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  1. For what it's worth (and you may have already finished it), brain over binge is better than any emotional eating book I have read! hope it helps!
  2. I usually eat 1-2 pieces a day depending on my activity level!
  3. My total is 113...was 180 last year when I was vegetarian and eating egg whites and "whole grains" Enough said
  4. Tveen

    The crazy things people say

    I'm studying to be a registered dietician, so bowel movements are an every day normal conversation between me and my friends. My favorite question has been when they ask "But how do you get fiber?? You need whole grains, you must be so constipated!!!" To which I respond "I've never felt so regular and normal in all my life!" Hello, vegetables?? Oh goodness...
  5. Wow reading all of these definitely makes me feel like I am not alone! I tried starting another whole 30 but failed miserably. But I am determined to start one again, probably tomorrow. The binges aren't even emotionally driven at this point....they started that way but now I am simply "craving" the foods I conditioned my body to expect! Ugh!
  6. I guess my question is, would carrots, tomatoes, or any othe veggie work too??
  7. Okay, so I was curious as to what people have post workout in terms of a starchy veggies that is not a squash or sweet potato? Are there any other veggies people have tried?? I have my protein (usually something I cooked the night before) but I'm getting kind of tired of my starchy veggie part! Thanks!
  8. I live in the san gabriel/los angeles area...are there any restaurants people have had major successes with? thanks!
  9. Tveen

    Begin Whole 30 two weeks before Half Marathon or wait?

    I am doing a half marathon in about 2 weeks and am starting my second round of whole 30 today! During my first run, my runs actually improved! And pretty early on in the 30 days...but I know the majority of people experience a decline. Good job on the 9 miles! And good luck!
  10. Y'all are just making me want to cook him dinner at home! Haha which I might just do...pre-marinated meat IS gross
  11. Tveen

    scared about peer pressure!

    I've had this too where a friend and I would hang out with a lot and we would go get cupcakes together after every meal! I told her I didn't want to cupcakes anymore and she was a little put off but in the end she didn't get any either and we still enjoyed our time together! It's hard to break a habit but I always think a) if the person REALLY wants the certain food, me not getting it won't stop her, so why am I going to go down with her? or if our friendship was based just on eating crap together...that's a bigger problem right? It is really hard though! Good luck to you!
  12. Yes, for me my binges are very emotionally-triggered and also stem from seeing other people around me "enjoy" whatever they want. So I want a part in it too! But the enjoyment is defjurlwy momentary and short lived...because if I have one cookie I definitely want 10! I'm not moderate when it comes to those things... I have decided to start another whole 30 today! And keep seeing my therapist. Thank you for all of your comments. It's comforting to know that I am not the only binge eater out there...because sometimes that's exactly how it feels!
  13. Welllll it's one of my boyfriend's favorite that would be difficult :-/ but I totally am with you on the bragging about soybean oil! Who doesn't have olive oil???
  14. I know! It is the Daphne's in Pasadena! I was so disappointed, how can a Greek restaurant NOT have olive oil??? But I called again and they did not have any non-marinated meat on the premises apparently it comes marinated! They did say that their burger patty contains no oils and just spices. So that is a possibility! Maybe I can have them top a salad with a burger patty instead of chicken haha
  15. I'm planning on eating at Daphne's on Friday night. Doing some research and called them today only to find out all their proteins are marinated with soybean oil and it's even in their dressings! The chef proceeded to tell me olive oil was not even on the premises of their restaurant...anyways! I'm planning on bringing my own dressing but was wondering which one is the better option? A) salad with no protein salad with protein even tho it has soybean oil Just wanna make sure the meal will be as compliant but filling as possible! Thanks!