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  1. Compromises on what the kids eat?

    I'm working on switching my kids to JERF and not worrying (yet) about going strictly Primal or Paleo or Whole30. The switch to JERF is hard enough!!! I let the kids eat out everything that we had in the house that was SAD, but let them know at the beginning of August that I wouldn't be bringing any SAD food into the house or buying it when we're out anymore. We finally ate the last of the SAD this past week and so everything since then has been JERF. They ARE. NOT. HAPPY! At this point in time I'm just sticking to what I originally said - I will not be buying any groceries that are not JERF. I also will not allow my kids when they are with me to buy anything that is not JERF. I haven't decided about when we go out to eat as a family.... I'd say that they have to eat JERF, but my hubby is still SAD so I probably won't win that one since he's paying! I am not worrying about what they eat when I am not around.... They go to their grandparents every Saturday and eat lunch and dinner there and grandma isn't on board with this. Also, the two older kids are in secondary school and have access to buying their own junk food there. Finally, I'm not going to impose my food rules on the kids' friends' parents as it is more work (and sometimes money) to eat this way - if they go to a friends' house they eat what the family there is eating... just like if their friends come to our house they will be eating JERF! I have four things I AM going to do regarding their eating when I'm not around: 1) I'm not allowing anything they buy/are given that isn't JERF to come into our house (trash can at the door after being at grandma's!). 2) I'm going to give grandma and their teachers an info sheet about the way we're eating and why with references 3) I'm going to work on giving my kids a proper education regarding food so that they can start making informed decisions when they are not with me. I'm not expecting these lessons to go fast... probably a mini lesson once a week and I don't think that they will be making good food decision anytime soon (maybe next year! lol). 4) I'm not giving them their pocket money to go buy food with (I have it in my bedroom because of theft from each other). When they ask for money they have to tell me what it's for and I say "yes" or "no".
  2. Dealing with nutritional "education" in school...

    I haven't experienced this yet, but I have had the kids' grandma tell them what's "healthy" when they told her that we were changing our eating. My thought is to head this off at the pass with the significant people in the kids' life (grandparents, teachers, regular babysitters, etc) by telling them how we eat and giving them a one-page info sheet with references in it regarding how we eat. I haven't made up the sheet yet and, unfortunately school is now starting so it'll just have to be done in the next month or so. Hopefully, this might influence the teacher's lessons, but if they HAVE to follow a curriculum, they will know WHY my kids are answering things differently! However, I think you're on the right track with letting the kids know that they may have to give incorrect answers to pass their exams! lol
  3. Too Much Kombucha?!

    I bought two SCOBY and a pack of water kefir grains a few months ago and have a continuous brewer going with my SCOBY and am continually changing over my water kefir so I have kombucha and water kefir available most of the time.... I think I'm addicted to the kombucha! Is there such a thing as overconsuming kombucha? I've notice having diahrrea the last few days so I'm assuming it's the increased booch as I've been having about an 18oz cup twice a day this week. Will my tummy adjust to the probiotics or is there a limit to how much kombucha and water kefir an adult should have a day???
  4. You're confusing me

    I won't claim to have had my kids eating as "healthy" as you did, but I'm definitely having the same reaction from my kids. They are all healthy (in their minds... from my perspective though, one has ADHD/ODD and another has rashes and black circles under his eyes and tummyaches so I'm guessing some kind of food allergy) and since they don't feel sick they don't understand why they have to change their food. Mine are older (7, 9, 11 & 12) so they want explanation about WHY they have to change. I'm not very good at the explanation part. =0( Doesn't help that Grandma, who they eat with twice a week, isn't on board and tells them that they need milk and bread, etc. My kids are not happy with this change and one of them even threw up the other day in protest. Grrrrr.
  5. CALLING ALL UK Whole30/Post-Whole30-ers!

    Thanks for the tips Jenmer! Just FYI - several of us Brits are doing a September Whole30 together and I'm posting on it from my fb page if you'd like to join us! =0) Christina
  6. Hi all! Just wanted you to know that several of us who live in the UK are doing a British Whole30 for September if anyone is interested in joining us. I'm leading it from my fb page:
  7. CALLING ALL UK Whole30/Post-Whole30-ers!

    Hi all! Just wanted you to know that several of is are doing a British Whole30 for September if anyone is interested in joining us. I'm cheerleading it rom my fb page:
  8. Every one in awhile I just don't want meat/fish/eggs. What are some good protein sources for those occasions?
  9. Paleo Nutrition Book for Older Kids?

    I have "Eat Like A Dinosaur", but it's not good for telling WHY we're eating Paleo. My kids are a bit older so they want to know why grains are bad, why dairy is bad, etc. I'm really not good at explaining that stuff. Any ideas?
  10. How do you know a supplement is working?

    I live in England and the NHS docs won't get into this whole supplement thing. I can't afford to go private on a doc or tests. A year ago I did have some tests done and met with a naturopath while I was visiting home (USA). She put me on several things. We did do some email consults and in the end I got to the supplements I take now: Vit D, B Complex, D-Ribose and IsoCort. I also decided to use Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil because all the Paleo gurus seem to really like that. I did a W30 in June, ate mostly Primal in July and am currently doing a W90 (on day 20), drink water kefir and kombucha and eat fermented pickles. Here's the problem I'm having: I don't feel much different on the supplements as I do off them. And, they are a huge monthly expense. So, I'm wondering if I should stop taking everything and add things in one at a time (one a week? One a month?) and see if it makes a difference? Are there any I should take no matter what, even though I don't notice a difference? I'm also thinking about adding MCT oil for energy as I have Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Fatigue and am Hypothyroid. Thoughts?!
  11. ITCHY!!!!

    Hi KitchenWitchy! I haven't had it prescribed by the doctor so I take it OTC. I did a W30 in June, at mostly Paleo in July and am doing the Aug W30 and none of it's helped the itching. If anything, it may be worse. :0(
  12. ITCHY!!!!

    I have had problems with itching all over my body for years. It's always worse at night and keeps me from sleeping. I always used Benadryl previously, but it's not W30 compliant of course. However, I've had to use it a few times anyway. Any ideas? It's not dry skin so lotions, coconut oil, baths don't help.
  13. Sulfites in Bottled Water?!

    Thanks everyone! I bet it actually said sulphates.... I was under the impression that sulphites and sulphates were no-nos. Thanks for clearing it up!
  14. Sulfites in Bottled Water?!

    I thought that both sulphates and sulphites are no-nos? Or are sulphates different than sulfates??? SOOOO CONFUSING! I'll have to double-check the bottle regarding that.
  15. CALLING ALL UK Whole30/Post-Whole30-ers!

    Here's an article on Wikipedia about it: I drink that much sometimes and don't have any problems. I do agree with making sure you're not on a low-sodium diet. Also, make sure that you're not substituting water for food. As long as you're getting in three meals a day that follow the Meal Template I think you're probably fine with the water. If you're feeling ill, try cutting back a bit.