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    habitualpurpose reacted to superj5976 in SuperJ's Whole30 Journey   
    I need a change.  A big change.  My relationship with food is not good.  I know all the right things to do and yet, I ignore most of them.  I overeat a lot.  
    Physically, I...
    am obese. (180 lbs and I'm 4'11'') have high cholesterol (250!) am tired and yet don't sleep well.   have thinning hair. have stomach/digestion issues. have frequent headaches. Mentally, I...
    am grouchy.  A lot.  am angry.  A lot.  have no patience for my kids.  yell at my kids a lot.   feel anxious a lot.  feel unmotivated/depressed. Basically, I feel like things are out of control and getting a handle on what goes into my body may help.  My kids are also crabby, whiny, grouchy, sassy, etc.  So I've got the whole family on board with this plan.  Works out nicely since I do all the shopping and cooking.
    Wish me luck!
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    habitualpurpose reacted to superj5976 in SuperJ's Whole30 Journey   
    Day 1:
    I asked my 10yo daughter to pick out some recipes from The W30 Cookbook.  I went shopping yesterday and spent nearly $500 stocking the pantry and buying food for the first few days.  
    Breakfast: http://www.denverpost.com/2017/03/15/whole30-mushroom-leek-spinach-frittata/
    Kids and husband loved it!  I doubled it to have a few extra servings. Took a lot longer than I anticipated. Started cooking around 9:30, ate around 10:30.  Will prep better next time and definitely make again. Coffee:  Mid-morning I had a cup of coffee with some coconut cream in it.  I drank it.  No one died.  And the headache I had been nursing on and off for a few days went away all day/night.  
    Lunch:  Whipped up some homemade mayo for the first time ever:  https://whole30.com/2014/05/mayo/ 
    Kids had tuna salad (mayo, pickles), avocado, and cukes.  Plates were cleaned!  I'm lucky though, my kids are very good eaters.  Hubs and I had smoked salmon with capers, onions, dressed kale (evoo and lemon juice), cukes, and dill mayo.  I don't love smoked salmon but wanted to give it a try again since it was on sale.  Ate around 1:30 Snack:  Around 4pm I became ravenous.  This is not all that surprising since I am used to eating an afternoon snack every single day.  I noshed on some olives and a few prunes.  That worked well, though I know I need to eat more at lunch now.  
    Dinner:  My husband is a pescatarian so when he is not traveling, we will probably have a good amount of seafood.  Tonight I made this:  http://www.muscleandfitness.com/nutrition/healthy-recipes/pan-seared-scallops-bacon-over-braised-swiss-chard 
    I think it was mostly a win.  Everyone ate it and there are no leftovers.  Scallops are not my favorite but everyone else LOVES them.  Cleaning the swiss chard took a million years.  It was SO dirty from the store.  Tried to find a bag of some already washed and cleaned but they were out.  Will keep an eye out for it in the future!  Didn't eat until 7pm.  Another recipe that took way longer than anticipated. Snack:  I'm up late tonight and I got hungry.  I ate half a banana and a spoonful of almond butter.  After researching, I realize that this is not the best choice for a snack.  Hopefully I can figure out how to eat more at meals so I can avoid the snacks in the future.  
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    Day 2:  I prepped dinner in the morning so I wasn't late getting it on the table tonight.  My daughter helped make the sauce and the meatballs.  My son spiralized the veggies.  
    Hard part today was leaving the house.  I had to run some errands and pick up some gift cards.  I did not get pizza, ice cream, or a sugar laden coffee!  All of which I would have done and not thought twice about.  That was hard.  I also REALLY wanted cheese on my dinner.  
    I also spent a good chunk of my day looking at recipes and meal planners.  This Whole30 could be a big time suck for me and I need to strike a balance soon.  
    Breakfast: Had the leftover quiche but I added an Aidell's chicken sausage this morning.  
    Coffee:  Mid-morning I had a cup of coffee with some coconut cream in it.  No headache at all today.  
    Lunch:  Hardboiled some eggs in my Instant Pot and had some egg salad with the mayo I made yesterday plus capers, and celery.  Ate it off some Endive leaves.  Also added 1/2  peach.
    Snack:  Two pieces of deli turkey with mayo and two mini-meatballs.  I just might not ever be able to break the 4 meals a day thing.  
