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    LadyM reacted to laurasuzanne in Laura's Whole30 8/28/20   
    I made it! I had dreams the last few nights I ate or drank non-compliant foods, but I made it!
    Scale : down 9.4lbs, about 3-4 inches all around, but about 1-1.5 inches in my waist and hips. All other areas (arms, calves, thighs were down less than half an inch). For comparison's I started at 181.2 and ended at 171.8. I'm 3 lbs away from not being overweight!
    I'm happy with those scale results. I know i wanted to see a double-digit loss, but I knew I wouldn't have had the water weight/bloating going into this as I would have if I had a traditional American diet where I had tons of inflammation. It was probably a bigger loss that I prepared myself for it to be. It's the lowest weight I've seen on the scale since February of 2017. I just looked up my weight history, that's longer ago than I was expecting. 
    Non-Scale victories : My skin is so so much better. I was expecting that. I'm happier. I'm more confident. I still have energy and excitement for the gym (although tiger blood is not what I'd call it). My clothes fit better, so I like my wardrobe more. 
    On to reintroduction. Day 1 of Reintro was Sunday. I'm adding back 1 category each week and otherwise eating compliant. This week is Dairy. I started my day with cheese on my breakfast quiche and heavy whipping cream in my coffee. I used to have cream and sweetener in my coffee. I'm not allowing sweeteners or sugar so I found the cream only in coffee disappointing tasting. So, in the future I may add sweetener to my coffee, but cream may not be value-added. By the end of breakfast my stomach was churning, I assume from the cream. Later in the day I had some vegetables with homemade ranch dressing (with buttermilk). For dinner I had a salad with cheese and ranch dressing. Overall my belly felt a little rumbly right after each meal and then that went away. I didn't notice much else yesterday. 
    Mini quiches is my standard breakfast. I meal-prepped them yesterday, dairy-style. They had shredded cheese and cream cheese in them. This morning was the first one I had with the cream cheese in over a month. Holy crap was it delicious. I didn't notice any ill-effects from it, so I'm optimistic shredded/hard cheeses are fine as well as cream cheese. Possibly it's the liquid dairy (HWC and Buttermilk) that might bother me more. 
    I did not weigh myself this morning and I think I'll do the weekly after each week of reintro. I typically do not lose any weight in a normal day unless I work out/sweat. Since I didn't work out yesterday I am certain I would have been up today and I didn't want my mind to dwell on blaming dairy or overeating.
    I think something I'm a bit concerned about is managing calories and/or the meal template. Cheese I can consider a fat and replace fat with cheese. As I add in other categories like grains and legumes I'm not quite sure what my plate should look like. As a person who does best on a low carb diet I'm a bit scared of those categories. Quite possibly I won't stay in the land of legumes that long because I'm not a huge fan of them. But, there are legumes I don't typically eat, so trying lentils seems exciting for me. For grains I'm looking forward to testing rice with intention. I love rice. I really have barely ate it for the past 7 years because of the carbs. So, when I have ate it I always get followed by guilt. I'm very much looking forward to this next month to not be about guilt but to be about experimenting with my body's reactions. If I gain weight this month, that's fine. But, maybe I do well with the healthier grains and I can stop being so scared of them.
    I assume my other posts will be shorter through reintro. Plan is dairy through next Saturday and then on to another category. For now the schedule has sweeteners. Depending on how this week goes I might change my mind and do grains or legumes instead. Just because I know sweeteners are bad, I just like them. Possibly not good to add them so early in reintroduction.
    Thanks for listening,
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    LadyM reacted to Contessa in Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...   
    Regardless of what the food looks like, I hope you have a truly joyful birthday with lots of greetings and cheer from your loved ones!    I'm toasting you with this extremely boring glass of seltzer water!
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    LadyM reacted to SchrodingersCat in Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...   
    Thank you for that, I am DEFINITELY an abstainer, it seems!! 
    I'm still around, but not eating W30 at all at the moment, so I haven't been journaling. I should, but seeing all the crap I ate in print would make me sad. Birthday tomorrow and I'm torn about what to have for dinner - we're still locked down so my options are severely limited - I might just cook something tasty and leave outside food for a time when we can actually get out and enjoy it - hopefully in 3 weeks time. 
