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    Physibeth got a reaction from Alyia81 in Constipation - Please help!   
    You might want to look into digestive enzymes. I've not taken them myself but I know a lot of people need them to help their bodies adjust to more meat. You might also try adding fermented foods into your diet. Kombucha and Raw Sauerkraut are good options as well as fermented pickles (a brand like bubbies in the fridge section). Have you tried eliminating whole 30 approved foods that can cause stomach problems? Some people find they are sensitive to fodmaps. Others eggs. Other coconut. Have you noticed any patterns to when things are better or worse? Also how much of your veggie intake is raw vs cooked? Cooked vegetables are much more easy to digest.
    As far as the timing of your meals you may want to try for some calorie dense by smaller meals in the morning and than get a good sized meal at your 11:30 break. I would maybe go for 3-4 eggs, a large mug of veggie soup, and some raw sauerkraut. Can you snack on anything while at the reception area? 
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    Physibeth got a reaction from HedyF in What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like   
    We as moderators see a lot of confusion around here on what constitutes a serving of eggs when eggs are your primary protein source. We tell you as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping but I still don't think people actually try this. So I thought I'd post a visual for you folks. It would be fun if other people added their own pictures too. Try the experiment.
    Context - I'm 5'4" female and these are large eggs.

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    Physibeth got a reaction from rachelmaria33 in Starting Whole30 during marathon training?   
    I ran a half marathon today with just water. I usually cut my water 50/50 with coconut water but forgot to buy it. Some people like to get organic baby food pouches. I've used mini lara bars before. I trained to run without extra fuel though so was fine. 
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    Physibeth reacted to praxisproject in I just want to be normal!!!!   
    If you're missing going over to other people's places, just take your own food.
    Don't let people pressure you into drinking or eating things poor for your health.
    Tell people it's important to you and you appreciate their support.
    It's not forever, it's until you work out what's not making you feel so good.
    I used to live with quite a lot of pain, often missing out on things as I just felt too terrible to do things.
    Now I feel great and I have a whole new normal Now I feel this way, I don't want anything that makes me feel worse.
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    Physibeth got a reaction from jnrussek in Sparkling Water/Seltzer   
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    Physibeth reacted to SugarcubeOD in I just want to be normal!!!!   
    You can eat and drink whatever you want also... you are CHOOSING to remove these foods from your diet for 30 days to add them back in strategically to see how they affect you.
    This is 100% your choice and you really need to own it or you're going to feel resentful.
    Do you have to give up wine forever? No, not at all... but you choose to give it up to help restore your health... 
    Don't feel sorry for yourself... feel VIRTUOUS that you're doing this amazing thing for yourself to learn about your own body and health and you can even feel sorry for those that don't see the value in that... turn it around... YOU are choosing this amazing journey and your friend is just going to go and put junk and booze into her system and wake up feeling sluggy tomorrow... I think you win in that case!
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    Physibeth reacted to SugarcubeOD in Day 11...and I'm feeling it! Help me stay on track--PLEASE!   
    Hey there!
    First, good for you for not going off plan! I know you said you were disappointed that you couldn't go get the bottle of merlot, but that baby will be there for you when you're done! There's nothing about merlot that's going to make this better, believe me.
    Your hubby sounds AMAZING! Make sure you give him some snuggles when you're feeling a little less stabby because he sounds great.
    I'm really sorry to hear that you have to go to your MIL's during this... well, I"m sorry you have to go there at all if she sucks
    What types of things do you think you can do or come up with with your hubby to manage?
    I'll start with some suggestions and maybe they'll help you brainstorm or others, because food and alcohol aren't the only way we can cope and this program is just as much about learning to cope without food as it is about what's on your plate.
    Come up with a secret code that you and your hubby only know that means you sneak out to the garage for a hug and pep talk.
    Focus on the positive... I know she's a pain but she gave birth to your hubby so there must be SOMETHING good about her... think of what it is now and then focus on that when she's dancing around on your last nerve.
    Do they have an enormous bath tub or a hot tub or a shower with an awesome shower head? Make use of it!
