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    Soybean and canola oil are so perverse in foods we don't cook at home. It's nearly unavoidable! That's why I try to limit my meals out and save up for the dank grass-fed meats. I was at Whole Foods today and most of the prepared food and meat had some combo of soy oil, soysauce, or expeller pressed canola oil. It's just a much cheaper alt. to EVOO. Thanks everyone for the useful info about Chipolte!
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    Your favorite tea

    Free the tea! Loose leaf is the way to go. No guessing what's in it either. But go organic when possible. If you've got an herbal/alternative medicine store in your area, they'll hook you up. Or just go online. Egyptian Chamomile is the best. I also like lemon grass, lemon balm and licorice root (good for the throat), Rooibois is also satisfying too. Chinese and Japanese green and oolong tea are my picks. Iron Goddess and Gyokuro/Matcha are my favorites right now. For the coffee fiends, I suggest yerba mate (that's what I'm drinking atm, it's great when made with a French press), matcha tea and roasted carob tea.