    Dinner:  https://penguinrandomhouse.ca/recipe/chicken-and-green-olive-meatballs
    HUGE hit.  The kids helped cook and devoured every last bite save some extra sauce.  I doubled the meatball part to save for another meal.   I'm going to try to go to bed earlier so I don't want to snack tonight!  I feel like all I am doing is cooking and dishes so I need to adjust.
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    Day 3: 
    Felt very tired all day but I didn't have my coffee so I could possibly go to bed earlier tonight.  Was tough to feel motivated to do anything or cook, but we soldiered on.  Good part was finalizing my pantry.  My daughter helped and except for the very top shelf, it's all Whole30 compliant!
    Breakfast: The kids had made their own breakfast by the time I strolled into the kitchen.  "Mom, we made egg salad and ate it with sugar snap peas and tomatoes!  All Whole30!"  I brainwashed them with podcasts on a recent trip.  I made myself some Brussel's sprouts with bacon (pg.236) and an egg.  
    Lunch: https://whole30.com/2017/01/whole30-cookbook-3/
    This was a HUGE hit.  We skipped the egg and opted for extra sausage and a drizzle of lime mayo.  Fantastic, even if we mostly made a "taco salad" out of it.  My husband texted me a picture of his salad covered in cheese.  Then a picture of the empty plate except the cheese.  So the entire family is on board. Snack:  Had some a few slices of apples, a few baby carrots, and some almond butter. 
    Dinner: https://whole30.com/2017/04/whole30-cookbook-4/
    Kids weren't keen on the salsa (need to put less parsley and raw onions next time), but everyone LOVED the salmon cakes.  I was skeptical was they were fabulous.  Definitely had to use a LOT more olive oil than the recipe called for.   Feels like it's been a week, but it's only been 3 days.  10% done!  ha!  Tomorrow we have friends coming over for dinner.  Finally going to splurge on some white potatoes!  
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    habitualpurpose reacted to CatholicDad in So Far, So Good   
    Day 5 and we're still alive.  I think our kids thought we'd be dead by know.  I mean, man-n-cheese is a necessary food substance that we need to live on, right?  What's really interesting is our pickiest eater is embracing trying new foods.  We've asked him to at least try the foods we prepare.  He's done so without any protest, which is a huge accomplishment.  We're constantly praising him and giving him lots of positive feedback for getting out of his comfort zone with food.  Our other kids are also trying and mostly eating what we prepare.  Although, at least one of them is afraid she'll never be able to have a PB&J sandwich again even after we complete our Whole30.  I've assured her that's not the case but, I also talked to her about her emotional attachment to food.  I'm so glad that they've agreed to participate in the Whole30 with my wife and I. It's made this experience so much easier, not too easy though, we still have to plan the menus and prepare the meals.  I look forward to the next 5 days to see how things change.  I hope that this new way of looking at food and healthy living becomes habit for my family.  Only time will tell.
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    We just wrapped up day 3 of our family's Whole30.  All six of us are in this together and I feel like that is what's going to make it successful for us.  I know it's only 3 days but, I feel really good about this.  For years I've struggled with my weight.  Over the years I've felt worse and worse about myself and would eat to feel better which has just compounded my problem.  I know I have a long way to go but, I also have a renewed sense of purpose.  There have been a couple headaches these past 3 days but the way I see it, there's a  purification process that my body has to go through and the headaches are the price I have to pay for years of doing damage to my body.  Better to pay that price now than a more costly price later in life.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for me and my family.
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    habitualpurpose got a reaction from DEMS2011 in Nina's W30 - Resetting my sails...   
    I haven't been posting the last few days but I am still here and I am still doing W30!!! Life has been busy and I haven't necessarily felt the need to log. Perhaps it's because things are going pretty smoothly.
    I'm going out to lunch tomorrow with a friend. I picked the place we're going so that I would know I could eat the food. I've even already decided what I'm going to order. It feels good.
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    May 9,2016
    Day 9/100
    Meal1: eggs, bacon, hash brown
    Meal2:banana with almond butter, grilled chicken
    Meal 3: homemade, compliant cottage (shepherds) pie.
    Today was busy. Field Day #1 for kid #2 and I totally forgot til we got there and noticed that there were kids in swimsuits... So I lost a few minutes of productivity running to target with a toddler on my hip to grab swim trunks for a five year old and retraced my steps. Then I headed to Sam's club for coconut oil, tons of fresh veggies, whole natural chicken, butter to make ghee out of and whatnot. Toddler only took her shoes off a dozen times so it was a win. Then headed home, fed dogs, put away groceries and then back to kid # 1's school for grandparents day. Am I a grandparent? No. But all of the grandparents live out of town.
