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  1. Is there a place where that helpful information is gathered, by any chance?
  2. I wanted to give everyone an update. I made it through my Whole30 without problems but without huge changes in my body composition or energy. I've been working with some functional medicine docs and after a battery of blood, urine, and food sensitivity tests, it's possible I am sensitive to sweet potatoes and chicken...which I pretty much live on during my Whole30s. Now I know all the arguments about food sensitivity tests, but what I'm doing right now is an elimination diet without those 2 staples to see if that makes a difference. It does appear highly likely that I have "leaky gut" and auto
  3. I found some of the recommendations from your link...but where might I find the one about the starchy carbs, eating breakfast within an hour of waking, and so forth? I'm well familiar with the rules, having done 4 Whole30s now, but would like to "level up," as you say. Thank you!
  4. I follow the template - palm size serving of protein surrounded by veggies (usually squash, sweet potatoes, and something green a portion of fat (avocado or homemade mayo) and a serving of fruit, like a handful of blueberries.
  5. I'm on day 18 and nary a hint of Tiger Blood in sight. I've been following the template of a good protein (venison, chicken, eggs, or salmon cakes) plus lots of veggies (squash, turnips, cauliflower rice, sweet potatoes, mixed with some greens like broccoli and spinach). I'm trying to limit nuts since they don't always play nice with me, so I don't have more than one serving per day. I try to have avocado or Whole30 may instead, or MCT oil in a pinch. I've limited my fruits to apples or berries. I rarely snack and I haven't been doing pre and postworkout meals because my workouts are relativel
  6. I actually have been combining Crossfit and running (Galloway) for a couple of years with great success for a couple of marathons, though this is the first time I've introduced a lower heart rate into the mix. I'm not an elite runner by any means; my goal always is just to cross the finish line with a smile and no injuries. I've been following the PowerSpeedEndurance training plans since my first marathon, and have cut 40 minutes total off my (admittedly slow) time. So my goals right now are threefold: 1. Get my hormones back in balance and my sugar consumption under control. I suspect I
  7. I haven't had peanuts or soy in forever! I did quit my usual supplements and am just taking the ones my functional medicine doctor recommended! I think they're all pretty much soy free. Today (day 8) hasn't been too bad. I do think my pants are about the same, but this round isn't about weight loss for me...I figure that'll come when I get my hormones and everything back in balance, and get that sugar under control. It's much more about getting some energy back. What day are you on?
  8. VERY helpful...thank you. I'm doing Maffetone Low Heart Rate training for running, and the recommendation is to keep the HR at or below your MAF max for strength training as well as all runs. So I do go as hard as I can on my Metcons, but of course they're not all created equal, LOL. Anything overhead or involving burpees = instant max heart rate! I just started the training, so I'm hoping my intensity will increase even at a lower heart rate. But of course they are usually extremely short - I think the max length last week was 15 minutes. i will try that post-workout recommendation - I d
  9. So I normally eat breakfast around 8 or 9:00, then go to Crossfit or run at 11:30. i then eat when I return from Crossfit, usually around 1-1:30. Thus far, I have NOT been eating anything extra prior to or after my workout. Right now, I would not call my Crossfit workouts continuously high-intensity. As a general rule, I do about 15 minutes of warm-up, 15-20 minutes of slow strength training, and 15-20 minutes of a Metcon with my heartrate in my aerobic zone. My current weekday runs also are not what I would call "high-intensity" - usually 2-5 miles of low heartrate training, which
  10. I've been eating it since doing my first Whole30 in 2013...never an issue!
  11. So this is my third Whole30 and I'm doing it for a couple of reasons. Mainly, however, my sugar demon has been out of control for a really really long time, and as a result my energy has been in the toilet, I have had terrible ongoing allergies for the first time in my life, and even some asthma-like symptoms. I first noticed it all while training for a November marathon and decided to go get checked out at my doctor. I had a stress test that showed a "slight" abnormality in my EKG, which led to a panic attack and a plethora of cardiac tests - all of which were completely normal and actually p