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    ADHD success stories?

    This is The Millers' story form the W30 success stories page. http://whole30.com/2015/02/whole30-success-story-millers-miracle/ Is this what you're looking for? I'm in a similar position as you.
  2. Wendy Riley

    Good Karma Flax Milk

    So glad I checked here. I'm dragging my FA son (dairy, peanuts, tree nuts) along for a Partial30--mine's a Whole30. I like serving Chamomile tea as a bedtime snack, but he didn't like the flavor without his flax milk. He can tolerate full-fat coconut milk in moderation, and he enjoyed the taste.
  3. Wendy Riley

    Starting Janurary 2ed!!!

    Hi! May I join in? I started today...caught myself mid-lick of the sunbutter knife after I served my son some carrots. He's allergic to peanuts, tree-nuts, dairy, and eggs. Recently I usually have no-sugar sunflower seed spread as veggie dip, over the holidays, I got some of the sweetened kind to use in baking. I am a HUGE recovering baker. It was (is) my favorite thing to do in the kitchen. I'm also the wife and Mom to 4 picky eaters. I'm doing this Whole30(45) solo. I experience chronic unexplained fatigue and joint aches. I have completed one Whole30, but have not maintained good eating habits. I feel like I'm back at square one after a stressful December. I'm ready to take control of my health!
  4. Wendy Riley

    Day 1 today (11/13) and looking for some team mates!

    Better#13Stronger- La Croix is a W30 approved flavored sparkling water that I like. I also will make a cup of herb tea (raspberry or peppermint are my faves) then ice it down in my liter bottle. It's not as strong a flavor as iced tea but just enough flavor to keep me enthused about drinking water.
  5. Wendy Riley

    Day 1 today (11/13) and looking for some team mates!

    I've had a bad cold for the last week. I haven't gone off plan, but I should admit that I probably cheat a bit with the fruits. Yesterday was the worst, and I couldn't sleep so I stayed up late watching Netfix while I coughed. I'm planning on flooding my body with water today and hopefully feeling better soon.
  6. Wendy Riley

    Day 1 today (11/13) and looking for some team mates!

    So, I've been getting the Whole 30 daily emails but never click the "I did it..." link. Tonight I did and it cracked me up! Hilarious! Now...to sleep off this cold.
  7. Wendy Riley

    Day 1 today (11/13) and looking for some team mates!

    I'm confused. Should I be eating every 3-4 hrs or every 4-5?
  8. Wendy Riley

    Day 1 today (11/13) and looking for some team mates!

    Better#13Stronger - I lost 30 lbs (pregnancy weight) the first time in 2013 and gained about 20 lbs back in the last year due to stress, cravings, and bad choices. I recently watched Melissa Hartwig's video on Stress and Cravings, which is why I'm making some other Whole 9 goals this time around. ie. "I will not drink coffee after noon." "I will write Morning/afternoon/evening routines and post them prominently." I'm also planning to use 2 hrs. a week as a big cook-up day. I spent Saturday AM rocking out to The Piano Guys, and washing, chopping, and browning. Suggestions for your coconut milk: stick in in the fridge for 24 hours to let it separate and chill if you want to whip it. This way the solids can separate and you can scoop it off the top. Freeze you mixing bowl and beaters for 15 minutes. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon and whip it like you mean it. The recipe is in Well Fed so I don't consider it SWYPO. Or, freeze it in an ice cube tray and thaw what you need for your recipes.
  9. Wendy Riley

    Day 1 today (11/13) and looking for some team mates!

    senseofsnow - I'm in the same boat as you. I have 1 Whole30 under my belt but didn't do a reinto protocol so I don't know what things are O.K. In the past, my menstrual cramping has been way better if I don't have dairy, and my last Whole30 revealed a HUGE psychological addiction to grains. I'm afraid to discover that the things I can eat are the ones my DH won't eat anyway. (GF grains and beans). Pizza was my fav food pre-whole30, and the fam still eats it weekly. Pizza and Halloween candy were my downfall earlier this month. (After a week of watch everyone eat chocolate...well, you get the idea.) Previous attempts have ended at or before day 15. I'm doing this now because I'm always tired and have trouble focusing. My oldest son has food allergies to peanuts, dairy, tree nuts, and eggs. Also, coconut makes his eczema flare up. I'd like to put him on an elimination diet to see if his ADD symptoms improve, but I don't want us in the "kill all the things" stage together. My goal is to do a full sugar detox with the kids after the holidays.
  10. Wendy Riley

    Day 1 today (11/13) and looking for some team mates!

    Hi, I'd love to team up with you. I restarted my W30 today after crashing last week on Day 16. I know I'll have to go into the holidays now. So, I can use the support. I live with 4 people who are not Whole30 at all, and I have to cook for all of them. I offer healthy things to my kids as much as possible but have some picky eaters and need to keep crackers on hand.
  11. Wendy Riley

    What "other" people think is "healthy"

    I feel like there is a little bit of "victim mentality" at hospitals, especially around children. The attitude of, "Oh, it's so terrible that you're sick, have some pizza or ice cream to make you feel better." I can relate to the sentiment even if I can't excuse the method.