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    LadyM got a reaction from anniejean83 in Kombucha Makers Unite; Where to ask and be answered   
    Hi gang! I've hopped on the bandwagon and am attempting to grow a SCOBY in my pantry from a bottle of regular GT's and a cup of sweetened black tea. I feel like a kid again doing a science experiment. So fun!
    Though when I was in the fifth grade I never imagined I could have partners in crime from all over the world via the magic of the intarwebs. . . . Love. It.
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    LadyM got a reaction from ag919 in Changes in Menstrual Cycle   
    My period was five days late with my Whole30, and I've never ever ever ever in the 25 years I've been menstruating been late. Not through chemo, marathon training, nothing.
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    LadyM reacted to jmcbn in 9 Belfast Bites   
    It's been a busy few days in God's Country, and a glorious few days too... Friday was a study day as always, and on Saturday there was a long training session in the morning, followed by a spot of gardening & some quick food prep. A good friend from the gym got married early in the afternoon and a little crowd, myself included, were invited along to join in the wedding celebrations. Food was a plenty, the champagne was flowing, and 'the craic was ninety' as we say around these parts - in fact we danced until the wee small hours before taxi-ing home and heading for bed - our spirits lifted from the festivities. 

    Sunday was a day of much needed rest, sitting on a deck chair in the garden, chatting with my boys, and BBQing as the sun went down. Sunday was also a day of food trials as I felt it had been long enough since the fried eggs earlier in the week, and I had some smoked salmon in the freezer just waiting to be eaten... So, for Sunday lunch I had three eggs scrambled with spinach & ghee, smoked salmon, and a generous serving of cherry tomatoes slathered in mayo. The scrambled eggs were like manna from heaven after all this time, and the combination of flavours was perfect for eating al fresco... and there was absolutely, positively no bloat. None whatsoever. I was ecstatic.

    At this point I won't be going back to eggs for breakfast every morning because I really want to start reintroducing more regular quantities of FODMAPs and I'm interested to see how that works out, particularly if I start combining; and to get a true indication of what/how much I can tolerate each meal/day I think it's wise to keep the eggs to a minimum - for now.

    It was a long weekend for many people here, but not for me unfortunately, so while the boys enjoyed their day off in the sunshine today I had a full day of software training at work - so full in fact that we didn't stop for lunch. In the olden days I'd have been shaking & hangry & tetchy as anything by home time, but since switching to this way of eating I find I can go longer & longer without food. And whilst I wouldn't ever recommend skipping meals I managed to last from breakfast @ 6:45am this morning, until dinner @ around 6:15pm this evening, with only water in between.

    And in other news I had tracked down an email address for a photographer I used to work for back in Greece and sent him an email last week in the hopes of catching up when I'm over in July. I hadn't been in touch with him via this email address for 8yrs (because, well... life...) so I was doubtful I'd even get a reply but am pleased to say I heard back from him on Saturday morning - this trip is going to be such a HUGE trip down memory lane, and I cannot wait!   

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    LadyM reacted to kirkor in 9 Belfast Bites   
    I've been GF for years but I still love the smell of baked stuff. Reminds me a bit of when a friend quit drinking but would ask to sniff other people's cocktails ... yeahhhh, he's back to drinking.
    I don't go around sniffing people's donuts, but I do enjoy the errant waft here and there.
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    Corn-fed chickens are a thing. A BIG thing. A BIG EXPENSIVE thing on some menus here. The wife of an old friend used to always order corn-fed chicken, served with corn on the cob when we went out, and I always thought the yellow skin looked so processed, so fake.... and, well, it is.

    Chickens are NOT vegetarians. Feeding them soley on corn is cheap & bulks them up much faster, allowing farmers to produce more in a shorter time.

    When chickens are TRULY 'free range' they will forage for animal proteins like worms & bugs as they wander about the farm, and supplement their diet with fruits & veg - just like ourselves really. The problem is that many chickens are technically free range, because they are allowed access to roam outdoors for a certain number of hours in the day, but because of the high number of chickens kept in one place they don't often get the chance to do so - plus the feed is kept indoors so they get lazy.

