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  1. SusanQ22

    Starting October 15

    Here we go again! I'll be starting my 3rd W30 tomorrow...I have learned so much every time!
  2. SusanQ22

    1st Whole Thirty... SUCCESS!!

    FYI... I ate the brownie my girls made me for Discipleship group on Wednesday today (as I promised them I would) and had a headache almost IMMEDIATLY... no more sugar for me... it was delicious, but TOATLY NOT WORTH IT...
  3. My whole 30 doesn't actually end for 3 more hours but here is my success... It has been 28 days since I have had a headache! I typically have 1-2 debilitating migraines per month, where I lay in bed with ice packs on my head... YAY FOR NO HEADACHES!!! I have tons of energy, have increased my workouts, and accomplish way more everyday because I just don't feel lazy. My muscle tone is WAY better. Making decisions is way eaiser, eating compliant is great stress relief... I lost 12 lbs. My hair is so healthy and smooth! I sleep soooo good. That's a little bit of my success...I am planning on staying as compliant as possible over the next 2 weeks (I will be traveling, staying with relatives), reading THE BOOK. Then on July 1st I am going to start a new more hardcore 30...
  4. SusanQ22

    Places I have been compliant!!

    I LOVE TEDS!!!!
  5. I have found that if you are committed and have will power you CAN eat out on the Whole 30... Yes you have to pass up the endless breadsticks at Olive Garden and the cheesey, garlic biscuits at Red Lobster... but you'll find that when you don't eat that, you actually have room to enjoy your REAL FOOD!!!! Smokey Bones - Smoked, sliced turkey breast with steamed broccoli (it comes with garlic bread, I just asked them to keep that and give me some avacado, they were happy to oblige... the first time I took my own avacado... but they have it so the next time I asked for it!!) Olive Garden - I asked for my salad without crutons and with oil and vinager, got the steak tuscano which is grilled and finished with extra virgin olive oil and peppers... it comes with potatoes but I asked for broccoli instead... again, they were happy to accomadate!! Red Lobster - Salad with no crutons and oil and vinegar, wood grilled rainbow trout (fresh catch of the day)... it is normally finished with garlic butter... I just asked them to keep that!!! And had broccoli and asparagus as my sides...
  6. I went on Amazon to preorder It Starts With Food today but the thing is... I don't read real books... I lose them, lose my place... I use my kindle app on ipad... so I clicked the button to let the publisher know I WANT IT ON KINDLE!!! If anybody else wants it on kindle, go let the publisher know... Of course... I'll buy the hardback if it doesn't come out on Kindle... but ohhhhh... I do love reading on my ipad...
  7. SusanQ22

    Food Tracking Tips for the Long Term

    For me, eating intuitively requires a lot of positive self-talk... I am constantly having conversations with my body about food... I find that really helps me stay on track... at a birthday party...cake and ice cream look soooo good but between me & my body, we KNOW it's going to make us feel like crap... decision made...
  8. SusanQ22

    Amazing Pulled Pork

    Going on my list for next week!!!!
  9. SusanQ22

    Starting Whole30 Monday

    Also start a log... When I'm tempted or frustrated, I log it! I also log my meals and those on the forum way smarter than me tell me what I'm doing wrong!! most importantly, ENJOY the healthy change!
  10. TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY!!! Enjoy your journey June firsters!!
  11. SusanQ22

    Here we go! Day 1!

    NICE JOB!!!! Keep it up...I don't know if you are like me but... I "miss" other foods but don't know if they are "worth" incorporating into my diet...
  12. Just in case anyone is looking for this answer... DAY 5!!!! I drove to work without feeling like I was falling asleep!!! My first Whole30 milestone!!
  13. My prior diet wasn't terrible...not lots of sugar, lots of whole grains and caffeine though. I think I'm having a hard time eating enough calories, I am a gym teacher and burn 3000+ calories/day..I could stand to shed a few lbs but NEED at least 2000/ do I eat that many kcal in fruit/veg/protein?
  14. I'm going to bed earlier...waking up EXHAUSTED... When will it get better?!?!
  15. SusanQ22

    1 Down, 29 To Go!!!!

    I've been doing the same thing with broccoli...trying to convincemyself that I like