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  1. Thanks, everyone! I actually just started a whole21 (3 weeks till my best friend's birthday) just to remind myself what I can do and how well I will feel once I'm back in the swing of things. 3 days in and doing great! I honestly think its the rules for me: when I have them, it's easy to say "nope, can't have it" rather than "weeeeelllll, a little piece of chocolate won't hurt." Which technically, that little piece wouldn't "hurt" ... Except it would get me thinking about what other sweets I can possibly eat to fulfill that craving! I feel like this is an issue many people have, but some don't care, some don't know how to fix it, or even that they CAN fix it. I think the best thing for me to do at this point is to be myself, like GLC1968's friend - who cares if I am eating something different, if I know that it's the best choice for me? Half the time, when I give in, it's because I feel some sort of pressure to "be like everyone else" but I don't think I should do that anymore. Besides, people are used to my "weird, too healthy" eating habits by now I guess the real test will be my friend's birthday! It is her 21st (yes, I am a young'n) and we are getting her whatever cake she wants; let's just hope that I can test all my theories then and try to not derail myself completely with a slice of birthday cake. I am so glad, however, that I am not alone in this! Every time I would try to talk to a friend about it, they looked at me like I was crazy, because to them, I don't eat any "crap" or processed food. Isn't it ironic that I would eat so well, but then be completely helpless when it comes to sugar? We can all do this and I know it is always a learning experience, so I am confident that at some point, it will all click for me and maybe after a few more whole30s, my cravings will diminish. Good luck everybody!!
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    College and the Whole30

    Yes reading the book, a couple times actually, helped me a lot because it all made sense to me and it didn't just seem like some diet. Hang in there, the first week or so is the hardest! Cravings are the worst part for me, at least, but you're welcome I hope that helped. And if you haven't read the book yet make sure you go like Kirsteen said it'll make good bedtime reading to draw focus away from those cravings!
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    College and the Whole30

    Hey girl!! So glad you are doing this, you will thank yourself later I promise! I am a sophomore in college and I understand it can be hard with people around you! Especially with roommates, parties, friends, events, etc... But you know what, it will be the same in "real life" ; there will always be people that don't understand your food choices and events to go to. You just gotta make it through! I have done two whole30s and for me it was a big change too. I used to eat mostly "healthy" the way conventional wisdom tells us is healthy, but a lot of stomach issues showed me that I wasn't doing the right thing, so in came the whole30! Don't worry about those people around you; they may be tiny and full of energy now, but I promise, PROMISE it catches up to them. Just because they look healthy on the outside does not mean they really are! Here are some thing that I (and my friend, who I convinced to do the whole30 with me) found helpful: --Eat a FILLING breakfast, and filling meals in general --sometimes people are scared of fats, calories, etc... But I promise, if your breakfast is not filling, you will want to snack and eat junk all day. I do 2 or 3 eggs, coconut oil, avocado, and veggies. And coffee with canned coconut milk! -- precook some foods-- like bake several sweet potatoes at one time to have for leftovers, same with roasted veggies, make meats in more than one serving; Tupperware will become a very good friend -- use a crockpot!! Mine was super cheap, 17 dollars at target (ok fine, 20 with tax) and I LOVE IT. You can get a bag of frozen veggies, chop some meat, pour on some tomato sauce, and put it all in the crockpot before class. Then you come home later and your roommates are jealous of your hot meal while they have pb&j's -- when buying veggies, go to frozen aisle and see what compliant veggies there are. We have a Kroger and their bagged frozen broccoli/cauliflower/ green beans/ whatever can be really useful, and only about $1.25 each! Also, I use frozen chicken and frozen burgers sometimes -- when on a low budget, don't worry so much about "organic, grassfed" labels and just focus on getting the food into your cart. When I can, I buy organic and higher quality meat and eggs, but that is not all the time. If I had to choose, I would always get higher quality meat over vegetables and fruit though -- don't skimp out on healthy fats!! I think this is probably my biggest one and yes, coconut oil and avocados are expensive, but so worth it!! I go through coconut oil like its my job whenever I cook, and avocados are some of my favorite fats. This is one area I splurge and get the good stuff!! -- use spices to add flavor to everything from stir fries, to eggs and stews! Try to look for spice blends or individual spices that are compliant (aka no sugar or msg... I swear they all add in crap) like Italian seasoning, and I think some Mrs. dash spices are okay, although I haven't bought them in a while. Seriously thought, spices help so much! -- every week when you grocery shop pick only a couple