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    Soybean and canola oil are so perverse in foods we don't cook at home. It's nearly unavoidable! That's why I try to limit my meals out and save up for the dank grass-fed meats. I was at Whole Foods today and most of the prepared food and meat had some combo of soy oil, soysauce, or expeller pressed canola oil. It's just a much cheaper alt. to EVOO. Thanks everyone for the useful info about Chipolte!
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    Night_Bear reacted to Melissa Hartwig in Plan a Whole30 dream vacation   
    I would go to Costa Rica (we've been trying to plan a trip there for ages). We'd rent a house on the beach, close enough to town that we could hit the market for fresh produce and fish. Our house would have an awesome kitchen, where we'd cook all of our own food... but we'd also have daily cleaning service, so we never had to clean up after ourselves.
    Fresh fish and seafood, mango salsa (we'd go during mango season, of course), fruit smoothies (because when you're on vacation, it's okay to go a little crazy), and tons and tons of fresh salads, because when I'm south of the border, I'm always craving greens.
    There would also be this little place in town that served pulled pork, chicken, and beef, and they could make us lettuce tacos with fresh salsa and mole sauce any time we asked. Yum.
    I'd focus a ton of fun and play, and surf, paddleboard, and do yoga. There would also be awesome mountain biking trails nearby in the hills (hey, it's MY vacation), and we'd take our bikes up there a few times, too.
    And we'd find an awesome, giant boat to take us fishing and snorkeling, and we'd eat fish we caught right off the boat, sushi-style. I forgot about that part.