    Go for a walk in their neighbourhood (either with or without them) and take one awesome picture to post back here when you're back.
    Come HERE for a pep talk while you're there! You must have a tablet or iPhone or the like to be able to check in with us.
    Make a running list of all the moments you're overcoming while there.
    And finally... go inside yourself and pull out your feeling of virtuousness. YOU are doing THIS and it's HARD. And she's not going to derail you, no sireebob! You are going to smile inside every time you pass up something and walk away with a smile on your face because you're investing in you... I mean, really, in this day and age, how often can we say that we're doing something ONLY for ourselves... not often, so celebrate this!!
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    Physibeth reacted to LadyM in LadyM's seduction continues (sur son propre velo)   
    Good morning, friends! I'm in the final days of yoga teacher training--and ready to be done. It's all good, but man if the 8:30-5 gig isn't hard on a guy. I'm used to WAY more flexibility in my schedule. So, looking forward to more of that again.
    Given the extremely limited flexibility I've had this week, I'm pretty happy with the way I've managed food. I cooked plenty of simply proteins last weekend and had more than enough salad greens for days. So, I've been living on salads this week, and it's actually been a good thing. Simple, easy, nourishing. Oh, and I had my own makeshift version of that magic green soup Beets and I are all about every now and then in which I threw the dregs of my crisper drawers into a pot of broth with coconut milk, ginger, cilantro and some lime and red pepper flake and took the immersion blender to it. This was great for tossing in some of the aforementioned protein and having when I wanted something warm and comforting. Then when I ran out of protein except hb eggs, I picked up a rotisserie chicken that wasn't terribly offensive in terms of its ingredients, and man was that a godsend. Organic raspberries were my big splurge and treat midweek.
    No exercise to speak of besides the odd little walk and yoga, literally, for days. But that's a conscious choice. Sleep felt more important than early morning barre and bootcamp classes this week. I'm practicing better listening skills with my own body.
    I'd better scoot, but I wanted to check in. I have a lot more to say about what I'm learning about applying yogic philosophy to this Whole30 approach to life, so I'll come back and do that soon. . . . 
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    Physibeth got a reaction from jnrussek in Sparkling Water/Seltzer   
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    Physibeth reacted to Carlaccini in I'm eating dairy....anyone else?   
    What I did find somewhat helpful is to realize that cheese (or chocolate, or bread or ice cream) would not be leaving the earth anytime soon.  They would be there waiting for me at the end of the 30 days.
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    Physibeth got a reaction from SaraRuns in Physibeth's Post-W30 Log   
    It's pretty expired. I bought it a long time ago. I'll buy a new one when I next go to the store I suppose.
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    Physibeth got a reaction from jmcbn in Physibeth's Post-W30 Log   
    I got rid of the digital clock because that glaring number was causing my sleep anxiety. I tend to turn my phone upside down on my bed stand table. My husband also freaks out if he can't get hold of me, especially when he is travelling.
    I think I actually slept mostly through the night last night. Yay! At least when I finally gave in to looking at the phone it was 6am and not 3am. I did lay in bed and read until my alarm went off.
    Facebook reminded me that I joined my gym (where I now am employed) five years ago today. What a journey that decision has taken me on. Really it was my desire to be fit enough to teach that eventually got me down the real food path that led to Whole30. How different your life can be in just 5 years.
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    Physibeth got a reaction from jmcbn in Physibeth's Post-W30 Log   
    So I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I work for a homeschool co-op on Tuesdays doing childcare. Littles in the morning and bigger kids in the afternoon. We took the bigger kids to the park this afternoon for 2 glorious hours in the warm spring sun! I'm a little red on the chest and arms, but man did I need that dose of sunshine! Really the only thing I miss about not running anymore is the fresh air and sun it afforded me.
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    Physibeth reacted to SugarcubeOD in Specific "Cooking Gum" questions   
    LucieB - Some of the people who endeavor to do this program come from areas where they don't have a lot of choices for packaged products like alternative nut milks.  We make our recommendations but the fact of the matter is that if someone is following the rules, then they're doing a Whole30.  Are some preservatives less than wonderful?  Yes, but if they're not specifically disallowed then they're allowed.