    My trusty assistant at the farm shop tells me that their chickens are not supplemented with grain. At all. They have the freedom of the farm (well, their part of it at least...!!), and they forage like they should when left to their own devices, and get supplemented with 'left overs' from the farm shop (well, the stuff that doesn't get fobbed off on me...!!). They are free in the truest sense of the word, and whilst they are not fed any grains or GM produce they are not classed as organic because the Farm owners would have to pay for the pleasure of using that label, and they're not producing enough eggs to make that worth their while.

    So when this batch of mayo is done (ie. by the end of this week) I'll reintroduce eggs, in their entirety, from the farm shop - just to see how that goes.
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    I woke up this morning feeling uber-refreshed having slept a little over 9hrs. I'd set my alarm for a time much later than I knew I'd waken so as to still get the sleep data and I'm pleased to say my sleep quality was 100% - and this was my THIRD night of not wakening through the night AT ALL - for me this is huge progress, and a trend I really hope to see continue.

    I had originally planned on training this morning, but took the decision late yesterday evening to cancel my session. I have some chores to catch up on, some batch cooking to do, I have some groceries to pick up seeing as I didn't do my usual 'farm shop runs' yesterday, and I want to pick the boys up from their dad's earlier than usual today. I could have squeezed everything in, but it'd have been tight, and right now I'm feeling so relaxed and de-stressed that I didn't want to push myself out of that zone until it was really necessary - that is right as I switch off my alarm on Monday morning.

    The gym will still be there in a few days - right now I'm enjoying the feeling of calm.
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    LadyM reacted to jmcbn in 9 Belfast Bites   
    The three main megalithic passage tombs in Boyne are:

    ~ Newgrange - here the archeolgist has lifted the quartz that was found during excavation and replaced it in the way it is believed it would have looked when originally built. He also removed a section at the entrance & faced it with the granite stone so as to create an entrance that would preserve the main kerbstone as climbing over it was the only way to get in. The wooden stairways & rails are obviously also a modern addition. The passage chamber inside is as it was, except for what was looted over the years before the tombs became protected. The roof light visible above the main stone allows the sunrise to light up the entire chamber when it rises on and around the winter solstice.

    ~ Knowth - here the archeologists left the fallen quartz stones as they were. Three of the original 127 kerbstones are missing, and the top of the tomb has subsided a little but preservation works have been carried out in places since the tomb became protected. The internal chamber is inaccessible to the public but they can see a recreation which gives access to the 40 foot passage which leads to the main chamber. There are a number of smaller tombs (17 IIRC) aurrounding the main tomb at Knowth.

    ~ Loughcrew - a much more unsanitized tomb, Loughcrew is on the highest hill in the county with a steep climb which leads to breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. The public can access the inner chamber when accompanied by a guide although the site is open to the public at all times; whereas Newgrange & Knowth can ONLY be accessed on a guided tour. Again, there are a number of smaller tombs surrounding the main one.


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    LadyM reacted to jmcbn in 9 Belfast Bites   
    Ireland has around two thirds of the worlds megalithic passage tombs spread across the Island, most of which can be found in the Boyne Valley. The passage tomb at Knowth (and the two other main ones at Newgrange & Loughcrew) were built around 5000 years ago. Knowth has 124 of it's 127 original carved kerbstones still in place. Each stone, weighing around 2 tonnes, is intricately carved with geometric designs similar to those used by the Native Americans, the Mexicans & other countries such as Spain and Malta.

    One of the carvings at Knowth is thought to be the oldest known clock in Ireland.





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    LadyM got a reaction from jmcbn in 9 Belfast Bites   
    Ireland is my spiritual home. Lucky you! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics and letting us live vicariously. . . .
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    LadyM reacted to jmcbn in 9 Belfast Bites   
    Well, the sun came out so we binned the bowling in favour of a long walk along the coastal path, and then of course the sun quickly disappeared....   

