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    dnewc reacted to CarolMaureen in Starting July 1 - Anyone want to join me?   
    Hi, I am rejoining and starting today.  I have done this several times in the past, and only finished once.  I have been playing around with other diets and have been unable to commit.  What I have accomplished is cleaning out my house of any sugars, breads etc.  My motivation this time is that my son wants to do a strict Keto.  I do not do well on Dairy but thought this would be a nice compromise.  I will just add cheese to his portions.  He lost 50 lbs and then gained back 20.  I have put on the standard peri menopause 20 in the last year, went up a size and turned 55.  I am tired, weak and sore.  I did start exercising again and have started ballroom dance lessons to add some fun to my life.  Now I just need to lose the belly.  :)
    I would love some support!