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  1. senews

    High Cholesterol!!!

    Great news!!! I saw a great endocrinologist who prescribed Armour natural dessicated thyroid. After being on it for 2 months, my numbers are as follows: total: 185 HDL: 76 LDL: 93 triglycerides: 82 I'm so relieved and glad I figured out the real problem and didn't just blindly go on a statin. Thanks for all your support, guys! And get your thyroid checked!
  2. senews

    High Cholesterol!!!

    Thanks, Renee! I bought some liver and found a recipe on Melissa's blog to use. They weren't as ooky as I had feared! I'm getting my thyroid test on Monday, so I hope to have a little more clarity on what to do soon.
  3. senews

    High Cholesterol!!!

    Hi all! I just got retested for cholesterol since my numbers were a bit high in January when I had my complete physical. My numbers are below--should I be worried? My LDL went up over 50 points. My doctor's initial reaction was to put me on a statin, but I expressed my concerns and she said I could wait 6 months and get tested again, so I've at least avoided that for now. total: 290 HDL: 67 LDL: 200 triglycerides: 117 I did a Whole 30 in April and have tried to stick to it pretty much since then, although I've added cheese back in (but going to cut it back out after these test results) and I know I eat too much sugar (gosh darn it). I also eat a lot of eggs--at least two a day, although I do mostly get pastured eggs. Anyway, I have family history of high cholesterol, but I'm only 29 and otherwise pretty healthy. I haven't lost a lot of weight recently, mabye 5-7 pounds total since I did the Whole 30 (started out at 5'7", 124 pounds or so, I think I just have leaned out since changing my diet). After doing some research, I think I'm going to work to eat more organ meats and fish and perhaps add in a multivitamin to make sure I'm getting enough selenium and copper. Does anyone have any other good advice for me? Thanks so much! Editing to add that I'm considering having a complete thyroid test, primarily to check for my rT3 numbers since the regular tests didn't show anything unusual but I am zonked all the time, have cold hands and feet constantly, and research shows there may be a link between high rT3 and high LDL. Anyone have any experience with this?