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    LindaLee got a reaction from Angelia in Time Is Moving So Slowly But My Nose is Running Fast   
    So this is my third Whole30 and I'm doing it for a couple of reasons. Mainly, however, my sugar demon has been out of control for a really really long time, and as a result my energy has been in the toilet, I have had terrible ongoing allergies for the first time in my life, and even some asthma-like symptoms. I first noticed it all while training for a November marathon and decided to go get checked out at my doctor. I had a stress test that showed a "slight" abnormality in my EKG, which led to a panic attack and a plethora of cardiac tests - all of which were completely normal and actually pretty darned good, thank God. However, my blood pressure and cholesterol both were still elevated. Though my doctors are great people, they basically just wanted to give me meds and see what happens.
    That doesn't work for me, so I went to some functional medicine doctors and am in the midst of several additional tests to try to locate the cause of the high cholesterol and BP (besides just "your genes"). I am on a very small dose of BP medicine and right now my BP is normal when I measure it at home. A second round of lipid tests showed a 60-point drop in my cholesterol though I had changed nothing - which suggests either the prior test was an anomaly or whatever caused the issue is a cyclical one. 
    2 years ago I was almost exclusively Paleo, then I changed to a carb cycling diet and reintroduced rice, oats, and gluten-free items such as breads (usually those made with rice or potato flour) to my diet. 
    So the most recent step was to embark on a new round of supplements and launch a new Whole30 to see if getting the sugar and the other grains out of my diet help with my symptoms. The timing is perfect because I am between goal races and also have begun low heart rate training for a spring half marathon and a fall full. So I don't have to try to go full force at the gym or during my runs.
    I'm on day 7 and true to the schedule, I just want to nap, LOL. Plus my nose has been running non-stop for a couple of days. Overall, I still feel pretty tired, and though I know this isn't does seem like 30 days are taking quite a while to pass. I just wanted to find a place where I could talk about the process - hopefully not complain but just share - and learn from others' experience. 
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    LindaLee reacted to kirbz in Pre-Workout Meal- Confused!   
    Oh dear, that article blew my mind a little bit. It Starts with Food and the Meal Template are my Whole30 Bible. And now they're wrong! *Gasp* 
    What I got from that article is this: 
    Pre-Workout: 2-3 hours before workout; combination of protein and high-fiber carbohydrate IntraWorkout (for continuous, moderate-to-high intensity workouts longer than 45 minutes): protein and fruit juice or fruit   Post-Workout: within 60 minutes;  lean protein, high-fiber carbohydrates, and lots of veggies  So, no more fat when it comes to fueling a workout? So what happened to the whole concept of being fat adapted?? 
    Hmmm... Wow.... I really liked understanding the science of this all and now this doesn't make as much sense to me!
    Are there any other resources that might help? Any chance that at least the Meal Template will be updated in the short term?