since it makes me sleepy- that seemed like the next best thing to try gluten-free wise. And I definitely don't want to take a shot of gluten-free tequila...nor sip it, blech! 
    I totally get what you mean when you say- having 1 cider turns into 2 and then going overboard and eating all things bad and messing up. But even when I wasn't doing the Whole30- I never have more than 1 drink, so I know that's definitely not going to be happening. I'll be surprised if I even finish one 12oz bottle. I'm a lightweight and don't care much for alcohol, I only choose to reintroduce it to see how my body reacts to having it again. And while I'm sure MANY people have said- "Oh I'm super strict, I'm not going to let this trigger me to eat anything else off-plan for that day"...I'm sure some have fallen off the wagon and given in. BUT- I've been struggling with stomach issues for years and I'm serious about doing this right so I can see which item will affect me and how. I'm almost certain during the 15 days of reintro, I'm not going to jump off the deep end and eat pizza, cake, and guzzle an irish car bomb in one sitting, hehe. 
    So...I guess this brings me back to: are either of these ciders ok to drink as my gluten-free alcoholic beverage reintro- or is it bad that I drink something sweet (even though the angry orchard doesn't say sugar in the ingredients) and with sulfites in it? Open to other gluten-free alcohol suggestions, I just want to make sure I have something around come the day I have that for my reintro. Thanks!
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    GoJo09 reacted to maggiem951 in 1st Time Whole30: College Edition   
    My name is Maggie and I have been really disappointed in my health since I began college. Before I started college, I rarely drank, slept regularly, exercised regularly, and ate relatively healthy (although my 17 year old metabolism is completely different than my 22 year old metabolism). I am now entering my 4th year of college and beginning an internship in Dallas. I have been thinking about doing Whole30 since I saw it pop up on my Facebook a few years ago, but never as seriously as I am now. I have not been happy with my weight and have tried to do different things to fix that, not realizing that my diet is the one thing I need to change, not only for my weight, but for my general health. After reading The Whole30, I realized a slew of health problems I have accumulated from my horrible eating habits, even while living off campus in my apartment. I never even thought about my diet affecting this, but I fully believe that my allergies, irritability, severe anxiety, depression, and sleep deprivation have gotten much worse since I began college because of my diet of mostly pizza and wine. It's not even about the weight loss anymore. If I can feel happier and healthier with my current beer belly, why shouldn't I? I am fully committed to Whole30. I have thrown away everything off the list in my apartment, and my boyfriend is fully on board with my commitment to the plan but I feel like my friends and family are not as supportive. I really would appreciate this forum to sort of hover around me when I begin June 1st and help me through this journey because this is going to be hard, but not as hard as writing a 30 page term paper in 2 days. 
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    GoJo09 reacted to troodles in Not my first rodeo   
    That’s exactly it! Well, I made it to day 3. 10% through!
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    GoJo09 got a reaction from Intrepid4 in Alrighty Then   
    This is so common! You've seen the timeline right? Nearly everyone wants to give up at some point in this week. But honestly, it's only 2 more weeks, what's that in the grand scheme of things? 
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    GoJo09 reacted to steve52 in Wow!! Worked for me.   
    52 year old whte male/5' 10". Starting at 209lbs, I am down 25lbs so far to date, with my target goal weight of <179 by 6/16/18.  My first round started 1/2/18. By the end of the first round on 2/2/18 in time for the Superbowl, I had lost 15lbs. From 2/2 to 4/16, I continued to eat 90% healthy, but deviated with some alcohol, dairy, and grains. I had gained just a couple pounds, and was feeling a bit sluggish so I decided to go full force, and started again on 4/16/18 and just completed my second round of Whole 30 today (5/18/18), down another 12lbs. At this point, I have become used to not eating certain foods, and getting creative  with finding alternative salad dressings, oils, sweet stuff (dates are the best) and meal planning. I actually eat more now  (all healthy) throughout the day and stay full longer. Plus trying different foods and preparing in different ways has helped. Not to mention wifey is a little happier I am making dinner a couple nights during the week and also going to the market.
