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    LadyM got a reaction from BabyBear in A Very Hungry Mommy and Baby W30 Round 2.3   
    I have finally surrendered to having groceries delivered. I still go to the store and the local farmers market for things now and again, but rarely. Not sure where you are or if you're interested, but if grocery shopping is the bane of your existence, it might be a game changer! FWIW I use a local CSA, Imperfect Foods, ButcherBox, US Wellness Meats, and I'm looking into Thrive, but not sure I use enough packaged foods to make it worth my while.
    Congrats on a successful reboot day! That ain't no small thing. . . . 
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    LadyM reacted to BabyBear in A Very Hungry Mommy and Baby W30 Round 2.3   
    10/5 w30 R2.3 Day 1 reboot
    7:30 up with toddler.  Sat down and made a list of meal ideas and a grocery list.  While my little one ate his breakfast.  
    I was super thirsty when I woke up so I’ve been sucking down the water this AM
    I made some more ghee while making breakfast because the ghee from the store I still had is just gross.  Not sure why I kept it other than emergency reasons.  
    9:00 M1 - 2 eggs scrambled with chili pepper and oregano in coconut oil.  1/2 cucumber slices.  Banana almond butter “sandwich”
    I’m feeling better about the reboot today and after my little planning session I am feeling excited about food this week.  I have a few events to navigate this week, but I built in some fall backs to my plans.  
    I’m getting the kitchen/hubby’s work area cleaned up before going shopping this way I can immediately do some veggie prep in order to 1. Save money 2. Save time.  3. Set myself up
    For success
    Ack! Grocery shopping is the bane of my existence.  It was a mad house.  I miss going to the grocery store at midnight when no one else was there.  Oh well I got it done.  I left the house at 11:00 to go pick up my 11 DS who went hunting with my dad, then back to town for oil change and car wash so I got to the store a little before 1:00 and didn’t get out until 2:45.   30 min of that was standing in the checkout line.  I can normally get shopping and check our done in an hour but there was way too many people and way too many shelf stockers for that.  Felt like half my time was spent waiting for other people. 
    2:45 - cherry larabar eaten on the way home from the store
    4:45 - M2 roast beef lettuce roll up with mustard and tomatoes and a side of carrots and pistachios
    Lunch was crunchy, literally.  But it helped.  I was exhausted and hangry if you couldn’t tell by my rant. Now to determine a meal for tonight that goes beyond pizza.  
    5:30-6:30 rest
    I got up and felt like I might freeze to death.  This is super unusual for me because I’m always hot.  First thought was oh no am I getting sick?  Then my hubby came home and said it was cold in the house and he may go ahead and turn on the heat.  I was relieved to know it wasn’t me.  Ha ha. I just wasn’t hungry and could get motivated to make food for me or eat.  I laugh because I did end up cooking pizza for the boys and I tossed a spaghetti squash in the oven along with the pizzas to make good use of the oven time.   While waiting for things to cook I got somethings done around the kitchen.  There is more to do but I ran out of steam.  
    I declined fast food when my hubby offered to bring home dinner, I wasn’t tempted or interested in the pizzas.  I have all but some of the toddlers hand wash dishes/cups finished which means I can jump right into breakfast prep tomorrow.  Our schedule for tomorrow was canceled so I get a day home tomorrow!  I’m planning to do an inventory of the freezers to know exactly what I still have.  I have a general idea, but a list would be nice.  
    I’m going to wrap up my day with a hot Epsom bath soak and maybe get in bed a little earlier than usual.  
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    LadyM got a reaction from BabyBear in The Seduction of LadyM Returns   
    I did a yoga nidra session, and it reduced my stress considerably. Remembering to use my tools! I can eliminate my own suffering. . . . 
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    LadyM got a reaction from BabyBear in The Seduction of LadyM Returns   
    Day 35
    Enjoyed a walk and IR sauna today. Preparing for a zoom meeting and teaching tomorrow has me a little stressed. Working through it. I confronted a couple of people about not communicating with me and it affected my job. I hate having to confront people, but I find I do it more gracefully while on W30, if that makes any sense. Like I'm more willing to just deal with things head on.
    Shrimp and scallops today. Digging eating more wild-caught seafood right now. And received a shipment of my favorite green tea. Sometimes it's the little things, no?
