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  1. Kairiki

    The Moderation Myth

    Wowee! Congratulations! Yes, I think your results will speak volumes to him. My Honey stated that she will eat what I'll eat. Our daughter. Hmmm. Your approach is one I may need to follow!
  2. Kairiki

    The Moderation Myth

    Exactly! LOL! I just smile and let them go their own way. Oh, the people who ask for your opinion and then doesn't do them...aren't they irritating?!?
  3. Kairiki

    The Moderation Myth

    I agree with the all or nothing. So funny how I use to wrap "moderation" around offending foods. One person I discussed this stated that they were not giving up their wine. I just smiled and when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. The whole argument of "we all respond differently to what we eat" is certainly debunked when you look at how we all are affected by inflammation. So glad you are back on W30!
  4. Kairiki

    The Moderation Myth

    BOOM! LOL! Besides moderation is so easily manipulated by certain factors I think.
  5. Kairiki

    The Moderation Myth

    Fabulous! Good job on being diligent and allowing your results to speak volumes!
  6. Hi Friends, Thanks for reading this. I wanted to ask you how many of you have presented the Whole 30 (W30) program to others and those you presented the information to will use the "moderation is the key" or have called the program "extreme?" I would like your thoughts on this.
  7. You got this, Riva. We will rally around you and cheer you on to the finish line!
  8. Kairiki

    Most intense craving?

    I strangely had a craving for...chewing tobacco and I never chewed before in my life! The other usual suspects: Oreos, butter, and bread. So far so good though. I haven't eaten my couch to get my carb intake.
  9. Kairiki

    What kinds of tea can I have?

    Yerba mate is my tea of choice. The benefits from yerba mate are quite compelling from mental clarity to boosting energy levels.
  10. Kairiki

    Can I Have Psyillum Husk Powder?

    Great question, Jennie. What's the recipe?
  11. A good adage I have learned in my life from my former Pastor: "If in doubt, don't."
  12. Kairiki

    Dairy problems?

    Reads like you found your culprit, Lady Nikki.
  13. Kairiki

    calcium chloride, citric acid and guar gum

    Doh! I seen the light! LOL! Thank you, Lady Katey!
  14. Kairiki

    calcium chloride, citric acid and guar gum

    Hi Everyone, I have been persuing on the site and have not found a suitable answer for xanthan gum found in canned coconut milk? Is it W30 compliant?