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    this is my current thread where I pretty much talk to myself about food. You are welcome to pop in for a chat! 
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    Hi, @littleg! Good to see you, too! It sure is a different place around here than when I used to be a regular years ago. You're a certified coach now? Awesome! Whole30 is still simply the best thing. I'm sure as more people copped onto it, the social media activity has shifted to IG and FB and such. But I still am fond of the forum and all it offered me when I was just a pup starting out. 
    Good for you for coming back to being well fed and nourished in every way with W30. Enjoy!
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    Hi LadyM!  Nice to see a familiar name around here :)  Day 77... what a great feeling!  And all that movement - how awesome!  I sure hope you don't end up locked down again  
    After a 3-4 month stint with "mostly" carnivore I've decided to go back to what feels more nourishing and do a W30.  I popped into the forum for the first time in almost a year... and... wow, cobwebs :)  I used to love this place and the support!  And I find it so useful looking back at my old logs... Anyway, just wanted to say hi because your name was the only one I recognized
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    I've got to come back.  The bad habits I've developed since I was last here have got to stop.  I love to eat mostly Whole30, most of my meals are compliant and include lots of vegetables, but between meals I totally lose it.  With the cooler weather I started baking again. Oh how I love to bake, and eat, those sweets.  Now I have painful inflammation in my feet and ankles, and milder inflammation in my knees and hips.  It hurts to walk.  Every step hurts until I get "warmed up."  So just walking from the couch to the pan of squares on the kitchen counter hurts, but I do it anyways.  I've lost control.  
    And so I am back.  I will begin now, this evening.  Freeze those decadent squares and hope my family eats through them fairly quickly.  Fingers crossed I can keep away from them.  See, the thing is, since I was last here I trained for and now I run 5K three times a week.  Sore feet and ankles do not make walking or running enjoyable.  I want to run more than I want to eat sugar. I remember how well I felt when I was eating compliant to the plan.  The only way that I can get back to feeling great is to go all in, so here I am.
    Hi to my old friends/followers here on this forum.  I took a few moments to catch up and read through your latest entries in your logs.  I missed you.  I look forward to journeying together with you to better health.
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    Day 69
    Big day of meal prep. I slept soundly through the night for the first time in eons last night, and I feel like I have a different kind of energy today--thankfully so, because I have a lot to get done! Including moving furniture so the last of the painting can be finished--yahoo! Then my aunt and uncle come next weekend to help me install a new floor in my office/yoga room. It's all getting to feel quite wonderful here. Like home, as they say.
    I'm also reintroducing increased fats after my doctor-supervised thyroid protocol has come to completion, and my oh my is it wonderful to have avocado and ghee and homemade mayo once again. Here's my plan for today:
    M1: kale and eggs with pork belly and coffee with vital proteins and nut pods (experimenting here with some increased protein)
    M2: roast chicken and brussels sprouts
    M3: tri tip with mashed cauliflower and horseradish mayo
    I included links to recipes above because they're especially good. Simple, but good. Just the way I like. Life is delicious, no?
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    Just coming in to say Hello and your stew looks amazing.
    For mayo I use Mel Joulwan's recipe ( and it has never called. I just make sure everything is at room temperature and don't even do the slow drizzle. However nowadays, compliant mayo can be purchased. I use Primal Kitchen brand but it may not be available on store shelves in Israel.  Also available online but shipping would probably be prohibitive.
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    Wow, thanks so much for the advice! I will check it all out!
    I never heard of golden milk but it sounds great! I may actually give it a try. Do you have a good recipe?
    I did make a batch of egg muffins to have on hand and they turned out rather unappealing. They are still stashed in my freezer for when I need some extra protein.
    I did manage to fix some of the bad batch with an immersion blender but I haven't made more because I haven't needed it. I will definitely try again with the immersion blender even though I don't really understand why that's better than a regular blender.
    Thanks Rachel!
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    Hi Tamar!
    I like to put half almond milk, half coconut milk into my coffee. Drinking black coffee gives me a stomach ache. Sometimes I put a little vanilla extract in, spices, even pumpkin puree. I like "golden milk" and it's good in coffee. I just make the golden milk without the sweetener. You can also make a really strong tea with things you like, such as mint, and then put that into your coffee.
    I really like the NutPods that LadyM mentioned, but I am not sure what it's like to get that outside of the USA, especially since you're already halfway through now. Also, as she mentioned, bulletproof coffee is also good.
    One of the lunches we liked to have here, and maybe it would be a good breakfast, was fried eggs over turkey, with slices of avocado and tomato on top. Sometimes I put mayonnaise on top too.