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    LadyM reacted to laurasuzanne in Laura's Whole30 8/28/20   
    Well, I was going to just run away from this log because I had some sizeable failures this weekend. I traveled to see family and fell hard. I had about 30 hours of off-plan eating, drinking, etc. I was strong for the first 24 hours of the visit and then caved. Today I am back on track. I'm going to return to W30 for at least 2 weeks to get my body some rest after what I put it through. 
    It is disheartening, but a weakness I know of myself. I really struggle to be around my family and eat well. I began a healthy lifestyle after moving away from them, so my life with them is not connected to health. Does that mean I need to turn this into giving up and continue it? No. It doesn't. In my normal life I have support and structure to continue to work towards my goals for me. 
    I know it is often discouraged to weigh when things like this happen, but to me it is helpful to see the insane bloating my body does when I put crap into it. I do so well with inflammation control when I eat clean. Even this first week being completely on plan yet eating dairy I gained 3lbs in 3 days. I was watching what I was eating, cutting other fats because I knew dairy has calories to consider. I gained 3 lbs in 3 days because my body does something with dairy in it. I may not necessarily feel awful (although some times I did). 
    This weekend I had beer, pizza, cupcakes, chicken strips, crab rangoon, french fries, and a frozen coffee with whipped cream. Ugh, I hated writing that out. I came home to being another 5 lbs heavier. I could feel my fingers are swollen. I think my face is greasy. I have a hummm of a headache in the background since this started. 
    Regrets? Yes and no. I'm most regretful that I didn't practice food freedom. I had a few items that I really missed, although I ate more of them than I needed. Pizza? I could have stopped with a slice, but didn't. I had two cupcakes and probably would have been satisfied with a bite. 
    As I sit here and acknowledge my issues I'm not terrified of Thanksgiving, which would be my next exposure. I have decided I will allow myself non-compliant foods but I intend to focus my willpower on portion control vs black and white. 
    So, back to my black and white for a bit. Get some rest, re-invigorate, and move on. Do my best to not beat myself up like a failure. Reintroduction is absolutely the hardest part of this program. 
    Thanks, everyone.
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    LadyM reacted to ShannonM816 in Revving up for an October Whole30 - with chronic illness & Covid sliding   
    Hi, T. You might check out the Join the Whole30 section of the forum ( to find groups of people starting now or near whatever date you decide to start, or you can start a thread there to find more people. If you do start a thread, putting the date you plan to start in the title makes it easier for people to find.
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    LadyM reacted to SchrodingersCat in Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...   
    Thank you!!
    Well, 2 weeks after I finished a round (and 2 weeks of eating like hell, drinking way too much and otherwise just letting it ALL go), I'm back with vertigo and migraine again, so - guess who's back?
    I need to get some groceries and do some prep but I need to get back to at least trying to eat decently. This cycle is terrible. I'm also noticing that it's taking shorter time for the migraines to come back when I get off track, so I wonder if my sensitivity is increasing. I still don't see the immunologist for 3 months, so I'm just going to try and stay as compliant as possible until then. 
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    LadyM got a reaction from Jennifer Jensen in The Seduction of LadyM Returns   
    Day 34
    Just back from a country drive with BFF that started in the morning. I packed a thermos and snacks and ate what I brought. BFF hit the fast food and bakeries. He's supportive of what I'm doing but not yet interested in making changes for himself. It's all good.
    So, still on track and feeling good. Enjoying a lazy weekend. Loving fall.
    Watched a couple of interesting documentaries yesterday about paleo and lchf diets for healing. Feeling more and more recommitted to this lifestyle long term. Convinced it really is how human bodies achieve optimal health. Really contemplating how to create my own food freedom forever and realizing that a much longer, slower reintroduction phase is going to be important for me. Rereading my first log from 2013 reminded me that I ended it by eating and drinking all the things on a Memorial Weekend celebration. Eager to do a careful reintro this time and really pay attention to how each food, not just food group, affects me. But I don't plan to do that until December.
    Had a food nightmare last night. My first one this round!
