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  1. Tveen

    The crazy things people say

    I'm studying to be a registered dietician, so bowel movements are an every day normal conversation between me and my friends. My favorite question has been when they ask "But how do you get fiber?? You need whole grains, you must be so constipated!!!" To which I respond "I've never felt so regular and normal in all my life!" Hello, vegetables?? Oh goodness...
  2. Tveen

    Pita Jungle?

    I went there this past Saturday and got the broiled chicken salad, no dressing, with sirloin instead of chicken! I called the chef ahead of time and found out they use 50/50 olive oil and extra virgin olive oil for their marinades, but they DO use soybean oil in their dressing. So I got no dressing and brought my own guacamole from home. Delicious!