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    Beets got a reaction from suzannes in Changes in Menstrual Cycle   
    When I quit sugar and grains (was still eating dairy) in Feb my period totally shocked me. Which never happens. I get very bad PMS and am usually weepy and paranoid for days.
    On my W30 my period took forever to arrive. I felt like I was 40 weeks pregnant and paying attention to every minute sensation in my body. I completely felt my lower abdomen getting heavier, filling up. I felt my mood change.
    Once my period arrived, it was more crampy than the previous one.
    My last period (post W30 but following AIP) was early and my PMS significantly less of an issue. Period also seemed shorter and less heavy.
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    Beets got a reaction from LadyM in LadyM's seduction continues (sur son propre velo)   
    Depriving yourself of local peaches and berries is a crime against life. Eat the peaches and enjoy them. I know I'm enjoying mine. You have 11 months to *not* eat fresh peaches.
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    My bluebells:

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    Beets got a reaction from LadyM in LadyM's seduction continues (sur son propre velo)   
    I have a stockpot of broth bubbling away and I was thinking: magic soup time! Everyone is grumbling about our cold start to spring but I am loving it. More soup time. 
    Congrats on almost finishing the teacher training.
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    Beets got a reaction from Physibeth in Posting   
    Still going strong, two days post surgery. Knowing I'd be asleep half the day I stayed up Thurs till I'd made magic soup, gyoza meatballs and sunshine sauce.
    Good thing! I came home from the hospital craving absolute junk. I did drink some apple juice at the hospital. They wanted to know I could keep it down after the anesthesia and I was too out of it to refuse.
    But since then I've resisted the urge to comfort myself with sugar and crap. I chowed the meatballs the first day with the leftover sautéed cabbage.
    My finger hurts A LOT. I've had to max out on the Percocet. Making me totally nauseated. Other than that I'm ok.
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    Beets reacted to SaraRuns in Posting   
    Sorry that things have gone a little crazy for you.  Get back in here, get on track, stop negotiating with yourself.  Good luck!
    As for the photography thing, I think maybe that is something you need to do for you.  Yes, you are already crazy busy, but this might help your focus.  Just a thought.
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    Beets reacted to SaraRuns in Posting   
    Yay for feeling good.  I'm glad you are getting so much enjoyment out of the garden, good for you.  Keep it going!
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    Beets reacted to SaraRuns in Sara's Post W30   
    Thanks, everyone!
    The race went really well.  It was cold and windy.  Really windy.  They cancelled the kids fun run and had no signage and no timing clocks up.  After we exited the metro, one of the first things we saw was a knocked over newspaper vending machine.    We actually wanted to hang out in the port-a-potties, because it blocked the wind!  But once we got going, I warmed up and the wind wasn't too much of an issue until the last two miles.  The last two miles were right into a headwind and that was tough going.  But I still PR'd.    I was very surprised and pleased.  I'm still sore today so I can tell I really pushed myself.  There were some cherry blossoms, but a lot had already turned or were blown away.
    Had a great visit with my sister and her family.  
    My weight is up slightly, but still in my normal range.  I'm very happy with that considering I indulged in some post race beers and yesterday was a very hungry day.  Jumping back on track today.  Aiming for three walks and a run tonight.  My husband is away, so we'll see if the run actually happens tonight and no yoga until Saturday.
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    Beets reacted to pjena in Sara's Post W30   
    We've had a couple beautiful days (not today) and I've been kicking the kids outside, too.  One asked on Monday when they can play inside.  I said to ask on Wed when it is raining. 
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    Beets reacted to LadyM in LadyM's seduction continues (sur son propre velo)   
    Good morning, friends! I'm in the final days of yoga teacher training--and ready to be done. It's all good, but man if the 8:30-5 gig isn't hard on a guy. I'm used to WAY more flexibility in my schedule. So, looking forward to more of that again.
    Given the extremely limited flexibility I've had this week, I'm pretty happy with the way I've managed food. I cooked plenty of simply proteins last weekend and had more than enough salad greens for days. So, I've been living on salads this week, and it's actually been a good thing. Simple, easy, nourishing. Oh, and I had my own makeshift version of that magic green soup Beets and I are all about every now and then in which I threw the dregs of my crisper drawers into a pot of broth with coconut milk, ginger, cilantro and some lime and red pepper flake and took the immersion blender to it. This was great for tossing in some of the aforementioned protein and having when I wanted something warm and comforting. Then when I ran out of protein except hb eggs, I picked up a rotisserie chicken that wasn't terribly offensive in terms of its ingredients, and man was that a godsend. Organic raspberries were my big splurge and treat midweek.
