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    Nicole M got a reaction from gatork in What about DARK (VERY) CHOCOLATE   
    The enjoy life chocolate is amazing. Just thought I would throw that out there.
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    Nicole M got a reaction from Sharon Simpson Thumann in Trader Joe's and Costco options   
    My husband and I eat both. We eat a lot, so it is just not economical for us to buy all organic. I try to buy organic ground beef from Costco because ours does not have any grassfed. I tend to buy conventional chicken. At one point I joined a meat CSA from a local farm, but it just was not enough meat for us, so we always ended up having to supplement, which ended up being more expensive. Luckily, my husband's dad is getting ready to slaughter 2 cows at his place in Kentucky, and is going to bring us half of one of them. Totally grass fed and pastured. I am trying to talk him into getting some pigs next
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    Nicole M reacted to Terez in Joined our first CSA!   
    I bought into a CSA for the first time too. Deliveries start in mid-March. I am both looking forward to it and feeling daunted at the prospect of cleaning and prepping all that produce! (I have a full share and it's just me here.)
    That's a steal on the pastured chickens for $11.50. I pay around $20 a bird and I'm getting a good price! Of course, that includes the bones -- but still!
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    Nicole M reacted to Susan W in Chicken vegetable soup   
    When you have the stock, the rest is simple. I have a big batch of stock cooling right now. This is what I will do with some of it. I also have all of the chicken from the whole chicken that I cooked in my slow cooker to get the stock going.
    I will chop up leeks (onions are fine), garlic, carrots, celery and mushrooms. Heat coconut oil or ghee in an appropriately sized pot. Saute onions until translucent, add garlic for 30-60 seconds until fragrent. Add carrots and celery. Saute for about 4-5 minutes until carrots are tenderish. Add mushrooms. Add any spices or herbs you want. I like thyme, salt and pepper. Add chicken and stock and let simmer for just a couple of minutes.
    If you want a Mexican type soup, add chipotle chili powder and cayenne after the veggies. Let cook for 1-2 minutes before adding stock and chicken. Add a can of compliant tomatoes. I like spicy, so I add lots of cayenne and chipotle chili powder.
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    Nicole M got a reaction from Raven Murray in Whole 30 OUTLAWS   
    Day 20
    Schedule was off a bit because of the Grand Opening at Sean's gym...
    Pre-Wod: hardboiled egg, mac nuts, applesauce
    M1/2: Brisket, green beans (from Famous Dave's, so it might have had some crap in it, but I don't know... it was the cleanest stuff I could find there), almonds/walnuts, carrots and cherry tomatoes, strawberries
    M3: Meatza with home made pizza sauce, onions, tomatoes, red peppers, La Croix water
    That WOD at Mt. Vernon kicked my booty! I am super sore today....And I really wanted to try the beer that they had there, but refrained! I am not going to bail on day 20!! At this point, I am feeling really good. My appetite has evened out, my energy is high and my pants are loosening! I am starting to think to the end, and how i am going to maintain when i get finished with the 30 days.
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    Nicole M got a reaction from Derval in More food/calories   
    I was just telling my hubs today that I love being able to eat tons of food, and still feel good and look good. Never again will I count calories or worry about fat content...unless, of course, I am looking for high fat content.
    He has "mantabolism" is frurstrating for us women, but so true. I feel like men have to eat SO much more than women to feel husband eats us out of house and home!
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    Nicole M got a reaction from Derval in More food/calories   
    I was just telling my hubs today that I love being able to eat tons of food, and still feel good and look good. Never again will I count calories or worry about fat content...unless, of course, I am looking for high fat content.
    He has "mantabolism" is frurstrating for us women, but so true. I feel like men have to eat SO much more than women to feel husband eats us out of house and home!
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    Nicole M got a reaction from sharronwynn in Whole 30 OUTLAWS   
    Where is Fresh Market?
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    Nicole M got a reaction from sharronwynn in Whole 30 OUTLAWS   
    Day 17 (!)
    M1: scrambled eggs with chicken apple sausage, blackberries, coffee with coconut milk
    M2: salad with spinach, tomatoes, carrots and tuna, handful of mac nuts, applesauce
    M3: chicken breast baked in olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder, grilled asparagus and roasted butternut squash, applesauce
    The cheese is hard, Rob!! I've been dealing with that demon the whole time!
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    Nicole M got a reaction from JordanA in Day 18, already planning to binge..advice?   
    I've Melissa say somewhere (I don't remember where or I would quote it) that you can be healthy and not be PERFECT. You are doing a W30, which is important, but the W30 is not a lifestyle in an of itself. You can sometimes splurge on things you want, but you have to know how that is going to impact your body and your overall health. You have to find the balance that will help you stay the healthiest long term.
    Personally, I am counting down until I can reintroduce dairy. I've struggled the most with my cravings for cheese and greek yogurt. I am pretty positive that I have no issues with dairy and unless I discover something huge, I fully plan on eating this long term.
    On the other hand, I know how gluten effects me... so this is something that I will "splurge" on, but do not plan to eat regularly because I know how I feel afterward. These are all choices we have to make on our own...
