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  1. #SeptemberWhole30

    @NoneOtherThanAmy my favorite sauce on almost anything is chimichurri Tonight on Day 22 I cooked Pork Braised in Coconut Water from Michele Tam's (Nomnom Paleo) new cookbook Ready or Not. The prep wasn't very complicated, but it did take a few extra minutes to brown the pork chunks. Then it just simmers on the stove for 90 minutes (she includes directions for cooking it in the crockpot or Instant Pot). It is very good!!! My husband really enjoyed it. The flavors are more subtle, especially compared to most of the sauces and marinades I've been cooking with lately (like chimichurri!). There was a lot of broth left in the bottom off the pot, which I poured into a jar. I'm thinking I can use it to make a serving or two of soup. I also made my go-to kale salad which is raw kale, a vinaigrette dressing, some sliced dates and and some sliced almonds. The trick to making the raw kale salad-worthy is to massage it! Sprinkle a tablespoon each of olive oil and whatever kind of vinegar you are using on the kale, and massage it for a minute or two. This really softens it and makes it much easier to eat raw. Like @alw289 and @NoneOtherThanAmy I am working on the food part of the equation before ramping up my exercise. The good news is my knee feels significantly better, so I can handle more activity. I also have more energy so I am hoping to get into a more productive routine that includes getting to the gym more regularly. @Bookgrrl You are a warrior! hope things get better very soon.
  2. #SeptemberWhole30

    @NoneOtherThanAmy I've been using Nutpods all month. I bought a pack of the pumpkin spice and I like it a lot. I think the flavor is pretty low key, not at all overwhelming. I'm thinking it wouldn't flavor a soup enough to make it worth it. But then again, if you want to get rid of it, butternut squash soup would probably be the perfect place!
  3. #SeptemberWhole30

    P.S. my dishwasher is getting quite a workout. And there's always a pile of bowls, pots and pans in the drainboard. I used to run the dishwasher every 2 or 3 days, now its almost everyday. It's not a problem, just an observation.
  4. #SeptemberWhole30

    wow! @stacie66 so beautiful! OK, I will share a photo too. I went to the farmers market this morning. I already cooked the green beans, marinated them in a mustard vinaigrette and threw on some toasted sliced almonds. Made this last week and my husband asked me to make it again. Then i sliced some of the little plums and chopped some of the cilantro on my way to a fruity salsa. Covered the grill with marinated chicken breasts and a nice piece of wild tuna. Whenever I grill, I always try to grill up a bunch of chicken for salads, etc. We were supposed to go to Martha's Vineyard this weekend but the remnants of Hurricane Jose have canceled that trip. In a way, I am relieved b/c I know it would have been very challenging to stay compliant. So back in the kitchen! I am also feeling very good. I have "chronic crappy left knee" syndrome and my knee feels MUCH better. Also sleeping better, which is the first thing I noticed after my first W30. Let's keep the positive energy going!
  5. #SeptemberWhole30

    Hi folks, After a couple of days feeling blah, I feel much better today. I spent most of the day writing for work, but I had laser focus and the words kept coming! I did some food prep before I sat down at my computer and after I felt like I had gotten a good chunk done, I went back into the kitchen and did some more. Yesterday I made the broccoli soup and its good but not great. Part of the problem is that it was kinda hot yesterday in NY, and probably didn't belong on the menu. Well, I froze some and will eat the rest over the next day or two. I also made mayo to embellish and top a piece of bluefish. The fish was very moist and tasty, that was a success! Today I roasted some beets and a sweet potato that was hanging out. Naturally sweet, those are sure to get gobbled up in no time!. Made a tuna salad for lunch and then a ranch dressing to use up the mayo. And I am marinating something chicken drumsticks and shrimp in a cilantro/ginger marinade that I will toss on the grill soon. @stacie66 I have made cauliflower rice many times. I prefer to roast it and then add other ingredients like the pilaf one at the bottom. oooooh pork carnitas....... yum! I love my crockpot more than my instant pot. But I think if I used the Instant Pot more, I would become a "pt head."
  6. #SeptemberWhole30