    I also like to chop up some onions and vegetables (usually peppers), and then potatoes or sweet potatoes, and fry them. Then I scramble an egg and add it to the pan, and cook it as well, so that it's all one big mixture.
    Also, these egg cups are also really yummy:
    I saw you were struggling with making your own mayonnaise. Do you have an immersion blender? That's how I make mine, and it turns out every single time. Here's my recipe:
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    LadyM reacted to tamar in My first time? Or second? 3 years in the making   
    Update: Day 14
    Shabbat #2 was much better than the first. I made an effort to make special yummy compliant food and it was so worth it. One highlight was a recipe for meat-stuffed eggplants that I happened upon in one of my non-Whole30 cookbooks (read: one of my cookbooks that isn't The Whole30) and it is always so exciting to discover a recipe that is just naturally compliant with no modifications required! I also relaxed a little regarding sweet tastes (staying well within the rules of course) for Shabbat only- I had been following @LadyM's advice on that but it was good to have a break on my special day.
    Today's challenge: I volunteered to make dinner for a friend who just welcomed a new baby, and my go-to dinner in that case is my favorite (vegetable-barley-lentil) soup and homemade pizza. I love my pizza! I thought about making something compliant but decided to go with my usual, and that way my husband and son can enjoy the soup and pizza as well, while I have Shabbat leftovers for dinner (which are much more appealing than last week's). I don't really mind and I'm happy not to have to think any more about dinner, since there aren't enough leftovers for everyone. Still, I hope I don't regret coming so close to pizza. I don't think I'll give in and have any, but this will be a major craving if I'm not careful. [Update since I didn't finish writing this before dinner: Yeah I would love a slice of pizza but I'll be OK. I don't think the leftover pizza in the fridge will bother me any more than the nutella in the pantry. Oh, and the 4yo decided he wasn't in the mood for pizza tonight. Of course ]
    Next up: This coming Shabbat we are planning on going to my parents. I'm looking forward to the extra family time and I trust my mom to pull off making W30 food for me. (She can probably do it better than I can, even though she doesn't believe in it.) I'll probably bring myself some stuff anyway, I have to think about what will work best with my mood and what my mom is making. The whole family will be there so I may get interrogated a bit but I can handle it. 
    In other news, I have a cold. I usually have a cold all winter every winter, and since it just got really cold here, here we are. It felt a little weird to not be eating/drinking all of my usual cold weather comfort foods but it's OK. The craving wasn't as bad as I'd expected.
    Ahh. It smells like one of my neighbor is frying something yummy. Dough of some sort. Not craving that either, just the smell is annoying.
    Overall I would say I'm feeling just fine. Not incredible yet. The only thing that happened so far is that I'm drinking less coffee, probably in part because I have more energy and in part because I can't find a good milk substitute. So basically, I'm fine.
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    LadyM reacted to tamar in My first time? Or second? 3 years in the making   
    Funny story: dealing with major food boredom and being sick of leftovers, I combined my leftover chicken soup and Cholent for the most Jewish soup ever. I threw some spiced nuts I made for salad on top and it was great.
    Still struggling with cravings. Not giving in yet. And that apple juice is still in the fridge.

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    I hope you enjoy your dinner whatever it turns out to be. Congrats on your outdoor run, and hope you can get those allergies under control. That will help your performance infinitely, I'm sure. As for breakfast, one of my faves is soup this time of year. Once it's made just put some on the stove and heat it up. Very nourishing and satisfying.
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    October 28th-I made a series of bad choices because of poor planning and ended up giving up for 5 straight days.  I've already been noncompliant for my first meal today, but I'm restarting today.  My pain levels are so clearly tied to what I eat, but it takes a few days for impact to kick in.  Wouldn't it be so much easier if as soon as I ate something inflammatory, my pain shot through the roof?  Almost like eating bad seafood and having a reaction within just a few hours?  But it's not like that, it takes a few days.  I know this.  My desire to have pain controlled  has to be stronger than my desire to eat brownie bites if I'm going to do this.  I think the fact that I have done multiple W30s is a double-edged sword.  On one hand, I'm well-experienced and have meals and prep down.  On the other hand, the novelty is worn off and I know that it only takes a few days to see positive effects.  
    Committing to my restart.  
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    LadyM reacted to decker_bear in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    I've been eating Raisin Bran Crunch for breakfast most days. Why? It's easy. I need to find some "easy" breakfast things that don't require pulling out the skillet and cutting boards. 
    Lunch today was solid - Aidell's sausage, spaghetti squash, Newman's Own pasta sauce and grapes. 