    We had hail stones, strong winds, sunshine, showers, rainbows, boats, birds, ships & random chit chat as we walked up and down the hills, and explored the rock pools - it was invigorating, exhilarating, and just what the Doctor ordered.

    Now we're all packed & just about to watch a movie before heading to bed early for our early start in the morning.

    Days like this make me truly appreciate the country I live in where I'm rarely more than 5 minutes from the coast, and where the views are never the same from one day to the next - and at times even from one hour to the next...

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    LadyM reacted to jmcbn in 9 Belfast Bites   
    I've just been gathering together some food supplies to pack in the car before heading out bowling with my boys this afternoon.
    We're staying in a hotel that we've been to before and whilst I'm not currently on a Whole30 I do eat Whole30esque pretty much all of the time. Breakfast is easy enough to navigate - fried or poached eggs, bacon, grilled tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms etc. I'm confident enough at navigating the menu pretty much anywhere we'll go to eat in the evening, and lunches are generally a picnic - eaten outdoors preferably, or in the car if need be, depending on what we're up to that day and the Irish weather - which isn't looking too promising right now...   

    If we're going self catering I generally take enough food with me to fill the fridge wherever we're staying, giving me enough time to source local supplies, but because we're staying in a hotel we'll have no access to a fridge so this time I will be packing:

    A few hard boiled eggs for protein at lunch on day one (we're stopping off en route)
    Tinned fish for protein on other days
    x1 large cucumber which will do for day 1 & 2
    HUGE jar of dill pickles for the latter days
    A few tubs of cherry tomatoes
    Iceberg lettuce (I've found it's hardier than other types)
    A few bell peppers
    A sharp pairing knife & lightweight chopping board & tupperware
    Pouches of olives (handy to have to add to dinner when eating out as an extra fat source - in my experience it's the fat that tends to be what is missing from the template when dining out - as well as using at lunch)
    Extra virgin olive oil
    95% cocoa dark chocolate (I'm on my holidays and may or may not indulge - I don't eat this daily - but my mum LOVES this)
    Rooibos & Caffeine free Green Tea for the room - the Hotel generally provides black tea & instant coffee, neither of which I drink
    Bottled water
    And not a larbar in sight.................   
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    LadyM reacted to jmcbn in 9 Belfast Bites   
    So, the morning after the night before Avocado and I got it on again....

    And I hate to say this but I think Avocado and I might be so over we need a new word for over......   

    Today should have been a quiet day at the office. A chance for me to get caught up on a shed-load of work that's been pushed to one side due to other priorities, and yes, that meant that my breakfast was interrupted on more than one occasion, resulting in me eating it in a number of sittings. Not ideal, but probably a fair enough way for my stomach to deal with the offending item, and yet, even when I did eventually finish the meal it felt like it was just so not worth it.

    What is it I say to all my friends again? "Don't look back, you're not going in that direction..."? Yeah, well maybe I should heed my own advice.

    Anyway, we're on a break. Again. A two day break. Plenty of time to re-evaluate what we both want from this relationship, then we'll touch base again one last time, and see where we want to take it from there.

    In other news my boys went to their Dad's yesterday. I may not be married to the guy anymore, but unlike many divorced couples we are fortunate enough to still live in the same town, and have developed a really strong friendship. We're even more fortunate that most of his holidays coincide with theirs so he steps up to the mark and gives both sets of grandparents a break from the school runs when he can - and the boys a break from the early starts they'd be subjected to if they stayed with me during their holidays - and in turn it gives me a break too.

    They're staying there until Thursday and this used to mean me pretty much moving myself into the gym - training morning & night, every day, then rushing home to get two sets of fresh gym gear ready for the next day along with a packed breakfast and lunch, a quick bite to eat for tea, a quick empty of the washing machine, and off to bed. Then I'd probably foolishly end up cramming in the chores when the boys got back home... Or selfishly maybe - I can see that for what it was now.

    Through Whole9 I learned that happiness doesn't come from over-training, inner peace doesn't come from getting stressed, study doesn't get done when our minds are racing, friendships don't thrive when we put them on the back-burner. Over exertion of any kind results in stress of all kinds. Life should be about balance.

