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    Ari. reacted to Settyfitness in Starting October 1   
    Only YOU know how YOU feel ....There aren’t many things in life where everyone has the same reaction. Not everything works for everyone. But a lot of those people it “doesn’t work” for haven’t tried it either. Go with what you know. You put in the work and you are reaping the rewards. We really change up everything in our house based on a recipe we love or want to try. Pork tenderloin is a grilling staple in our house but we cook with many different compliant rubs or sauces. So even if we are eating the same protein it’s never the same. Hope this helps! 
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    Ari. reacted to Meliena in Starting October 1   
    I have been there before. My sister is a physiotherapist and when it comes to food, she definitely feels like she knows everything. I was doing my reintroduction and she had a hard time believing that my allergies started back up when I reintroduced rice, because "no diet can eliminate allergies" and how did I know my allergies hadn't just subsided because of the time etc. etc. I just told her that maybe she was right, maybe she was wrong, but I felt better than ever so, for myself, I love the Whole30. Might not be great for everyone, but why does that matter? 
    When it comes to switching up sources of protein, eggs are an amazing source of protein, and I always keep some frozen shrimp and smoked salmon on hand just in case I'm not in the mood for red meat. 
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    Ari. got a reaction from Hopingandtrying in Starting October 1   
    Made it to day 6! Still going strong but...
    Despite having thoroughly read "It Starts with Food" twice and having total confidence in my decision to start the program, I let my brother get into my head last night and spent the whole morning googling "Is Whole30 good for you?" and felt a mixture of surprised/not surprised when all of the articles that came up said, "NO IT'S THE WORST DIET EVER SAYS NUTRITIONISTS." I had to take a deep breathe and remember the fact that I am the only person who at the very least knows how different foods make me feel. I resolved to keep going and try not to listen to the skeptics. 
    The way this all started is that my brother commented on me eating red meat every day, and said I shouldn't even be eating it once a week - and then threw in the "fact" that "meat in general is really bad for you and you should rarely eat it." Obviously having read It Starts with Food, I know this is not totally true, but there might be a little truth to it on some level for some people? 
    Anyways, I'm not really seeking to be reassured of the health benefits of the program, but I am curious to know how other people manage to stay confident and strong in the face of skeptics or evidence that some facet of the Whole30 is actually detrimental to your health. I know even Melissa would say the Whole30 isn't the perfect thing for everyone. 
    And, okay, maybe I do need a little reassurance that eating (high quality) red meat every week is really okay. Also would be curious to know how other people are switching up their protein sources (i.e. chicken twice a week, turkey 3 times a week, fish twice, etc.). 
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    Ari. reacted to GraceMelodie in Starting October 1   
    Good morning and Happy Day 6!  I am doing a reset, maybe for a couple of weeks or maybe for the whole month.  I haven't decided yet.  That is the beauty of Food Freedom.  It is amazing how quickly I feel great and my skin starts to literally glow when I do a reset.  I have completed 3 full Whole 30s over the last 2 years and many mini resets.  Each time I learn something new and really figure out what non-compliant foods/drinks are "worth it."  At the moment my clear skin and good energy is "worth it".  It definitely helps to follow along with a group on this forum for company.
    Great job so far, Ronald!!  It sounds like your body is still adjusting to the positive change in your diet.  You will probably feel better this week.
    The only time I have experienced "ketosis" breathe is when I don't eat any fruit, squashes or starchy root vegetables.  Maybe you can try adding some of them into your diet and see how you feel.
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    Ari. reacted to ElizabethG in Starting October 1   
    How's everyone doing? Any 2nd day questions, bumps, successes? 
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    Ari. reacted to ElizabethG in Starting October 1   
    Just want to chime in and say way to go for ending Day 1! I know I ate some satisfying food today, did you? I'm also being reminded that W30 can often mean less sodium because we're cutting out all of the pre-packaged foods, so make sure to drink all the water.
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    Ari. reacted to ronaldbellantone in Starting October 1   
    72 year old male, first whole 30.  Trying to keep a healthy profile and remove a few unhealthy choices  from my diet, also want to feel better and get that elusive great nights sleep.    Good luck to all
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    Ari. reacted to Tanya Strun in Starting October 1   
    Hey guys!! I'm also starting on the 1st!! I'm honestly terrified. I have a Hell and Back event on Saturday and that's the day I feel is going to be tough but the book said that that's not a good enough reason to post pone the start to a healthier self. I'm glad I found this forum because before when I told my friends and family that I'm starting something then something happened like injury or bad sleep and everything went downhill..
    I reeeeally want to stick to this for the next 30 days
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    Ari. got a reaction from Schoolontheroof in Starting October 1   
    HI! I'm also starting October 1st. I did the Whole30 a few years ago and (aside from the adjustment periods!) it was the best I had ever felt in my life - emotionally, mentally and physically. I've been "mentally preparing" to do another Whole30 for a few months... okay it's just been plain procrastination. I had to reread "It Starts with Food" and just finished this morning. My biggest issue is sugar addiction. Amazingly I've managed to stay away from refined sugar since February, the final straw was when I realized how detrimental it really is to my somewhat fragile emotional health (I have generalized anxiety and a panic disorder).  I'm hoping to live the rest of my life without refined sugar being a part of it. Fingers crossed.
    Most of my procrastination has been my tendency to overthink things and PERFECTIONISM. I've been waiting for the stars to align perfectly and feel like I know every single rule and how to handle every potential challenge before even starting. I'm telling myself that I just need to eat 3 complaint meals a day according to the template, and will do my best with all of the other rules/suggestions and nuances of the program (e.g. don't drink fluids while eating, eat 15 minutes after working out, eat organic meat but conventional avocados are okay etc.etc.). So much to think about!! It was hard enough convincing myself to start without having read every single available resource and book. 
    Anyways here I am! My birthday is October 20th so I'd like to be more than halfway through the program as a birthday present to myself. And I'm prepared to tell people that not eating birthday cake IS my birthday present to myself. 
    Also glad that I stumbled across the answer to the mysteriously vanished daily emails, I will miss those too!!
    GOOD LUCK to you guys! We got this! 
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    Ari. reacted to Joana Alejandra in Starting October 1   
    I am debating whether to start tomorrow or October 1st. Leaning toward tomorrow unless I realize I need more time to prepare
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    Ari. reacted to purplehaze in Starting October 1   
    I am starting tomorrow. I have gotten into intuitive eating and unfortunately, my autoimmune conditions went crazy. I need a reset.
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    Ari. reacted to LaurieS in Starting October 1   
    Hi, everybody! I'm starting the Whole30 on October 1st, too.  
    Here's to us!
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    Ari. reacted to fmreiser in Starting October 1   
    I'm glad you posted this, I have also been looking for these emails.  They were the best!  It was why I was looking forward to coming back to Whole30, best accountability system.  It made it SO easy and I loved hitting the I did it button at the end of the day.  I don't know if Im ready to pay for a coach since I did really well last time I did it years ago and I am super motivated, guess I'll try the journal.  That may change of course.
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    Ari. reacted to Yepa in Starting October 1   
    Hello all!
    Got the Whole 30 book and started looking it over.  Realized it was what I have been looking for.  Something that works with what I already eat/like but makes it more healthy.   Also am making some life changes that will make it easier to begin from scratch with having only foods around me that are approved.  So I have chosen October 1st as my start date and working on getting everything ready and set up to start putting best foot forward.  I know I will need encouragement and strengthening of spirit along the way lol.  Will be looking for where to sign up for those daily emails   Also I have a "diet" buddy to help keep me going.