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  1. kayell

    Dressing for canned tuna on a bed of lettuce

    Add guacamole and some chopped red onion.
  2. Pulled pork or eggs most commonly, but I like it with lots of things. Tuna straight out of the can with kimchi or one of the spicier krauts is great. Heating fermented foods kills off the beneficial probiotic organisms, so I don't ever heat them.
  3. ....learn to love eating fermented vegetables, kraut, kimchi, salsa to the point where I can't go a day without some zingy fermented goodie along with my meal! ...eat mass quantities of veg at breakfast. ...be able to put together meals so fast. ...drink black coffee happily.
  4. kayell

    Living without a microwave

    Although I have one now, I went several years without a microwave. I used one of those Chinese bamboo steamers on top of a skillet to reheat bowls of food quickly.
  5. kayell

    Egg & Seafood Suggestions

    It's going to depend a lot on what kinds of food you like. Do you enjoy spice, Mexican food, Thai? Do you prefer simple foods with minimal seasoning? What flavors do you enjoy now? Are you adventurous or a cautious eater? I'm a spice lover, so anything with enough garlic, ginger and hot peppers makes me happy. Others I know cringe at that. You might take a look at the resources at http://whole9life.com/resources/ under the heading Whole30 Food, Grocery Shopping and Recipes. Lots of photos on the recipe pages - see what looks appealing.
  6. Dutchie, I hear you that you're not interested in going to therapy again, but the problem is that you're kind of trying to use us as therapists. (In my opinion) And we're not. We can be a support group, but we're really not going to be much help with the really heavy stuff. Keep coming by, but try to hear what people are telling you. Long therapy can be rough. You might want to look into Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). It's more geared to getting you rapidly past specific problems, and doesn't focus on past issues, just on how to find solutions now. Cognitive behavior therapy is also more geared to results than towards the past. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- As far as your meals - my quick advise would be to stop counting tiny pieces of broccoli and plates of shredded lettuce. That leads to exactly what you're doing - eating a pile of sugar because you are hungry. Have a large piece of meat or fish, some fat, and a huge heap of veg. If you're still hungry, eat some more meat. Eat enough in meals at home that you aren't hungry and craving. Don't try to live on slivers. Then don't go to the restaurants.
  7. kayell

    From Vegetarian to Whole 30 - I start today

    Checking in as a recovered vegetarian/vegan/raw-low-fat-vegan. It's been 3 years since I ate nothing but huge heaps of fruit, romaine lettuce, spinach and 1/3 of an avocado per day.
  8. Sriracha sauce The Oatmeal on sriracha sauce (not for the easily offended) http://theoatmeal.com/comics/sriracha "Sriracha, you are a delicious blessing flavored with the incandescent glow of a thousand dying suns. I love you."
  9. kayell

    Almond Milk

    This really is delicious, but during a W30 you want to avoid paleofying foods. Especially avoid this if you have an ice cream habit. Wait til after the W30 and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
  10. Do an inside out sandwich with thin sliced meat on the outside/veg etc on the inside. Roll up tightly in wax paper, and peel back the paper as you eat. Cabbage leaves after wilting (very briefly) in boiling water make good flexible wraps. So do collard leaves. The collards are probably easiest, but harder to find this time of year. Egg crepes (no flour, just egg and a little water) make good wraps. Doubled nori sheets. The coconut based wraps that are on the W30 approved page.
  11. @Cindi Go to http://whole9life.com/resources/ Scroll down to Whole30 Food, Grocery Shopping and Recipes
  12. kayell

    home made ketchup-NO SUGAR ADDED!

    Scrambled eggs with ketchup!
  13. kayell

    I'm so burned out on the foods I can eat

    Lovely juicy steaks, grilled salmon, pulled pork with salsa verde, sweet potatoes with ghee and cinnamon, beautiful brightly colored salads with summer tomatoes and avocados, pork chops with sauerkraut and apples, roasted vegetables with olive oil and rosemary, omelets with arugula and smoked salmon, figs or cantaloupe with prosciutto, basil on tomatoes, shrimp in green coconut curry, kebabs, sauteed portobellos in ghee, blackened catfish, ceviche,,, Yep, it's a TERRIBLY boring way to eat. Added: Sorry for the sarcasm. More to the point is that as you get used to eating real food, fresh and seasonal food, your tastes will change. You'll start looking at foods in a whole different light, see the possibilities, the colors and flavors and incredible variety of real food.
  14. IIRC nursing mothers use @1000 calories/day (Checked, most sources say between 200 and 500 extra calories) more than non-nursing women. Not that you should count those, just realize that your food needs are really high. Way, way back when I was nursing, I lost all 40 pounds of pregnant weight gain in 6 months. I ate like a hog. Admittedly, I walked everywhere since I didn't own a car back then, but I had the energy to do so. Also lots more water, and more protein. My guess is that you are now a solid 2 palm/2 thumb person. Sorry, I totally read your post wrong. Never mind.
  15. kayell


    Have you all tried the autoimmune protocol? Could it be something in your environment rather than in your diet?