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  1. Have you tried the white sweet potatoes? They are not as sweet as the orange ones and are really good. If you are lucky you can find the purple ones that taste amazing.
  2. Although there are definitely physical things going on, for me what's far more powerful and has much more of an impact on my mood, irritabilty and emotions are the mental aspects. The guilt and the feelings of failure after overeating sugar make me an emotional wreck.
  3. Flynn

    At the end...

    I added back everything I like. It's the worry, food rules, labels and trying to be perfect that make me binge or be mental. I was not interested in whole 30 to label myself or create new rules, I just wanted to heal my relationship with food which has worked out really well. I would say in a typical day my diet is about 80-90% compliant foods but I don't actively deny myself...that's just how I eat now. I actively try not to use the word "should" about anything I'm going to eat As far as for health reasons, the only food I restrict is egg yolk because when I ate them my cholesterol was too high. I know everyone loves their egg yolks around here but they just don't work in my body. Follow the reintroduction guidelines and you will do great! Good luck!
  4. I can! For years I was a binge eater though, total whole box of cereal sleeve of cookies pan of brownie I'm sick kind of sugar eater. Very bad. I was a "one taste and it's all over" kind of eater. I seriously thought I had some medical issue that caused me to crave sugar and binge eat like this. I was so weird I could even binge on raisins. After 15 or so years of this BS I finally, FINALLY found a solution. First, I had to eat regular filling meals and eat enough carbs to fuel my exercises. Yes, I had to eat carbs. Second and more importantly I had to stop pretending I didn't want sweets. I had to stop the deprivation and the rules and the fear and all of that. With acceptance came the ability to moderate. I NEVER thought that would work for me because for so long I could never taste sugar without going into a binge, but I was so sick of feeling out of control and always bloated, plus I was fat despite all my rules and diets. With practice and time it worked. 30 days of a whole 30 is awesome, I've done 4 and they all felt amazing as a reset and to really help me to enjoy filling real food. Personally, I can't do these kinds of permanent whole 30's that others seem to like. 30 days gives me a definite beginning and end to the rules, then after that I use Melissa's fuck off scale. It's amazing. And helpful. And genius. And with it I finally lost all the weight I'd been trying to lose forever. The fuck off scale gave me a reason to allow myself things I liked. I had to be honest with myself...I didn't want to live without chocolate and bread. Thanks to whole 30 my taste buds have changed to prefer less sweet sweets, I also eat tons of fruit. On my own bike, I enjoy 85% dark chocolate as a healthy fat and I can actually eat a cookie or a brownie and then move on with my life. But usually I honestly don't want cookies and I'm happy with a big smoothie or an almond butter banana sandwich as a treat. And now I'm finally the size I want to be and I'm not afraid of food Win!
  5. Flynn

    Good wheat items to reintroduce?

    I love whole wheat sourdough bread. Find one with the basic ingredients...whole wheat, water, salt.
  6. Flynn

    At a complete loss...

    Stick with the correct portion sizes and don't overestimate the size of your hand and thumb
  7. Flynn

    Craving Vinegar....???

    Oooh I get that too! I indulge with balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar or beet kraut Once in a while I splurge on a kombucha and it's sooooo good and tangy and yum Smoked sardines in oil can have that wangy-ness too, but it's more of an umami than a sour but still delicious. Isn't it fun to have healthy cravings you can freely satisfy instead of sweet cravings that you fear and run away from? Amazing!
  8. I hope you feel better soon...I love Melissa's post, you just need to find your thing and you'll be fine! I used the KISS principle while pregnant...lots of salads, fruits and very little cooking. Raw carrots and persian cucumbers were saviors. Sliced up red and yellow peppers were amazing to me. My thing was anything cold, I even kept my avocado in the fridge and froze my bananas! Cooked vegetables with oil or grease or in some kind of weird "bake" or casserole made me want to hurl so I totally feel your pain and frustration. Try the cold thing, maybe it will work for you and if it doesn't, hey, at least you didn't waste any time cooking
  9. Flynn

    Having trouble

    Try salad. It's easy. It's fast. Put in only what you like. Use olive oil with lemon as dressing. Add nuts for jazz if you feel like it. Also, slice up raw peppers and carrots and eat them while you cook...I love that! Don't eat things you hate or have to choke down, you'll just end up unsatisfied and angry. Eat only what you like
  10. Flynn

    Food for Energy and Focus

    What works for me is any fruit, the best ones are pear, blueberries or nectarines.
  11. Sweet potatoes with skin, pears, raisins, ripe bananas, raw broccoli, apples, spinach, oranges, raw carrots, walnuts, blueberries, cucumbers with skin and water...think light juicy fiberous things that move on through and help to push your heavier things like fatty meat out
  12. Flynn

    How much do you off-road?

    I try to off road a little bit every day, otherwise I get too caught up in my own food issues, black and white thinking, unrealistic expectations and feelings of failure which eventually result in some kind of guilt/overeating/binge episode like I used to do back when I was fat. I refuse to do to that to myself anymore
  13. Flynn

    Paleo Burrito with Rice and Beans

    What's funny to me is that had you just showed that picture and called this what it actually is, an omelette with cauliflower and eggplant, there'd be no SWYPO discussion! People around here always have a freak on for eggs and avocado Semantics!
  14. I don't eat nuts as a snack either, but I love them with apples on salad:) If you don't want to eat fruit and nuts, don't eat them. If you enjoy them but are afraid of the "no breaks" aspect of them, don't have them as snacks, try eating them with meals. Good luck!