    For me, the weight really started falling off after the 1st week(s) I started the plan(s). My wife started in April also, but lost only a pound and was discouraged. However, she started cross fit training, so what I think was happening, and I could tell visually, his her weight shifted from muffin top to a much toner upper body; muscle occupies 4x less space than fat. And she did not really need to lose poundage like I did. As for me, I would exercise a little here, a little there, where ever and when ever I could, never putting emphasis on duration or reps; 10 push ups here, a few crunches, a short walk, a couple of floors up/down stairs, and I kept a barbell at my desk. Little by little I would increase it, but no pressure on myself, and just kept mental note as to my increases.  I saw the shift in weight, lost a lot of the puffiness in my face and neck, and I just feel better overall. Now, since I have some time behind me with the exercising, I am starting to keep track and set little goals. For example, I try to complete 80 pushups, 40 air squats, 20 crunches, and 30 arm curls in a day. So I do it whenever I have the time. Also what I have noticed is I go to sleep quicker, and pop up out of bed even after only 6.5hrs of sleep; I just can't lay there, I have to get up. I am not sluggish anymore, my mind is firing better, and everything is "regular." My 10 and 12yr old boys are amazed. I haven't ran for 10 years, so this week I did a 1 mile walk/run (more walking). In time, I will increase the distance and maybe keep time.
    My high school weight was 165, and although that is not my target weight, it seems with this plan that my body is trying to fix and rectify the food and drink abuse I have put it through over the last 35 years. I will continue to eat this way, with the occasional indulgence here and there for special occasions. I just feel better overall; less stressed, more calm, less pain in my joints, and more willing try different things that I would not have before. In 9 months,  I will be 53. I can be 53 on my way to getting healthier, or I can be 53 and live my life as I did before. Either way, I am going to be 53. 
    Lastly, Iwent for the trifecta of going on Whole30, no drinkking, and even quit smoking after 37 years (started at 15). But the way I am eating, despite the amount, I am still losing weight. Whole30 takes some work in planning your meals, snacks, especially if you have kids you also cook for. Make sure you always have snack food around in case that will satisfy your hunger as that is when you are at your weakest. Bonus, you are going to save a lot of money on eating out.
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    GoJo09 reacted to chichi in What does "riding your own bike" mean to you?   
    @Advocado I'm curious if after a while you have a different understanding of the 'is it worth it' mentality. My 'journey' with this wasn't quick, and I sometimes think people that feel like they've abruptly changed their entire life are in a honeymoon period and haven't landed back into their real lives yet. It is hard. It took me 3 years of gradual, gradual changes to feel like I truly operate, mostly unemotionally and without stress, with an 'is it worth it' mindset. I can tell you what it looks like now, though the first year was not much like this at all! It was eating like I did before the Whole 30 and feeling guilty.
    Now, 3ish years after I started this thing, when we go out to a 'nice' place, I'll just choose things that I know are minimally troublesome, though they might certainly still have added sugar, soy, legumes, etc., and I have no problem simply asking for 'no dairy' (that's the worst for me, I don't even enjoy the expensive meal because my sinuses are stuffed up and my throat is itchy as soon as I eat it). I don't ask the server specifics, I just generally steer away from things that are likely going to make me feel like garbage later. But I might still have a glass of wine or two, and I might still feel like garbage the next day sometimes. It doesn't send me crashing wildly into failure land. It reminds me why I love feeling mostly good most of the time, and why I really want to eat cabbage and eggs and every day for breakfast.
    I didn't get 'rid' of less healthy things permanently. Today I ate a melted chocolate out of my delivery van's cupholder, and I was so very, very low blood sugar that it was 110% worth it, and I was very, very excited to get home and eat shredded chicken with avocado, greens, and mustard, cold out of the fridge. I drink about 2% of the alcohol I used to, and don't miss it at all. I don't plan my less healthy foods, I just don't think about food as much as I used to. My general habits and choices have changed. My 'comfort foods' are the things I always have on hand that I can rely on to make me feel good, well fed.
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    GoJo09 reacted to AnnaBeauregard in Anna's Adventure in Whole30 (personal log)   
    I thought that setting a date in the near future, and then preparing myself mentally to do this, was a good idea.  Now I'm not so sure.  I've been a good and relatively healthy eater for many years.  I have had a few times over the decades where this was not the case, but mostly, it was healthy.
    I set the date for this, and BOOM!  Suddenly I am craving (and giving in to) all sorts of junk!  What on earth has happened??  It's as if the moment I flipped that commitment switch inside my head, my body started screaming "aw, h3ll no!"  It's crazy.  Just a few days ago, I was all fired up to do this.  I was genuinely excited.  Today, I'm actually nervous, realizing that this is going to be more of a challenge than I had anticipated.  Can I do this?  I mean, faithfully, successfully complete the entire 30 days??
