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    30 days up, and the verdict is.....

    Congratulations on completing! Great wrap up and attitude about not losing any weight. Not sure if you wanted too anyway. I am on my second whole 30. After my first I tried to do another about 30 days later but didn't make it. I am now 7 days into my next one and have a better attitude about it and realize I feel soooo much better eating this way then having all the other stuff in my diet. I also cut out nuts for the most part only allowing myself them once a week......they are a food I can over eat.
  2. Carolyn Cornett Hobbs

    Starting tomorrow May 6

    I totally agree. I the hardest time my last week, dont know if it was cause I was anticipating what I would eat on day 31 or what. But it was difficult for a few days.
  3. Carolyn Cornett Hobbs

    Starting tomorrow May 6

    I started my second whole 30 on Tuesday the 7th so I will join this thread. I have my husband and daughter joining me this time. My husband is being forced too...not really but I asked him to join me and my 15 year old daughter wants to try it out. She really doesn't need to lose weight but is looking forward to being healthier and maybe losing some inches. She has a great attitude, "mom I am looking at it as nourishment, not just food." My first whole 30 went well but I did end up weighing the last 2 weeks...bad Idea. Put away the scale this time for us all. I lost 8 pounds are 5 inches last time. I got my sister on it and she finished her first one with losing 18pound and 15 inches. She was heavier then I was. When I went off I gained some of my weight back and felt yucky so I am glad to be back. Good luck everyone!
  4. Carolyn Cornett Hobbs

    Anyone Starting 3/11 (Monday)?

    Ok so today I weighed myself...down 8 pounds, 5 inches. I ate a clean breakfast of bacon and eggs. Then had some chocolate....tasted nasty. Went to Mexican as planned...chips and salsa where good. Ordered the chicken fajitas but they just weren't what I remembered. I think that I like my own cooking better. Stayed away from rice and sour cream because I am not ready to introduce that yet. Got full pretty quick and the waiter forgot to bring me my corn tortillas for the fajitas but I was ok with that. Going to add wheat in slowly and dairy. I plan to stay pretty close to the plan. I will do another whole 30 after I get back from my trip to California about mid May. Next time, no nuts and watch fruit. Nuts are too easy for me to go crazy on as well as fruit.
  5. Carolyn Cornett Hobbs

    Exercise Routines - Whats working for everyone

    I started kickboxing at a place called 9 rounds. It is a 30 minute workout with 3 mins at each round and 30 sec in between. I love it, get it done in 30 minutes and feel great every time! This is the only thing exercise wise that I have been consistent at, I go 5 days a week.
  6. Carolyn Cornett Hobbs

    Ideas/Solutions for seasonal allergies??

    Hello, I am in SC too. I thought through this Whole 30 I was not having a problem with my seasonal allergies but today it is hitting me hard. I took some Allegra hoping it will help. My garage is filled with Pollen though so I imagine we are tracking it in the house. BTW I am on day 29 and I think if I continue like this I will probably take my local honey on Wednesday.
  7. Carolyn Cornett Hobbs

    Anyone Starting 3/11 (Monday)?

    I agree with the going out thing. Up till I started my whole 30 I went on a date every Friday with my husband which usually included going out to dinner. I decided that I would not go out during my whole 30 at all so I didn't have to deal with figuring out what to order. Also I love smoothies with Kale and fruit and spinach....miss them, will probably add them back when time is short for breakfast.
  8. Carolyn Cornett Hobbs

    Anyone Starting 3/11 (Monday)?

    I'm not completely sure what I will do post whole 30. I do know that I will have chips and favorite on day 31. I will then probably add in the rest of the wheat slowly to see what was bugging my stomach. Then to dairy. I dont want to go back to being a binge eater, I love this way of eating so I hope to continue to stay close to the program. Tveen, I too have thought about having a day of eating other things but it depends on how it make me feel. Not many post lately, how many are still on the program for this March 11th group?
  9. Carolyn Cornett Hobbs

    Anyone Starting 3/11 (Monday)?

    Three, more days....that is all I gotta say!
  10. Carolyn Cornett Hobbs

    I caved day 8

    Kotin, get back and try again....and get rid of the scale! I am very addicted to the scale but managed to stay off for 2 weeks. I went to doctor was weighed and saw my weight, no loss. I was 2 weeks in and everyone had been saying "wow you look great and are losing alot!" I was shocked, it through my whole 30 mindset off, but I didn't go off because I was determined to make it to day 30. Although I have been weighing myself off and on since then...yes bad girl...I am thinking differently because I know that the inches are coming off and my clothes are falling down! YOU can do this, think of a different reason why you are doing this....get off sugar...have a better attitude towards food....something other then weight. My goal was not weight so although it would of been nice, I gotta remember I am doing this for my digestive system and seeing what I shouldnt be eating. Good for you to post your failures to get help from this wonderful forum of people....Be the little train saying...."I think I can, I think I can I think I can"....and then day 31 you will say, " I knew I could do it!"
  11. Carolyn Cornett Hobbs


    My favorite salsa recipe uses the blender. Put in 1 can of diced tomatoes, 1 good handful of cilantro, and 1 to 2 canned jalapenos, whole or cut up not sliced. Blend, add some lime and salt......yummy! Every time I makes this for people they go crazy for it.
  12. Carolyn Cornett Hobbs

    Anyone Starting 3/11 (Monday)?

    I have been the same way. I looked at the template again last night for a review and have been trying hard today to stay on track with no snacks but eating enough at meals to keep me not hungry between. I think knowing last week that I havent lost anything ruined my outlook a bit. Sad but true. I cant let that distract me from my goal of finishing. I have been compliant through out but just too many snack of food I am able to eat. I am happy to have made it to day 22 and will definitely make it to day 30!!! I will probably do another whole 30 in May or June. Best wishes to all you March 11th starters!
  13. Carolyn Cornett Hobbs

    Anyone Starting 3/11 (Monday)?

    This was what I had for Easter was so good. Thanks for posting that article on weight loss Donna. Very good!
  14. Carolyn Cornett Hobbs

    Anyone Starting 3/11 (Monday)?

    Thanks Donna and Helen your right...the scale is not my friend right now! Thank for letting me know about your not much loss at first. Looking forward to the MAGIC at the end! I already feel great! I cant believe I can tell when I am hungry and full...such an accomplishment for a binge eater like me!
  15. Carolyn Cornett Hobbs

    Anyone Starting 3/11 (Monday)?

    I wish I had lost that much by now. I just had that one time at the doctors to see my weight and I really dont understand "no loss at all" I have gone off wheat/bread ect before and lost like 7 in a weeks so I just dont get it. Really hoping it all drops off this next 2 weeks.