    No exercise to speak of besides the odd little walk and yoga, literally, for days. But that's a conscious choice. Sleep felt more important than early morning barre and bootcamp classes this week. I'm practicing better listening skills with my own body.
    I'd better scoot, but I wanted to check in. I have a lot more to say about what I'm learning about applying yogic philosophy to this Whole30 approach to life, so I'll come back and do that soon. . . . 
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    Beets reacted to SaraRuns in Jen's Post W30 Log   
    I'm impressed with your awareness while in less than stellar eating.  I wish I had that insight while I was making bad decisions, as opposed to this morning.  But onward and upward.
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    Beets reacted to pjena in Jen's Post W30 Log   
    I did get in a walk but did not go to yoga.  I got home very late and was very tired.  And cold.  Food was not great, either.  Working late, I got hungry and gave in to a packet of oatmeal and two little Reeses eggs.  Then, I wasn't very hungry for dinner so just had a small bowl of soup and salad.  Then, got hungry again and ate a cookie.  Sigh.  I blame AF and being off schedule.  Back on track today.
    Today's plan: yogurt, banana, coffee w/ CM.  salad, avocado, tuna.  walk.  eggs, kale.  maybe another walk.
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    Beets reacted to pjena in Jen's Post W30 Log   
    I did get a walk - a long one!  My sister is still smoking me on the steps, though. 
    I had a hungry day yesterday and made some less than stellar choices.  I got hungry again in the afternoon but this time exercised my waiting muscles - yay me!  But, after dinner of eggs and kale, I was still hungry so had a yogurt, which is fine for me but should have just had more eggs and kale.  Then, just because it was there, I ate a couple spoonfuls of husband's ice cream.  But, I realized what I was doing and stopped and went to bed, so that's good.  Today, I added some sweet potato and coconut butter to breakfast to hopefully keep the hungries away and make better choices.  I keep going back and forth on that.  Sometimes, adding the swpot is too much and I feel over full.  Then, other times, if I don't add it, I get hungry more often later.  Maybe I'll try having a smaller chunk. 
    Today's plan: eggs, kale, swpot w/CB, coffee w/ CM.  salad, avocado, tuna.  walk.  salad, ground beef, tomato sauce.
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    Beets reacted to mcjule in Posting   
    Legumes are a struggle for me too.  I used to be almost a vegetarian (pre-marriage) and ate them constantly.  They don't bother my stomach either.  I've only had them a few times since my Whole 30 but I'd love to eat more meat-free food both for the environment and to shake up my meals more.  No decision made yet!
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    Beets reacted to SaraRuns in Posting   
    Love the pigment store, so fun!
    I hope you were able to get some cooking done and are feeling the template!
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    Beets got a reaction from LadyM in Jen's Post W30 Log   
    Good for you for making that walk happen. It is so nice and rare to have that uninterrupted one-on-one time when you aren't distracted by 100 things.  And I'm with Sara about the hiking. My kids grumble a little but we have such a nice time of it. (Except in the fall when we were all covered w deer ticks.) 
    10pm is mental for a game!!
    Bravo on the cupcakes! One of my friends makes GF baked goods that are 100X better than most glutened baked goods. It amazes me everytime. Just thinking about that makes me want to eat one of her cakes so I'll stop thinking about it. 
    I always get so mad at myself when I stay up to watch something I'm into. Always seems like a good idea at the time. I am still two seasons behind in Downton. I missed a few episodes and suddenly it had escaped. PBS is so greedy now with their on-demand. We use Hulu and Netflix streaming instead of cable and only have two or three  days to watch the thing after it airs. I was so mad when I missed the latest Sherlock. Three days later iTunes was charging I think $20 for the single episode. I alre3ady give PBS $! 
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    Beets got a reaction from LadyM in LadyM's seduction continues (sur son propre velo)   
    Glad you're feeling better. Just caught up on your last few posts. I hate to say this but my periods have gotten so brutal in the last year or so. Used to be I'd have major PMS before and then as soon as AF arrived I'd be skipping around and would drop 5 lbs. Now that heaviness and exhaustion seem to take up half my life--going in for a week and coming out for almost as long. My body feels like a huge stone I have to lug around. I can't concentrate. I have major panic attacks. 
    I know eating well will undoubtably help, but this hormonal stuff is hard. Really hard. First the physical symptoms and then the knowledge that it means we are getting older. Blah! I try to keep in mind a meditation on mortality (it is my nature to be sick, it is my nature to grow older, it is my nature to die) but, vanity. And fear. 
    I had one awesome yoga teacher that really focused on pelvic floor work and that bandha (?) involving that area. Was so super awesome, felt great in all ways. Loved her. She moved away. Boo! Think of her though when I'm exercising and moving around and try to keep that in mind. 