    Sept 15 means day 15 for me! wow, that's halfway! At this point the biggest challenge is all the time required for food prep. I have times when I wish I didn't have to go back into the kitchen to plan and prep for the next day. So far I haven't buckled, but I have come close. Overall, I feel really good. But.....the other day I went out to dinner, and despite asking lots of questions, I have a feeling I missed something and ate something non-compliant. I felt crappy that night and had difficulty falling asleep. We are going to be out of town for a few days next week, which will present challenges. Taking our bikes to Martha's Vineyard with a bunch of friends. No car, no cooler. I made stuffed peppers and used leftover chimichurri sauce instead of a tomato-based sauce. It was good, but the chimuchurri sauce didn't add as much flavor as I was hoping. But I was able to use up a bunch of veggies that got thrown in. I actually keep a small basket in my frig for veggies that can be chopped up and thrown into omlets, soups, stir fries, etc. Half an onion, or bell pepper, etc. Here's a recipe that actually appeared on my W30 instagram feed the day AFTER I made mine. I used the recipe in the W30 book. Planning on firing up my Instant Pot this weekend for curried cream of broccoli soup: Its a great way to add veggies to any meal, add a cup of vegetable-based soup! @NoneOtherThanAmy yes more fish! but it takes planning so it can be cooked and eaten on the same day as purchase. I try to buy only wild-caught fish and I try not to freeze it. @crkohring so frustrating..... but I think just about everyone who completes a Whole30 knows it probably was only 99% compliant at best. Something is bound to sneak in and you may not even be aware of it. I've never used a Whole30 approved partner, like Thrive Market, but maybe that's a great option so you don't have to spend hours reading labels.
  7. #SeptemberWhole30

    How is everyone doing? I am now 10 days in; that's one third done! Mostly feeling good, but still a little sluggish. I am enjoying having my mom here, and certainly very relieved that we were able to get her out ahead of Hurricane Irma. My mom is a tiny lady, and even though I was thinking "oh, need to buy more food!" it seems like she barely eats anything! She has been enjoying the meals I have been preparing. Luckily I am not tempted by the cream cheese or Special K cereal she asked me to buy. For dinner yesterday, I made chicken breasts with scallion ginger pesto from Ready or Not, Michelle Tam's new cookbook ( Wow! it was and the leftovers still are delicious. I blanched some green beans and made a mustard vinaigrette for them, and added roasted sweet potatoes. So good! Today I made a chimichurri sauce, coated some turkey cutlets and threw them on the grill. I also baked some ripe plantains in their peels, peeled them, rolled them in a spice mix and threw those on the grill too. Added a tossed salad. Have lots of leftovers for the next couple of days. Chimichurri on a fried egg is eggselent! @snowflower I can't wait to make egg roll in a bowl! @stacie66 Hope Irma runs out of steam before you do! Sounds like the east coast dodged the bullet. @alisonmae How are you feeling? The carb flu is rough, hope you are getting past that phase. How are coffee people doing? I have been using nutpods and even starting to like it. I ordered a 4-pack of regular and the pumpkin spice flavor today. Might as well live dangerously. I also make sun tea often. Hope everyone has a good week ahead.
  8. #SeptemberWhole30

    Hi folks, doing well here on day 7, but today was a tough one. My 87 year old mom lives in southern Florida, and my family spent the day figuring out how to evacuate her. Could not find a flight that was not sold out. My son who lives in North Carolina flew down and is now driving her back to NC. I am so blessed. Spent the entire day wound up into a ball of anxiety. I went to work but then turned around and came home. Luckily, I had packed 2 meals for a long work day (work from 9-7:30). I ate what I had packed. It was actually helpful to not have to think about preparing food. If I walked into a supermarket, I would have headed straight to the ice cream or the oreos! Yesterday I cooked this whole roasted cauliflower. I also made the mustard vinaigrette to top it. Yumm! Only problem, my husband dislikes anything cauliflower, so its up to me to eat the whole thing. I am starting to feel less fat. Not sure it is pounds lost or just less puffy, but definitely feel like my pants are not quite as tight. And my cranky knee is less cranky. But I do feel a little sluggish. Hoping that will pass soon. @Ali_in_WI Something I did during my last W30 when confronted with a vast array of noncompliant foods, was Shoot It Don't Eat It. I would take a picture and then post it on my Instagram acct. @Christel3M Hang in there, it will get better. @NoneOtherThanAmy I would go for Well Fed Weeknights if you feel pressed for time. Well Fed 2 if you have a little more time in the kitchen. Many of the recipes are on her website, so you could start there and get a running start!
  9. #SeptemberWhole30