    I think it's totally normal to want to go back to old habits, change is hard and uncomfortable. At least you have the ability to know what is going to make you healthy or not and can use that to your advantage.
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    Nicole M reacted to sharronwynn in Whole 30 OUTLAWS   
    YAAAY NICOLE. GOOD JOB! I wanted wine and beer this weekend, but resisted, and my eating times were wayyyy off this weekend too. HALFWAY HALFWAY!
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    Nicole M got a reaction from sharronwynn in Whole 30 OUTLAWS   
    Sharron-- what is this peppermint oil? I feel like my breath smells, lol.
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    Nicole M reacted to Trisha Carpenter in Whole 30 OUTLAWS   
    Pretty good week..... Very blessed to use the gym's paleo meal system for lunch and dinner throughout the week. The temptation to endless snacking has been killing me. I've found myself eating hard boiled eggs, avocados, nut and apples or just trying to get in bed early to sleep off the temptations. I've intentionally increased my non-coffee water intake 3 folds from just about nothing and it's helped tons with curbing hunger. I feel great and have noticed a difference.
    My eating landmines are obligatory lunches with co-workers - when I was invited for pizza I was so proud of my response. "I would love to join you for lunch, would you be offended if I brought my own?" Of course they responded no.... not going to let these lunch bunches and social feeding frenzies bamboozle my goals.
    I've also been focusing on the spiritual side of clean health – I look forward to reading “A 21 day journey to a new you FOOD, FITNESS, and FAITH for women†it is pretty inspirational in being healthy. Every night it has a journal so there is work. After reading this week I realized that I'm not just committed to the 30 day challenge, but I truly have to unlearn and relearn everything I was custom to growing up when it came to eating chicken nuggets, fries, the Hungry Man, or pizza for dinners.
    Looking forward to Monday and being able to get beyond week one….
    Bon appetite
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    Nicole M got a reaction from Trisha Carpenter in Whole 30 OUTLAWS   
    That sounds awesome, Raven :-) Let's try to schedule something like that!
    If you guys are feeling bad during workouts, I've read on here a lot (and followed the advice) that eating more carb dense veggies (like sweet potatoes or winter squashes) helps with workouts. I have been doing that, and my workouts were better. They also say though to not pay too much attention to PR'ing and all that during your first couple weeks, because your body is adjusting to the new foods and becoming fat adapted. But it will come back
    Anybody to the "Kill All The Things" stage yet??
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    Nicole M reacted to Mariah Baseman in 3rd whole 30 and STILL not losing weight - what am I doing wrong?   
    You're going in the right direction!!! It's such a hard concept, I totally get it! Through caloric restriction (seriously, I aimed for 1400 calories) and HIIT/CrossFitting 4-5 times a week, plus extra lifting and a bit of cardio, I did lose weight. For about a week. Until my body went into preservation mode, and I gained weight, body fat, and inches. In an effort to "lose the weight," I punished myself by going further, harder, longer with my workouts and restricting my carbs to 30g/day pushing myself into severe ketogenisis. This whole process took 4 months.
    I stopped weighing myself at that point because my pants kept getting tighter, my developing abs disappeared, and I started getting nagging injuries. And I got so strung out into adrenal fatigue, I wasn't sleeping well and went into the busy season with my job (I'm a self employed wedding photographer) that way.
    Finally, I was so fatigued and broken, I ran a red light and had an accident because I was simply zoning. No texting or anything. And then my body shut down. Depression, physical ailments, joint/muscle injuries, weight gain, even hysteria a few times from the changes in my body. I couldn't work out for month.
    6 months later, today: I gave up CrossFitting for a deadlifting/strength program which my body is loving me for. I still miss sprinting-incline intervals, but my body doesn't. And I'm about as lean (finally!!) as I was a year ago, before everything happened.
    I'm still not cleared for pushups because it jacks my shoulders up and gives me migraines, which I haven't had in a month now. But I can do pullups and toes to bar with a modified grip. My nagging hip thing *still* isn't cleared, but my chiro/sports & recond. specialist is working on it to the point where my squat weight is back up to where it was a year ago. And my hamstring tendonitis, which is the first major injury I received almost a year ago, has minimal time left with the rehab protocol.
    My body forced me to take a step back and heal. It was brutal.
    My pants still don't fit, but that's cause I'm a deadlifitng machine. Time to get new pants. And I'm okay with that because skinny-fat girls can take their skinny jeans and muffin top, sit on my bar, and I'll lift them up.
    And honestly, like everyone is saying... Start noticing and paying really close attention to your workouts and your performance, stamina, attitude, etc. Notice your skin, hotice your jeans getting looser, or heck, even notice the cellulite (hey, we ALL have it, right?? ) start disappearing. Let THOSE be your benchmarks. Weight is nothing.
    Please pardon the rambling story, but your story really touched me... let yourself rest before it's too late! The W30 is a perfect time to do that.