    Also this week, Tuesday: book fair for kid # 1, field day for kid #2 Wednesday: birthday for kid #2 (he's FIVE!!! Woot!!!) so I better bake a cake. Thursday: doctor's appointment for me and then preschool graduation for kid # 2. ... Let me just break in here and discuss the nightmare that is any school program at this particular preschool. The preschool itself is wonderful,WONDERFUL. But the school programs give me major anxiety. First off, it starts at 6 but doors open an hour before and I promise there will be grandparents waiting to save three rows of seats for every relative in the tri-state area. Couple this with the fact that I likely spent the last hour before arriving wrestling my children into clean clothes and trying to coax a 4 o'clock dinner of chicken nuggets down their baby bird throats to prevent a melt down amongst my brood... So there I am saving enough seats for myself,my husband and my squirmy toddler/ADHD 6 year old and trying to calm the nerves of my 5 year old. Oh, and my husband will glide in just as its time to start the show. One year I was very early and wrestling my kids into their seats when this terrible man made me cry because he needed three rows of seats and his mother had to sit in her wheelchair in the back because of me. Never mind that he could have let his mother have his seat and he could have stood in the back instead of yelling at a lady at a preschool Christmas pageant. Ugh. Can you tell I am a little scarred by this?! Seat saving is out of hand. I feel so anxious. I can't even... Ugh. It's too much. Next week my kindergartener has a graduation ceremony for kindergarten and also he has field day. I seriously cannot deal with May anymore.
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    habitualpurpose got a reaction from KatyMcE in Whole100. I'm doing a whole100.   
    Hang in there!
    You've probably seen this, but I thought I'd remind you of the W30 Timeline. Your pants issue is right in keeping with it.
    From: http://whole30.com/2013/08/revised-timeline/
    "Day 8-9: For the love of Gosling, my pants are TIGHTER.
    You’ve made it through the Hangover, and managed not to kill ALL the things, and you’re starting to feel like things are back on level ground again. Then, you put on your pants. They’re just pants, completely normal pants. In fact, they’re the pants you wore just three days ago. (You were too tired to wash them. It’s okay, we understand.) And three days ago, they fit. But this morning you had to take a big deep breath to get that button where it ought to be. What gives?!
    The same processes that ran over you like a truck a few days ago are still working their magic in your body. Your body composition is not actually changing for the worse, we assure you. The enzymes that digest your food and the millions of bacteria that live in your gut are adjusting to your new intake of meat and vegetables, and the lack of easy-access sugars. This is something they do naturally, and these adjustments have contributed to humanity’s ability to flourish throughout our history. However, these adjustments can be a bit… uncomfortable. Bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or all three may appear as your gut starts to heal, rebalance, and process this new food effectively. The good news is that most people find this phase passes relatively quickly, and their pants are easy to button again within a week or so."
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    habitualpurpose reacted to KatyMcE in Whole100. I'm doing a whole100.   
    I just bought the nom nom paleo cookbook. It is BEAUTIFUL! As for the movie, we saw the Jungle Book. It was wonderful!
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    habitualpurpose reacted to KatyMcE in Nina's W30 - Resetting my sails...   
    I seriously am going to have to steal your whole30 sushi idea! Amazing!
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    May 6, 2016
    Day 6/100
    Meal 1: bacon, eggs, hash browns
    Meal 2: leftover flank steak, potatoes/peppers
    An after school snack of fresh watermelon.
    Meal 3: salad with cucumbers and chicken tenders with the breading scraped off.
    Meal 3 was at a wedding where the menu was pizza and beer. I avoided wedding cake, chips, pizza, beer and soft drinks but I needed protein so i ate the insides of the chicken fingers and some salad. I am proud I stayed strong. I keep going over the (I'm paraphrasing here ) "you made the commitment to yourself, you are worth keeping commitments to yourself." Not easy when I really would at least like a paleo choc chip cookie or a little goat cheese in my salad. I committed to 100 days of strict, perfect whole30. I'm going to reach this goal.
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    habitualpurpose reacted to jen c in Lumpy coffee with coconut milk?   
    I've had the same experience.  Some brands mix pretty well and some stay rather oily.  My favorite is Thai kitchen.  I pour it into a quart size mason jar and give it a good whisking and that usually mixes it enough that I can add it right to my coffee or tea.  I used my stick blender for the first time yesterday though and it was great. 
