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    Casanandez got a reaction from Susan W in Tapatalk issues   
    Nvm! WHOOOOO HOOOO im in!!! lol
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    Casanandez got a reaction from GuamGrly in Whole30 starting June 3rd   
    I'm starting June 2, after my GRE tomorrow so we can tag along with each other
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    Casanandez reacted to Susan W in Tapatalk issues   
    I vaguely remember this happening to me before. Can you create a non facebook account and see if that works? Also, it may have been answered in the top part of the forums under "you can now use tapatalk" or something like that. Seems like I remember not being able to log in and all of a sudden I could. Tapatalk is awesome. :0)
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    Casanandez got a reaction from Terresa in Casanandez's first Whole 30! (for real this time ;)   
    mmm Great idea, a grass fed steak and broccoli may be the perfect celebratory meal Saturday night )
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    Casanandez got a reaction from Terresa in Casanandez's first Whole 30! (for real this time ;)   
    It really really is!! And you are right about not trying to convince people to stop eating food groups, I haven't done that either, but I did share what I am doing with friends in the hopes that I would get some support. I supported my friend when she decided to go vegetarian, and surprisingly, the vegetarian friend is the only one so far who supports my current lifestyle. I imagine she has the same philosophy as I do that if it works for you then keep doing what you are doing. I encourage people to experiment with their bodies because ultimately we are the only ones who can decide what is right for us.
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    Casanandez reacted to KJT in Casanandez's first Whole 30! (for real this time ;)   
    There you go! Celebrate your undoubtedly excellent showing on the GRE with healthy meat and...well, for me it would be a jar of sauerkraut, but you may have your own oddity.
    I'm glad your husband is supportive, and he'll probably get more and more so as he sees the benefits unfolding. (Just warn him in advance that the "Kill All The Things" period is coming!) As for the less supportive people, tell them, in strong language if necessary, to take a hike. And next time they all get the flu and you're perfectly healthy, you can snicker all you like.
    Good luck! And keep posting; somehow it seems to help.
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    Casanandez reacted to mrslynch1963 in Lurker No More ... Whole30 Day 16   
    Well, I guess by virtue of the fact that this is posted I abandoned my lurker status. I'm not sure why I'm doing this, other than to perhaps throw my wonderings into the Whole30-sphere in hopes of validation. I guess this is also a good place to discuss Whole30 things that the other people in my life don't want to discuss. Like how mad I am at artificial sweeteners, and how I can make my own mayonnaise.
    And my food issues. I always knew I had food issues. No doubt of that. However, I am just now, 16 days into this thing, realizing that my go-to “drug†was all food. Not just beer or wine or cake or Fritos … ALL FOOD! UGH! Food was entertainment or celebration. I used food to relax or to feel better after a crappy day! Prior to May 1st, “healthy†food like sugar-free Jello or Organic Corn Chips had been the drug of the day. What a joke! And guess what? I'm sad that I know this, because now I have no drug!
    Sometimes I don't want to be an adult and discuss my stress or irritation. I just want to go out for Fro Yo and be happy. LOL
    All kidding aside, I know that this trip has been a bigger thing for me than a “let's see if I can lose some fatness†type of deal. I pray that anyone pondering the Whole30 will take a look at this post and understand that there is much more to this process than physical change. The mental and emotional reliance on food as my “soother†has been the biggest revelation in this journey.
    I read through many of these forum posts in hopes of gleaning valuable info as I stepped into the Whole30. If that's you, I will tell you this: DO IT! Read the free stuff (then buy the book, it's enlightening) and look for help here, in this place. It's well worth the ride, folks.
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    Casanandez reacted to Terresa in Casanandez's first Whole 30! (for real this time ;)   
    Funny thing, but moments after I posted my comment to you, I had a friend "helpfully" tell me how misguided my "anti-grain thing" is.
    She has been pursuing an organic/clean food only approach to eating for the past couple of years, with no change in her arthritis, and a noticeable increase in weight (which she blames on her knees). I'm hearing the "if what you're doing works, then I'm wrong" tone in her voice too. She has always been a large woman. She is very tall, big boned, and has been struggling with her weight all the years I've known her.
