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  1. Night_Bear

    Where do you buy ghee?

    Just make some from scratch. If you can melt cheese, this is easy. It's time taking but worth the trouble. All you need is a big stock pot, a wood spoon and of course, a ton of butter. I hear Kerrygold is good, but pricey. Try and get the butter in bulk. I like how this guy makes ghee:
  2. Night_Bear


    Soybean and canola oil are so perverse in foods we don't cook at home. It's nearly unavoidable! That's why I try to limit my meals out and save up for the dank grass-fed meats. I was at Whole Foods today and most of the prepared food and meat had some combo of soy oil, soysauce, or expeller pressed canola oil. It's just a much cheaper alt. to EVOO. Thanks everyone for the useful info about Chipolte!
  3. All the ingredients mentioned are what I follow. But there's a trick to make your vinaigrette even tastier. Dice a few cloves of garlic and let it macerate, or soak, in balsamic vinegar for at least 20 min. You can also use a shallot and add lemon juice. The acidity cuts the sharpness of the garlic and makes it more palatable. You can adjust with salt. 3:1 sounds right, or more EVOO to balsamic vinegar. Add the EVOO, Dijon mustard and homemade mayo. Whisk the Hell out of it and should make a nice, creamy vinaigrette. Bon appetit!
  4. Night_Bear

    Beef jerky

    There's also a method if you have a convection oven. Hang the meat like stalactites and let it go for about 3-4 hrs. Here's what I read, just use another recipe for the marinade: If anyone has done it this way, let me know. I'm curious if the aroma of meat lingers for awhile, like when you make curry.
  5. Night_Bear

    Austin Restaurants?

    So far, I've eaten at Koriente, Bouldin Creek and 24 Diner. The most ambiguous thing I've only come across is cooking oil. Otherwise, those three places are great. Both Koriente and 24 Diner have a gluten-free menu, so it's pretty easy to make some choices. Anyone want to meet up? I joined Austin Primal Living Group on MeetUp, but let me know if you're interested!
  6. Night_Bear

    Taking the Whole 30 on the road

    Why not just put a griddle on your dash, a crockpot under your seat and an oven in your glovebox?
  7. Night_Bear


    Water, flat or sparkly, is very popular with folks around here. It's certainly the best before, during and after a workout. But if I want something flavorful, I like Sport Tea a lot. I put it in a jar on my patio and make Sun Tea. Its natural flavor is from citrus, pure and simple. No big deal. Ginger may add some sweetness too. Read the part that says "no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors?" One of its main ingredients is eleuthero root, an adaptogenic herb, and is arguably a cleaner alternative to coconut water or sports drinks. Kombucha is also a tonic, but I would suggest drinking it only after a workout. Consider in order to make any kombucha, at least 1 cup of pure sugar is needed per gal. of water. The culture feeds off most of that sugar. But after fermentation, fruit juice is commonly added for flavor and sweetness. There are 'original' flavors you can choose that have nothing added. So, we're talking about tea fortified with certain ingredients, Sport Tea is no different.
  8. Night_Bear

    What kinds of tea can I have?

  9. Night_Bear

    Uses for your homemade olive oil mayo?

    I brush my teeth with it. Mmm...mayo.
  10. I like to snack on a piece of fruit and some nuts. Today I had half a mango and some cashews. I know walnuts are limited bc of the high calorie content. Hard nuts can also be an issue for people with sensitive gums (gingivitis) or allergies.
  11. Night_Bear

    Your favorite tea

    Free the tea! Loose leaf is the way to go. No guessing what's in it either. But go organic when possible. If you've got an herbal/alternative medicine store in your area, they'll hook you up. Or just go online. Egyptian Chamomile is the best. I also like lemon grass, lemon balm and licorice root (good for the throat), Rooibois is also satisfying too. Chinese and Japanese green and oolong tea are my picks. Iron Goddess and Gyokuro/Matcha are my favorites right now. For the coffee fiends, I suggest yerba mate (that's what I'm drinking atm, it's great when made with a French press), matcha tea and roasted carob tea.
  12. Night_Bear


    And tap water? I hear that has fluoride!
  13. If y'all subscribe to The W30 Daily, day 6 has a lot of useful info. on energy. Here's what I'm referring to: This was really eye-opening when I read it at work. Here I was at 1pm drinking a cup of black coffee, festering in its mug and I thought, "Why am I drinking this coffee?" I was feeling tired, but that probably was because of lack of sleep and/or a hasty breakfast. Coffee has become a crutch for me. I think this has been a big Realization for me during my W30. Having said that, I'd like to put my two-cents in. I greatly respect the views espoused in the 'Coffee Manifesto' but if we coffee addicts are really gonna take this seriously, I think limiting it can help amplify results and improve our energy levels. My plan from here on out is to limit coffee to one or two times a week, or weekends. I only reach for FT or Direct Trade coffee, which is mostly organic and unprocessed. Instead of coffee, I'm drinking yerba mate. I know its debated if it has caffeine but it's definitely not as saturated as coffee. It's great hot or iced with lemon. I've also tried it with coconut milk. I like making it in a French press. Doing it the traditional way with the mate is fun, but it's more effort. On a final note, I've found the Aeropress to be an amazing coffee-maker (maybe that's why I got so hooked). Use espresso beans for the high oil content. The Aeropress really pulls out all the flavors and never makes a bitter cup of Joe. With a splash of coconut milk, you'll forget your sugar and cream (and perhaps banish your drip coffee maker forever).
  14. Night_Bear

    Protein Powder (again)

    Good idea. Also check out Vega Recovery Accelerator. Although its main source of protein is brown rice, you're not eating it of course. Plus it has other vital nutrients like carbohydrates. Vega's products, even though not necessarily Paelo, are very clean. For a diet rich in animal protein, I think having a clean plant-based supplement is a good balance. On that note, if you do want a protein with more kick and a greater share of BCAA's, go with 3 Fuel.
  15. Night_Bear


    So, what do y'all drink before, during and after your workout? I couldn't find much info. There's the W9 brew with water, baking soda, salt, and citrus. The Paleo Diet for Athletes has a similar recipe, with the addition of glucose and protein, but that isn't necessarily W30 compliant. Personally, those options don't seem very satisfying. And since we're doing the W30, I've come up with my own options: Coconut water is supposed to be limited because of excess sugar and sodium. But you can get it raw. If you wanna go through the effort and hack open a coconut you can. There's a more convenient option with Harmless Harvest (http://www.harmlessh...T-COCONUT-WATER) but it is pricey. Sport Tea. If you haven't tried it, do it. It's clean, refreshing and delicious. It doesn't fill you up either. I like to make sun-tea with it and infuse it with the power of the Sun. http://www.sportea.c...ingredients.php And last, when in a pinch, Vega electrolyte hydrator ( It's also clean from what I've read and only contains all the nutrients you need. Now go eat your PWO meal!