    Anxiety has been kinda overwhelming today. Not overwhelming, exactly, but ever present. Anxiety has a tendency to drive my snacking. 
    I did my first outdoor run in a really long time yesterday. I did 4 miles "wogging" (half walking, half jogging) and finished in just under an hour. That's not fast, but I did it and I finished it. My allergies flared up and did not respond to medication. I was miserable the rest of the day, all of last night and into this morning. I finally felt better after the 2nd dose of allergy meds I took this morning. Note to self: take allergy meds BEFORE going outside to run. 
    I don't have a plan for dinner. I'm sick of protein and veggies. 
    I feel like I'm just whining today. Gotta pull out of the funk. Maybe a fun, new dish for dinner will help. I still want to try the Paleo Pad Thai - maybe we'll give that a shot. 
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    Day 62
    I got my kitchen unpacked this morning!!! Very excited to cook the first of many delicious meals in my new house today.
    That is all.
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    So very true. Love that you have your eye on this prize, for it truly is a prize, isn't it? I swear the longer I'm off sugar the less appetizing it is--and I can hardly remember the struggle, which is so. very. real. Not feeling addicted to sugar is probably my favorite thing about W30 and the thing that makes me most cautious about reintroductions. I was walking through a store yesterday and felt repulsed by all the bags of Halloween candy. Such a nsv to see that stuff as waxy nonfood poison this time of year. Really holding the intention to be mindful about sugar throughout the holidays this year. Maybe stay away all together. I'm just not sure any of it is worth it.
    Though I'm with you on the coconut/chocolate combo, especially if you throw in some almonds. But I imagine if I bit into an almond joy right now or a mounds, it wouldn't taste good at all. Whatever is keeping your cravings at bay at the moment, bravo!!
    Can't wait to read about your slain sugar dragon very soon! You got this, grurl!!
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    Ok so I'm 5 days in (breaking my previous record!) and while it wasn't easy, it was not as bad as everyone makes it sound. I think it was like this on my first try as well.
    I am having lots of sweet cravings. I know I need to ignore them, but I am also not sure if I need to avoid any sweet fruit or juices to get over them. Still learning here. My husband bought me a bottle of apple juice because he thought that was the only treat I could have (this may sound a little 5 year old of me but I love apple juice! I only buy it as an occasional treat for myself) and I had to say thanks but no thanks
    I am also having major food boredom. Is that normal at this point in the program? I know I am supposed to get sick of eggs but so far I am loving them (I had a couple of shakshuka-inspired breakfasts that were amazing!) It's the meat (and tuna and chicken) that I'm sick of at this point. I'm not a big meat eater so it's hard. 
    Oh, and coffee. I found unsweetened almond milk but I am really not enjoying it. Coconut milk is a little better, but I still find myself not wanting coffee as much as I normally do. I keep thinking about what it says in the book that if you don't like coffee without milk and sugar that means that either your coffee is bad or you don't really like coffee but only the things you put in it to make it better. I drink instant coffee, but it is the best instant I've found. (Jacobs is the brand. Don't know if they have that in the US.) Or maybe I don't like coffee as much as I thought. I definitely need the caffeine though (we are not sleeping through the night yet!) not to mention that I just miss my yummy cup of coffee. What are the best ways people have found to drink W30 compliant coffee?
    As I expected, Shabbat was the hardest day. Shabbat is generally everyone's favorite day, lots of family time and lots of good food which is integral to the meaning of the day. Not having dessert was very hard, and the food did not excite me. I made a Cholent (Shabbat stew) by just cutting out the beans and barley from my regular recipe and I don't think that was a good idea- the meat was too intense. I think next Shabbat I will need to make more of an effort to make special food instead of just compliant versions of the same old.
    Now we have lots of leftovers from Shabbat to feed us for the next couple of days. Usually I love that because I don't have to make dinner. Now all I can think of is all that meat. But it's still nice to have a break from cooking. I'm looking forward to my chicken soup for dinner tonight. And then I will need to figure out how to repurpose that Cholent. Frying an egg on top or putting it in a salad? Not sure. 
    Other things that happened: I failed twice to make mayo and have yet to succeed. I looked in my local health food store but I couldn't find a compliant one. I may decide to try to fix the failed batches, or not.
    Also, I roasted a whole chicken to make bone broth and then I was eating it all week. Have I mentioned I'm a little sick of meat?
    Hoping better days are up ahead.... In the meantime I'm thinking of more creative ways to have eggs for breakfast. And ground meat, because that's another way to get creative and I haven't had too much of that yet.