    Intentionally being snarky does not follow the general forum etiquette that we expect from our members.  
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    Physibeth reacted to ShannonM816 in Specific "Cooking Gum" questions   
    Be careful with fruit & nut/nut butter combos -- they're often food without brakes for people, meaning that once they start eating them, they find it difficult to stop, making it easy to overeat them. They can also keep cravings for sweet things going strong. If you have that combo occasionally in the context of a template-based meal, it's not so bad, but if you find yourself having it instead of a meal, or having it when you're not really hungry but bored or angry or stressed out or tired, you might want to rethink it. Many people find that they really have to limit the nut butters, many won't even buy any during a Whole30 because they're prone to overeating them.
    As for the cherry butter, it's probably not just mashed up fresh cherries. It's probably cooked (like an apple butter or pumpkin butter), which concentrates the sweetness of the fruit, even if they don't add sugar. If you haven't opened it yet, I'd probably just set it aside until after your Whole30. There are just not many contexts within Whole30 where it's going to be a good option. If you were going to use it, it would probably be best as an ingredient in a sauce or salad dressing that could use a little bit of sweetness -- something like a barbecue sauce maybe. 
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    Physibeth reacted to jmcbn in I'm eating dairy....anyone else?   
    It is, yes. But to keep a log in the Whole30 section when you're not actually doing a Whole30 would be confusing to any newbies. So, sorry but no, it can't be moved back to that section. Rules are rules.
    There is a section called 'Your post Whole30 Log' where you could keep a log, and the fact that you'd be including off plan ingredients wouldn't be an issue.
    The fact is that whatever way you look at it Whole30 + Dairy is NOT a Whole30. It's a Wholegem. Whether you do it for 30 days or forever.
    Incidentally, the only way to break a food (or any) addiction is to remove the offending item.
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    Physibeth reacted to ShannonM816 in I'm eating dairy....anyone else?   
    I love cheese too. But I managed to go 30 days (and even more) without it -- turns out, there are seasonings other than cheese that are also tasty. And if you can only eat eggs with cheese, just don't eat eggs. Plenty of people do a whole30 without eating a single egg. 
    I'd really encourage you to actually commit a real Whole30, one without dairy. You can definitely do it, if you just decide you really want to. 
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    Physibeth reacted to jmcbn in Not eating enough?   
    Ok, first off not weighing is a rule, just like not eating grains, and it's a rule for a reason - weight loss is not linear. IF you weighed again tomorrow you'd probably find your weight will have gone up. And the day after it may be up more, or it may be down again. 

    Secondly I've edited your post to remove the documented loss as showing this may encourage/discourage others, or even tempt some people to weigh to see where they are in their journey - and the primary focus of this journey is not weightloss.

    Thirdly your meals don't look too bad - if anything I'd add in more veg (spinach reduced down to zero when chewed/wilted) to your meal one.

    If you don't want to lose weight I'd suggest eating to the higher end of the template, and in particular add in more carb dense vegetables.

    You also might want to have a read at >this article<.

    Hope this helps.
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    Physibeth got a reaction from waternsand in Running has taken a dive, Day 16   
    Personally I just eat a larger portion before/after long runs. On normal run days I will generally just split my meal 1 in half if I'm not going to have enough time between eating and running to properly digest. On long run days I'll eat like 4 eggs before my run and than a starchy vegetable heavy big meal after I shower. I just can't eat immediately after those runs. I cut the water I carry with coconut water for my long runs as well. 
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    Physibeth got a reaction from waternsand in Running has taken a dive, Day 16   
    The problem with a larabar as a pre-wo snack is that it gives you a pretty big hit of sugar to fuel your workout on which delays becoming more fat adapted. You want to force your body to use your fat stores as energy until you absolutely need them (running in your anerobic/lactic zones). I run 4-5 days a week. If I can allow for an hour or more between eating and running I will just eat a normal meal 1 without starchy veggies (like kale, eggs, bacon). If I need to get out sooner I just have eggs and maybe some bacon. I then make sure I incorporate starchy veggies in my next meal. I personally haven't been doing a post-wo snack mostly because all I can think about immediately after a run is getting in the shower.
