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    SWEATING! Running, swimming, interval circuits, boxing, walking the dog!
    I also enjoy reading, writing, watching Sci Fi and acting :)

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  1. MelliebuStacey

    More Pork Awesomeness From Melliebu's Kitchen

    Make the roast too, Nad. I know it isn't Offal, but it's easy and you can't screw it up, I promise.
  2. MelliebuStacey

    More Pork Awesomeness From Melliebu's Kitchen

    I've been eating the gravy cold out of the fridge. Seriously. It makes a ton and is really, really good over veggies.
  3. MelliebuStacey

    Let's Dance

    Today was all about the rock--"Simple Man" (Lynyrd Skynyrd), lots of STP and some Jethro Tull to round it all out.
  4. MelliebuStacey

    Let's talk about pork

    SO TRUE.
  6. MelliebuStacey

    The crazy things people say

    Best possible answer
  7. MelliebuStacey

    Cooking Your Way Around the World for the Whole30

    Absolutely one of my favorite dishes in the whole wide universe <3
  8. MelliebuStacey

    How to make sweet potato fries crispy

    I'm pretty much in love with yams in any way shape or form.
  9. MelliebuStacey

    6 days in...

    Killing the "Kill All The Things" days is hard, but I find that there is very little that a cuppa tea and some quality face time with a good book (bonus points for puppy snuggles! Hug the ones you love, and frequently!) can't fix. You can do this!
  10. MelliebuStacey

    Crazy things kids say

  11. MelliebuStacey

    How to make sweet potato fries crispy

    They definitely need their space. Also, you may need to cook them longer. I find them perfect when slightly blackened. Leaving the skin on works too
  12. MelliebuStacey

    So I bought some hazlenut oil....

    Hazelnut oil?! OMG. No idea how to use it. But I want it.
  13. MelliebuStacey

    How to make sweet potato fries crispy

    AToE and I are somewhat well versed in SP fries... preheat oven to 425, toss fries in oil of choice (we use EVOO most of the time, but coconut oil and ghee both), and place on baking sheet(s) making sure that your fries don't touch each other. They need space. Don't know why. Perhaps they're shy. Season to taste, back 15 minutes, flip, bake another 15 minutes, try to let cool before you devour (this is by far the hardest part).
  14. MelliebuStacey

    What to do with left over mashed sweet potatoes...

    Hahahaha <3
  15. MelliebuStacey

    Best Crockpot To Get?

    Crockpot envy over here. Gonna have to jump that train after we move!!