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  1. Alright, y'all, back up and let the expert through. STEP 1 Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Line baking sheet with parchment paper and rub with compliant oil. STEP 2 Put cut sweet potatoes in a microwave-safe container, cover, and microwave 2 minutes (for 3 big potatoes). Stir gently, cover, and microwave 1 to 2 minutes more until pieces are semi cooked and kind of bendy. Let rest 5 minutes covered; pour onto a platter. STEP 3 In a large bowl, whisk the egg whites until they're frothy, add seasoning, and whisk to blend. Toss the sweet potato pieces in the seasoned egg whites, in batches if necessary, letting the excess liquid drip off of them and back into the bowl. Place in a single layer on the baking sheets. Bake for 10 minutes, then flip the fries over. Rotate baking sheet from front to back. Bake until dark golden brown, about 15 minutes. Serve immediately.
  2. faymao

    Totally Devastated

    Megan, what made your balsamic non-compliant?
  3. Hey all, I've seen two store-bought ghees. One was solid at room temperature, and the other was decidedly liquid. Is one better than the other?
  4. Moluv, I was thinking the same thing! I even looked it up in ISWF, and there it is! They clearly state iodized is good. I wonder if there's a way to ask them to clarify?
  5. faymao

    Applegate Naturals Uncured Turkey Bacon

    I know it's not the same, but hubby and I enjoy prosciutto and have had no problems finding compliant brands. You can fry it up or wrap it around stuff and it works the same.
  6. Thanks Kirsteen! I appreciate the confirmation.
  7. Thank you! I have a strong sugar dragon, and I've been working so hard to banish her. I was afraid I'd been working against myself. Thanks again.
  8. The table salt I buy has an ingredients list. It contains sugar! It doesn't say how much. Firstly, I am flabbergasted to say the least. Why is it on there? Is that normal? I checked other brands, and they have it, too. Secondly, now what?
  9. faymao

    First whole 30 challenge 3/25

    Oh, thank God I'm not the only one. I thought it was stress. My stress levels have been through the roof this week due to circumstances well outside of my control. For the first time in my life, I've decided to live with the stress, and not focus on destressing. I have stuck to my nutrition goals and plan to continue doing so. Good luck to you all!
  10. faymao

    Tree-Nut Allergy & Snacks

    I know it hasn't even barely been a month since i posted that, but I have learned so much about the program since I read ISWF. I feel like this was a silly question.
  11. faymao

    First whole 30 challenge 3/25

    I started 03/25! How are you doing?
  12. I agree! I'm going to be cheering you on like mad! Stick to your principles and retrain your thinking. It's hard for everyone, even non-vegans, so I trust it'll be a tough go, but I wish you all the best.
  13. faymao

    Thinking on doing this diet, but...

    Hi Cristina! I have to ask: what are your reasons for being pescatarian? It sounds like it's not working for you on a happiness level and on a nutritional level. I'm not saying you have to stop, but I feel like you should think about it. Whatever you decide, I would agree with everyone else and say that you should either do the vegetarian plan, or do the omnivore plan and enjoy your seafood! And just so you're aware, lentils are a legume (technically a pulse), not a grain. I only mention this because you sound like I did before I read ISWF, and I need firm boundaries, otherwise I have trouble with 'slippery slopes'. I did a slower transition before I went full Whole30, and I gathered recipes and ideas before I went ahead. As a result, I'm still in my first week. My Whole30Log is really helpful for staying on track. All the best!
  14. faymao

    Cooking with Coconut Oil

    How high is your heat? I cook with unrefined unbleached coconut oil and it's never smoked.