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    LadyM reacted to BabyBear in A Very Hungry Mommy and Baby W30 Round 2.3   
    @LadyMthe hip thing is a thing.  I see a whole health chiropractor on the regular for it.  He’s given me some stretches to do that help when this happens and I can’t get to him.  It’s a hereditary thing, my moms mom dealt with it, my mom deals with it, I deal with it even my son deals with it (found out when he was 4 when I started seeing my chiropractor).  With the added weight and pressure of the ever filling uterus it definitely exaggerates it and puts a lot of pressure on the nerves when it does slip out.  It’s been much better the past two days but I feel it trying to give again so I’ll be doing some more stretches before bed.  
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    LadyM got a reaction from Jennifer Jensen in A Very Hungry Mommy and Baby W30 Round 2.3   
    I soooooo feel this. Increased mindfulness is definitely one of my favorite effects of Whole 30.
    Sorry about your hip. Sounds like it may be an SI joint issue to me. That's something I'm constantly managing in my own body. Pilates and barre works wonders--even better than PT for me.
    Sorry also about the mistaken sweet tea swig and unplanned off roading. Sometimes it helps to just extend your W30 by a few days (you were on day 3, yes?) rather than "restart." No harm, no foul. You were already getting good results in just a couple days--and received good information from the off roading. 
    Wishing you all the best whatever you decide!
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    LadyM got a reaction from BabyBear in A Very Hungry Mommy and Baby W30 Round 2.3   
    I soooooo feel this. Increased mindfulness is definitely one of my favorite effects of Whole 30.
    Sorry about your hip. Sounds like it may be an SI joint issue to me. That's something I'm constantly managing in my own body. Pilates and barre works wonders--even better than PT for me.
    Sorry also about the mistaken sweet tea swig and unplanned off roading. Sometimes it helps to just extend your W30 by a few days (you were on day 3, yes?) rather than "restart." No harm, no foul. You were already getting good results in just a couple days--and received good information from the off roading. 
    Wishing you all the best whatever you decide!
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    LadyM reacted to Focusedwave in Shawna's First Whole 30   
    Day 21 how is it even possible that it is already day 21? I am loving how I am feeling!!! The bloating is gone. My stomach feels flat most of the time. My watch is looser, my clothes are looser too. Is looser a word? Lol looks weird.
    I am more positive, have a better outlook on life because I am in control of what I am eating and feeling great because I am feeding my body good healthy food. 
    I started studying food and nutrition about 6 to 8 months ago and it is so interesting to learn how food affects our bodies. I wish that I could teach the world to eat for their health. 
    I am not sure if I will be doing reintroduction at day 31, might just continue this way for a bit. I am not missing much food wise. The only thing I really miss is hummus and bean chips. We shall see.
    Keep kicking booty Shawna!!!
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    LadyM got a reaction from BabyBear in The Seduction of LadyM Returns   
    Day 33
    Not much to report here. I ate a little more fruit yesterday than I wish I had, but not really feeling any ill effects. I had an intense pilates session on the reformer as well as a long walk in the woods, though, so I imagine my body was just hungry, and as we know, sugars, even fruit sugars, are a readily available temptation. It's all good.
    Having a lazy day, but took the opportunity to bake some foil packets of wild-caught cod with veggies (fennel with sliced lemon and tomatoes is a new fave), so dinner is ready hours ahead of time. I may go for a long walk in a bit when I'm tired of reading. Sometimes down time without expectation is the best. Oh, especially because I had a massage this morning. BFF worked his magic on my funky shoulder. Yay!
    Happy weekend, all!
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    LadyM got a reaction from BabyBear in Laura's Whole30 8/28/20   
    #realtalk I have never really lost much weight on any of my W30s. And yet I come back. Even though I always want to lose weight and even though I never lose weight, really. And that's because of all the other amazing effects, including greater happiness, clearer skin, increased satisfaction with life in general, and the ease of not weighing and measuring, not to mention with every reset, it's easier for me to generally stick to the template and an effect of that is no yo-yo with my weight. That's right: even when I off road, even when I'm not tracking what I eat via weight watchers, even when I'm not restricting, I generally maintain my weight without efforting. And in fairness, I'm not obese. I generally stay within 15 pounds of my ideal weight, more like 5 when things are going well.