    Weekend was completely off track - no exercise, a lot of booze, and a lot of takeaway and snacks, but it was also nice - hubster and I went out of our way to have a do nothing weekend, so it was like a little holiday at home. So I'm not going to feel bad about it, but I am going to eat healthy this week, even if not compliant (I have ham and veg soup and chicken and veg soup in the freezer I'm craving) 
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    LadyM got a reaction from Focusedwave in Shawna's First Whole 30   
    You CAN do hard things. Just for today. YAY!!
    I started Imperfect Foods deliveries a couple of weeks ago and have been very happy with it. Between my CSA, Butcherbox, and Imperfect Foods, I almost never need to physically go grocery shopping anymore. Pretty cool.
    As is the feeling of your clothes getting too big when you have weight to lose. Though that's nothing compared to developing a habit for speaking your truth. So happy for you!
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    LadyM reacted to Brewer5 in Like an Onion   
    Day 1:  9/25/20
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    LadyM reacted to Focusedwave in Shawna's First Whole 30   
    Last night I made some salmon patties, they are SO good. I get a little irritated with all the food planning sometimes but then get happy when I eat such delicious good for me food!! I am roasting veggies a lot, so tasty! I joined a food delivery service for imperfect foods that cannot be sold to markets or restaurants.  Foods that would be wasted. It seems like a great service and I get to help the environment in the process. 
    My clothes are getting to big, will have to get some smaller ones soon. 
    I havent been logging my food everyday, it started to feel like a diet that way. I know I am eating compliant foods, no need to write down everything I eat. I will journal my foods once I start reintroducing things so that I can figure out my sensitivities. I am not really missing much food wise though. Not gonna be in a big hurry to reintroduce. 
    I had a major NSV victory yesterday. I have been bad about keeping my emotions and feelings inside when it is something uncomfortable instead of speaking up. Yesterday I spoke up to my husband about what I was feeling in regards to his mom. When I told him how I felt, the earth didnt stop spinning, the skies didnt grow black and scary, instead he hugged me and supported me. I can do hard things, just for today!!
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    LadyM reacted to laurasuzanne in Laura's Whole30 8/28/20   
    Day 29
    Wow, this will probably be my last post before knowing my results and beginning reintroduction. 
    As the NSV's go, I think overall happiness and pride needs to be what I remember. Is it selfish that I feel like I carry myself with more pride during a W30? I think I come off happier because I am. I don't often discuss or brag about what I'm doing, but I'm just happier. I hold my head higher. I feel better about myself. I'm downright proud of myself for doing this for ME and only ME. I like that I'm putting myself first  for a period of time, realizing it's worth telling someone no to their offer. Realizing that I put in my body is nobody's business and shouldn't impact their emotions (like me eating a cookie because I think it would hurt their feelings). That's silly talk and any adult that lets their feelings get hurt for that is an issue with them, not me. It's uplifting to get over that. 
    I have read Food Freedom Forever, but I don't think I want to re-read it until after reintroduction. I want to give reintroduction more attention than I gave my W30, honestly. I've done W30s, and I do the 30 days great. I love structure. I love rules. I love the black and white. I'm certain I am not alone in how I handle reintroduction. It's like a reunion with all your friends and it's very easy to get distracted. Then, when you realize you added 3 categories back, feel like crap, and don't know which did it, you just move on as a reintro failure. Or... I always do. 
    I'm a planner and I'm wanting to go through the day-by-day book and consider what questions to ask myself each day of reintroduction. Energy, cravings, sleep, skin, digestion, mood, etc. 
    My sister called me yesterday about reading a book about alcohol I recommended (This Naked Mind, I highly recommend). It reminds me of It Starts with Food in the sense it discusses alcohol in our diets/life and how useless it is. It was a very well-timed called. I recommended this book to her many months ago and her calling about it as my W30 is ending was perfect as the alcohol reintro is usually what gets me. I'm going to re-read it as I go through reintro, because it really motivates me to avoid alcohol and just appreciate socializing with people in a different way that I'm conditioned to (drunk). 
    I'm excited and scared. I'm about to toss the comfort blanket and rely on my own willpower.
    I appreciate you all listening. I do intend to continue to document my experience. Considering this is not my first W30 I don't know how valuable the commentary has been to anyone. I hope the reintro fears have rang true with people and to those who are new to the process it really is the hardest part for me and a lot of people. Each W30 gets easier. For first timers I completely understand that reintro is hard. "I signed up for 30 days! I didn't realize it's actually 45 day to complete it accurately! Let me have my 30 day win and be done!" So so so get it, because I do that. I've also done a Whole 45, Whole 60, whatever. I held on to the program and did learn some about myself, but reintro is really where it's at. And then food freedom, which is a lifetime of learning. Deciding what's worth it. Realizing the food or drink of an even isn't always the event. Enjoy moments in different ways. Enjoy people, atmosphere, views, feel. I look forward to getting better each time. I will probably do the January W30 because it's so great to have a huge community of health focused people and you'll never get it like you do at the New Year.  My squad!
