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  1. Messed up my reintroduction

    Thanks for sharing that post. I started again today but I think I'll do a whole 7 as well. I'm not really feeling another whole30. So whole7 maybe 9 it will be.
  2. Starting March 20th Newbie

    Hi I am starting my second round of whole30 today. I did complete round one on March 7th but messed up the reintro which I think is really the most important part so I will be doing it again and do reintro properly at the end of this. You can do it just plan your meals if you can or just have things available to quickly make a meal.
  3. I finished my whole 30 with great results but I messed up my reintroduction this past weekend. Would it be better to just do whole 30 a few days then start reintroduction again or just do another whole30? Thanks.
  4. February 6th begins the new "us"

    I started on Feb 6 too. I have been on a facebook group but thought I would say hi to all of you feb 6th starts as well. I'm very excited that I have made it this far but as @Georgina2 mentioned I will be going a little longer not sure how long but I haven't corrected the issue I want to at this point. Great job you all keep it up.
  5. Started today 3/18/2013

    Hi everyone! My name is Crystal I decided to start the W30 today after doing a lot of research about it. I am excited to feel the benefits of this. Right now I have done good all day. I have a headache (probably from no caffine) but other then that I haven't had any cravings per say. I told a few co-workers what I am doing and they pretty much said I am going overboard and crazy. Oh yah I also just started cross fit at the beginning of this month.
  6. Starting my W30 journey March 18!

    I am also starting today. Everything seems to be going alright today I just have a head ache but I"m sure its because I haven't had any caffine. Hopefully the headaches don't last to long.
  7. 3/18 Starters!

    I started today. So far so good! Though I already have a headache.