    And I'm really grumpy today.  I haven't been this grumpy in months, maybe years.  (I'm sure it has nuuuuuuthing to do with the nasty food-like substances I've allowed myself the past 3 days, as a "last hurrah" before the program... nah, nothing at all to do with that... ugh.)
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    GoJo09 reacted to RDSAM in No Tiger Blood, But Still a Success   
    i just finished my first Whole 30, and I thought I'd share my experience.  If you've already drunk the Kool-Aid, then you can probably skip right over this story, but if you're generally skeptical of fad diets, miracle cures, and the like, then read on for an entirely credible story about an experience I can wholeheartedly recommend.  
    First, the back story.  In short, my wife wanted to try the Whole 30, but we've learned from experience that when only one of us embarks on something like this, we rarely succeed.  We need to both be committed for it to work.  So I said, "sure."  After all, the guidelines that I read looked like they were at least based on logic and I was unlikely to do any damage to myself by following them for 30 days.  
    The week before we started, I read a lot more about prep.  This was really important, as having the right stuff in the pantry and fridge is key to being able to pull this off.  I also read the Whole 30 Timeline.  Wow!  Horrible headaches, apathy, lethargy, followed by rage, maybe some doubts, and then finally Tiger Blood!  I wasn't really sure what Tiger Blood felt like, but it looked like I was in for quite a journey.  
    My timeline was quite different:
    Day 1:  This is totally easy, and that pork belly, roasted potatoes, and fried eggs I had for breakfast was amazing!  
    Days 2-3:  Hmm.  Still pretty easy.  No lethargy, no headaches.  I think I feel pretty decent.
    Days 7-10:  Ok, where's my rage and Tiger Blood?  I was promised Tiger Blood, wasn't I?  I just feel "pretty good."  Oh actually, I guess I haven't had heartburn since I started.  Wow, I hadn't even really thought of that till now.  So yeah, that's great.  And come to think of it, I don't feel like I get super hungry any more.  Or rather, I don't get SUDDENLY STARVING like I used to.  I just slowly start to get hungry and then I eat.  And then I feel fine until I slowly start to get hungry again a couple hours later.  Huh...not bad.  
    Days 10 - 20:  Same old, same old.  I have eaten a crap-ton of eggs, though.  But I still feel pretty good.  And wow, we have built up some amazing habits around cooking and healthy snacks.  In fact, that's something I really want to keep up.  I was never good at meal planning before, but now I feel like a pro and we always have good healthy options to eat.  We also sit down to eat together as a family way more.  Ok, so that's a pretty awesome side effect.  People have also told me I look thinner...I see it too.  Alright, Whole 30, I'm digging this.  Except when I see people eating something delicious like doughnuts.  Mmmm...they do look tasty.  But I don't need them, and I don't feel horribly deprived when I see and smell them.  
    Days 20-30:  Still feeling good.  For the past 20 days, I've been wondering what I'll eat on day 31.  Pizza?  Cake?  Ice cream?  Beer?  All of the above times three?  Suddenly I realize I'm not really all that excited about day 31.  Sure it'll be nice to be able to have a cookie or something if I really want one.  And THANK GOD I won't have to stress, wondering if those cashews were roasted with rice bran oil.  But I realize I don't really want to eat crap unless there's a good reason for it.  In fact, on normal days, I think I'll keep most of the habits I've built up during the Whole 30.  And I'll splurge a bit when we go out to dinner with friends, or when we're celebrating a special occasion.  
    Day 31:  I pretty much stayed on plan today.  In fact, I might have still been compliant.  But I did eat that delicious salad at work with the grilled steak and chimichurri dressing.  Could the steak have been grilled with a non-compliant oil?  Maybe.  Did the dressing have any added sugar?  Maybe.  But who the hell cares?  Maybe I'll even have a cookie tomorrow.  
    So as you can see, my Whole30 did not cure cancer, give me a tan, or bestow upon me any other miracles.  What it did was get rid of my heartburn, make me feel pretty good, and helped me lose 12 lbs (I started at 180 and finished at 168...and I'm 5'11'').  Perhaps even better, though, is that it seems to have changed my food habits in terms of what I want, how often and severely I get hungry, and how I prep and eat food.  In my mind, those alone would justify giving Whole30 a shot.  Oh, and one final note.  I should mention that I did not cheat at all on the Whole30.  I stayed 100% compliant for the entire 30 days.  No cheats, no exceptions.  For me, this was important as once I deviate from something, I'm MUCH more likely to keep making small deviations.  
    Good luck if you wind up giving it a try!