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    LadyM reacted to Focusedwave in Shawna's First Whole 30   
    Thank you so much for the reminder to not overthink things. I tend to overthink a lot!!! I needed this reminder
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    LadyM reacted to Focusedwave in Shawna's First Whole 30   
    Omg the dishes!!! It seems like I am always doing dishes, but that means I am cooking, so it's good thing really!! I am thankful for the dishes.
    Really trying to focus on the reasons I eat. Really wanted to step on the scale, but resisted. I don't need to think about the weight really. I need to think about the nsv and that's it. Don't really need to lose weight, it is so much more about my health, so why am I called by that darn scale? Luckily, the only scale we have is the Wii fit board and a scale at work. The Wii isn't even hooked up. The scale at work is pretty accessible since I am at work so much, but again,'s not about the number silly woman!!! I will approach the scale like I do most things in my day at a time!!! 
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    LadyM got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...   
    Have you done any research into what it means to be an abstainer rather than a moderator? Like you, I have a tendency to be all or nothing in all things. This concept was VERY helpful to me. Here's a place to start:
    However things shake out, take good care of you, friend!
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    LadyM got a reaction from Focusedwave in Shawna's First Whole 30   
    In my experience psyllium husk affects form more than movement, if you know what I mean. If you tend to have loose stools, it'll help you make poops you can be proud of--you know, those perfectly bulky "s" curves.
    But if you're already going once a day I'd say try not to overthink it or create too many variable. Everything you're doing in terms of diet and lifestyle will likely help.
    So happy you're feeling great today!!
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    LadyM reacted to decker_bear in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    Day 16 (and I counted this time so I know it's right...) 

    Today was another decent day, though I think I am going to need to start setting an alarm to remind myself to eat. It was 10:30 before I got up, took the dogs out, did their meds, made a cup of coffee, showered, dressed for work, barely made it to my first video call, finished the video call and realized I hadn't made breakfast yet. 

    So, while it didn't start off on the best foot, I had a solid breakfast of eggs, sweet potatoes, asparagus and portabella mushroom. The fat came from the coconut oil in a couple of cups of coffee. 

    Because I had breakfast so late, I didn't even think about lunch. It was almost 4:00 before I realized I hadn't eaten anything. Once again, I didn't want to continue the cycle, so I had a smaller meal so that I could be hungry for dinner. I had some smoked salmon, almonds and a couple of plumcots. 

    For dinner I'm planning the leftover air fryer chicken wings, steamed broccoli and the last of the acorn squash. 
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    LadyM reacted to Focusedwave in Shawna's First Whole 30   
    R1D10 Feeling a little run down today. Got my mud water shipment 2 days ago. I love the taste and totally believe it will help me to kick the coffee habit. Wanna try zucchini boat tacos. 
    I had a lot of energy yesterday, woke up feeling sluggish today. 
    I am loving this though. Overall I feel great. My mind is clearer too! Just today, I can do hard things, just today
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    LadyM reacted to Focusedwave in Shawna's First Whole 30   
    Today is R1D8. I got through the first week!!! NSV...I bought some new shoes in my regular size about a month ago, but they were snug. I kept wearing my old ones but tried them on again today, much better!! Did my feet lose weight? Lol 
    Feeling less inflammation. Bloating is still there some. Loose plans for food this week, gonna prep a few things but I have a lot of things still from last week. Frozen cauliflower rice is a life saver with the hours I work.
    I used to abuse my body so much. I didnt care what I ate, I was an alcoholic and smoked. I am becoming a health nut and I love it!! 
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    LadyM reacted to Focusedwave in Shawna's First Whole 30   
    I take mega foods blood builder iron. I have to take just about double the amount of most supplements because I dont absorb normally. I take two different magnesium supplements. Now foods magnesium citrate and Purely Holistic magnesium glycinate. 
    I guess I would say that technically I am not constipated,  I do go once per day, but I know it could be better/easier. I am researching psyllium husk and acacia powder. I will also look into the products you suggested. I like that the floradix has a liquid supplement. I absorb liquid a lot better.