    Another way to add to your coffee . . . try experimenting with flavors.  My two favorites are ground vanilla bean and homemade chai spice.  I add one of these to the grounds in my french press before adding the water.  It's nice to have some variety and make it a bit more special.  I ordered my ground vanilla bean here http://www.wildfoods.co/shop/organic-vanilla-powder-wild-vanilla. It's a bit spendy, but since I'm no longer visiting a coffee shop daily, I decided it was alright to splurge a little on myself in this way.  I've listed my chai recipe below.  I keep it in a spice shaker bottle and with just a good sprinkle per coffee, it lasts quite a while. 
    Homemade Chai Spice:
    1/2 tsp ginger
    1/2 tsp cinnamon
    1/2 tsp cloves
    1/2 tsp cardamom
    1/8 tsp black pepper
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    Hi Katy - Thanks for asking! I think the biggest NSV for me is that I continue to be here, doing the W30 despite temptations. My parents came over this weekend to celebrate my son's birthday (belated) and brought with them a cake made by my mom (historically one of my favorites). Leftovers of that still sit in my fridge and I have not touched any of it. I look forward to getting further in my W30 when the temptations will feel a little less strong.
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    Just offering hugs from one mom of a kiddo with medical issues to another.
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    You asked me about NSVs on my Whole30 Log. I forgot in my reply that one of the things I am learning is to breathe and to be kind to myself. I think about all you have going on right now and I hope you will try to do the same. Find time (even just a few minutes) to sit and breathe and be present with yourself. I find it helps on the particularly challenging days (either due to busy busy busy or on emotionally tough days). Hang in there. YOU'VE GOT THIS!
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    That's awesome! Last year my whole30 fell over Mother's Day and my second son's birthday. It's the same thing this time as well.
    Just thinking about the cake in your fridge makes me twitchy! I'm proud of you!
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    habitualpurpose reacted to WholeNewMelissa in I will never.ever.ever complain about Whole30 "limitations" again...   
    Murphy's Law right? I come on here just a couple of days ago and whine about not wanting to eat my reheated Chicken Thai Soup and having to eat snap peas when I'm missing the texture of bread... but really if I had known two days ago that this day would be even worse for far different reasons, I would never have ever complained.
    Stress is the #1 trigger for me to want to eat. Today, I packed a snack for what I thought would be a half day at the Children's hospital for my daughter. Of course, it was a full day, morning til evening, and I ran out of salad and strawberries hours before, have zero protein in my bag and not a single moment to run to the cafeteria in search of something between the doctors and nurses that came in and out of our room in revolving door fashion.
    I wanted to hop off the bandwagon and sink my teeth into the next thing that walked by looking like something edible. Didn't care what it was, I needed to eat and gosh darnit was I angry that my options were "limited" to protein, veggies and fat.
     Until, we were told that my 10 year old daughter will spend the next 60 days on a liquid diet in a last ditch effort to enforce her insides to seek remission before we roll in the heavy duty humira injections. Crohn's disease. I hate it and I'm so mad at it for attacking my daughter.
    Therefore, I will never.ever.ever complain again when my options for a meal are steak and sweet potatoes. This Whole30 isn't hard, being 10 and going to birthday parties with a can of Ensure and passing on the party food is hard. Watching people walk out of your favorite pizza joint when you are walking out of the grocery store with a week's worth of Ensure is hard. Being 10 and trying to understand that you don't have a choice, is hard.
    I started doing this diet for my daughter so that I could learn to master how to eat to promote anti-inflammation. I wish I started a year ago so that she would have been on it and hopefully without inflammation.
     This diet is no longer hard. I feel like a jerk for ever complaining that it was
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    habitualpurpose reacted to Chellesdoingr8 in A Work In Progress - Michelle's Whole30 Journey Continues...   
    Good evening Whole30 people!!!
    I am finishing up Day 30!!!  Non-scale victories so far?  Today a co-worker told me she noticed I have become happier in the last few weeks.  She also told me that I am looking really good.  Another co-worker told me that I am also looking really good and she could tell I am taking care of myself.  Proof in the pudding it starts with food...and meditation
    Yesterday I saw my doctor who believes I have "leaky gut syndrome" or intestinal hyperpermeability.  I think she is right on the money as I am a Crohn's Disease survivor and this issue is prevalent with people who have Crohn's Disease.  There are things that I can do to assist in repairing this issue.  One of them is eating the way I have been in the past 30 days
    I am now moving forward to my Whole60  which will include various new recipes and more activity
    Looking forward to continuing my healthy lifestyle journey with all of you!!
