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  1. aliciadunn

    Crock pot cooking. Anyone doing it?

    I am not much of a crock-potter just because of the logistics (my workdays are long, and I usually cook for just me and one other person, not a huge family like some of you!). But, I just CANNOT get enough of this pulled pork recipe from Everyday Paleo! It's so simple and no liquid needs to be added, but it still comes out so juicy.
  2. aliciadunn

    4/1/14 Start

    Hi all, I started on April 1 too! This is my third time but so far it feels GREAT!
  3. aliciadunn

    Chicken stock

    Is this it? Does it mention dextrose on the label?
  4. aliciadunn

    Too Much Fish?

    Hi Katla, that's a really interesting situation. I tend to believe that diversity is key, both to give your body a variety of nutrient sources, but also to prevent food boredom. So, if sticking to the "original" Whole30 means relying on canned salmon and tuna, and possibly eggs, you might think about using the Vegan/Vegetarian version with an occasional overlay of those fish proteins that you do eat. I'm sure others will weigh in but I hope that helps!
  5. aliciadunn

    Ghee. Whole30 without it?

    Hello - I am sure you already know this but wanted to remind that EVOO is for finishing/flavor and not for cooking with heat. Ghee doesn't really taste like anything, in my opinion. Great to cook with. Happy grocery shopping!
  6. aliciadunn

    Cellulite - Can we talk about it?

    Hi - I had similar habits to you in 2012 (mostly healthy eating, creamer in coffee). After my first whole30 in Apr 2013, the amount of cellulite on the back of my thighs was noticeably reduced. I've maintained a healthy whole30-like lifestyle since and it hasn't come back. I know this is just my outcome and everybody is different, but wanted to share. Feel free to send me a message if you have specific questions about my lifestyle or body type.
  7. aliciadunn

    Best thing you ever ate (whole 30 edition)?

    I can't believe it, as I am not a huge fan of crock-pots, but this, with a bunch of bell peppers: Runner up, for breakfast:
  8. aliciadunn

    Burger King's plain beef patty?

    I think eating anything at Burger King is probably a bad idea, but here is a link to the ingredients list for all of its menu items. FWIW, all it lists for the hamburger patty is Beef. Many of the other ingredients lists are terrifying.
  9. aliciadunn

    Can I Have... Almond Oil

    That sounds like a good idea for using the almond oil sparingly - i am curious to hear how it went too
  10. aliciadunn

    How often do you eat beef?

    I live in Washington DC and there is a specialty foods store with an excellent, experienced butcher who loves offering unusual proteins (kangaroo, alligator, etc.). If you do some research, you may find one in your area!
  11. I don't really want to add fuel to the fire and start an argument here, but for what it's worth, I avoid all kombuchas during my Whole30, even the ones that are technically compliant. Better safe than sorry.
  12. aliciadunn

    How often do you eat beef?

    Amerbino - I'm giving kangaroo a try for the first time this weekend. I don't want to sidetrack this message thread, but I would love some tips on how to cook it properly!! I am worried that it will be too chewy/tough.
  13. aliciadunn

    Pre-Made Paleo Whole30 Misses the Point

    I missed this topic the first time around in July so I am glad that the conversation continues. I too have mixed feelings about this. I think it would be wise to do one "old fashioned" Whole30 first - to shift your thinking about food, learn how to independently source and prepare food, to break old habits, and to fully understand the objectives of a Whole30. After that, I would say pre-made paleo would work in a pinch. Would I recommend someone to have 1000 dollars' worth of premade meals in one month? Heck no. But as we see topics like airplane food, squeezing in meals during work conferences, hectic family situations... these might work as one-offs in a pinch.
  14. aliciadunn

    Corn reactions

    Thanks for bringing this topic up. I am sorry to hear about your sub-optimal reaction. Serious question here: why do people eat corn? It doesn't do much for me. It's a pain to prepare and eat, doesn't taste that great, and kinda, err... passes through the body. I understand it's a pain-in-the-butt ingredient that seems to pop up in a lot of packaged foods, but do people actually prefer it as, say, a side dish?
  15. This is a good wake-call in understand where your food comes from. We have all been through these frustrating, eye-opening experiences! Personally, I consider fast food the devil... I am not a moderator, but I would suggest doing a Whole35 to make up for the Subway problem. Good luck either way.