    Thank you so much!
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    LadyM reacted to decker_bear in Laura's Whole30 8/28/20   
    Yes! It's hard to go from all the structure to NO structure without fear of falling back into the bad habits. I've seen both ends of the spectrum (really healthy and really unhealthy) enough to know I prefer being healthy (obviously) but lacking the motivation, willpower or whatever to stick to anything that isn't as rigid or structured as a Whole30. I really like your reintroduction plan of doing a week of each one - that's pretty comparable to the slow roll outlined in the book, isn't it? 

    While I am a bit scared of hitting the end (I hit Day 16 today so I'm on the downward slope), I am SUPER excited for the microbrews chillin' in my fridge waiting for me. 
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    LadyM reacted to laurasuzanne in Laura's Whole30 8/28/20   
    Day 25
    Wow, has this been fast. My body acne is the most obvious transformation. It has improved dramatically. There's 5 more days left. I do think I will begin reintroduction Sunday vs continuing on. To me, reintroduction is the hardest part and staying on W30 is more of a crutch vs a true effort to improve health. I think I am overall fairly healthy, but these W30's really help me work on habits. I might eventually stray off plan, but they are so good for me. Every single one I just can tell I'm happier through it because I'm happy I'm taking care of myself, being responsible about my health, and feel lighter. 
    My non-scale victory of the weekend was that my boyfriend went to the gym with me. He has said he wants to get more active and it worked out for him to come with me to an organized class. I wholeheartedly know how hard that first step was and I am so proud of him for taking a step through the door. 
    I think I have the beginning of my reintro set. I will add back dairy to start. Cheese and ranch dressing (homemade ranch dressing with buttermilk). I might cook with butter just to make sure I'm giving it a fair try on dairy. One week with only dairy added and then I can try something else. 
    Happy Monday, folks!
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    LadyM got a reaction from ShadowInTheKitchen in The Seduction of LadyM Returns   
    Day 21
    Even though FitBit only gave me a "Fair" score for my sleep last night, I feel especially good about it. Was mindful about screens late in the day, went for a walk after dinner and then no tv after, got into bed with a real book well before 9, and slept through the night until my alarm went off at 5. I have successfully returned to my preferred monastic life schedule. Which is only possible because I live alone and theaters are closed for the moment. Otherwise I'm out late reviewing shows and on my Dude's bartending schedule. It's healthier this way. But not nearly the same kind of fun. Le sigh.
    Today begins phase two of this W30 which lasts until Oct. 18 when phase three kicks in. I'm staying curious and open to the process, grateful to have guidance from my doc; I'm also doing my best to not get attached to the outcome and stay present to the process.
    My favorite NSV at the moment that I haven't mentioned is I'm back to a regular, daily meditation practice. Years ago I committed to a 30-day meditation challenge, and it transformed everything. It's impossible to describe and also impossible to understand why I ever fall off the wagon because meditation makes everything better. It's the mental and emotional balance and stability that comes from W30 in overdrive. And I need it like a plant needs water and sunlight.
    So, I'm giving it to myself. And this is a reminder that it's as crucial a component to this human experiment as food, sleep, and exercise. 
    M1: eggs, bacon, potatoes, sweet potato toast with avocado
    M2: pulled pork on patacones with guac and lime
    M3: bbq pork on sweet potato with kraut
    Planning for a walk in the woods and either barre or yoga plus some yoga nidra today. I have a long to-do list, but it all seems more manageable the more time and space I make to tend to myself. Grateful for an early morning to create the foundation that supports it all.
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    LadyM reacted to decker_bear in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    Day 15 ... if my math is right
    If it really is Day 15, that means I'm halfway through. I think it's also supposed to mean Tiger's Blood - if not now, then shortly! I feel like I got it right around the midway point in the past, but it's also been a few years. 
    Today I did really well staying on track. For breakfast I had a leftover chicken sausage, some sweet potatoes and some asparagus. I slathered the asparagus with a little homemade mayo and a fresh lemon wedge. And, of course, I had some coffee with coconut oil. I think I went a bit light on the grub because I did get hungry a little sooner than usual. 