    So this time I'm training each morning before work, leaving my evenings free to do those chores before the kids return, leaving me time to study a little, plan some outings for the weekend ahead, and to put together an itinerary for our road trip next week.

    This time it's about order. And with order comes peace of mind.
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    LadyM reacted to jmcbn in 9 Belfast Bites   
    Avocado and I broke up at the end of July last year.

    I remember it like it was yesterday... We'd just come back from a two week vacation where we'd lived in each others pockets, and a vacation can make or break a relationship as we all know. So, yeah, avocado just wasn't making me feel the way he once did. The magic was gone, replaced only by pain. I wasn't sure if it was him or me, but I knew it was over. I knew he had to go.

    Almost eight months have passed. There's been a lot of water under the bridge since then. I've moved on. Gotten closer to olives and home-made mayo. And although I'm forever telling my friends '...don't look back, you're not going in that direction...' it's maybe time to admit to myself that I'm still holding a little flame. I mean we don't have to jump straight back into the kind of relationship we had in the past... But we're both adults avocado and I - I'm thinking we could at least be friends...

    So tonight I bit the bullet and invited avocado over for dinner. I was nervous - there's a lot of history between us, but it immediately felt natural - the chemistry obvious from the moment we sat at the table. But now with dinner behind us, the dishes done, and avocado out of sight I'm left feeling not quite my best - and I'm wondering (as I'm sat here somewhat inflated) if maybe, as much as we'd like to deny it, that people just don't really ever change....

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    LadyM reacted to jmcbn in 9 Belfast Bites   
    Thank you - I figure a lot of us have issues with FODMAPs so hopefully my log will help others see that it doesn't necessarily mean they're gone for good - and that we CAN survive without them!! Sure, it might mean stepping out of our comfort zone, but that's when we do most of our growing.... 
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    LadyM got a reaction from jmcbn in 9 Belfast Bites   
    You are an inspiration, lady. Love reading about your various experiments. Thanks so much for sharing!
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    LadyM reacted to jmcbn in 9 Belfast Bites   
    That's great progress for you.
    Sugar has never been an issue for me. I can quite happily eat a dessert of my choosing, or an ice cream, or whatever and get straight back on track again. And I can quite happily bin a slice of cake that isn't worth it without thinking I'm missing out. I think those who come here to diet struggle much more with this concept. The all or nothing thinking. They never change their mind-set. And they moralise foods.
    There are no bad food choices, only consequences.
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    *Disclaimer - this is a POST Whole30 Log and whilst I eat predominantly Whole30 I am NOT currently doing a Whole30.

    Yesterday I had cake. It was Christmas cake, and it was gluten free, and it was gifted to me in a Hamper at Christmas with all sorts of other local luxury goodies by a client who'd obviously done his homework, and it's been sat in my cupboard ever since.

    The last time I had Christmas cake was a number of years ago and it was made by a very good friend of mine who is an absolute star in the kitchen. She'd been feeding that bad boy alcohol for weeks before Christmas and it was unbelievably rich & extremely fruit/alcohol dense, it was beautifully iced & it was delicious. An absolute masterpiece.

    So last night I sat down with my first born to catch up with The Walking Dead and thought I'd have me some cake with my china white monkey tea. I cut a rather generous* slice (*ahem read that as HUGE   ) and made myself comfortable. The first bite was a little crumbly and I immediately thought '...hmmm, this isn't as good as my friend's...' I took a sip of tea and then took a second bite and wasn't much impressed even by the flavour. I took a third bite - just to be sure - then got up & threw the remainder in the bin then passed the rest of the cake, still in it's packaging, onto my Dad this afternoon.

    I don't make a point of buying gluten free anything because there is usually all sorts of nasties added in to get the texture right and I've long since got out of the habit of eating bread replacements, or cakes/buns on a regular basis. This cake was made locally though with a mix of potato flour & rice flour and nothing added to it along with the fruit/alcohol that I'd turn my nose up at. I'm fine with rice but choose not to eat it as I see it more as a filler with no nutritional value, so I knew this wasn't going to impact my health in anyway, but cake is cake is cake and this one was just so not worth it.