    But my W30 is not a criticism of her choices. It is a commitment to my health. What works for me might not work for her, and vise versa. I applaud her dedication to organic/clean foods, and I will not try to convince her to stop eating grains (since that is the part of Paleo she considers "ridiculous").
    I am so glad that you are finding what does and doesn't work for you! It's freeing, isn't it?
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    Casanandez reacted to megmac in Starting tomorrow May 6   
    My Wine Dragon gave me a run for my money! Ready to slay her tomorrow! (I'll invite her in just one more time tonight.)
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    Casanandez got a reaction from megmac in Starting tomorrow May 6   
    MegMac don't feel discouraged!! I didn't make it either. but I had quite an eventful month and even though I wasn't able to stick to the Whole 30 to a T I didn't completely loose myself to the sugar dragon either. I'm cutting myself some slack tho, I did finish my last semester of undergrad with a 4.0! )) So try to find the silver lining megmac!!
    Congrats to all of you who did stick to it!!! Going back and reading all of your posts have inspired me greatly. I am restarting (again) June 2nd (after my GRE Saturday, you May guys lost me during finals week ( )
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    Casanandez got a reaction from Terresa in Casanandez's first Whole 30! (for real this time ;)   
    Thanks!! My Behavior Change Professor (my bachelor's degree is in Health Ed and Promotion) mentioned the same thing you just did in a lecture. That most people who try to sabotage us are just battling something within themselves. Which now that you remind me of this is most likely the case with this friend. He is always the one that can tell you exactly how many calories are in your steak, or your chips and salsa, or salad dressing, and then orders diet coke to balance out the calories. He's always on a "diet". I find the most difficult thing to explain to people is that this isn't a diet for me.
    Over these past couple of months of experimenting with the paleo/whole30 lifestyle I recognize how different foods affect my body. I know that dairy causes me to have flem/congestion, grains bloat me, sweet give me brain fog, and most processed foods give me a headache. I KNOW THIS NOW for a fact, and can never see myself not going through with the whole 30 and cleaning up my act with this information about myself and my body. It really is enlightening to understand firsthand how foods affect our lives and our health.
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    Casanandez reacted to Terresa in Casanandez's first Whole 30! (for real this time ;)   
    I had a spouse of a friend try to sabotage me, before I started my W30, because she thought my food restrictions were silly non-sense and was going to "show" me the error of my ways. I can't eat nightshades, and by can't I mean they set my stomach on fire. I haven't eaten them for over 2 years. She slipped some potato into a recipe, thinking that potatoes can't hurt anyone and I was being "dramatic". Completely unaware, I had a bite, yep, one mouthful of the delicious dish, and within a couple of minutes, doubled over in pain. I was sick for a day. That put an end to anyone being less than supportive of my "odd" diet, so no-one has questioned my W30 diet at all.
    Seems to me that people who resist such things so vehemently are fighting something within themselves, perhaps a feeling that they are doing something wrong or their beliefs are being questioned or rejected, and that they are best avoided until they sort it out. I hope your friend comes around to realize that you are doing this for your health and not as some sort of rejection of him, and soon!
    Good luck, and good health!
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    Casanandez reacted to LRM in Approved Sweeteners   
    I love plain club soda with frozen fruit instead of ice: peaches, strawberries, blueberries, etc. Delicious and very refreshing.
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    Casanandez reacted to Anna Urman in Approved Sweeteners   
    Best tasting soda ever is club soda + lemon juice. You can add a bit of stevia or coconut sugar to it to make it sweet - but amazing how much less sugar you need after a Whole30
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    Casanandez got a reaction from Michele Brosch in Starting tomorrow May 6   
    Coconut on top of eggs? I would hav never thought of that... But it sounds amazing ill have to give that a try.
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    Casanandez reacted to megmac in Starting tomorrow May 6   
    Ha! I found you! Thanks for the invitation!
