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  1. Laststraw

    Sweet potatoes - not loving them

    What about white sweet potato hasbrowns??? I shred mine in my food processor and cook up with coconut oil/ghee onions, peppers, salt, pepper ad garlic. They don't taste sweet at all.
  2. Laststraw

    Starting Jan. 2

    Day 3: Tired more than usual for this W30 round. Think it has something to so with the overcast weather here today. Breakfast: prosciutto egg cups, sweet potato hash browns, fresh fruit and coffee Lunch: Chicken apple sausage, salad, SP fries w/ balsamic vinegar. Dinner: The Domestic Man- Perfect Eye of Round Roast, roasted veg and broccoli.
  3. Laststraw

    Starting Jan. 2

    This is my second W30, I am also on day 2. Feeing good today. Next week will be the true test when I go back to work. I work in a school kitchen. Breakfast - eggs, white sweet potato hashbrowns, peppers and a cutie.
  4. Laststraw


    I completed a W30 in March this year. I have ps on the scalp. It completely went away. The more I read about paleo I keep seeing the same message; increase the right fats (fish oils) and eliminate gluten/ dairy in your diet your scalp heals.. dandruff, ps all will decrease. Remember your hair grows in cycles, so it make take some time to show improvement.
  5. Laststraw

    Starting October 14th - anyone want to join me?

    I'll jump in. I tried to start one on the 2nd, life got in the way and stopped. I have had 1 successful W30 in the spring and several W14's since. Need to get back on track for the holidays.
  6. There is multiple small containers of compliant bacon grease in the fridge.
  7. Laststraw

    Picnic Ideas

    Butter lettuce wraps w/ tuna, chicken, or compliant lunch meat. I also make a lot of shrimp tacos using butter lettuce, cold cooked shrimp and guac or salsa. Make a beef roast using this, cut thinly and use the meat to wrap up sliced tomatoes or green onions w/ goof brown mustard. Ceviche or egg salad w/ veggie sticks w/ fruit.
  8. Laststraw

    Skin reactions

    I had buring sesnsations on my skin.. and patches of red bump, but not near the burning parts of skin. Buring was on upper arms, bumpers were on wrists and top of hands. I am wondering since my body isn't fighting reactions to the food anylong due the detox aspect, if it reacting to the pollen more so.
  9. The last few days of The Whole 30 I began having some buring sensations around my eyes, and on my arms. ( this is before my reactions to bread yesterday). A few red spots have come up now again - they don't itch or burn. The "yellow tree of death" as we call it, is blooming wildly here in Az. I do have some season allergies to most plants and grasses in Az. I am wondering if it is a timing issue of plants or my body still detoxing. I do take allergy medication, but haven't really needed it since starting the whole 30. I am trying to really track and see if food AND pollen are reacting with each other. There have been times that I should have taken it due to itchy years and congestion, but haven't. Any thoughts?
  10. Laststraw

    Where to Buy Good, Young Ripe Coconut

    Some oriental food stores have them already schucked. Runs about $20. Also carry young coconuts as well.
  11. Your new version of take out is stopping by the store and getting steaks... Hubby says if this is our new take out he loves it. ( I forgot to take out my fish for dinner and dinner was going to be super late.)
  12. Maryanne, I could have written your post. Every word.I used to wear my bathrobe and gloves in the middle of summer in Az because I was so cold. All the same symptoms and issues as you. I also went to a LPN that specialized in adrenal fatigue and put on bio-indentical hormones. I immediatley felt better after the first few months - it has been a year since I have started the regimine. I have had multiple adjustments to the levels of DHEA, pregnelone, progesterone and testosterone. I just started naturethroid in the summer because of throid concerns - once test says I have hashis', the follow up says I don't and so on. At the same time I started seeing this LPN I got the Mirena to help with women problems. Come to find out my hormones and women issues were all related - but I was seeing 2 different providers. With the hormones and Mirena I felt great. But something was missing. I still had low energy sometimes, annoyed easily and such. All this while, I still didn't realize that diet played such a huge roll. My LPN never told me to change anything as far as what I ate. I discovered this way of life last month.. I have never felt better, energy, sleep, anxiety, focus. Work the plan, still take the meds, take the vit d3, fish oil, vit b.. let it all balance out. You will be surprised and feel great.
  13. Laststraw

    Day 1: Feb 25th - Anyone want to join forces?

    How is everyone doing? I can't believe how fast this has gone by, only a few days left.
  14. Laststraw

    Day 1: Feb 25th - Anyone want to join forces?

    Day 18. Feel good today. last two days were very rough. "Kill all things" hit me late. Almost caved, but I didn't.
  15. Laststraw

    Day 1: Feb 25th - Anyone want to join forces?

    On day14, pants are smaller, down 9 pounds, dandruff is clearing up, it's getting easier every day.