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    Good for you! I have not started yet.  I am still playing with the idea of starting a whole30. I did it once in the past and it went very well but it was hard.  I am not sure I have what it takes now but I need to do it for my health.  The hardest part is always to start and you did it!!  Keep it up!!
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    Day 3 is won and done.  
    Another great benefit of Whole30 is how it makes you want to organize, clean out and simplify stuff.  Today the kitchen gadgets/serving dishes/glass pans got a thorough revamping and cleaning.  Though no one else will notice what's behind those cupboards, it's a tremendous feeling of satisfaction to throw or give away things I don't need or use.
    Here's how the rest of the day went down:
    B:  spinach and egg scrambo with Frank's, coffee with COil.
    L:  beef taco lettuce boats with guacamole.
    D:  this amazing recipe:  I made mine on jicama tortillas with guac.  It was incredible and this one gets a 10/10.

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    Day 1 is won and done.
    This is the first time in my life that I've done a meal plan for a week and taken that list to the grocery store.  I love to cook and this is adding a fun, new element to the process.
    Here's how the day went down:
    B: spinach and egg scrambo with Frank's, almonds, tea.
    L: beef taco lettuce boats, avocado.
    D: to which I added marinated artichoke hearts and kalamata olives and then served it over cauliflower mash.  I omitted the onion for digestive reasons and also the bacon because I didn't have any.  This one got a 10/10 because it was so yummy.