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    Physibeth reacted to laura_juggles in TRICKED on day 27   
    I completely understand that you're angry and feeling horrible about what happened. But you already know from the 27 days before the unfortunate burger incident that Whole30 really works well for your RA. 
    So it wasn't a defeat, just a setback. You already know how great you can feel once you get back on track. 
    One thing you can do is call the restaurant. Tell them how sick the burger made you and ask for all of the ingredients in the patty and whether or not they use soy oils or corn oils for cooking. If you tell them how sick it made you, it might scare them into actually giving you the information you're looking for. 
    You were thinking about continuing your Whole30 anyway. So just keep going. You can do it 
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    Physibeth got a reaction from bnvilla in More Veggies   
    Try to give up the idea of snacks all together and focus on composing your meals to satisfy you for 4-5 hours. If you are so hungry you need to eat before your next meal have a mini meal that has at least 2 of the macros (I like to have a HB egg and some carrot sticks).
    How active are you? You might try replacing your meal 1 starchy veggie with non stachy veggies and see how that goes. You might need an adjustment for this but I find when I delay these until my later meals my energy is more even and I go longer before I need food again. I've been having Silky Ginger Zucchini Soup from Well Fed 2 at meal 1 to up my veggies in the morning. 
    I'm not a big salad girl either, but I've found that if I make a skillet or chili type meal and plate it hot over mixed salad greens or baby spinach it's quite delicious and a good way to get more veggies in. Last night I made a skillet of sweet potato noodles, ground beef, and compliant pesto and dumped it on 2 big handfuls of salad greens. Was delicious and filling.
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    Physibeth reacted to laura_juggles in More Veggies   
    I never did Weight Watchers, but I can 100% understand how something like that can give you an aversion to salads.  Lady in the next cube over keeps commenting how great WW is because she can have as many bananas as she wants since they're "free". 
    And I was thinking, I know you said you don't have a lot of time for meal prep, but would you be able to roast a big bunch of veggies and have them in the fridge to just throw in meals? Just having them ready to go (reheating for a couple minutes is WAAAAAAY less work than cooking carrots from scratch when you just want to have dinner) might make it easier too.
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    Physibeth reacted to laura_juggles in More Veggies   
    Yes, you do need more veggies, but you can bump up the servings little by little. And the sweet potato/potato counts too so you may not be as bad off as you think. 
    You could slowly bump up the amount of brussels sprouts at mean 1, adding a a couple more at a time. Meal two - what if you add in some chopped celery and carrots in with the chicken and hot sauce? Or have carrot and celery sticks with the avo/guac? Add a salad on the side in meal 3, maybe throw in extra veg when you make the chili and that's a bunch more veg without a whole lot of extra work  
    The plantain chips...are they in a bag from the store or homemade? If they're in a bag, that'd be a no-go even if all the ingredients are compliant because they're commercially prepared. And it'll probably be a lot easier to stop snacking if you're getting fuller meals during the day. Meals should last you 4-5 hours without feeling hungry.
    You can do it!   
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    Physibeth reacted to SaraRuns in Sara's Post W30   
    Thanks, everyone!
    The race went really well.  It was cold and windy.  Really windy.  They cancelled the kids fun run and had no signage and no timing clocks up.  After we exited the metro, one of the first things we saw was a knocked over newspaper vending machine.    We actually wanted to hang out in the port-a-potties, because it blocked the wind!  But once we got going, I warmed up and the wind wasn't too much of an issue until the last two miles.  The last two miles were right into a headwind and that was tough going.  But I still PR'd.    I was very surprised and pleased.  I'm still sore today so I can tell I really pushed myself.  There were some cherry blossoms, but a lot had already turned or were blown away.
    Had a great visit with my sister and her family.  
    My weight is up slightly, but still in my normal range.  I'm very happy with that considering I indulged in some post race beers and yesterday was a very hungry day.  Jumping back on track today.  Aiming for three walks and a run tonight.  My husband is away, so we'll see if the run actually happens tonight and no yoga until Saturday.