    Day 2, Round 3 for me. I have a planned offroad tomorrow night (anniversary), but I didn't want to wait to start (I've been a baaaad girl), so I'm going for 33 days.
    A quick head's up for any newbies-I have a historically easy first few weeks. My trouble starts at day 22/23. I'm only saying this because it was such a shock first round (everyone else seemed to be "feeling the magic" by then) that it caught me totally unprepared. It only lasted a few days, but I was so disheartened that I almost quit. So my advice is to be prepared, and expect the unexpected. This is a wild ride the first time, and just about everything is "normal". It's TOTALLY worth it and will change your life forever!
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    Casanandez got a reaction from Michele Brosch in Starting tomorrow May 6   
    Coconut on top of eggs? I would hav never thought of that... But it sounds amazing ill have to give that a try.
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    Casanandez reacted to Carolyn Cornett Hobbs in Starting tomorrow May 6   
    I started my second whole 30 on Tuesday the 7th so I will join this thread. I have my husband and daughter joining me this time. My husband is being forced too...not really but I asked him to join me and my 15 year old daughter wants to try it out. She really doesn't need to lose weight but is looking forward to being healthier and maybe losing some inches. She has a great attitude, "mom I am looking at it as nourishment, not just food."
    My first whole 30 went well but I did end up weighing the last 2 weeks...bad Idea. Put away the scale this time for us all. I lost 8 pounds are 5 inches last time. I got my sister on it and she finished her first one with losing 18pound and 15 inches. She was heavier then I was. When I went off I gained some of my weight back and felt yucky so I am glad to be back.
    Good luck everyone!
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    Casanandez reacted to demos88 in Starting tomorrow May 6   
    Hi everybody... day 4. Feeling great. HB eggs on lettuce, cukes, spinach, walnuts, 1/4 cup olive oil, Siracha for lunch.
    Boring, but 'on plan'
    Keep it up........ You be glad you did.
    As the book says, "it isn't that hard" just dig in and say no.
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    Casanandez reacted to frankie in Starting tomorrow May 6   
    I added sweet potato fries and some blueberries to breakfast and that seems to have helped. I realized the only carbs I was getting was through some squash and cabbage. I was easily under 15, maybe even 10, carbs a day. The sweet potatoes and berries have helped me a lot though.
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    Casanandez reacted to demos88 in Starting tomorrow May 6   
    Hang in there. Get lots of sleep, too.
    I am feeling really good. Great coconut curry chicken yesterday with green beans. For me, I need to reduce nuts and fruit, too-- that is how I got such great results the first round.
    I always struggle with moderation with sugar-- it seems after the first bites of something sweet, I really lose control... Whole30 foods just don't do the same thing to me.
    Were 10% of the way to 30 days. It goes by fast...
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    Casanandez reacted to soulpotato in Starting tomorrow May 6   
    Hello everyone! This is my first time doing this and yesterday was my first day too. I'm happy that there are so many other people starting at the same time as I am.
    The past 2 days have been OK, yesterday seemed easier than today, but today wasn't too bad. Nice to meet all of you!
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    Casanandez reacted to Michele Brosch in Starting tomorrow May 6   
    Today is my first day too! So far so good...
    Breakfast: coffee w/ coconut milk, baby spinach topped with 2 eggs & unsweetened coconut
    Pre-WO: halibut & almonds
    Post-WO: more halibut & carrots
    Hope all the newbies are feeling good!
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    Casanandez reacted to demos88 in Starting tomorrow May 6   
    Going great...
    I hope all the May 6'ers consolidate on this board.
    Ended up eating a hard boiled egg last night to get me through the night. Have to up at dinner.
    Sleep is so important during the Whole30. A great night last night-- it'll take a little while to get back into a good habit.
    Keep it up, everyone....
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    Casanandez reacted to calee in Casanandez's first Whole 30! (for real this time ;)   
    Oh my goodness. That soup sound delish!
    Good luck on your Whole30. I'm on day 6 and I try to take it one day at a time. That seems to be working for me. I've been reading other journals to get ideas.