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  1. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    What a wonderful birthday gift! Congratulations and your partner is right, you have been eating right for the last few weeks, and now have all the more reason to stay the path!
  2. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    @mom56 Sounds EXCELLENT indeed! And so adaptable to anything in veggie bin in your frog. I was inspired by your "oatmeal type" breakfast so I looked for a similar recipe and found this one: I had a can of pumpkin puree instead of butternut squash. Threw everything in the food processor and BOOM! ready in no time and really delicious! Warned in the microwave, topped with some fresh fruit and walnuts, bacon on the side. I would have e whipped up another batch immediately but don't have another banana .
  3. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    Hey where is everybody? We are HALFWAY! Anybody gotten to tiger blood? Anybody struggling because they think they should be over the hump but they are not? Tomorrow I go back to work after a 3-day weekend! Today my husband and I went to see The Post followed by a yoga class. Both excellent! Many scenes from The Post were filmed in our little city of White Plains. It was fun to recognize some of those spots. Remember the picture I posted of all the food I bought on Saturday? Well, 3 days and I have cooked and prepped so much of it! The eatin' is good in this neighborhood. I made sausage patties (great for breakfast), sheet pan broccoli and shrimp (Fast & Easy cookbook, delicious), a whole chicken with gravy in the crockpot (very good but whenever I cook a whole chicken I feel like my whole kitchen is coated in layer of chicken grease), cream of mushroom soup in the Instant Pot (husband loves mushrooms and he loved the soup), mustard rubbed pork tenderloin with baby carrots (another sheet pan winner from Fast & Easy cookbook), kale chips (always a fav) and kale salad. I thought I was going to put a good amount in the freezer but as usual I underestimated the amount of food 2 people eat, even in 3 days. In our non-Whole30 lives, we would not have eaten all 9 meals at home. Even though this is the 2nd W30 my husband and I have done together, I am still surprised at how much food it takes to feed 2 people 21 meals per week. Well, I did put some in the freezer and I have close to 2 days worth in the frig, I came to this as a person who enjoys cooking, but I think I might start looking for some shortcuts. I spend ALOT of time in the kitchen. I am not at tiger blood yet, but definitely feel more energized and in control. Not just of food, but everything. How are you doing at the HALFWAY point?
  4. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    Steph Gaudreau is a paleo/fitness/lifestyle blogger. I found this blog post very insightful. Focus on getting healthy, no on losing weight. Then decide how you will take up more space! Get stronger.
  5. Freezing soups with coconut milk

    I am about to make creamy mushroom soup in the Instant Pot. But a pot full of soup may be too much for 2 people to eat without getting bored. If it has coconut milk in it, can I freeze it?
  6. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    This breakfast was huge for me but now I am ready for a cold winter day! Are other people eating this much at breakfast? Oriental sweet potato noodles sautéed over spinach with a little Italian dressing, homemade sausage patty, fried egg, and some avocado slices. And coffee with Nut pods.
  7. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    Went shopping today. $100. I almost always think I bought too much food but it usually all gets eaten! I am planning on making sheet pan shrimp and broccoli for dinner. Also breakfast sausage patties. Feeling very good! Sleeping great. Jeans not quite as tight! Wish it wasn't so darn cold but even a Whole30 can't change that.
  8. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    @Olivia R Haven't made this in a while, but I wrote "Yumm" in the cookbook.
  9. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    @mom56 yumm! I love to make breakfast concoctions too! Today I sautéed some parsnip noodles (spiralizer!) with some spices and threw them over a bed of spinach and added a bit of salad dressing. Fried egg and a slice of prosciutto. Boom! Even @Lew was intrigued.
  10. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    Hey any Instagram people? Whole30 has a fantastic insta feed. Every week, a different Whole30 foodie takes over the feed and posts all kinds of recipes. At the very least its inspirational. But I have used many of the recipes and ideas.
  11. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    Greetings on Day 10. I feel energized today! Hoping this is an indication that I am turning a corner. I made a trip to Albany NY for a meeting. It was difficult to navigate meals, but I stayed with it. Lesson learned: staff are more than willing to help you if you make specific requests. But you have to speak up and ask. I am sure they are used to dealing with people with all types of dietary restrictions, but I never wanted to be one of those people. This was a big step for me--it is OK to be "special" and ask for modifications. Example: we had lunch before we left. They rolled out a grilled cheese bar with 3 different types of grilled cheese sandwiches. There was a tossed salad as well, so my choice was either have a big salad with no protein or ask for something else. I asked for something else and they brought me a piece of grilled chicken for the salad. Today is my day off and food planning/shopping/prep day. My food planning tends to a little less structured. Instead of planning very structured meals, I usually plan components that can then be mixed and matched over a few days. Today I already made taco meat, a tossed salad, and spiralized parsnip noodles. For lunch I had salad with a green goddess dressing, taco meat over parsnip noodles that I sautéed in Magic Mushroom Powder, topped with leftover taco sauce (from Fast&Easy recipe). Yum! I am going to make chicken tinga in my Instant Pot a little later and maybe something with sweet potatoes. @MistyJG I loooooved the Shape of Water too! Even more than Ladybird.
  12. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    @alicia b This lasted 3 days for me, and I did force myself to eat, even if it was very small meals. It was difficult to eat the right balance of foods, but I did stay compliant. This is my 4th W30 and I have never faced this before.
  13. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    @sunshine33 Shoot it don't eat it. When I am tempted by all those "off plan" treats, I take a picture of it and then walk away. Then you will have a photo gallery that demonstrates your strength and resolve.
  14. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    Making progress, so far I have had 2 meals without too much difficulty. For breakfast, I made a hash with half a baked potato, peppers, onions and spinach. Then a fried egg and some prosciutto. I actually enjoyed my lunch!--big turkey meatball with taco sauce, roasted green beans and half a mandarin). Overall feeling better today. I was even motivated to go to the gym. Went to yoga then I went to Whole Foods. Bought a tin of NomNom Paleo Magic Mushroom Powder, among other things. Bought some compliant sausage and lox as breakfast options. @Susie1276 I only spent $51! Not sure how I escaped without dropping $100. I am going to a meeting tomorrow morning, coming back on Tue. I will have to navigate 4 meals. Going to check the hotel to see if there is a frig and pack some food. Today is day 7, that's ONE WEEK DOWN! Stay strong.
  15. Accountability partners for January 1st 2018

    @Susie1276 I have the opposite problem! No appetite. LOL who would have thought not wanting to eat would be a problem. Just finished making Big Turkey Meatballs from Fast & Easy with roasted broccoli and cherry tomatoes. i think I will be able to eat this for lunch. Progress!