    So, you have choices to make about how you want to move forward, and that's good news! You get to decide if and how you pursue weight loss, It could slow waaaaaay down but continue in a downward trajectory. You could return to deliberate restriction in one way or another and speed up that process while also changing the game. I get it. I've done it, and I likely will continue to do it. But I'm always seeking ways to do it that don't make me and those who love me crazy. I would like to think that eventually it will become more intuitive and not require careful weighing and measuring. I would like to think, and I've seen this shift in time, that I'll be more responsive more quickly when I get too far off track, therefore doing less damage before coming back to center.
    Anyway, this is just all to say I see you and I feel you. And I'm cheering you on as you continue to make your own way toward your best health. I also wish you persistence and patience--and that you stay on the lookout for NSVs regardless of what the scale says.
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    LadyM got a reaction from BabyBear in The Seduction of LadyM Returns   
    I have an unexpected free afternoon and decided to read the log from my first W30 in the spring of 2013. WOW. I am in SUCH a different place now, and can now see how Whole 30 really kicked off major positive shifts in my relationship to food and my body and health overall.
    Also, SO MUCH has changed in my life in the last 7.5 years. The deaths of my mother, father, and grandmother. Tenure. A new primary relationship. Becoming debt free and purchasing a house. Becoming a yoga instructor. Not to mention the global pandemic. 
    Though what hasn't changed much is my weight, which is funny to me. So much energy on that and it's more or less been stable. That's actually a good thing, and something to remember. I can attribute the entrance of Whole 30 into my life with transforming my eating such that though there are weight fluctuations, they're not wild. No yo-yoing here.
    Rereading was very worthwhile. Makes me excited about continuing. Though a little sad that the forum isn't the lively community it once was. Oh well.
    I hope folks who are new here realize they can always come back and see how their first Whole 30 went and how much, ultimately, it changes you. So great.
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    LadyM got a reaction from decker_bear in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    Well, you're right on time with this, so take some comfort in that. 
    I generally get interested again by flipping through my cookbooks and recipes and trying something new or making something that I totally LOVE. And make sure I have all the saucy sauces on hand. Or otherwise eat delicious fats, which are pretty much always a pleasure for me. Because my fat tooth is almost as real as my sugar tooth.
    Or, I suck it up and just keep on keeping on. Be grateful that food is fuel, nothing more and nothing less. Fill my face hole and be done with it. Focus on other things.
    YOU CAN DO IT! You only have FOUR more days! DO NOT GIVE UP! It's a WHOLE30 not a Whole26 or Whole25 for good reason. Hang in there. YOU GOT DIS!!!
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    LadyM reacted to decker_bear in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    Just kidding ... it's LadyM doing the Whole 1 million. My bad! 
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    LadyM got a reaction from decker_bear in The Seduction of LadyM Returns   
    Day 30
    No big ticker tape parade over here, and I'm afraid my whirlwind travel and doctor-ordered macros shift has robbed be somewhat of any tiger blood that may have been coming my way. But I'm still 100% compliant, and that's certainly something to celebrate.
    I brought a cooler full of all the food I ate, and though it was a little bit of a topic of conversation and cajoling, it wasn't that big of a deal. And I think my healthy choices also rubbed off on my travel companion, my bff with whom I have a longstanding history of indulging in food and drink to excess. So, that's an added bonus.
    My Gram's funeral was beautiful, and the eulogy I wrote and delivered was well received. It actually was one of the best trips I've ever had there. No doubt BFF's presence helped a lot.
    Anyway, now I'm back and fighting fatigue as well as maybe a cold, but I feel 95% better than I did Monday night when we got back, so that's promising. I have a lot of catching up to do for work and rest, and it's a cool rainy day here, so perfect for crawling back into bed, which I just might do shortly.
    Little else to report. Still doing the thing. Still planning on doing the thing for many days to come. I am definitely feeling good about my progress. My body feels slimmer, less bloated, and more like my own; food is fuel and little more; the clear parameters of what I am and am not eating and drinking continue to create nearly effortless abstinence and therefore a whole lot of space for me to focus my energy elsewhere. So interesting to me how removal of choice is such a powerful tool. An ironic sense of freedom.
    Right now I'm grateful for it.
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    LadyM got a reaction from decker_bear in The Seduction of LadyM Returns   
    Day 26
    Gram passed yesterday.