    For lunch I had some leftover taco meat on top of zoodles, topped with some cashew sauce and diced tomatoes. I also had more sweet potatoes (which, if I'm being honest, is probably my favorite food these days). I felt good for quite a while after lunch. I ended up leaving around 4:00 to go up to the vet in Park City to pick up a new prescription for one of the doggos, and the pups kept me pretty busy even after we got home. Ulli is not feeling well and she needs so much attention right now. It's really sad. 

    Anyway, I didn't end up eating dinner until around 7, but I felt good until then. I had some leftover pork loin, sweet and red potatoes I had made with the pork loin, and I steamed some broccoli I topped with ghee and fresh lemon. 

    It just dawned on me right now that I had sweet potatoes at every single meal today. I should probably diversify a little.  Instead of the usual hour, it took over two hours to finish dinner because I was tending to Ulli. 

    NSV: I got some extra veg prepped up and ready to go. 
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    LadyM reacted to decker_bear in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    YESSS!! It's so true. Funny, I got hooked on gummy bears because of a personal trainer. I was in the best shape of my LIFE, I had finished several rounds at a Boot Camp and was transitioning to more workout stuff on my own, so I hired a personal trainer at the gym. I would go first thing in the morning before work and he used to get on me for working out on an empty stomach. I really couldn't eat much or I would get nauseous when I was working out. He suggested a handful of gummy bears, like 10 at the most, just to get something in me. I remember him saying, "I cannot recommend this to most of my clients."  Well, here I am almost 10 years later with a substantial gummy bear addiction. 
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    LadyM got a reaction from decker_bear in My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...   
    Air fryer chicken wings are delectable, aren't they?!? Great eating day, especially given it was a football day. YAY YOU!!
    ps I think having fun with food like doing finger foods on football day is a good thing. I remember on my first W30 feeling guilty about how much I enjoyed indulging in kale chips and chicken wings amid the food boredom phase of the 30 days. But it's all good. Makes it livable. We are, after all, still meant to enjoy ourselves, even without gummy bears.
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    LadyM reacted to Brewer5 in Like an Onion   
    I decided to change my avatar tonight, in honor of Toby.  He's the toad who has spent so much time with me this summer.
    One morning, I came outside to find Toby sitting backwards in the cab of the dump truck.
    "Do you ever just feel all turned around?" was my immediate thought.  I shared it with my friend, and we had a good laugh.
    But Toby had a plan.  He was working toward a goal.
    You see ~ I had come outside on a previous morning to find him sitting on top of the cab of the dump truck.
    And I came out on a later morning (after this avatar pic) to find him fully immersed in the water in the bed of the dump truck.  ...Ah... he'd made it.  And he has made it several times since.
    This is the dogs' drinking water.  Yes, we use a plastic dump truck as our dogs' outside drinking bowl.  How did this happen?  Well, you see ~ life is busy, and when we got our first dog - there was the dump truck, right there by the outside spigot.  We filled it up with water for him to drink ... and it has been the dog bowl, for five years now.
    Five years.
    I had friends here five years ago, who were part of my journey when we first brought Rocket into our family.  My sleep was disrupted for the first time in years.  I struggled with cravings, and increased caffeine consumption, and trying to figure out a new normal.
    That's life.  That's real.  ...And that's okay.
    I was thinking tonight about how much has changed just since I started this journal.  I feel like a different person.  
    That's because I am a different person.  That's life.  That's real.  ...And that's good.
    We should always be moving forward.  We should always be working toward a goal.  
    We may look like Toby in my avatar sometimes - and that's okay, too.  Toby sat there and thought about it for awhile ... but he reached his destination.
    I wish the same for each of you.
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    LadyM reacted to SchrodingersCat in Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...   
    Ok, ok, so that whole "back to compliant for the week" lasted as long as it took us to walk to the servo because the hubster needed an ice cream and they have B&Js Pint Slices. But the important thing is I bought a slice, and not the tub. And it was delicious.
    Def back to compliant now.
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    LadyM reacted to Focusedwave in Shawna's First Whole 30   
    Thank you SO much!! This is such a supportive site, you people get me!!!
    No one around me eats the way I do. My husband is extremely supportive,  but he doesn't truly understand why I nearly danced a jig of glee when I found sugar free bacon!! Lol
    Thank you for the support, I am grateful!
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    LadyM reacted to Focusedwave in Shawna's First Whole 30   
    I take magnesium supplements everyday. I think I have the issue probably because of the amount of iron I have to take due to the gastric bypass. I will just keep drinking lots of water and eating all my veggies. It is helping.
    Is there a certain magnesium that you swear by?