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    Physibeth reacted to Beets in Posting   
    Calm is a great goal, indeed! Sometimes seems not attainable but I'm working on it. I was doing pretty well with meditating in Feb but I fell off the wagon. Gotta get back to it. It makes such a huge difference, even with only ten mins a day. 
    Day 3
    Gonna take it easy today on the exercise. Knee feeling a bit pinchy and I don't want to do the thing I always do where I go gaga for exercise and hurt myself to the point where I can't exercise and then feel mad at myself. 
    The air is amazing outside though and I spent 1.5 hrs in the community garden this am. Lovely spring day. Things are blooming early, it’s weird that it’s so warm in March, but this morning I didn’t care. Nice soft air, not too warm or humid just perfectly pleasant.
    I got a plot this year (finally, after three years wait) and I am psyched to plant veggies. Though a little apprehensive since I have no clue how to deal with them. I know I’m planting greens since they grow fast and easily and I’m going to try some little melons, maybe pumpkins for the kids? Cucumbers? Radishes? Beans? We don’t eat many tomatoes but roasted cherry tomatoes are a delicacy.
    Doing ok. Really wanted my (again habitual) glass of wine or a cocktail last night after getting the call from the school principal about my son’s bus issues. So frustrating. But I had some sparkling water and what was left of my now flat booch. (But when it was fresh—wow! Booch on tap is soo fizzy.)
    M1: salmon and cabbage
    M2: salmon and cabbage
    M3: tuna and kale salad w almonds (from Israeli place, not getting crazy about oils)
    I’m going to eat this in the garden this afternoon.
    Not sure about m4. Still need to food shop and get some GREENS in my life but so far so good. I already feel leaner. Is that crazy? Even if it’s just in my mind it helps me push through.
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    Physibeth got a reaction from LadyM in Posting   
    Under more reply options for posting a picture unless its from a website then you use an image tag.
    28 solid days is better than none and hopefully you can gain enough traction to want to do as best you can on your trip and jump back on the horse when you get back.
    I'm personally trying to think of this much longer term this time around. 
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    Physibeth got a reaction from fifthj in When husband isn't bought in...   
    Instead of thinking about it as foods you can't eat, think about it as foods you are choosing not to eat.
    The power of words and attitude are incredible. Don't be a victim, don't be on a diet, make empowered choices about what you are putting in your body.
    When I stopped telling people "I can't" and started telling people "I don't want...I'm choosing not to" it rocked my world!
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    Physibeth got a reaction from praxisproject in Day 18 - Stomach Flu or Food Reaction?   
    Sweet potatoes are not eliminated on our FODMAP template so I think those are OK. For potatoes the nightshade is in the peel so if you are not already peeling them you can try that. I always peel both types of potatoes to be honest because I find the skins of both make my stomach unhappy. I would cut back on the Kombucha...32 oz is a lot. I usually drink 8-16 oz a day if that.
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    Physibeth got a reaction from praxisproject in Day 18 - Stomach Flu or Food Reaction?   
    My question is are any of these foods drastically different from the first 14 days of your Whole30? 
    I noticed a couple of things that may or may not be issues. You do have a lot of fodmaps and nightshades in your meals. You might want to try cutting one or both for a bit and see how you go. Nightshades especially can cause problems for people with AI issues (arthritis and fibro). FODMAPs are often a culprit for GI issues.
    My guess is that you either ate something off or are ill, but if you introduced a food or group of foods that could be an issue.
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    Physibeth got a reaction from pjena in Physibeth's Post-W30 Log   
    I haven't run really since I did a 10k in March 2014. I teach so much that I've not really found the time to train like I was before. I worry about overdoing cardio as well. I think I do need to find a way to put walking in my life again though. Perhaps with my camera as I miss that.
    Woke at 3:30ish in the morning again. I tried to will myself from looking at my phone and finally gave in and saw an email that make me angry so I never really fully fell back asleep. Just dosed on and off while reading. The first time I realized I had fallen asleep on the book I put it up and then my mind just started churning so I just decided that the sleep I got when I dozed off was better than laying in bed staring at the ceiling. Grr.
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    Physibeth reacted to SugarcubeOD in Overeating?   
    What makes you think it's a serving 'more than you need'?
    Can you give an outline of some of your days of food including portion sizes and content and we can see if something sticks out?
    I hate to say it but usually in these types of threads we end up finding out that the person is actually not eating enough and thinks they are because they come from calorie restriction/counting and a dieting mentality.
    Do your meals get you more than 4-5 hours between or is it about dead on 4ish hours that you start to feel hungry again?
    What results are you looking to see? What is your motivation to do the Whole30?