    I'll be traveling to Wisconsin on Sunday to eulogize her Monday at the service. I'm bringing all my food just to be on the safe side. It's usually a real shit show when the family gathers in terms of sweets and cheese and crackers and cocktails and beer. This is my life's greatest food challenge, I swear. But I've navigated it before, and I'll do it again successfully, In some ways it will be easier with such clearly defined parameters. I am emboldened by the rules to say "no".
    Everything is going fine, though I was so exhausted last night I went to bed at 8 p.m.
    Today I'll be prepping food, doing laundry, tying up loose ends with my classes in preparation for being gone. Hoping the dude will find someone to stay with his mom so he can go with me, but if not, I'll let it go. My focus now is on celebrating and grieving the loss of one of my life's greatest loves and most profound influences.
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    LadyM got a reaction from BabyBear in Whole30 Round 5? 6?   
    Congratulations on your return to the sanity of Whole30 and welcome back!
    I think after having done a few Whole 30s by the book with three meals a day, it's OK to tweak and play with how you do things. There are a few of us old timers here right now doing exactly that, and two solid template meals is fine if it works for you. It's not fine if you're deliberately restricting despite hunger and/or ending up overeating during those two meals. Alternatively, you could still eat three meals if you so desire but shift the timing of them into that smaller window. Totally up to you and how you're genuinely feeling. 
    Go ahead and do you, Lady. I'd just recommend staying committed as possible to being mindful about your hunger as well as your motives and do your best to let the program work its magic you've already experienced for yourself in the past!
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    LadyM reacted to decker_bear in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    Day .... I don't even know. 
    I just know I'm getting close. At some point I will count again and figure out my Day 30. 
    I've had a hard time finding time to get on the forum to track. I also stopped tracking in Day by Day. Work has been busy and the dogs are running me ragged and life just happens. I'm glad to be "almost done," but by the same token I have really enjoyed the structure and will probably stay with that for a while even after reintroduction. 

    So ... breakfast today was leftover pork loin with gravy, sweet potatotes and some delicata squash. I couldn't even finish and Ulli was soooooo high maintenance. For lunch I had some Poodles or Spudghetti (both names are great), eggs and tomatoes. Dinner ... I haven't got that far yet. I just felt like I needed to get on and sort of "reconnect" to my little community. 

    I hope all my frens are doing well! 
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    LadyM got a reaction from Contessa in The Seduction of LadyM Returns   
    Day 31
    I picked up Food Freedom Forever yesterday and have nearly finished it for the second time. There's really some good, helpful stuff in there, especially as it supports the need to do reintroductions every time you do a W30 reset. I most certainly will do so eventually. Either in December, when I have completed my 105 days; or, if I feel like celebrating my birthday and T-Gives (both in the same week) with a glass of wine, I may end my W30 then just for that, and then continue on with my W30 macros experiment at least through December as planned. Time will tell.
    I'm finally starting to get some energy back after returning from Wisconsin. Really realizing how much that trip took it out of me. Doing my best to practice exquisite self care and not rely on excess caffeine or anything else as a crutch.
    OK. Back to work. Looking forward to having scallops today for the first time in months!
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    LadyM reacted to laurasuzanne in Laura's Whole30 8/28/20   
    Reintro is going well. Not surprising, but liquid dairy is harder for me to digest it seems than hard dairy (cheeses). All I've had as far as dairy goes is shredded cheeses, cream cheese, ranch dressing (with buttermilk), heavy whipping cream, and blue cheese dressing. Although I haven't felt backed up at all, I think the soft dairy is shooting through my system. Day 1 I had HWC in my coffee for 1 cup and my stomach was in knots before I was even done. Yesterday I had a salad with lots of blue cheese dressing, like, LOTS. I definitely think I overate yesterday. I did have a lapse in willpower and weighed myself last night and this morning because I'm scared about calorie balance with the added dairy. The scale is up from Sunday AM about 1.5lbs. That doesn't really bother me much. I was expecting this week would be a guessing game. I don't really feel super bloated, but I don't feel the lightness I feel through a W30.
    I haven't noticed much change in my skin or energy through the day. For some reason I do think I'm sleeping better, though. That could be totally uncorrelated to the dairy, just an observation that my sleep seems better recently. 