    I would be very curious to read a young woman's take on that book! And yeah, Jen, it's so terrifying as a parent. My niece, oy, her Instagram feed. She is in 8th grade and it's all about the bikini shots and the duck lips. Sucking on straws, licking ice cream cones. They don't even know what these things mean--they just do them bc girls with 200,000 followers do them. Makes me so sad, they have so much pressure to keep up the social persona. And then they have to comment on all their friends' posts: "tbh, your [sic] really pretty and skinny and look like a model."
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    Beets reacted to SaraRuns in Sara's Post W30   
    66 degrees this morning! 
    I got in my three walks yesterday, go me!  I will aim to get in three walks today, but I'm leaving early and have a lot to do, so we'll see.  Then the drive to DC.  Unfortunately I will be hitting Friday rush hour, so wish me luck!
    I'm hoping the sheer number of people will help buffer the wind.  I will do my best and just try to enjoy and not worry about a PR.  I do not expect to be successful. 
    So my weight is still trending down and I'm now in the lower part of my "normal" range.  I expect some regression this weekend between vegetarian eating and post-race celebrating.  I'm all good with that and expect to have no guilt.
    The massage was delightful.  I think we are finally making real process with the PF in my left foot!
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    Beets reacted to pjena in Jen's Post W30 Log   
    I totally agree that I'm more productive when I get out for a bit at lunch.  I just need to do it! 
    I made 11yo walk to the science fair last night.  It wasn't raining but it was dreary.  He wanted to drive.  I told him we have to walk so I can beat Aunt Mimi!  LOL  We actually had a very nice walk and I think he loved the one on one time where I was focused on the conversation with him and not splitting my attention with making dinner, cleaning up, his brother, etc.  So, double win!  And, I'm still ahead of my sister!
    Today's plan:  pre yoga yogurt and banana.  yoga (I'm WAH so I snuck out for yoga this morning - Yay!).  coffee w/ CM.  salad/veg.  eggs, kale, swpot w/ CB. scotch eggs (dinners this week are built around having tons of HB eggs!) w/ salad/veg.  at least one walk. 
    I'm going to make the cupcake filling today and NOT sample away the day!
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    Beets reacted to LadyM in LadyM's seduction continues (sur son propre velo)   
    I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER, so much more like myself. Everything is moving better--energy, food, everything. And shock of all shocks (NOT), AF arrived this morning. All the signs were there, and I had my suspicions, but either she's been creeping earlier, or I miscounted. Anyway, things are righter in my world (THANKS BE TO ALL THAT IS HOLY) and even those new pants I bought are fitting.
    Just one day back to yoga teacher training has me settled back into myself as well. It's wonderful to be able to remove myself from the daily grind as much as possible and focus on my practice, my path, in the company of a wonderful group of like-minded folks. Powerful core practice yesterday that focused on a lot of pelvic floor work. Is that something you yoga-practicing gals do in your practice? SO powerful. SO important. Again, it's working internally, in ways we cannot see, and I find often that's the most neglected and yet most important kind of work to do. Like kegels except way more involved.
    We have our trainings in a church, so late start today to make way for the parishioners to do their thing. A little cleanup and preparing for the writing class I'm teaching tomorrow is ahead. And a former student is in town briefly, so I'm hoping to catch up with him tonight.
    It snowed to beat the band yesterday, and the daffodils are dusted with the white stuff and yet still turned toward the sun. I see myself in that image. 
    Happy Sunday, friends!
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    Beets reacted to LadyM in LadyM's seduction continues (sur son propre velo)   
    Feeling pretty good today. Excited about yoga teacher training beginning again tomorrow. Clearing my head and physical space in preparation.
    Also had a girls' day out with my BFF (who's a man but even more of a lady than I am at times) that included lunch, froyo, and a trip to Costco. I had a template meal at lunch and enjoyed the froyo. Walking around Costco afterward, we agreed, was good to help us digest. Had lots of good conversation, but especially insightful was his point that it's when we isolate and get stuck in our own headspace that we notice every little thing in our bodies and the root of it is a form self loathing. This really resonated with me. And it helps explain what I lovingly think of as Nadia syndrome: when everything we put into our mouths seems to cause bloating and torture. Because after a meal out and froyo, I feel totally fine today. Largely because it was shared in good company. I never drink alone and I wish I could choose to never eat alone. It would make life better, I think. That was my experience when I was living in a spiritual community. Food works its magic so much thoroughly when consumed in the company of those we love in a spirit of love and affection. I guess this is good information and that I can eat in that spirit toward myself in the instances when I must eat alone. Good food for thought, though.