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    Physibeth got a reaction from LL2016 in Day 26: Bummed about no weight loss   
    Two lbs in 26 days when you only have 8-10 is actually excellent results. Don't let your mind get bogged down by the scale. It isn't your friend. Your clothes fit better! Say it loud and proud - your clothes fit better!
    I've never lost more than 3 lbs on a Whole30 - but I always look like I've lost more and FEEL AMAZING! 

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    Physibeth reacted to praxisproject in Day 29 Whole 30 Period Probs!   
    For breakfast you're only having about half a serve of protein (two eggs is half of four eggs).
    If you don't want to eat more eggs, add half a serve of protein
    Your dance muscles need proper fuel!
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    Physibeth reacted to SaraRuns in LadyM's seduction continues (sur son propre velo)   
    I am really trying to embrace where I am, while still moving in a direction towards where I want to be, without straining.  I don't know if I'll every be able to do this completely, but that is where my yoga practice is leading me.
    And based on the anecdotal evidence, it seems like almost all of us are struggling a bit as we are/were coming out of winter.  That whole rebirth thing...
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    Physibeth got a reaction from praxisproject in Bowel Movement Question   
    As this just started happening is there anything that has changed in what you are eating lately? Have you tried a new fat or more of something? If you give us an idea of what you have been eating the past 2-3 days that might help us troubleshoot.
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    Physibeth got a reaction from LadyM in Posting   
    Under more reply options for posting a picture unless its from a website then you use an image tag.
    28 solid days is better than none and hopefully you can gain enough traction to want to do as best you can on your trip and jump back on the horse when you get back.
    I'm personally trying to think of this much longer term this time around. 
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    Physibeth got a reaction from LadyM in Physibeth's Post-W30 Log   
    So I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I work for a homeschool co-op on Tuesdays doing childcare. Littles in the morning and bigger kids in the afternoon. We took the bigger kids to the park this afternoon for 2 glorious hours in the warm spring sun! I'm a little red on the chest and arms, but man did I need that dose of sunshine! Really the only thing I miss about not running anymore is the fresh air and sun it afforded me.
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    Physibeth got a reaction from LadyM in LadyM's seduction continues (sur son propre velo)   
    I'm sorry to hear you are feeling off. That definitely isn't fun. I hope you can find some answers to what is going on.
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    Physibeth reacted to CaGirl in I need suggestions!   
    Well, theres compliant canned tuna,  compliant olives,   bag of carrots  and a few other veggies need no refrigeration.. You can do it.. Your a smart young college woman..   Read the template well and formulate  what works for you !
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    Physibeth reacted to ShannonM816 in I need suggestions!   
    You might want to invest in a cooler. There are some softsided ones that look like oversized purses if you don't want to haul around a typical cooler. Many things would probably be okay just carried in a regular bag for a few hours (carrots, celery, sliced bell pepper, cherry tomatoes), and then you could focus on cans of tuna or salmon, but having a cooler should give you more options -- you could pack hard boiled eggs or grilled chicken, containers of olives or guacamole or mayo, and whatever vegetables you like.
    You might look into the weekly cookup idea -- here's the basic explanation, and here's a menu for one week based on it. It just means devoting a day to cooking up a bunch of food so it's there and ready for you to just grab, so you don't spend as much time cooking throughout the week.
    You might also like these no recipe required ideas.
    Of course, if you're sharing a fridge/pantry with other people, you may have to modify these ideas based on the space you have available to store food.
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    Physibeth reacted to SugarcubeOD in Day 29 Whole 30 Period Probs!   
    Have you seen the meal template?  It's linked in my signature below.  Your breakfast doesn't have any vegetables and eggs, when your sole source of protein, are as many as you can hold without dropping.  I'm positive you can hold 3-4.
    The rest of your meals are hard to tell portions but do they match the template?
    Where is the fat in your first lunch and both dinners?
    You're no where near eating enough for an adult human and moreover someone who is active like you are.
    Also, are you drinking more water than a glass with the meal?  The recommendation is 1/2oz per pound of body weight... 
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    Physibeth reacted to ShannonM816 in Day 29 Whole 30 Period Probs!   
    It can take some time for hormonal issues to be sorted out, so it may just take you more than 30 days to really experience benefits in this area. If you're concerned that it's something more than just diet, obviously you'd want to check in with your doctor.
    If you want to post a day or two worth of typical food (including approximate portion sizes), water, and exercise, we can double check that there's not something obvious contributing to the bloating (for instance, too many nuts can cause it, for some people certain vegetables like cruciferous vegetables or even just eating lots of raw vegetables instead of cooked can cause it). 