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    I'm curious how you make it! Technically you need some serious machinery for that. But truth is if you have the right spices that's all that matters.
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    I know exactly how you feel about imperfect foods! haha
    The shawarma is really good! And the garlicky sauces totally makes it! Although I can’t say that I’ve ever had it in a restaurant, I’ve only ever made it at home. So I could be so wrong! 
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    Your food looks and sounds amazing!
    I love/hate Imperfect Foods so much. Such a bummer when it turns out you don't get what you ordered but you still have to figure out a way to procure it!! Oh well. First world probs.
    How's the chicken shawarma recipe? Not frequenting my favorite Lebanese restaurant is kind of the only hardship I'm having with my Whole30. I'd love to have some decent shawarma!
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    Yeah, that's what I'm trying to do. Cook like I did before, just more meat and less other stuff. Though some of the recipes I've found look soooo good 
    I hope I remember to update once in awhile! Good luck to us all!
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    So I didn't think I would post here because I'm not into sharing things online, but then I thought I might need a place to talk about this a little because in my world nobody is really interested in this Whole30 business.
    I'm Tamar, 31, mom of two adorable boys from Israel and I have been waiting for three years to be able to make this journey.
    I first came across the whole30 about 3 years ago and I don't remember where. Maybe there was an article about it on the kitchn or something. Anyway, I decided I wanted to give it a chance and I did. I bought the book and I even posted a bit in here.
    I lasted 5 days.
    I should say, 5 whole days because I made the decision to quit on day 5 but I didn't eat anything off-plan until the following morning. So five days.
    I was incredibly overwhelmed by all the cooking. Not that I don't cook for my family every day, but the planning and prep wore me out. In retrospect I realized I was trying too hard with all the recipes from the book instead of using my own recipes which I know and love, many of which are compliant or can be easily adapted.
    Anyway, I decided the time wasn't right so I quit. And ever since then the whole30 was like this old boyfriend I wanted to give another chance but was waiting for the right moment. I was TTC and I didn't want to do my first whole30 while pregnant or even potentially pregnant. Long story short, two years later I was pregnant and promised myself that after I had the baby and after the holidays I would give it another shot.
    So here I am.
    The timing seems good. Here in Israel we have a big batch of holidays in the fall and then Chanukah in the winter, so this seems like the perfect time of year. My little guy is 6 months old so I'm not dealing with a newborn and we're already on solids. I'm not particularly worried about my milk supply dropping but we'll see how that goes.
    I am doing this alone. I nag my husband about enough things without dragging him along with me on a diet he's not interested in, but I think he will benefit from eating what I eat (when he wants), and besides, this is really the kind of food he likes. He (unlike me) is a simple food non-foodie kind of guy. As for my kids, the little one doesn't eat much, and the 4.5 year old is super picky. He rarely eats meat or vegetables and I had no thought of taking him along for the ride. This is about me and that is not a battle I want to fight right now.
    But, unlike my first attempt, now I successfully explained the program to my husband and earned his support. This is huge because up until now every time I mentioned that I wanted to try again he responded with "oh please don't!", that's how bad it went the first time around.
    I have lots more to share about my expectations and challenges, but day 1 is drawing to a close and I am almost ready for bed. So far so good! 
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    My main issue yesterday was being terribly bloated and gassy...the significant increase in vegetables, I imagine.  And tired and achy.  I could barely ride my bike 3 miles around the neighborhood.  I didn't dare try for more than that.  I know this is all part of the process, and it tells me I'm on the right track.  If I need to take a nap today, I have time in my schedule to do so.  
    Day 6. Feeling a little blah.  Slight headache.  Not as tired as I expected to be.  No pain/achiness this morning.  
    M1-scrambled eggs and compliant bacon in olive oil, over a big pile of arugula and topped with compliant Dijon
    M2-leftover beef Bolognese over zucchini and spinach
    M3-Chicken Caesar salad with cucumber and compliant Caesar dressing.  I may "bread" the chicken with Paleo Powder, though I tend to really love this and sometimes overeat the chicken as a result.  I'll see how I'm feeling when it's time to cook.  
    Short walk with the dog this morning because I slept later than normal.  I will take her to a local trail this afternoon.  With the time change this coming weekend, we won't be able to get out in the woods after work for much longer.  
    No obvious NSVs yet...I'm in better control of cravings, but I think I'm still operating on willpower as opposed to biochemical change. 
    Halloween is traditionally difficult for me.  Many years, I start a successful campaign for healthy eating (W30 or otherwise) at the start of September and sustain well through Halloween, when I often fall off.  Fun size Mounds bars are my absolute weakness.  Sometimes I get myself back on track and continue through the holidays, sometimes I'm off the deep end all of November and December.  No trick-or-treating this year, so no need to buy candy.    
