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  1. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    Re-intro lesson #1. Oatmeal in the morning and quinoa pilaf at dinner. I did not fall asleep until 2:30! Ugh. Grains are out (although I may try oatmeal again).
  2. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    That's really good advice, thanks!
  3. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    Awesome! I am definitely not adding sugar or wheat back in. I already know wheat is a problem for me. And sugar.... sugar is just bad.
  4. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    Hello on day 31. I have decided to start some re-intros and made myself a bowl of oatmeal before I saw that the recommendation is to start with legumes. Not missing beans that much but i would really like to add oatmeal back into my diet so I decided to start there. I will probably make a quinoa pilaf to have with dinner. Anybody else doing re-intros?
  5. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    Happy Day 30 everyone! I am doing well, definitely feel more energy and focused. This is my 4th W30 and this time I feel a shift in my mentality. I feel stronger in many ways, not just food related. When my boys were teenagers and leaving the house to go to a party, etc. I used to tell them, "make good choices." I feel like I am practicing what I used to preach! I am sleeping much better. That has been the most obvious NSV for me with every W30. I feel less "chubby" and my clothes fit better but I don't think I have lost more than a few pounds. I have spent more time at the gym which kinda goes with the "good choices" theme. I plan to do a slow re-intro and transition to a paleo lifestyle. But my first concern is SuperBowl Sunday! Eating anything and everything is definitely a bad idea b/c that would blow up the re-intro process. But allowing myself to eat "1 thing" (potato chips) and rationalizing it as re-intro is BS. Not going to the party is not an option b/c I have to live in the real world and not a W30 bubble. Anybody have any thoughts on SuperBowl Sunday?
  6. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    uhhhh....... who's still in? how about some NSVs?
  7. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    Just made carrot soup in the Instant Pot. I ended up using this recipe since it was designed for the IP : (used 1 leek instead of 1 onion) Soooooo gooooood! Used my new immersion blender and it worked great. I didn't realize it before I opened the box but it has a removable shaft for cleaning. So I could put it in the dishwasher. Like. (and now I can return the jar of cardamom that cost something like $11!). Also Like.
  8. Travel-Nut Pods

    I brought an unopened container of nut pods with me ON THE TRAIN. Had a small frig in my hotel room so that worked out. Then I tried to bring another one on a plane. That one got confiscated when I came thru security. Liquid, more than 3 oz.
  9. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    I cannot believe we are at day 26! This evening my husband told me that he is done. He didn't make that decision and then run out to eat something he's been craving, but he is having a glass of wine as I type! He just doesn't feel different enough that he feels compelled to continue. He agreed not to bring non-compliant foods into the house (I don't really drink so having beer or wine in the house is not a problem at all). I will definitely continue through the full 30 days and then try to reintroduce some foods. @DebG44 I am really liking sheet pan dinners! I made one tonight too, sausage, peppers and onions. And there is even a serving leftover for breakfast tomorrow. I love brussel sprouts, and I haven't had any during this W30. Might need to try this one next. Bought a few things on Amazon to support my W30 lifestyle! Nutpods for my coffee, a new immersion blender, and these: 100 little disposable salad dressing cups! I am usually a very environmentally concerned citizen, but I was just getting so tired of dealing with little containers for salad dressing and not losing them and washing them. The entire top rack of my dishwasher is filled with plastic reusable containers so I hope to be forgiven for using disposable ones for salad dressing. Oh, and they are also perfect for jello shots. I am going to make carrot + cardamom soup tomorrow, but wondering if I can do it in the Instant Pot. But will have a chance to use the new immersion blender. Who's cooking this weekend, the last of this January Whole30?
  10. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    @DebG44 I am probably going to do a very slow and thoughtful re-entry so I will be staying mostly W30 probably thru Feb as well. I feel like I am just getting to the point where I am noticing those NSVs. Want to keep moving in that direction. Fighting chronic inflammation requires a long term strategy. I am sleeping much better and I definitely feel less "chubby." Clothes aren't as tight. Not dramatically so but enough for me to notice a change. I live near a large Korean supermarket and they have the biggest freshest most diverse produce dept. and some different cuts of meat, esp pork. I buy pork bellies and fry them up to replace bacon. They also have 5 varieties of sweet potatoes and the oriental ones make great noodles. So that was on my breakfast plate today. Have 2 meals packed for my long day at work today. Stay strong. Remember the Alamo!
  11. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    While in San Antonio, I had the exact same breakfast every morning and a variation of salad with chicken on top every evening. When I got home last night, my husband said he defrosted some chicken breasts so we would have something to eat tonight. NO. MORE. CHICKEN.
  12. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    @KTH1010 I am glad to hear that you are going to keep going. I hope you have a turnaround in the next 9 days and you start getting some real sleep. Is there someone that can cook for you, even for a few days? Maybe that would help with the boredom?
  13. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    Good morning from San Antonio. I am at a 3 day meeting plus 1 day of travel. It's been tough but I am doing the best I can which is pretty good but not perfect. I packed 2 meals for the trip down which was a very good thing because my original flight was cancelled. It turned into a very long somewhat stressful day. The hotel has a hot breakfast with scrambled eggs and sausage and lots of other things that I can't eat. For lunch and dinner I've been eating variations of grilled chicken on a salad. Chicken fajita salad. Chicken Cobb salad. And last night I had a taco baked potato. So probably not totally compliant but as close as possible. It feels like good practice for food freedom forever! I have no cravings when they roll out the cookies, granola bars, Coke and chips during breaks. I know this sounds corny, but when I feel myself faultering, I remember the Alamo. I think of what they must have endured, surely I can endure limited food options while I am here. Remember the Alamo! Stay strong.
  14. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    What a wonderful birthday gift! Congratulations and your partner is right, you have been eating right for the last few weeks, and now have all the more reason to stay the path!
  15. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    @mom56 Sounds EXCELLENT indeed! And so adaptable to anything in veggie bin in your frog. I was inspired by your "oatmeal type" breakfast so I looked for a similar recipe and found this one: I had a can of pumpkin puree instead of butternut squash. Threw everything in the food processor and BOOM! ready in no time and really delicious! Warned in the microwave, topped with some fresh fruit and walnuts, bacon on the side. I would have e whipped up another batch immediately but don't have another banana .