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    No Crossfit here!
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    There are actually empirical studies about gut flora changing a your diet changes. I'll try to hunt some down for you. Robb Wolf also has a bunch of data from his risk assessment work with the Reno fire department, but that hasn't been published yet. (it's probably in review)
    More important than the scientific research, is eating minimally processed, nutrient dense foods, rich in veggies and high quality protein, from local sources with ethical/responsible practices REALLY that drastic?
    So you've ditched sugar and grains and dairy...but there is not a single macro or micronutrient in those foods that you cannot get with this program
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    Hi, friend. Sorry to hear this is starting out poorly. Are you noticing any positive improvements at all? Energy, skin? I have definitely had low points where I felt like I was creating problems rather than solving them, but I try to listen to the mods instead of the nasty inner voice when that happens. I hope that you stick with it and find that things turn around quickly.
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    Most of the brands at my Whole Foods don't have sugar, but at the conventional grocery store I had to look farther. Trader Joe's doesn't have sugar, IIRC.