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  1. mcbellnz

    Post WO meal query

    Thanks for the replies guys! Will be boiling an egg in preparation for it being my pre workout meal tomorrow morning. I started stronglifts 5x5 about two weeks ago (have done New Rules of Lifting for Women a couple of times during 2013, but only got up to the fourth stage). I have a goal to do a chin up by March (hopefully it will happen much faster than that, I can re-evaluate - currently I can do two chin ups on the chin assist machine with 25kg assistance). The gym is just across the road from my workplace (hence why I usually workout at lunchtime) and also 2km from home - so handy for holiday time too. I can get home in ten minutes for post work out noms - just need to plan what I am going to eat - might bake a kumera (sweet potato) tonight so it will be ready for breakfast post gym tomorrow. I am about 5kg heavier than I want to be, with body fat about 5% higher than I want it to be. My main concern is reducing my body fat percentage and dropping a dress size - not sure what that will equate to on the scales in the end. I do love to eat - but love to eat all the wrong things - sugar and processed carbs are my "no brakes" foods, once I pop, I can't stop....but if I remove these foods from my diet, food no longer rules my life. I am still obsessed by food in the respect I have to be very strict about keeping processed/sugar laden foods out of my diet, but better than continually stuffing my face with junk and watching the scale number grow through my tears of desperation. I would say I am likely to have a sluggish metabolism, probably exacerbated by a low calorie diet over the last 6months or so. I guess I just need to experiment - and that is what the Whole30 is all about isn't it!
  2. mcbellnz

    January 6 - Day 1

    Well breakfast was easy - 2 eggs scrambled, sauteed mushrooms and wilted spinach, a small amount of leftover turkey and about 1/4 of an avocado. Of course while I was searching in the cupboards for my coconut oil, while mixing my eggs in a coffee mug, I dropped a full jar of "pics peanut butter" on the mug, which smashed it and splashed egg mixture all over me and left mug shards all over the floor - managed to catch the peanut butter jar though, and didn't spill eggs on the wasted two eggs, and had to sweep the floor and have destroyed a "tim tam" heirloom coffee cup from an Easter egg pack in sad. Had to resort to olive oil for the pan this morning, will go through the cupboards properly during the day - this is why you are meant to have a day 0 to prepare - I was just so keen to get started. And obviously I can not physically multi-task with whisking eggs and searching through badly stacked cupboards. Just a quick question about fats in meals - am I reading it correctly that we use a thumb sized portion of cooking fat in addition to also either coconut, olives, or avocado "good" fat in our meals? Hopefully I can stay on the W30 wagon all the way through to 6th of Jan, so I can do like a whole40 instead. Might have to start up a log. Thanks for the pre/post workout meal tips. Think I will boil up an egg this evening and have it as a light breakfast tomorrow, go to the gym when it opens (8am) and then have a proper breakfast with some carbs once I am back from the gym as my post workout meal. Hopefully that will work and I can follow the same routine for next weeks gym visits.
  3. mcbellnz

    January 6 - Day 1

    Okay. I gave myself another Christmas gift and shelled out for the my day 0 email immediately as i want to start tomorrow. I posted in the meal planning forum about how to combine lunch with post workout meals and breakfast as preworkout meals (for holiday gym hours)...if anyone has any advice they wish to share (either here or there). I had been following a fairly strict diet with lots of whole foods and little processed foods until recently, but I think my biggest challenge will be to stay away from coke zero and chewing gum - my boredom eating "foods" of choice. Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas (I'm in NZ), and didn't indulge as much as i did! :lol:
  4. mcbellnz

    Post WO meal query

    Hi guys. Just a quick newbie question. Am planning on starting my first Whole 30 tomorrow (and have some friends who want to start on the 6th of Jan, but I figure if I start tomorrow I will be ten days down and feeling awesome), even have the credit card out to sign up to the emails..... Anyway, to my question. I usually workout at lunchtime (12:45pm - 1:30pm ish) and then have lunch afterwards - usually finish eating by 2:15pm, even though I don't feel like eating post workout. How should I go about combining my post workout meal with might that work? For the next 3 workouts (Friday, Monday,Tuesday due to opening hours over Christmas) I might well head to the gym in the morning, so I guess my breakfast would be my pre - workout meal..... how do others work it? Thanks all in advance for any advice you wish to share.
  5. mcbellnz

    January 6 - Day 1

    Hi All! I will be attempting to start my first ever Whole30 by the 6th of January 2014 too! I will be having a non compliant Christmas day. I don't have any other solid plans for the rest of the "holiday season" so I will attempt to start on the 26th of December, but I have a few workmates joining me in this challenge, and the 6th is when we are all back at work. Haven't signed up to the emails, but I have a copy of It starts with food and Well Fed 2 just arrived in time for Christmas, so I think I will be ok.