    Do I feel guilty today for eating the cake? No
    Am I craving sugary sweet foods today? No
    Will I eat cake again in the future? You betcha.

    I'm not a moderator or an abstainer. I don't believe in boxes. I think outside of the box, I'm in control, and I have food freedom.

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    Today, due to my own bad planning I had garlic at only one meal. That said, there were no ill effects straight after that particular meal, but a few hours later there was a teensy bit of gas. Was it caused by the garlic? I'm really not sure. The timeframe seemed a little off going on previous food trials, and it really wasn't that severe, but it did happen so for now the jury is still out, and there'll be a more definitive verdict tomorrow when I try twice in one day again.
    This morning at the gym one of the regulars there commented about my little tub of PWO egg whites in the changing rooms saying how disciplined I always am. She went on to say "... I suppose you do all that 'clean-eating' too...."

    I think I visibly winced.
    I don't do 'clean eating'. I just choose to eat real food. And I told her so. 
    People moralizing foods is one of my bug bears. There is no clean or dirty, no good or bad, just foods that are more, or less healthy, more or less nutritious. Food is fuel after all, and whilst we can savour the flavours, use it as a basis for socializing, build traditions around certain dishes, and allow it to nourish our souls food has no moral significance.

    Labelling foods in this way only serves to create feelings of guilt, shame and embarrassment. Eat something on your 'forbidden' list and you've broken a rule. Rule breakers are punished, and the punishment in this context tends to lead to a lowering of self worth, which can lead to a downward spiral. And once you 'break the seal' on the forbidden foods often the thinking goes that you've had one, you might as well finish the packet/have ten/try one in each flavour/wash it down with a soda...

    Clean eating
    Cheat meals
    Dirty Burger
    Cheeky pint
    Naughty girl

    Lose the labels. Lose the guilt. Lose the gadgets & the scales. Lose your limitations.

    Build a better relationship with food. Build a better relationship with you. Empower yourself. Own your choices. Find food freedom.

    Find balance.

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    LadyM reacted to jmcbn in 9 Belfast Bites   
    So today is my Whole30 anniversary & what a year it's been.

    I thought I was in a good place when I started this journey - training most days of the week & eating paleo/primal for some years, juggling work/life, etc... but I am in a GREAT place right now.

    I didn't lose a single pound in my first 30 days. Not a one. I did however lose a substantial amount of body fat, and along with it I lost the tiresome cough I had after every meal, the irritating cataarh at the back of my throat, and the ever so annoying daily runny nose. I lost the desire to snack, the desire for nuts & nut butters, and the desire for SWYPO treats. I ditched 'Gin O'Clock', I ditched protein shakes, and I ditched smoothies.

    I followed the template religiously, x3 times a day - protein, fat & veggies - I added pre & postWO meals where necessary and in return I was rewarded with substantially improved sleep, clear, glowing, 'balanced' skin - with particular improvement on my face & hands, strong nails, shiny, fast growing hair, stable moods, sustained energy, a happier, more positive outlook on life, a desire to learn, an inquistive mind, a better work:life balance, gratitude..... and my journey did not end there.

    A year on I continue to see improvements in all aspects of my life & health. I choose to continue to eat mostly Whole30 with the odd brief but planned off roading session with some dairy, alcohol & sugar. Grains, legumes, sulphites, MSG & carrageenan have not been a part of my life for a very long time and I've no intention of changing that. I continue to trial FODMAPs  since they became a problem for me back in July (this week is leeks - again!), and I make efforts to try new foods when the opportunities present themselves - I've experimented with offal lately and been pleasantly surprised. Next on my list is kidney.

    On this, my Whole30 anniversary, I find it fitting that I brewed my first ever batch of Kombucha, and made my first batch of fermented veg (brined carrot, apple & ginger).

    And as I look forward I plan to continue to grow - emotionally, mentally, academically, ethically.... I plan to nurture my friendships, cherish my family, value my health & invest in it (& them) in every which way that I can.

