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  1. I started my second Whole30 experience yesterday at 27 weeks, 2 days. Finally feeling up to eating this way...fist and second tri were a killer and I ate whatever I wanted. I've been Paleo for a year, year and a half...on and off. Meals are planned and a majority of them are prepped for the week. Hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to the support from this thread!
  2. yogi_mommie

    Scarred to go off plan & dealing w/guilt

    I feel like I wrote this post. I'm on Day40 because I don't know what else to do. Today I'm meeting a friend for coffee. I could get an Organic almond milk chai tea latte, but then I would break my streak of eating Whole30 and I know the latte isn't making me any healthier. So why should I eat it, despite it being one of my favorite things? I guess I'm having a hard time justifying drinking the latte, even though I want it. And I haven't committed to a Whole60 or anything more. But I just feel guilty, for a lack of better words. I suppose I just need to figure it out for myself. But seeing that others have this problem makes me feel better.
  3. You look radiant! Lovely!