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    I didn't post yesterday just because I sometimes don't make time to get on the computer on Sundays.  
    Day 3 went well, as did yesterday.  I went on a lovely 4 mile walk through a local arboretum, experiencing all the lovely colors of fall.  Not only was it good exercise, but good mentally, too.  
    Day 5 - already.  I said yesterday went well, but I was mildly tempted by the thought of Dunkin Donuts pumpkin muffins.  I drove past several billboards advertising another week, they will have no impact on me whatsoever.  The beauty of W30-taming the sugar dragon.  
    M1-3 eggs scrambled in olive oil, compliant bacon, served over arugula and topped with compliant Dijon mustard
    M2-I have a little autumn salad left from Saturday night, but not enough for a meal.  Last night I finished all the leftovers.  I think I'll order a W30 bowl from Chipotle.  
    M3-the beef bolognese over zoodles that I have yet to make because I've had enough leftovers.  
    I'm very achy in my knee and hip this morning.  I didn't walk any longer collectively than usual yesterday, but there were more hills than I'm used to.  Maybe that's why?  But it's one-sided achiness.  Plus, it's a damp and foggy morning here.  The dog and I had a short walk in the dark this morning but then she got a thorn or burr in her foot, so we cut it short.  I think I'll ride my bike to round out today's exercise.  
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    Day 56
    It's official: I'm a homeowner!!
    I closed this morning and popped over this afternoon to check on the painter. And this is hilarious to me: the first thing I  moved into the new space was all my booze. I emptied out my bar and grabbed the boxes of wine from the basement and I had FOUR BOXES of the stuff, all of which I haven't touched in the more than one year since I moved the last time.
    The thing is, I'm a party girl. Come summer and come the holidays I'm kind of famous for being a good time and loving to have a cocktail or two. My people are from Wisconsin and Texas and it's how we do. My entourage of gay friends are all about it. The Dude manages a bar. 
    But the thing is when I stop drinking I don't miss it. I mean AT ALL. Really makes me wonder why I even ever do it anymore. I guess to be social. And I do love a nice wine with a good meal. Or a fun cocktail poolside. But the pandemic has interrupted all that, and frankly, as I continue to recover from COVID, I don't think I need a powerful immunosuppressant like alcohol in my life for the foreseeable future. I think I'd rather ring in 2021 sober and perhaps even still on W30. Who knows.
    This morning I was awake super early and opted to roll out my yoga mat and do a decent practice. I'm teaching a yoga class for the first time in months (online) Wednesday, and it seemed only right to get back to the mat myself. It felt good. And challenging. Slowly getting back to it. And I may have more opportunities once again to teach yoga and barre since the studio closed. So, I'm excited about that possibility.
    And I've been contemplating my daily and weekly practices and how very much I look forward to establishing new patterns in the new house. I have an enormous finished basement for which I have no plans except yoga and other fitness activities. It will be wonderful to have designated space for that. Feeling so out of shape lately despite the weight loss and better nutrition--and it's simply because I haven't been moving my body much. But I think the rest has been needed. And in good time, a return to physical practices will come. I'm not going to push it, but I am looking forward to getting stronger on purpose. Little by little.
    Food today is fine. I stopped at Costco before closing and picked up more orange roughy and shrimp to see me through this week and next until my Butcherbox arrives. So thrilled to get to break in the new kitchen! But first, I must finish packing the current kitchen!
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    LadyM reacted to MadyVanilla in Take Advantage   
    Day 2 went well.  I ended up having day 1 leftovers for dinner, which were just as good the second time.  I slept terribly last night-I woke up almost instantly each time I drifted off to sleep.  Finally, I got up, got a handful of almonds and 2 dates and read for a while.  Sleep was still rough.  I slept later than normal as a result, and so didn’t do a morning dog walk.  
    Even so, I feel fine.  I’ve planned meals and ordered groceries.  I’m taking the dog for a long hike in a little while.  Planning a campfire dinner this evening with a friend who is doing Whole 30ish eating.  She assured me the chicken she is barbecuing is compliant, and I’m going to bring a fall salad made with apples, pomegranate, pecans, and a vinaigrette dressing that I’ll make.  
    Day 3
    m1-2 eggs, asparagus, sliced leftover steak topped with compliant dijon
    m2-rest of yesterday’s shrimp salad with cucumber slices
    m3-chicken and fall salad
    Nothing else to report, no expected barriers today.