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  1. notacommittee

    The crazy things people say

    True story: I visited my parents last week and went to my mom's gym to work out. Me, to the trainer: Do you have rules about deadlifting here? Him? What? Me: Deadlifting. Is it allowed? Him: Deadlifting? Me: Deadlifting! Him: Deadlifting? Me: *mimes a deadlift* deadlifting! Him: Oh...uh...I guess not *wanders off to clean the cardio machines* ...sigh. At least if they don't know what it is they can't forbid it?
  2. notacommittee

    The crazy things people say

    I had to make an emergency pit stop at a different grocery store and the only non-CAFO meat I could find was grass-fed beef in 1lb pre-wrapped packages. Obviously with huge health claims and stuff all over them. Me: walks up to the checkout counter with my beef and other stuff. Bagger: *picks up beef package* So what do normal cows eat? ...I can't believe factory farming is now "normal" and FEEDING A COW GRASS is something weird and remarkable.