    I believe I'm going to change up my reset schedule to introduce non-gluten grains next week. I originally was going to do sweeteners and that just feels silly to do before the end. Probably non-gluten grains, then gluten grains, then legumes, then on to sugar/sweeteners/alcohol in the final weeks. I'm probably going to start re-reading Food Freedom Forever before introducing the "bad" items. 
    The last several days I've had more fruit than I normally eat and darn if I don't love it. I need to remember that fruit is a satisfying and significantly more healthy sweet than a brownie or cookie. I just need to work on remembering that in the moment of being offers sweets.
    Thanks for listening,
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    LadyM reacted to laurasuzanne in Laura's Whole30 8/28/20   
    I made it! I had dreams the last few nights I ate or drank non-compliant foods, but I made it!
    Scale : down 9.4lbs, about 3-4 inches all around, but about 1-1.5 inches in my waist and hips. All other areas (arms, calves, thighs were down less than half an inch). For comparison's I started at 181.2 and ended at 171.8. I'm 3 lbs away from not being overweight!
    I'm happy with those scale results. I know i wanted to see a double-digit loss, but I knew I wouldn't have had the water weight/bloating going into this as I would have if I had a traditional American diet where I had tons of inflammation. It was probably a bigger loss that I prepared myself for it to be. It's the lowest weight I've seen on the scale since February of 2017. I just looked up my weight history, that's longer ago than I was expecting. 
    Non-Scale victories : My skin is so so much better. I was expecting that. I'm happier. I'm more confident. I still have energy and excitement for the gym (although tiger blood is not what I'd call it). My clothes fit better, so I like my wardrobe more. 
    On to reintroduction. Day 1 of Reintro was Sunday. I'm adding back 1 category each week and otherwise eating compliant. This week is Dairy. I started my day with cheese on my breakfast quiche and heavy whipping cream in my coffee. I used to have cream and sweetener in my coffee. I'm not allowing sweeteners or sugar so I found the cream only in coffee disappointing tasting. So, in the future I may add sweetener to my coffee, but cream may not be value-added. By the end of breakfast my stomach was churning, I assume from the cream. Later in the day I had some vegetables with homemade ranch dressing (with buttermilk). For dinner I had a salad with cheese and ranch dressing. Overall my belly felt a little rumbly right after each meal and then that went away. I didn't notice much else yesterday. 
    Mini quiches is my standard breakfast. I meal-prepped them yesterday, dairy-style. They had shredded cheese and cream cheese in them. This morning was the first one I had with the cream cheese in over a month. Holy crap was it delicious. I didn't notice any ill-effects from it, so I'm optimistic shredded/hard cheeses are fine as well as cream cheese. Possibly it's the liquid dairy (HWC and Buttermilk) that might bother me more. 
    I did not weigh myself this morning and I think I'll do the weekly after each week of reintro. I typically do not lose any weight in a normal day unless I work out/sweat. Since I didn't work out yesterday I am certain I would have been up today and I didn't want my mind to dwell on blaming dairy or overeating.
    I think something I'm a bit concerned about is managing calories and/or the meal template. Cheese I can consider a fat and replace fat with cheese. As I add in other categories like grains and legumes I'm not quite sure what my plate should look like. As a person who does best on a low carb diet I'm a bit scared of those categories. Quite possibly I won't stay in the land of legumes that long because I'm not a huge fan of them. But, there are legumes I don't typically eat, so trying lentils seems exciting for me. For grains I'm looking forward to testing rice with intention. I love rice. I really have barely ate it for the past 7 years because of the carbs. So, when I have ate it I always get followed by guilt. I'm very much looking forward to this next month to not be about guilt but to be about experimenting with my body's reactions. If I gain weight this month, that's fine. But, maybe I do well with the healthier grains and I can stop being so scared of them.
    I assume my other posts will be shorter through reintro. Plan is dairy through next Saturday and then on to another category. For now the schedule has sweeteners. Depending on how this week goes I might change my mind and do grains or legumes instead. Just because I know sweeteners are bad, I just like them. Possibly not good to add them so early in reintroduction.
    Thanks for listening,
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    LadyM reacted to Contessa in Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...   
    Regardless of what the food looks like, I hope you have a truly joyful birthday with lots of greetings and cheer from your loved ones!    I'm toasting you with this extremely boring glass of seltzer water!