    I am reading this while eating my lunch-- a big tossed salad with paleo ranch dressing and salmon cakes! And I agree, canned salmon can be a bit nasty. Last night I made roasted pork belly strips in BBQ sauce! kinda like this, but I added some red potatoes and red peppers to the onion and used a compliant BBQ sauce. My husband was worried when I pulled the leftovers out of the frig this morning for my breakfast, thought there wouldnt be leftovers for him for lunch. But there are. I survived a potluck picnic yesterday by making sure I had my meal with me so I didn't need to eat chips, cookies, and pasta salad. This is my day 5, so far feeling good and in control.
  10. #SeptemberWhole30

    Hi everyone, jumping in here, started my third W30 on Sept 1. Like many "repeaters," I am pushing the reset button because I have let many of those bad habits and excuses creep back in. I am 61 years old, and fighting chronic inflammation. Cranky knees, slow thyroid, etc. My husband did the first 2 with me, which was very helpful. He doesn't feel the need to do this one, but since I do 90% of the cooking and food shopping, he is coming along for the ride. He absolutely doesn't mind and he knows he can't bring home a giant hunk of cheese! Since we aren't going out of town this holiday weekend, I have the opportunity to do some cooking and food prep. Yesterday I made chicken mole in the crockpot. Today I am thinking salmon cakes. Here's the recipe I like: (p.s. I absolutely love Mel Joulwan's Well Fed cookbooks!). I also have Pinterest boards, this one is for recipes I have tried and plan to make again! They are mostly but not all W30 (ignore mac and cheese down at the bottom). We are going to a potluck picnic tomorrow. Thinking cucumber salad... but I also know I have to be prepared to feed myself since I probably won't be able to eat most of what my friends bring to share.
  11. Starting Sept 1st

    What's for dinner on Day 2? How is everyone feeling?
  12. Starting Sept 1st

    How is Day 1 going? So far so good for me. I just finished dinner, a nice piece of roast chicken, half a sweet potato and some kale salad. Nothing fancy. I prepped my crockpot with chicken mole and put it in the frig. That will cook tomorrow while I am out on a bike ride. We're not going anywhere this holiday weekend, so I will have the opportunity to do some W30 cooking (Sunday is probably going to be a rainy day anyway). I am going to make these salmon cakes over the next couple of days. We are going to a potluck picnic on Monday. I will have to make sure I am prepared to feed myself; probably won't be able to eat most of the wonderful and delicious foods my friends will bring.
  13. Starting Sept 1st

    I'm in! Starting today. This is my 3rd W30. *Aurora* I think we did our last round together back in Feb. I have also gone very far afield this summer and need to push that reset button. Its a beautiful day here in metro NYC!
  14. My intent is set for September 1st.

    @Southie you don't need Trader Joe's or any special store to be successful at W30. Just go to the supermarket and buy lots of fresh vegetables, the best quality meat you can find/afford, and start building healthy delicious meals! Don't think about replacing foods with W30 compliant foods, think about all the wonderful food that is readily available and dive in. I admit there are a few things I can't find in the supermarket and I order them online--coconut aminos come to mind. September in the US is the perfect time to do a W30 because fresh food is so abundant here at this time of year. The farmers markets are in full swing. You are just coming into spring, right? I did a W30 last winter and prepared lots of delicious meals. This community will help you do this without a Trader Joe's.
  15. My intent is set for September 1st.

    Hello Yolanda and Jenabean, my name is Shelly and I will also be starting W30 on Sept 1. This is my 3rd W30! It seems every 6 months I need to kickstart my healthy eating habits. I did the first 2 rounds with my husband and that was very helpful (esp the first one). He doesn't feel a need to do another W30 this time but since I do 90% of the food shopping and cooking, he has to come along for the ride. He also understands that he cannot bring noncompliant food into the house. I am 61 years old and fighting chronic inflammation--thyroid issues, cranky knees, periodontal issues. The W30 helped with these issues. I need to get back to eating right to feel good. I am trying to use these last few days to get close to the W30. On Friday I will give up my coffe with milk and sugar! I like starting on a Friday because if I can get thru Fri then I have the weekend to deal with any "hangover" before returning to work. This time I will have a Monday holiday as well. Looking forward to sharing the journey.