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  1. KayJay

    Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    Pre-Whole30, we spent between $600 and $700 a month on groceries FOR TWO, and eating out was about $150/mo. I live in a very rural area and we only get to the better-priced stores a couple of times a month, and on a budget. Local prices here are expensive, and we don't have a lot of choices for organic, grass-fed, or even some Whole30 staples. During my first W30, my food costs skyrocketed to $900 that month, because I was buying for me and buying regular stuff for husband -- until he joined me halfway through. This month (end of my W60) everything settled down because we were both eating less food (but better stuff!) and not eating out! I think I'm at about $400 for the month. Word to the wise though, we had to take a three-day trip out of town with no options for eating other than out (except in the car on the way over), and we stayed compliant but it cost us dearly. I'm used to eating from the Dollar Menu, and instead it was $12 omlettes from Perkins and $12 salads from Chipotle! But, we did it, and it was actually delicious (ate places I never would have, so it was great experience as well). Next time I budget $100/day for eating while traveling, lol! (Hit up Whole Foods on the way home though!)
  2. KayJay

    The crazy things people say

    At work lunch, sitting with my coworkers, all big forklift driver guys. On my right, man with food wife sent along: fried chicken, macaroni, etc. Across from me, man with a regular lunchmeat sandwich. Next to him, guy drinking just coffee. On my left, guy with a Subway footlong and a Red Bull. I've got two large pieces of crockpot chicken, sweet potato, green beans, and half an avocado. Guy on the end asks, what are you, a health food nut? He's eating his second of three cheese danishes out of the vending machine -- and that's ALL he ate all night, cheese danishes. I've also had a coworker say, "I'm gonna buy you a candy bar." Er, no, that's what I was eating all the time for months and months, were you not paying attention then? Why now?