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  1. It is lovely and well worth the little effort! You mentioned the AC. If your house is particularly warm, you might find it ferments even a little faster than some people here. It's pretty cold where I live, so I went to a continuous brewing process to minimize the wait as getting it as sour as I like it was taking quite a while. It doesn't take a lot of supplies: a large jar, strainer, tea, sugar and the baby your friend kindly offered. If you batch brew, grolsch bottles (or other recycled bottles with airtight lids) will help you get the fizz in the second ferment. I use a jar with a spigot a
  2. Do you think it would go bad that fast? It's only in the fridge up to 2 weeks and the sugar content is so high that I think it would hold it. It's the method I first found for CB, from Weston Price, which seems sound.
  3. Sounds like I'm in good company... I was brewing for quite a while, then we went on an extended trip over the winter and came back to a molded scoby. I tried to grow another right away, but it was far too cold here and decided to wait until warmer weather came round. Well, I've just put a healthy little baby into the second batch of feeding liquid and will be set to brew here soon! I was using a Suntea glass container to continuous brew, but picked up a beautiful (huge!) crock at a thrift shop that will hold much more. I also switched from using old KT bottles (I have the hardest time getting