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    I've been thinking about the whole stress thing, and it made me come to a few realisations - good ones.

    This time last year had I have been in the same predicament there is NO WAY I'd have sacrificed time at the gym, I'd have told myself that the endorphins from training would keep me going and get me through. This time last year I was turning down all kinds of invites because they would eat in to my gym time. And if I DID accept a Friday night invite for instance I'd always say upfront that I might be late - and this after probably having already tried to push the plans back as late as possible. This time last year I was so focused on me (or at least I thought I was) that my friendships suffered. This time last year I thought I was in SUCH a good place. I mean my diet was really pretty good - not a whole lot different from Whole30 save for the dairy/alcohol - and I was training (& most definitely over-training)  like I thought I was a professional athlete. I was juggling work, home, gym, kids, chores, trips, more gym, socializing & more with not a second to take my eye off the balls. I was as graceful as a swan to those looking above the water, but underneath I was paddling like a mad thing just to stay afloat. Something was amiss. I just hadn't figured it out yet.

    Having started the Whole30 in February of last year & having joined in with the Whole9 Life Challenge from Feb/March through to December I really started to focus on ways to improve ALL aspects of my life - not just nutrition, but also work, rest & play for starters. And looking back today on the me of last year I can really see just how far I've come. I've stopped trying to be perfect. I've stopped trying to keep all of the balls in the air. I've stopped trying to do it all myself. I've realised that if something doesn't get done nobody dies. I've started enjoying LIFE. And I continue to look at ways to enjoy and improve it further. Nowadays I take care of me, because I know if I'm suffering in any way then everything else that I put my hand to will also suffer as a consequence.

    Nowadays I really AM in a good place, and with continued focus it's going to just keep getting better.
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    Fridays have always been my favourite day of the week. Ok, that *might* have been helped by the fact I used to work a four day week up until a few years ago and so Friday was a part of my weekend. Now it's maybe because technically I finish an hour earlier on a Friday (even if that doesn't always happen), and since the boys go to their Dad's on a Friday I have time for me - for haircuts, Dental/Dr appointments, shopping, catching up with friends, long gym sessions, nights out.... You get the picture.

    Friday is also when I plan my food for the week - I take a trip to the Butcher, see what meat he has available, do a quick review in my mind of my 'go-to' recipes, estimate what else I'll need, visit the farm shop next door & we're good to go.

    I'd asked my mum earlier in the week to see if she could get me some scallops this week at a decent price & she's called to say I won the lottery   I'm all scalloped up and now I've no clue what to do with them. Pre Whole30 & pre Paleo I used to make a scallop & chorizo risotto with fresh garden peas (de-podding peas - if that's what you call it - is very therapeutic & takes me right back to my childhood when my Dad and I would de-pod the peas for my mum & eat more than we gave her) but obviously the rice & the peas are out so I'm gonna have to do a quick search to find something else that will work with those flavours...

    Oooh, this one looks good - simple, but tasty.... <adds extra spinach to shopping list...>   (I'll sub the garlic for garlic infused oil & add in the greens of some spring onion & maybe some fresh ginger...)

    Also on the cards this week is Kalua Pig, a whole Chicken and (fingers crossed) some Beef Shin - there's been a huge drop in temperature over night and slow cooked shin with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg & all spice berries is perfect for that kind of weather, plus it'll provide me with some fresh broth.

    DOMS has set in to my legs/glutes as anticipated so later I'll go for an upper body workout followed by Spin - that should loosen things up nicely - and then home to study. The latest module of my nutrition course started on Monday (Diet & Weight-loss Management) and so I've two webinars to catch up on this weekend, on top of revision of the previous module (Child Nutrition). It can be tough enough squeezing everything in but I'm getting there, slowly but surely.

