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  1. Propolis spray - honey as an ingredient.

    Thanks for the reply. Think I'm just having an ms related freak out. I just so desperately want to feel better. As it is I didn't buy the spray (before I'd read your reply - I figured I could work until next month when I'll be back at work with people who tend to work through being sick so they can go sick when they're well and enjoy the time off), somehow got a UTI and have been trying desperately not to have a relapse (I feel it's coming anyway). Today has been a bad day when I've eaten nakd bars for fun because I'm feeling sorry for myself. So tomorrow I'm starting my whole 30 over - even though I was already 12 days in. The only person I'm cheating is myself, but I haven't made wise choices even though technically no non compliant ingredients have passed my lips. Sorry for me going on a bit, just felt I needed to come clean. The spray will wait.
  2. I've just under taken a therapy for my ms (actually watered down chemo) and I've embarked on a whole 30 after to try and get my body healed from what is a pretty intense therapy. It's destroyed my immune system so it will stop attacking my body. Unfortunately it means I'm also at risk of catching pretty much everything. Ive heard that propolis spray is good for keeping the nasties at bay. Unfortunately the only propolis spray I seem to be able to get hold of in the UK contains honey as one of the ingredients (I've found a compliant one but it's Canadian and I don't think I can get hold of it). Considering one spray in your mouth probably gives you about 1ml of spray and honey is the third ingredient can I have this on my whole 30? Do I put my general health ahead of the whole 30?
  3. Do you find yourself judging?

    I had a big row with my husband last night. I had been asking him to give up cola (it's all he drinks) and asked if he was going to get on the band wagon with me (I'm on day 3 of my 4th while 30). He told me that he was annoyed with me nagging him, that he had no intention of joining me (he is apparently going to deal with his food issues his own way through counselling) and he said that k should do the same. Apparently paleo is unsustainable, the whole30 will not let me address as my food issues and the whole thing is pointless as I will just return to how I've eaten before. Now granted I have done the whole 30 before and slipped afterwards. But i have plans to keep it going this year. And it was a very stressful year last year (had an op and a stroke and then almost a divorce) but even when i did binge eat I could see what I was doing and that to me is the first step. I just feel completely unsupported. Though reading rob Wolffs article has made me realise that I can only do the best I can and if he wants to come on my journey then he is welcome and if he doesn't want to then I'll just have to tread this path alone.
  4. What kinds of tea can I have?

    Just had the chai espresso combo and it was really nice. Didn't miss being able to have my normal latte at all. Thanks for suggesting it you've made starbucks meetings possible.
  5. First Taste of Kombucha

    Just tried kombucha for the first time today. Go kombucha brand The red one. It tastes very nice like cider but a touch sharper. And it's good for me too. Yay!
  6. Homemade Mayo Recipe?

    Well fed/clothesmakesthegirl mayo works for me everytime. My husband even managed to make it when I was stuck at work the other day and it turned out perfectly (he has fairly rudimentary kitchen skills).
  7. Grrr Lemon Juice

    Consider it chalked. Loving the way I feel on this plan. Clear headed, sleeping better and I've dropped a jean size and not even finished yet. Have a whole 14 between the afternoon tea and my brothers wedding weekend (staying in a hotel for the whole weekend and want to drink champagne). After that though I'm considering a whole100. My eczema and allergies haven't quite cleared up on the 30 so thought extending might be the way to go.
  8. Grrr Lemon Juice

    Thanks for the reply, unfortunately can't restart as I had timed my whole 30 plus reintroduction schedule to end in time for an expensive afternoon tea in a swanky hotel that as booked about 6 months ago. Originally I hadn't even factored in reintro time so had to move it forward which meant I couldn't have any cake or wine on my birthday 😢. However I think I'll chalk the lemon juice issue up to experience and do a whole14 once I've gone for my day out.
  9. Whole 365?

    I don't think there's a problem with doing this 365 but I think you would just have to be flexible enough to be allowed to have something non-conpliant if you wanted to without being hard on yourself.
  10. Yogi Tea - Really confused please help

    I thought I'd take the offending pack back to the shop as it was unopened, unfortunately my puppy had other ideas and came home the other day to find she had stolen it from the table and chewed the box to smithereens. Looks like I'll be having some choco tea post whole30.
  11. Today (day 26) I have been taught a valuable lesson on label checking by my husband (he's on day 1). So far, (or so I thought) I have been meticulous about checking labels, food shopping now takes about three times as long as it used to, and I now have to go to different shops because certain things are only compliant in one store, and others elsewhere. And today I find out that the lemon juice I've been using since day 1 - (it was in my fridge) has potassium metabisulphate. Why is lemon juice not just lemon juice? I am now very angry with the world. I'm chalking this up to a life lesson and not a fail as that's the only non compliant thing that has passed my lips but still. Just goes to show, nothing is safe. Why does everything have sugar or soy or sulphites!!!!!
  12. Almond flour?

    As far as I'm aware almond flour is just ground almonds (this is why I had great trouble finding almond "flour" in the UK as we don't call it that here). And though almonds are a nut we should have in moderation they are allowed.
  13. CALLING ALL UK Whole30/Post-Whole30-ers!

    The finest outdoor reared pork from tesco is delicious, I can highly recommend it. Tesco also sell Spollt Pig bacon which is compliant and absolutely yummy. Also get their biggish bags of macadamia nuts to divide up. I buy my coconut oil from Sainsburys its in the ethnic section of their bigger stores, made by KTC brand and is only £1.50 for a 500ml jar which is brilliant value, I cook everyhing in it.
  14. Yogi Tea - Really confused please help

    Thanks, thought Chocolate tea sounded too good to be true and seems it is - damn you Barley Malt. Back to wholefoods tomorrow to try and change it for a different (compliant) flavour.
  15. Have just had to edit this post as half the text went away. I have read on here that Yogi teas have stevia in them according to their website. I did however purchase some yesterday as both on the box and the website (EU one as I live in the UK) it lists all the ingredients but no stevia is mentioned. I have then started questioning myself and have looked at the US site but the boxes for the teas look different and so does the ingredient list. So would I be safe in assuming they use a different formulation in the UK to the US? Or am I just fooling myself in thinking that these would be compliant? How much due diligence should one do as if the web and the box agree with each other can I take that as confirmation that they're ok? Here are the listed ingredients: Black Chai - black tea*, ginger*, cinnamon*, anise*, rooibush*, roasted chicory*, black pepper*, cloves*, cinnamon extract (natural flavour), ginger oil*, Choco -cocoa shells*, liquorice*, cinnamon*, carob*, barley malt*, cardamom*, ginger*, cloves*, cinnamon extract (natural flavour),vanilla extract*, black pepper*, ginger oil*, vanilla beans*, I am aware I may be totally over thinking this.