fruits for the whole week-- I think at first I went a little crazy with it and realized, fruit in the winter is expensive! So that's another money saving tip, haha. -- at parties, when everyone is drinking, I swear it is not that big of a deal if you don't drink. Mostly people just look at you for a second and then forget about it, they are too focused on themselves! If it is that big of a deal, buy some sparkling water and then you will just have something to sip on! -- recipes: I use tons of blogs like paleomg.com,nomnompaleo.com, and health-bent.com to change up my recipes week by week. Most of their recipes will be compliant, except for obviously dessert recipes or recipes with sweeteners in them. Every week I usually pick a couple recipes and make them, because they're usually meant for 4 people, and I am just one... So that means that I eat a lot of leftovers, but when they are delicious and different each week, it doesn't really bother me I really, really hope you have a good experience doing this! I know I still battle with some of my own problems (hello, sugar dragon) but it is 100% possible to do the whole30 while in college if you plan a little. Like I said, my friend did it with me; she went from asking "so, what CAN I eat?!" To saying it was the best she has ever felt, and even asking me to do another one starting next week. You can do this, you know you can. When your friends are eating junk, just take a second to think about what that junk food is doing to them, and don't feel pressured to give in, because it is ultimately YOUR choice! It will be tougher at first, but I know you can get through it! Sorry for the mammoth post. I saw this and I immediately knew how you felt, because at first, i honestly didn't know if I could do this at all, let alone in college. Let me know if you have any questions, for cooking or tips, or anything else! And good luck!
  4. Thank you all so much! I guess I am in the same boat as many-- eating sugar makes me crave more, more, more, and it doesn't help when everyone around me, including my parents when I am home and my roommates when I am at school, are constantly having it and offering it to me. Then they get offended when I try to not have it! I need to just stop giving in to sugar peer pressure. I would really like to be at a point where a piece of cake or chocolate or something sweet once in a while doesn't completely just derail me. I just feel like a failure when I do have sugar, so that I think the devil on my shoulder just says " you might as well have the whole thing. And then some more." It makes me feel better that I am not alone, thought, because I swear nobody talks about this stuff in real life. That yes, sugar is addictive, and yes, I am trying to break my addiction!
  5. Hi all! I didn't think I would have to talk about this to anyone but by this point my family and friends probably are sick of hearing me talk about food so here goes nothing. I did the whole30 in January and did it once before in June; June's whole30 was a bit tricky and difficult, but January's was easier and I felt beyond amazing, probably due to the fact that I had been eating mostly paleo in the months before. I did the whole30 primarily to clean up my diet which inevitably had been getting junked up with non compliant food before the holidays. When reintroduction started, I fully intended to introduce the foods, see how they affected me, then take them back out because I just felt so GOOD while whole30-ing. However, while I did the reintroduction the way I was supposed to, I definitely did not keep all that crap out of my diet. Cheese and dairy -- which I had cut out for nearly 6 months before, as I thought it was the cause of my bloating -- didn't seem to affect me. What did I do...? I started eating it again in small amounts... Which then became every meal. Same with sugar; I have a HUGE sugar dragon and it always, always gets the best of me. I thought i was done with it and could have small treats, but then would end up eating random sweets way past the point of fullness, swearing I was giving it up, then do it again. Basically, my issue is this: how do I go from strict whole30 to riding my own bike without completely derailing and riding this bike into a pond? I feel like I am almost helpless right now and I do NOT want to be helpless. Everything I eat is a choice and I wholeheartedly believe that good food can fix so many of our problems-- so why I am off roading and eating things that I KNOW don't make me healthier and will make me feel like crap? I know it is psychological and I am just frustrated that I don't have a "normal" relationship with food. For me, eating a piece of chocolate or a treat in the middle of the day can be cause for me to completely just raid my pantry at night; it doesn't help that I live with roommates that do not understand and always tell me I am crazy for giving up things like sugar and grains and desserts! I am in college and would like to be able to have ice cream with friends once in a while without going home and raiding my house for sweets because that ice cream woke up the sugar dragon! I am just at a loss and frustrated; do I whole30 again and then ... What? How can I fix this issue? I feel like I am so "all or nothing" that this moderation for me is not possible. I don't want it to be this way, though! I would just like to be the healthiest version of me while not going crazy aft having a bite of chocolate or bread! Anyone else with me? Any advice is greatly appreciated!