    At Christmas I was very kindly gifted a rather expensive Body Composition Monitor (along with a set of skin fold calipers!). I thought I might have been tempted to step on it out of curiosity, but having ditched the scales many years ago coming from a background of disordered eating (severe calorie restriction) they're still in their box. Before my Whole30 I hadn't weighed myself in 9 years. I stepped on the scale on Day 0 of my first Whole30 and then again on Day 31. I ate to satiety at every meal, I ate to the high end of the template throughout the 30 days, I ate very limited fruit - maybe two pieces a week? - no nuts other than in recipes, & no bars of any kind. I ate starchy carbs some days at every meal, some days not at all. I didn't change my training schedule at all. I stopped counting calories, thinking about macros, weighing food, measuring my worth against how I looked, or how others perceived me. And I tuned in and listened to my body. And it felt GOOD. At the end of my 30 days I hadn't lost a single pound. Not even a half. Nada. I HAD however dropped a substantial amount of body fat - almost 5%

    How I eat now would probably look like a Whole30 to anyone on the outside looking in. I don't stray from the template, I don't snack, BUT I do make conscious choices about my food. There is no 'good' or 'bad'. No 'clean' or 'dirty'. Only MY choices. I've continued to listen to my body and I tweak as I go and I can see that my body composition continues to change - sometimes up & sometimes down - but never too far from the set point I've come to know and love. I'm in a GOOD, HAPPY, HEALTHY place.

    I could step on those scales today - I mean Friday is a good day, right? But would the number that I see effect my mood? Would it encourage me to make conscious/sub-conscious food choices? Would the number on that scale make me a different person? Would it make my boys love me any more or any less? Would it change anything? Would Friday still be a good day....?

    So for that reason I'm going to weigh my mum   

    Seriously though, she's not interested in Whole30 (I've tried, believe me!), but she is interested in improving her diet, increasing her activity levels, & maybe adding in some body weight  exercises to trade up some fat for lean muscle - so we'll take a starting weight & body composition for her, along with taking the measurements with the calipers, & then set her some goals & monitor her progress.

    I'll get in some practice with putting together nutritional plans, she'll get to make some positive changes & we'll both get to learn from the experience.


    See, Friday really IS a good day.

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    If it helps I'm Irish, living in Ireland, and we don't actually eat cabbage & corned beef on St Patrick's Day. It's not even considered a National dish.

    In fact back in the day beef was very expensive here & if we could get it it would have been eaten fresh. Most Irish got their first taste of beef when they arrived in the States where beef was more widely available & less expensive, and they treated it in the same way as they would a bacon/ham joint (ie. any joint that wasn't from the leg) - they brined it.

    So don't feel bad aboout not eating that corned beef - nobody here will be either - in fact going on my food prep for this week I'll be eating a chicken & spinach curry!!

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    LadyM reacted to ladyshanny in EDITING POSTS   
    Effective Thursday, August 27, 2015, members can no longer edit their own posts indefinitely.  Unfortunately the constant editing in the threads was causing issues within the forum, necessitating the change.  
    Members will now be allowed to edit their own post for 15 minutes after publishing (for fixing typos or adding a quick afterthought).  Beyond that initial 15 minutes, the post will be considered closed and can only be edited by an administrator or moderator.
    Thank you very much for your understanding and for helping the forum to run as smoothly as possible.  
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    LadyM got a reaction from vozelle in constipation   
    Natural Calm is a magnesium supplement that a lot of folks around here tend to use, jmcbn.  
    More thoughts for vozelle: Others don't have great results with it. Personally, I take a magnesium supplement from Biotics Research and sometimes I have to take huge doses (like 15 capsules). Other times I need to back way off. I think it has to do with stress and all kinds of other things that change constantly. 
    Epsom Salt baths work wonders for some people, too. Just keep experimenting.
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    LadyM got a reaction from vozelle in constipation   
    Natural Calm is a magnesium supplement that a lot of folks around here tend to use, jmcbn.  
    More thoughts for vozelle: Others don't have great results with it. Personally, I take a magnesium supplement from Biotics Research and sometimes I have to take huge doses (like 15 capsules). Other times I need to back way off. I think it has to do with stress and all kinds of other things that change constantly. 
    Epsom Salt baths work wonders for some people, too. Just keep experimenting.