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  1. Whole30 is a program that uses the basic guidelines of the Paleo diet, but it is not the Paleo diet. Neither W30 or Paleo diet is low carb. The "Paleo" way of eating concentrates on eating food that is in its natural state, not processed and packaged, or with additives/preservatives, or synthetic chemicals. It is not a low-carb diet. Anyone who claims that Atkins and Paleo are the same doesn't really know what they are talking about. Paleo way of eating isn't about losing weight, it's about eating the way our ancestors ate before farming grains came into play. People have made that same statement to me, and I suggested that before they make that assumption, they should educate themselves.
  2. Adagio

    Drank wine and 2 days later I feel awful

    I can no longer drink wine. I think it's from the sulfites. I haven't tested the theory yet, but there is a sulfite-free wine I have my eye on and will try soon. I read somewhere that if you are sensitive to other preservatives/chemicals, it is a good bet you are sensitive to sulfites.
  3. Adagio

    Anyone have a good whole chicken recipe?

    I also cook a whole chicken in the crock pot. Breast side down, heavily seasoned. I put a layer of veggies on the bottom. I cook it from 4-6 hours on low - depending on the size of the chicken. When it is done, I puree the cooked veggies and use the puree as a gravy.
  4. Adagio

    Thinking on doing this diet, but...

    If you choose to eat meat/poultry, look for sources of humanely raised, grass-fed, and pastured animals. I am an animal lover, and most of our proteins come from a local farm. We know the owner and know his ethics. Among other diets, I did macrobiotic, food for life, and then went vegan, after that, vegetarian, for many years. And I got very sick and obese. Nothing against those diet choice, everyone is an individual and free to do what they like, but I personally recommend that folks eat animal protein if they want to do a Whole30 for weight loss. There are many factors that go into why people are overweight. IMO, it's too much of a burden to find a proper amount of non-animal protein while doing a Paleo-style diet like Whole30. And I believe that if you follow the plan 100% (eat animal protein) you will FEEL much better- which goes a LONG way toward sticking with any plan. I was pre-diabetic and suffered terrible acid reflux a few years ago. Since going on a mostly Paleo-style diet, most of my chronic health complaints have disappeared. I am still fighting the obesity monster, and that's not the diet's fault. I tend to derail myself at times. Regarding sugar cravings, the best way to beat that demon is to forget calorie counting. Instead, do a strict Whole30, according to the book - and go easy on the fruit and nuts. I find now that if I now crave something "off plan," it's not sugary sweet stuff. In fact, very sweet foods make me feel nauseous, so I avoid them. I've read lots of testimonials of pre-diabetic folks who have eliminated that problem by going on a Paleo diet. I highly recommend you stick to Whole30 for a couple of months, then transition to a strict Paleo diet. I believe you may see a lot of positive changes.
  5. Adagio

    Drank wine and 2 days later I feel awful

    Sulfites in wine are a high allergen.
  6. We travel a lot. We bring a large cooler packed with hardboiled eggs, Applegate farms turkey and roast beef, homemade chicken salad, pure wraps, celery and carrot spears, and apples and bananas. We also bring nuts. On one trip, I packed chili and we ate it every night for dinner for three days straight. (find a hotel with a fridge and microwave - essential!. If not, bring this: ) This little gadget saved us when we had to spend a a MONTH in a motel! I also carry a small container of mayo and/or salad dressing (lunchbots) with me for restaurant meals - which we only do occasionally anymore, since we both cannot be exposed to gluten. Hope this helps travelers.
  7. Adagio

    Thoughts on bananas

    I used to be addicted to bananas before I did a couple of Whole30's. Now I'm neutral about them. We buy bananas and apples because they are cheaper than most organic fruit, and I like to have a serving of fruit per day. If I had an unlimited budget, I'd eat organic berries every day. BTW, my dog adores bananas too!
  8. Adagio

    Tried to make mayo. Made salad cream instead!

    The best mayo I've made so far was when I added the acid after the egg and oil were emulsified. It was much thicker than any mayo I'd ever made previously. Hope this helps.
  9. Adagio

    Welcome Baby Atticus

  10. Adagio

    Cat food?

    Forgot to mention: If you don't want to feed raw, Weruva makes good canned food. For kibble, Orijen and Acana grain-free are very high quality. Our pets need to eat Paleo just like we do. I used to pet sit, and I can tell you that the dogs with the chronic health problems were all fed foods that contained grains and nasty fillers. The ones that were fed raw or home cooked had the least health problems. Also I had a dog with liver problems, so I had to do a LOT of research. Hope this helps!
  11. Adagio

    Cat food?

    Raw is best. There are several commercial raw products that are excellent, and easy, too. My dog has eaten Primal raw frozen food since we adopted her. It's a very good product. She is in excellent health. It's easy to feed. It comes frozen in a bag. You defrost the nuggets and feed. (and you can warm it easily. Put the nugget in a plastic bag and immerse in warm water for a few minutes.) There are no grains in it. It would be excellent for a diabetic cat. Do you read Dr. Becker's site, Mercola Healthy Pets? There is a lot of info there.
  12. Adagio

    Grass fed beef taste so bad??!!

    I've been ordering from US Wellness for a long time. The fattier ground beef tastes much better than the leaner ground beef.
  13. Adagio

    Living in an obese body (sucks!!)

    I am just catching up to some of these posts. Thanks for your honesty. I was skinny until I hit 30 years old, then started gaining weight like crazy. I've been overweight for over 25 years. I need to lose 50 pounds. Thus far with Whole30, I've lost 10, so I am encouraged. I'm trying to get into an exercise routine, but thus far I'm not consistent. Thanks for your post. No, you are definitely not the only one! I wish you the best!
  14. Adagio

    good unsweetened iced tea recipes??

    You are correct about the Black Cherry. I have not had it for a very long time and didn't look at the ingredients. My favorite brand tea is Numi. Their ingredients are compliant.
  15. You said you were eating healthy before Whole30, You mentioned peanut butter, jelly and 1% milk. All of those foods are bad for the gut. Your gut plays a huge role in the health of your body. If you eat foods that negatively affect the gut, over time, your body will get totally out of whack.