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  1. notacommittee

    High Cholesterol!!!

    I would suggest you take a look at this site before you panic: - it can get a little scientific and technical but this is your health; it's worth wading through a few $5 words for. Cholesterol is a LOT more complicated than just "high" or "low" cholesterol; the type matters, the ratios matter, the particle density matteres..."high vs. low" makes a good story for news headlines but it isn't that simple in the real world. Also, even though blood cholesterol content is probably significant for health, for the majority of people it's very debatable whether dietary cholesterol raises blood cholesterol, just like eating fat doesn't make you fat. Again, not as simplistic as the media like to have it. As you point out, there's no way for you to know that W30 eating caused your high cholesterol, since you didn't have it tested beforehand. Also, I'd really suggest that you get it tested a few more times, since cholesterol can vary widely with things like pregnancy and menstruation, significant fat loss, etc. So just one test is useful but not definitive; maybe you could get two or three spread out over a few weeks to get a clearer idea. Whatever you do, definitely do a lot more research before you panic. Everyone kind of thinks "cholesterol = DEATH" because that's what we hear from the media all the time, but it's not nearly that clear-cut. If you post your specific numbers, people would be able to give you much more useful help.
  2. notacommittee

    The crazy things people say

    True story: I visited my parents last week and went to my mom's gym to work out. Me, to the trainer: Do you have rules about deadlifting here? Him? What? Me: Deadlifting. Is it allowed? Him: Deadlifting? Me: Deadlifting! Him: Deadlifting? Me: *mimes a deadlift* deadlifting! Him: Oh...uh...I guess not *wanders off to clean the cardio machines* ...sigh. At least if they don't know what it is they can't forbid it?
  3. notacommittee

    The crazy things people say

    I had to make an emergency pit stop at a different grocery store and the only non-CAFO meat I could find was grass-fed beef in 1lb pre-wrapped packages. Obviously with huge health claims and stuff all over them. Me: walks up to the checkout counter with my beef and other stuff. Bagger: *picks up beef package* So what do normal cows eat? ...I can't believe factory farming is now "normal" and FEEDING A COW GRASS is something weird and remarkable.