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    Crock Pots and Cats

    One of my cats gets into everything. EVERYTHING!! Every cabinet in the house if he could, figured out how to open 2 cabinet locks before I found one that outsmarted him, he's knocked the tank lid off the toilet twice, knows how to open fridges, and if he had opposable thumbs he'd turn doorknobs! He will swipe raw meat off the cutting board while I'm fixing dinner if I don't watch him or put him up in another room. He is the sweetest cat in the world but it's like living with a perpetual toddler. And even he leaves my crockpot alone lol. A crockpot is probably too hot for a cat to want to mess with. Even on low it still has a nice simmer going.
  2. 0Angel0

    My boyfriend thinks it's too much

    As someone who had done multiple W30s with a partner who chooses to eat differently from me I can't stress enough how important mutual respect is. You have every right to expect support from him and he has the right to expect it from you in return. A W30 can be just as tough for our partners as it is for us. For my bf a little acknowledgement and a thank you for the support he gives me goes a long way. We don't go out to eat during my W30 and not that often otherwise but when I'm not one I will defer to him on restaurant choices as a little thank you. Luckily everywhere has meat, eggs, seafood, and veggies! In another post you mentioned to him that he doesn't want to order take out while you fix something else. Why not? That happens all the time here. I cook a few times a week and there is always healthy food in the fridge plus a side of rice, bread, or potatoes if he wants but sometimes he chooses to order out. I don't see how that's a big deal. If your bf wants to sit down and eat together can't you just eat your individual meals and enjoy each other's company? It sounds like maybe he just needs some reassurances that things won't be turned upside down over something he is not choosing to participate it. Trust me it's completely possible to have a happy drama free W30/nonW30 relationship. My bf and I have been together 4 years and living together for 3 and we are definitely committed although I don't feel the need to get legally married. There are all kinds of families and commitments. Just try to put some focus back on the bf for a bit. I lost a lot of weight over the past 2 years and I know how self absorbing that can be. There were times I had to stop making it all about me and my journey to health and focus on him for a change. There might be some adjusting but trust me it's totally doable!! Good luck!
  3. 0Angel0

    Who's made what from Well Fed 2!

    I've made quite a few things from Well Fed 2 and almost everything has been delicious. Two exceptions. The ketchup was horrible. Very bland and watery tasting. It used it in her Russian Dressing recipe to salvage some of it and that was delicious. Just not by itself. At all. The plantain nachos call for way too much spice for one pound of meat. Waaaay too much! And I like heavily spiced food but this was inedible. I had to double check the recipe to see if I messed up somehow. Next time I will halve the spices or double the meat. The plantain nachos themselves were great and an excellent idea. They were just way too big to fit in my mouth and ended up breaking and the filling getting all over the place. Next time I will cut the plantain on the diagonal and do 2 pieces baked together instead of 4 rounds. I also noticed some of her recipes are very saucy and soupy when I don't think they were meant to be. I cut back on the liquids and they come out great.
  4. I love Penzy's and get almost all of my spices from them. My favorite is the Ozark blend. I love it on burgers but it's also great on chicken and pork, esp in a light almond or coconut flour breading. Arizona is another fav, Sunny Paris, Northwoods, all of their cinnamon types, I've loved all their curry blends as well. Their lemon pepper is amazing, not the Florida seasoning just the regular lemon pepper. I buy their cumin and coriander whole and grind as needed. The store bought ground versions of these spices smell "dirty" to me now. Their coriander is just so lemony and earthy. I love it!
  5. 0Angel0

    This way of eating is not "fun"

    I'm on my 5th W30 in less than a year right now. The way I look at is it's a time to get back to the basics, exercise some discipline, and reign in the sugar monster to keep that sucker on a tight leash. I make it a point to cook delicious food and focus on what I can eat instead of what I can't. I would get bored really fast with a chicken breast, piece of fish, and broccoli. Putting a bit more effort into good food pays off big time for me. By the end of a W30 I'm definitely ready for a nice paleofied treat but as delicious as they are so is all the food that is W30 compliant. Humans are hardwired to gain pleasure from eating. It should be fun and it should be delicious! Even on a W30. Sure I can't have my occasional veggie smoothie with whey protein but I can have crispy gizzard confit that is delicious, easy, and cheap (from the new nomnom paleo cookbook)! I can have steak with mushroom sauce, mashed cauliflower, and roasted brussels sprouts with bacon. And I've even entertained quite a few times serving a completely W30 compliant menu. Dessert is the hardest but I usually do a big fruit salad or grilled fruit with coconut cream. Food even non-paleo family and friends find mouthwatering. Sure a W30 takes some discipline but it's a lot easier when you focus on all the delicious 100% healthy food you can have rather than the stuff you are choosing to temporarily abstain from. I'm not one that is ever going to be a W365 type person. Sorry, I like my treats in moderation and have no plans for that to change. However, for 30 days I'm perfectly capable of buckling down, sucking it up, and then enjoying a healthy dessert on day 31!
  6. 0Angel0

    Whole Food eating for dogs - help?