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    habitualpurpose reacted to Chellesdoingr8 in A Work In Progress - Michelle's Whole30 Journey Continues...   
    Day 31 - I lost 2 pounds.  My clothes feel better.  I am in a great mood and have more energy.  This round I will be adding L-Glutamine, Probiotics ands Digestive Enzymes to my repertoire.  My doctor suspects I have "leaky gut" syndrome.  I can't absorb nutrients so I am taking proactive measures.
    Goals for my next 30 days?  Go for my MRI ; try new recipes ; more activity    
    My daughter sent me this quote and I wanted to share it with my Whole30 peeps:
    "If you fail, never give up because F.A.I.L. means 'First Attempt In Learning.'  End is not the end.  In fact, E.N.D. means 'Effort Never Dies.'  If you get NO as an answer, remember N.O. means 'Next Opportunity.'  Positive thinking!!!"
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    habitualpurpose reacted to Present4Life in Nina's W30 - Resetting my sails...   
    Congratulations on Day 10 AND your birthday NSV!  My daughter's 3rd birthday is on Saturday and it will be (mentally) sooo hard not to eat cake with everyone.  But I know this process is important, and especially vital for me to know that I never HAVE to eat cake. 
    Congrats again!!
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    habitualpurpose reacted to sdawson in On day 3 of my first Whole30   
    I started my first whole30 on Monday after piddling around with it last week.  But this week I'm following it strictly.  I'm a diabetic not well controlled and in a wheelchair due to degenerative dics and fibromylgia.
    I can already tell a difference.  Swelling in my feet and ankles is way down and also in my fingers.  My hip and low back pain is much better (it was getting so severe I could not sleep at all at night).  I don't crave anything - even my beloved cheese.
    But best of all, my blood sugar is SO much better.  I'd been averaging 220 but that average is now down to 203 and I've had to start skipping my noon insulin injections and halving both night injections to avoide lows.  Its so strange to see a read of 103 or 98 or even the 84 I got before lunch today.  I've never had those type of readings before. 
    I'm truly looking forward to seeing what all changes my body shows after 30 days.  I'm loving this and don't feel deprived at all.
    Here's to getting out of this wheelchair soon.
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    What great mental prep you have done for your W100! You can do this!
    A note about your first day of meals. I think you may need to add more fat. The fat you cook in doesn't really count as much stays in the pan, is split between servings etc. Your body needs healthy fats--so add some avocado or compliant mayo, some olives, etc. Enjoy!
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    Thanks for the info @habitualpurpose .. will definitely check them out.
    Day 14:
    Meal 1: 4 eggs, sweet potato over kale with tobasco (surprisingly, the tobasco made it very tasty)
    Meal 2: leftover pork with salad of tomato, spinach, and cabbage
    Mini-meal: tunafish, avocado, tomato
    Meal 3: leftover port with various vegetables
    Day 14 was very unusual in that I was tired (haven't felt that in a while) and feeling tempted by to off limit foods (which had not been tempting me before). I think I was feeling off because I did not have a lot of sleep the night before (waiting up for family members to come home from trip). Never knew how less sleep would be so impactful!
    Day 15:
    Felt so much better in the morning after getting usual sleep!
    Meal 1: 4 eggs over spinach and sweet peppers
    Meal 2: hard boiled eggs (running out of protein) with vegetables
    Meal 3: Whole30 pot roast with steamed cauliflower, kale, homemade mayo
    Loving the mayo .. make a difference in alleviating food boredom.  Will next be making some guacamole, etc.
    I signed up for the daily email from Whole30 and I am so loving it!  It is so on target on what I may be feeling, what to expect, resources .. there was a lot of thought and work put into it.  I also love the silly humor ... yesterday's link to successfully completing the day was a Bon Jovi music video (Living on a Prayer) .. so perfect as I feel like I'm almost there!
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    habitualpurpose got a reaction from HedyF in HedyF's Journey (April 11 was Day 1)   
    I hear ya on the need to vary the meals to keep the palate interested!
    You may already be using these already...but just in case, these are my favorite places to find W30 compliant recipes:
    (She also has two amazing cookbooks: Well Fed and Well Fed 2 that have delicious recipes in them)
    Whole30 cookbook
    Practical Paleo cookbook