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  1. Egg safety

    I sometimes keep my eggs on the counter too. I deduce that they are often sold on shelves in markets so I didn't even consider there would be a problem with that.
  2. Grass fed UK

    I just wanted to update this topic. I've ordered from Abel & Cole and was thrilled with the meet quality. The difference in taste was amazing. I have a weekly veg box on order along with any meat that I buy for delivery. Couldn't be more satisfied!
  3. Whole 30 vs 21-Day Sugar Detox?

    I also think there is a big difference in mindset. Detoxes usually conjure up some nightmare regime you stick with for a very short while and then you're back on your own. The Whole30 is a much gentler reset with advice on how to take it forward and create new better habits.
  4. The Whole 50!

    Welcome Maddie! You can totally do this and I look forward to reading about your progress!
  5. Day 3 of second Whole 30

    Welcome, Lelia! I look forward to reading your progress!
  6. Food Portions/Eating too much

    The key is to make sure you get enough fat - and that is good quality satiating fat. Nuts are OK in moderation but they are easy to over-eat. You only need a handful to hit your meal limit for fat but I know from experience I can eat several handfuls without thinking about it. It's also OK to feel a little hungry. You don't have to feel 'full' all of the time. Work on enjoying the feeling of looking forward to your next meal. These are all things that have helped me, and I can be a voracious eater given a chance!
  7. Weight loss not happening

    Yes, absolutely. Our boy didn't sleep through until 18 months and even now he sometimes wakes in the night for the toilet or if he has a cold. I remember that for the first 18 months I felt like a zombie and struggled with nutrition and exercise.
  8. Fermented Cod Liver Oil

    I'll let one of the other guys give a more technical reply but I've been using that exact brand for a few months daily and I've found it to be really good. I take two caps a day. The usual rules of the Whole30 apply of course. Make sure you're eating a good variety of foods which is preferable to supplementation.
  9. Snack ideas

    Boiled eggs, carrot sticks, olives, slices of avocado. These are generally my go-to snacks.
  10. Fruit sugar (fructose)

    Good luck and great work in checking and questioning those labels!
  11. Weight loss not happening

    Focus on eating well and exercising will and the rest will follow in time. It can take a while to undo the damage years of 'SAD' eating causes. Also make sure that your stress, sleep and other lifestyle factors are improving. I know from parenting my four year old that 'not being stressed' and 'getting enough sleep' are sometimes incredibly hard goals to achieve!
  12. Fruit sugar (fructose)

    Unfortunately that's not allowed on the Whole30 plan. It's an added sugar made from fructose and not like fresh juiced fruit.
  13. Let's talk about acne

    Fruit is best eaten in moderation mostly because we don't want to see you replace vegetables with fruits. Moderation is a personal thing. 4-5 might be OK for you and your activity levels but we do recommend limiting them to 1-2 servings a day while on the Whole30. I've seen great improvement to my own skin since starting the 'Whole' way of life and I used to struggle with acne in my twenties and regular breakouts ever since. How long is relative. Focus on eating good food and the rest will fall into place.
  14. Grass fed UK

    I've set up a one-off order with Able & Cole. They are a little more expensive than the farm but they don't charge £9.99 for delivery so the order works out a little cheaper. If the meat is good (and I'm sure it is!) then I'll set-up a weekly meat order. While it's a bit more expensive than the supermarket, I'll happily pay a small extra for quality and for my health.
  15. Grass fed UK

    Thanks CaveGirl! I'll check those sites out myself.