    JJB, I use cornish game hens and chicken wings for my cats bone sources. My big cat can eat a chicken quarter no problem but my smaller one can't. Chicken backs here are very expensive and the only place that has them is whole foods. When I butcher whole chickens I do save the backs and necks for the cats though but that's maybe one or two a month. Small bits of raw meat are a good idea. Grind up your cat food if you currently feed them dry and coat the pieces with it. This can help finicky cats transition off dry food. For your cat who can't have chicken it's going to be a bit trickier. I suggest googling some raw cat food recipes. Other poultry sources are probably prohibitively expensive but you can do a beef or turkey based recipe if you replace the bone with bone meal. There are also supplements you can add to straight meat. IMO that's not ideal but it's world's above commercial cat food. If you go with the supplement route make sure to read the ingredients. I bought one when switching my cat, who's now passed, to raw but it ended up having MSG in it so I threw it out. I also wanted to update on my dog. It's not cancer!! It was a huge hematoma on her spleen. The spleen still needed to come out asap but her prognosis is now great once we get her healed from the surgery. I can't believe she beat the odds at her age!
  7. 0Angel0

    Whole Food eating for dogs - help?

    The surgery went really well and I might be able to take her home tonight. The Dr wants to run a few more tests on her later to check her blood levels and heart but if those are OK she can come home. My old girl is a fighter that's for sure!! The Dr did say the tumor has grown quite a bit over the past week or two since the xrays but I'm choosing not to worry (too much anyway!) and stay positive until the biopsy results are in next week.
  8. 0Angel0

    Whole Food eating for dogs - help?

    Raw meat, bones, and organs are perfectly fine for dogs. I agree with fasting a day before switching. I did a slow gradual transition for my dog and it caused her a little bit of digestive upset for a few days. If I had it to do over I would have just gone cold turkey. As Andria mentioned it's very important to give your dog a proper ratio of meat, bones, and organs. Muscle meat alone isn't sufficient. You don't have to do it all in one meal but over the week make sure you feed the proper ratio. Some dogs get constipated from a meal too heavy in bone so for those you want to make sure to spread their bone consumption out over a period of time. IME, the teeth cleaning benefit comes from chewing muscle meat not bones. The bones are crushed by the very tip of the teeth and so never get up to the gum line to provide any real benefit. That comes from chewing and gnawing on muscle. For that reason I like to feed a big hunk of meat at least a couple times a week. I use chicken feet to make up the bone portion. Those are really healthy for your dogs as well. A lot of raw feeders feed pigs feet as well but for me and my dogs there is too much fat so I stay away. Also eliminating carbohydrate laden kibble alone can do wonders for the teeth. Kibble is really terrible for a dog or cats dental health. I buy a lot of my dog's food from ethnic markets. The variety is wider, they have more of the off cuts rather than just muscle meat, and they are held to the same standards that any other grocery store is held to. There's nothing inherently unhealthy or unclean about an ethnic supermarket. I've had zero problems so far. Now if I could get meat from a co-op for 1-2 bucks a pound I'd be all over that. Out here though the prices run from $4-$6 per pound or more for some cuts.
  9. 0Angel0

    Whole Food eating for dogs - help?

    Thanks! She's actually in surgery right now. I'm feeling positive and hoping for the best. Maryann, I buy my meat and bones from the local stores. I check the sales and stock up. I've looked into raw coops but the price per pound just didn't seem comprablae to what I can get here by shopping smart. I feed two 60 lb dogs, one 25 lb cat (a Savannah) so bred to be large, and a 14 lb cat (another Savannah). My dogs each get about 1.5 lbs per day. They'd get way too thin and be starving on 3/4lb per day. My cats eat 10 and 6oz per day. That's around 4 lbs per day. The 3 adult humans in the house eat grassfed, pastured, wild etc but I can't afford it for the pets. They get the CAFCO stuff. I feel bad about it as I feel CAFCO meats and that entire meat industry is morally wrong for so many reasons but I just can't afford the prices of the good stuff for both people and animals. When I can afford it I will definitely switch but my first responsibility, I feel, is to my pets and to make sure they get the most nutritious diet I can provide. As is I pay about $300 per month in pet food. Chicken I can get for cheap but beef is more expensive. I think it's really nutritious so I feed it. I rarely if ever feed them pork although with proper freezing I wouldn't have an issue with wild pork meat. There are a lot of ethnic stores here and get a good variety of organs and "nasty bits" for them. I do have an extra freezer. Feeding this many animals it's pretty much a requirement so I can buy in bulk when there are sales. As for wild boar I don't feed them wild meats but I've read that there are issues with parasites in any wild game, including fish. I'm pretty sure that concern would be pretty high if you are planning to feed wild pig. Extended freezing times can kill various parasites but you'd have to look into how long for each animal and what parasites are common in your area. The other issue is that if you're feeding larger animals you'll need an alternative bone source. I only feed poultry bones, nothing larger. I'm even careful of turkey leg bones. The harder bones from beef and pork are too hard on their teeth. As is my almost 16 yr old dog is showing mild signs of tooth wear after 8 years but if that's the main drawback to a raw diet I'll take it. ETA: I have fecals done on both dogs yearly and haven't had a single one come back positive for internal parasites. I also can't even remember the last time I used flea medicine on them and I live in So Cal where fleas are a huge problem. I don't do fecals on the cats as they are indoor but if the dogs don't have them why would the cats. Also my cats are 6 and 7 and have not had a drop of flea medicine in their lives. Parasites of any kind aren't an issue for my raw fed crew.
  10. 0Angel0

