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  1. NMG

    Still "moderating" Chowstalker?

    Huh, my bad, I thought butters were out. Maybe it's just the way she talks about it.
  2. NMG

    Whole30 for Game of Thrones Readers?

    I'll just leave this here
  3. NMG

    Still "moderating" Chowstalker?

    http://thehealthyfoodie.com/2013/09/21/deliciously-addictive-cocoshew-butter/ the obvious one, I'm having a blonde moment abou thte others
  4. I've seen them in a couple of independent health food stores, so have a look around. Somewhere that sells Suma stuff should be along the right lines.
  5. Hi guys, Before Chowstalker changed to Stalkerville, you guys were casting your eyes over the Whole 30 tagged section every now and then. Are you still doing this? Just wondering, as there are a few recipes in there I wouldn't "pass", so need to know if I can "trust" their W30 tag? Cheers!
  6. NMG

    Scotch eggs - with lamb

    I'd try rosemary and some black pepper myself; not sure minty eggs will work...
  7. NMG

    860 calories for a meal-scared

    Understandable; but this is one reason we don't count calories We've to learn to trust our bodies. You'll get there!
  8. NMG

    860 calories for a meal-scared

    Short answer - nope. Long answer - noooooooooooope You can adjust your calories (roughly) up and down depending how you feel - remember they average out over the course of a day, a week, a month. If you're not hungry for M3, maybe have a little less for your next M2; and vice versa.
  9. NMG

    How often do you eat beef?

    I tend to buy in bulk, so often eat mainly pork until the freezer is empty (couple of months?), then mainly lamb after buying half a sheep, and so on. It averages out over the year!
  10. NMG

    Starting August 1!

    Crashed and burned again today. No sleep, lots of stress, odd mealtimes..... Early bedtime and fresh start in the morning. I have stocked up today on more fresh veg, and I have an interesting aubergine recipe to try. I guess I have made progress in recognising how good I feel on W30; how bland the junk food actually is; how much I prefer the W30 food, and how quickly I can get back on track?
  11. Ugh, I hate living in a world where "chicken" has an ingredients list...
  12. You could try incorporating the fruit into the main meal? Berries and grapes go nicely on salads; a sharp apple sauce is divine with fatty pork; everyone knows about duck-and-orange. I'm pretty sure there's a Middle Eastern dish involving chicken, pomegranete, and pistachio nuts too. This way you get the different flavour, the different nutrition, and enough of a sweet hint to not feel deprived - but you are using far less and it is...diluted...by the other food, IYSWIM? And it breaks the dessert habit. This seems to be my better option. Similarly, I pair friend plantain with a very savoury beef stew.
  13. NMG

    Starting August 1!

    Sometimes life gets in the way of what we need to do. I'm also doing an extended W30 (don't ask me the maths!), but the reason behind my slip-up was at least a conscious decision and the after effects have been minimal. I'm still struggling a little with meal timings - for example today I have only had two meals, but that is because my fatigue is in full force (M.E./CFS here) so I'm out of bed for a shorter time! I am still surprised how much I get through in terms of volume of vegetables. I think I'm filling and emptying my fridge each week, for ONE person!
  14. NMG

    Confusion around ISWF cookbook

    Ouch! I guess there's no comeback for you guys in terms of copyright etc? Are you allowed to publicise some kind of warning, even?
  15. NMG

    Starting August 1!

    Oh dear...what was the general word on fitness? I left the house today, that totally counts