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  1. Portable Post-WO Meal

    I like this idea. I may try making this cupcake-style. I drive all day for work and need something I can eat while driving. And I like to go to CF at 1200 so this would be perfect. question though - would it also serve as my lunch if the portion is adequate? Or do I eat again awhile later?
  2. Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Hi everyone! I have been off the forums for a very long time. Took a long break from all things diet related and just tried to take care of some personal stuff. I know now that I was not ready for a massive change when I attempted this before. In a much better place with a fresh perpective and ready to go again. I'm starting today and ready to see how the whole 30 affects my new love- Crossfit! Ready for energy, better sleep, and a very dead sugar dragon
  3. Start Date: 15 August.....Join In!

    I'm in. Trying again to slay my sugar dragon. We just got back from a vacation in Jamaica and somehow, other than the drinks, I managed to eat paleo the whole week. I fell in love with plantains and fruit that is truly fresh and ripe. And eggs! I'm finally back on the egg bandwagon. Went way overboard on a sugar binge when I got home and realized that I really do feel like crap on sugar. So grumpy and tired all the time. Don't really even know why I bought and ate a bag of tootsie rolls in day, or why I felt the need to make cookies. But I did and boy was it a learning experience. Trying to get the family on board this time, starting with breakfast this morning. Good luck to us all!
  4. Hmmm . . . must have been then added prune juice that made that trick work.
  5. Umm . . . does this coffee have you running to the bathroom after you drink it? This is almost the same stuff we give constipated old men in the hospital when they don't want a laxative. We call it "the bomb". Also, adding at least 200 calories to my coffee is hard for me to take. But that's just my stupid old habits showing up to play.
  6. Thanks Keianna! I have tried this recipe before and unfortunately I was not a fan . I am specifically looking for a recipe using dates as the sweetener to give that caramel hint that brown sugar usually gives regular BBQ sauce.
  7. I'm sure this is already posted somewhere but I can't find it. What exactly is the official Bullet proof coffee recipe?
  8. Green tea

    I am so glad to read this thread. For some reason I thought caffeine was banned. I love me some green tea
  9. I read some posts the other day about making BBQ sauce with dates. Anyone have a good recipe to share?
  10. Can I have dates?

    OMG! Dates wrapped with nut butter!! That sounds amazing! Exactly why it will not be on my menu! I would be out of control. I love medjool dates - they're like natures carmel. Read: candy!!! candy!! I love candy!!! LOL! Luv 'em but they gotta go on my plan
  11. Oh I am so on board now! I am a home health nurse and spend a lot of my day in the care. I like to keep and "emergency banana" on hand in case I don't have time to stop and have lunch. Thank you!!!
  12. Don't over think this.

    Robin Strathdee thank you for this!!! I totally hear this message!! Not sure if I'm just in the right place for it to finally click or if you just said it the right way. After all, this (at least for me) is about getting over and stopping all the over analyzing of my food. So glad to read this before I start tomorrow!
  13. Hi there! Just read the blog post FRUCTOSE FOOLISHNES and I found it very interesting since I have been watching these crazy youtube videos lately about eating "30 bananas a day". This article answers my biggest questions about an all fruit diet. Mainly that it is crazy to eat 4000 cal a day in fruit! My question is, does this article imply that I can have a banana on the whole 30? Somehow I got the idea that bananas has to much sugar for the 30 day program. I am starting tomorrow and that is one thing I really don't want to give up.
  14. So i'm sitting here eating some reheated oatmeal debating over whether or not add more coconut sugar or some maple syrup - cause, you know, maple syrup is "healthier". Bottom line is, oatmeal sucks without sugar in it, so why even eat it? It has been my excuse for so long. "I can't give up my oatmeal!" Well, yes I can and I think it's time. I have tried this Whole 30 program before to disastrous ends. I am the worst self-sabotager on the planet, always finding reasons it wont work and then cheating here and there. But my body tells me it's time to try again. I have started going to Tilte Boxing classes and I do not have the consistent energy to make it through class by the end of the week - not acceptable. Also, I am back to grazing and snacking ALL day. Not good. Needing to shed a bit of fat, gain some strength, stop eating constantly, and increase my energy. I am over all that confusing vegan vs paleo mumbo-jumbo of the last few years, my sleep is excellent, and I am ready for a challenge. So . . . Begin! Well, begin tomorrow after I go grocery shopping anyway
  15. Loving all of this and starting feel like it is possible . Perhaps a thread, maybe even this one, for a full 30 days of "trust in the program" support. It would be nice to have someone(s) around who gets this issue and can help keep the second guessing in check. Revived - I feel like I am reading posts that could have easily been mine. I think, with the support here, maybe we can tackle this issue once and for all. I shall have to meditate on this while I'm at boxing tonight.