    I think if it were me, instead of worrying about the day 1 vs day 30 totals, I'd wait until I was feeling better and then do measurements/weigh in. It wouldn't be exactly 30 days, but would be more accurate. You probably don't want to start reintroductions until you're feeling better anyway, just to be sure you get an accurate feel for your reactions -- how would you know if, say, dairy caused bloating, if you were already bloated before you had any?
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    Physibeth reacted to ShannonM816 in Problem with the cultish aspect of this?   
    You are on the Whole30 forum -- you're unlikely to find a lot of people here vehemently opposed to Whole30, they just don't hang out here much. 
    I'd also say that because this forum is focused on the Whole30, and we don't really have an area for non-Whole30 related stuff, it's going to feel like people here are focused just on Whole30, but I can assure you that most everyone here has lives outside of what we eat. You don't hear a lot about that here, except maybe in people's personal logs, because there's just not really a space for discussing that. That's by design -- the creators of Whole30 wanted to specifically focus on food here in the forum, although they do encourage everyone to also look at other areas of their lives and make improvements to help lower their stress, get more exercise, connect with other people, and spend time outside.
    Whole30 doesn't ask you to completely devote yourself to this for the rest of your life, just for 30 days, in an effort to see if you do feel better leaving certain foods out of your diet. The particular things that are left out are those that the program's creators determined to be the most likely to cause problems for most people, although there are things left out that might not cause you problems, and there are things allowed that do cause some people problems. You then do reintroductions to determine how those foods make you feel when you do have them. If you reintroduce edamame and brown rice and don't notice any problems, you can go back to having them if you want to. Many people find they continue to feel better without foods that they used to eat regularly, and choose to give them up, or only have them occasionally. 
    If you haven't found them already, a basic explanation of why edamame and brown rice are left out can be found here for edamame and other legumes, and here for rice and other grains.
    Whole30 isn't the right program for everyone, and if you decide it isn't for you, that's okay. If you do decide to try it, I hope you'll enter into it with an open mind and embrace the program for 30 days. If you do it and it doesn't do anything for you, well, you'll have eaten tasty food for 30 days, and completed a scientific experiment for yourself that hopefully will tell you something about foods that do or don't work well for you. 
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    Physibeth reacted to CaGirl in Problem with the cultish aspect of this?   
    Interesting to see your point of view..  I usually have a nose for cultish stuff  and  mine hasn't twitched at all..    
    I think you'll be quite happy in giving yourself 30 days.. Just 30 days to understand and follow the directions!  Its really not all that horrific in any way shape or form..    Just try it..   Theres no koolaid in involved at all  
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    Physibeth reacted to LadyM in Pre-Menstrual and I want Chocolate.....   
    There's also evidence that women crave chocolate before their periods because it's high in magnesium and THAT's what our bodies actually need. I rarely crave chocolate now that I take a magnesium supplement. And I generally need to increase my dose significantly the week before my period.
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    Physibeth reacted to SugarcubeOD in Pre-Menstrual and I want Chocolate.....   
    First, eat up!  Your body is craving chocolate because it knows from history that it's a quick energy source.  Most of the time women coming up on their period and during their period need to eat significantly more... dont' forget, your body having a period is because it's prepping for pregnancy... it's wanting extra energy... so if you've been hungrier than normal, that's why and you should honor that and eat... there are people on this board that eat 4-6 full meals during this joyous (sarcasm) female time...
    Do not feed this craving with dried fruit, or nut butter, nuts, fruit, chia 'pudding' lara bars or anything else 'technically' compliant.  Eat fat and protein and try upping your starchy carb (sweet potato, potato, root veg)... if you're eating it once a day, try with every meal and see if that helps.
    It's not hocus pocus or media lore that when we menstruate we want sugar and to eat all the things.  It's based on a real physical thing that is happening... but you can manage it better than ice cream and chocolate.... just know it's not in your head...
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    Physibeth got a reaction from LadyM in LadyM's seduction continues (sur son propre velo)   
    Doing what works for you is what is most important! I also had a sugar free/ham free Easter and was totally fine with it. 
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    Physibeth got a reaction from Mary/Dave in Starting On March 28th!   
    The best way to kill the sugar dragon is to not feed it. So focus on savory foods especially when you have a sugar craving. This takes some discipline but its definitely doable.
    On the eating all the things. This is usually a response to not eating enough at least for me. When I focus on restriction and my willpower fades and my stress gets the better of me I eat all the things. Focus on eating 3 template meals a day, feeling satisfied for 4-5 hours between meals, and focusing on all the foods you can have not on the ones you can't will go a long way in combating this. I will say the biggest thing that this style of eating has done for me is reduced my binge eating tendencies about 99% 
    You can do it!
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    Physibeth got a reaction from jmcbn in Bowel Movement Question   
    What I'm seeing is a large lack of green things. I would try upping your veggies - especially leafy greens and see if that helps at all.