    Whole Food eating for dogs - help?

    Hi I know this thread is a bit old but I wanted to chime in and say that I've been feeding my dogs and cats a homemade raw diet for over eight years now. When I first started I way over analyzed things, probably due to being in grad school, I did spread sheets, calculations, and all that. What I found was that a prey model raw (80% meat, 10% bone, 10% organ by weight) met or exceeded their nutritional requirements with ease. I've since relaxed a whole lot on the micro-analyzing and have still had happy healthy pets. I used to do a veggie puree for the dogs, not cats, but after adding a pit bull to the family with horrible allergies to all kinds of plants I stopped that and haven't noticed a difference in my dog's health. I do minimal supplements, only for joint health, omega-3, and a few times a week I'll give them a multi vitamin treat. I also prefer to feed slightly more organ meat, about 13% or so. I credit raw to getting my almost 16 year old Shep/Pit Bull mix to a ripe old age with very few health issues. The few she's had, a tumor on her anus and degenerative disc disease, were easily taken care of and she sailed through those. Her worst health scare, an autoimmune disease that started attacking her blood platelets and she was literally bleeding through the pores on her skin, happened when she was 2 or 3 and eating crappy dog food. A few days ago we got a surprise diagnosis of a spleen tumor with a 50/50 prognosis of being fine with surgery or having 3 months left basically. Obviously devastating news but if the worst scenario becomes reality I can take comfort in the fact that she has been active, healthy, and still ruled the roost right up to the end. The fact that her vet, who is totally supportive of raw feeding, thinks it's worth it to go ahead with the surgery even at her age due to her exceptional health is testament to the power of a properly prepared raw diet! I'm not so sure we can make comparisons to a ketogenic diet for epileptic humans and more natural raw meat, bone, and organ diet for epileptic dogs but I guarantee making the switch will be the most important thing you can do for your dogs health. Good luck and if you need any specifics or have any questions I'd be happy to help.
  11. 0Angel0

    Bacon without Sugar?

    I get mine from US Wellness online. I've heard that compliant bacon can be found at Trader Joe's but every brand mine carries has sugar.
  12. 0Angel0

    Let's talk about pork

    Beef and seafood make up the majority of my meat intake but I have absolutely no problem adding the occasional meal of pastured pork. Its delicious!!
  13. 0Angel0

    Grassfed beef tallow

    Coconut oil feels too heavy and greasy on my skin. I prefer the feel of beef tallow. Emu oil is really good too but not quite as rich as tallow. It's awesome for soothing irritation though. If I have any shaving irritation it's gone overnight after applying emu oil. I'm also using on my dogs skin as he has terrible allergies and he's doing really well on it. For plant oils I like avocado and macadamia. Olive oil is fine if it's all I have. I make up an oil salt lemon shower scrub and I don't need to moisturize for days after using it. I veer towards tallow though as I figure if I'm an animal then animal fats are probably better for my skin. JMO.
  14. 0Angel0

    Grassfed beef tallow

    It definitely has that tallow smell to it even with the essential oils but only in the container IME. When I put it on my skin I just smell the oils. I put a mix of citrus and rosewood essential oils in my current batch. At first I was nervous and kept asking my bf if I smelled like beef. He said I never did. I tend to use perfume at least once a day and I like to spritz cucumber body spray after moisturizing so maybe that's why.
  15. 0Angel0

    Grassfed beef tallow

    I put more beef tallow on my body than I do in my food. My skin loves the stuff! I make my own body balm with tallow, a little bit of oil, and essential oils. Best moisturizer ever!