    I slept long and hard last night with many wildly vivid dreams. I had the rare luxury of not having to set an alarm and I slept 11 solid hours straight through! BFF thinks my exhaustion and malaise is part of my recovery from visiting my folks a few weeks ago, and that even my liver congestion could be a reflection of that. I wouldn't be surprised, honestly. Our consciousness is just the tip of the iceberg, even though it seems like the whole world to us. But our unconscious is always working out more than we'll ever know. The dreams i experienced last night only hint at this. . . . 
    Coffee booch update: After a longer first ferment (7 days instead of 5) and adding a little tart cherry concentrate along with chai spices (vanilla bean, cloves, cardamom pods, cloves, fennel seed), it's looking like a fizzier beverage is in store. It's growing on me enough for me to keep the continuous brew going, and I've even taken my last brew's bottles out of the fridge, added some cherry concentrate, and will let them continue fermenting. I love the science experiment in my kitchen.
    Speaking of the kitchen, time to wash some dishes and get my house in order. Cooking up plenty of protein for the week ahead and loads of greens, frozen veggies, and some berries will round out a week of template meals during training. I'll likely go out to lunch with the group once or twice, but I'm keeping my brahmacharya intention front and center: nothing in excess.
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    Beets reacted to LadyM in LadyM's seduction continues (sur son propre velo)   
    My sugar dragon is a real beast. Enjoyed three solid template meals today and found myself longing for fruit after dinner. Mouth hunger not belly hunger. And desire for mindless hand-to-mouth eating. Boredom. Tiredness.
    I don't have any fruit in the house and I was seriously tempted to get in my car and go pick up a bunch of grapes. But then I remembered how bloated fruit makes me and decided not to. Realized maybe this liver drama is actually a gift.
    Side note: it's more than a little hilarious that I am at a point in which talking myself down from the ledge is about grapes. Makes me feel a little nuts. But also, if I step back and look at it from a slightly different angle, it helps me see how far I've come. 
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    Beets reacted to pjena in LadyM's seduction continues (sur son propre velo)   
    I heard that interview on NPR.  It's so concerning.  I admit to being kind of happy to just have boys, but I also realized we need to be more deliberate about teaching them to treat girls with respect.  It's a hard conversation to have with a teenage boy.  Especially for mom.  Maybe I'll have my husband listen to that show and try to get him to talk to the 14 yo at least.  Ugh!  I'm not a fan of the teenage years.
    I'm really glad, M, that knowing what's going on is helping you to feel better.  Knowing it will pass and that you can take steps to help it along have to feel good. 
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    Beets reacted to LadyM in LadyM's seduction continues (sur son propre velo)   
    Seasonal shifts, these in-between periods, are by nature unstable. So, of course we'll feel anxiety. Having rhythm and routine and genuine nourishment (food, movement, rest, play) IS the antidote.
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    Beets reacted to LadyM in LadyM's seduction continues (sur son propre velo)   
    Thanks so much for the link, Beets. I just passed it on to a student in my advanced nonfiction class. I teach creative nonfiction, and it's amazing what women (it's mostly young women who take these classes) bring to the page when invited. Our bodies have so much to say if we let them.
    Update from FMD: my liver is taking on the burden of shifting hormones and it needs more support. So, a new supplement should help. Continuing to exercise, to eat W30 style, to drink plenty of water should all help us see a shift over the next couple weeks. Everything else is on target. Just need to be persistent and patient.
    I really needed to hear what was going on and receive confirmation that things are moving in the right direction. Liver and gallbladder do so much. And we can't see them, so we hardly pay attention. But the liver congestion is the reason why I feel my body can't process food, especially sugars. FODMAPS in general, and especially sweet potatoes and fruit lately. They just make me feel stuffed and enormous and super uncomfortable. Excess fats are also intolerable. But this won't be a forever thing. So that's very reassuring.
    And I need to begin cultivating a bit more of an outward focus, I've decided. Being a writer, a meditator, a contemplative by nature, all makes me turn inward by default. Doing W30 as a self study exacerbates this tendency as well. It's not a bad thing; in fact, it's something most people need more of. But me? I need to be out in the world, interacting with other humans, animal, nature, on the regular. When I don't, I can get trapped in my own thoughts. So, teaching is especially good for me. Having yoga teacher training and conferences and workshops for the next six weeks is also a good thing.
    Anyway, continuing to get my house in order, both literally and figuratively, in preparation for shining forth into the world is my new focus. This may be a case of, though I dread saying it, fake it until you make it. I can't make my body change instantaneously, but as long as I have faith and confirmation that everything is moving in the right direction, I can stay on the path and do my best to practice nonattachment to the outcome. This is my self prescription for sanity, for health, for calm.