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    Nicole M reacted to Melissa Hartwig in Can I have Marijuana   
    I'm not really sure how to respond to this. First, as far as pain management goes for serious conditions, I am aware of the uses and benefits of marijuana. If this is something you've talked about with your doctor, I'd certainly support medical use. If you're taking your own pain management into your own hands, well, I can't really help you with that. Do I think 10% - 30% of marijuana users become addicted? The research shows that to be true. Do I think smoking anything (putting smoke into your lungs) makes you less healthy? I do. Do I think there are downstream effects of smoking/ingesting pot that may interfere with other healthy pursuits? Yep. Is it illegal? Still, yes (even in Washington, as far as the federal government is concerned).
    But I can't really tell you what to do in this situation, as I don't understand your chronic pain, and how ingesting this substance might help. Would we ever say marijuana is okay during the Whole30? Hell no. But you're all grown-up people with your own unique contexts and full awareness of the consequences of your actions, and you are free to engage in whatever behaviors you feel are appropriate for your situation.
    Best, Melissa
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    Nicole M reacted to Raven Murray in Whole 30 OUTLAWS   
    So, I think we may have had a breakthrough last night...which is good and bad. Good: I slept from 9:30 to 6:45!!! And Chris fell asleep on the couch and didn't wake up once (until I ran around like a crazy woman at 6:45 because I slept in an hour-bad). More bad: I didn't cook breakfast or make our lunches so Chris is on his own today and I have to eat what I can find at the grocery store, luckily I have a Fresh Market near work. My head hasn't felt this clear in forever, not kidding. I haven't slept a whole 9 hours in forever, even when I lack sleep a night before, that will normally carry on a few days. Im a happy camper right now!
    Not going to lie though, yesterday (day 9) was the hardest. I wanted bread sooooo bad, but how I feel right now was worth the day long struggle of not eating a muffin. I don't even feel the need to take a nap on my metro ride...which catching flies in my open, sleeping mouth is a regular occurrence.
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    Nicole M got a reaction from sharronwynn in Whole 30 OUTLAWS   
    Raven, bring in a veggie tray or something... and some guac. That's what I would do. It's easy
    Also, some of us talked about this yesterday in the gym... but get the coconut milk in cans. Whole Foods has them to 1.99 or something per can, which usually last me a week of coffees in the morning. There are no funky ingredients and they are shelf stable. I usually buy 2 or 3 at a time because I don't go to WF that often. It makes the coffee more tolerable, for sure.
    This weekend I am going to have a cook-a-thon and make some stuff for next week. I didn't have time to do that last weekend (because I was out bingeing on unhealthy food and beer with Sarah Jane...) and I am bored with my food. Definitely going to try a frittata-- I need a better way to get veggies in my breakfast. I also might try some of Raven's egg muffin things, those sound delicious!
    Great job guys!!!
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    Nicole M got a reaction from sharronwynn in Whole 30 OUTLAWS   
    Day 2:
    m1: 2ish scrambled eggs (Ben made them), breakfast salad of baby kale, strawberries, tomatoes, blackberries and balsamic vinegar, coffee with coconut milk
    M2: 2 apple gate farms hot dogs with mustard and onions, raw carrots and cucumbers with guac ( this was not enough food)
    Per-WoD: handful of raw cashews, tablespoon of coconut butter
    M3: ribeye steak, sweet potato coins fried in ghee, roasted asparagus
    doing well, but I am tired. Not sure if that has to do with W30 or not. I'll have to monitor to see if this changes. WOD was decent today, except that I suck at double unders AND snatches
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    Nicole M reacted to Susan W in Finally got it right! Homemade mayo   
    That was a fun read. I really want the recipe for sweet potato salad recipe. Going to wing it.
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    Nicole M reacted to Kerrym30 in Whole 30 OUTLAWS   
    FYI, some soups at whole foods are whole30 compliant and on Friday grass fed beef is on sale (one benefit of working enar whole foods)
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    Nicole M reacted to Mistie Gleason Cottrill in Kombucha SALE!   
    We stocked up!!!! So awesome!
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    Nicole M reacted to andrea.trafford in Whole 30 OUTLAWS   
    Hello everyone,
    I started on the 2nd and I must say that I think I finally rounded the corner as far as sugar cravings go. I am starting to have more energy when I first wake up and still have the same amount of energy at 4pm. Keep it up!
    My favorite website is called is called It is full of yummy and amazing recipes, my favorite one so far is
    The cowboy scramble
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    Nicole M got a reaction from Kerrym30 in Whole 30 OUTLAWS   
    Day 1: I work from 12:30- 9 on Mondays, so my eating schedule is always sorta screwed up and I generally only end up eating 2 meals... I need to work on this.
    1: 3 fried eggs; raw peppers and carrots with guac; coffee with coconut milk (at about 10:30)
    2: Well Fed's Cumin-Lime Carnitas, on mixed greens with peppers, onions, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and guac (YUM!) ( at about 5:15)
    Also snacked a bit in the afternoon, cashews and some sliced peppers with guac. Also drank about 2 Brita pitchers of water.
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    Nicole M reacted to Raven Murray in Whole 30 OUTLAWS   
    1 lb ground beef
    1 6oz can green chilies
    paprika and pepper (I didn't use very much)
    mash together, make your patties, and grill or cook on the stove top.
    I added some homemade salsa, avocados and grilled onions. Yummy!