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  1. Adagio


    There is one that is sweetened with fruit juice but it has other weird ingredients in it. Best to make your own. You can use a bit of unsweetened applesauce if you want it sweet.
  2. Adagio

    Low blood sugar

    What about eating a piece of fruit and/or some nuts and making it more of a mini-meal?
  3. Adagio

    The crazy things people say

    The other one is: "Why should I deprive myself?" My answer: "Why do you eat food that does not nourish your body?" Their answer: "Because it tastes good!" My reply: "If your car's gas tank had taste buds and demanded lemonade instead of gasoline, would you comply?" Their answer: "Of course not! Cars cannot run on lemonade!" My reply: "Exactly. Your body cannot run on frankenfood. One of these days, it's going to crap out." Their answer: "My mother ate (insert crappy food here) and she lived to be 90." My reply: "Good for her. You are not her." Their answer: "Whatever."
  4. Adagio

    The crazy things people say

    My dental hygienist told me today that a low-carb diet will give me periodontal disease. She said that the carb digesting enzymes secreted during the eating process do not know what to do when we don't eat carbs, so the enzymes turn into sugar and cause mouth bacteria. Never heard that one before... I told her that my periodontal issues had greatly improved since giving up grains/sugar. She said that they will get bad again if I don't eat carbs. (I've been mostly Paleo for 3 years now.) I didn't bother to argue. What's the point? She is convinced she is right.
  5. Adagio

    Natural Flavors added to food?

    There are only a couple of teas now that don't have natural flavors. Numi and Choice organic are two.
  6. Adagio

    Dairy Disappointment and Attachment

    Can you buy an ice cream maker and make your own with coconut milk and raw honey or maple syrup? It's not Whole30 compliant, but it's better than store bought.
  7. Adagio

    Bacon or Breakfast Sausage

    I make my own breakfast sausage with ground pork and spices. Very easy and much better than prepackaged stuff
  8. They buy four dozen eggs a week. For two people. They mutter to themselves while grocery shopping. People ask them out to dinner and they say, "I'd rather eat at home."
  9. Adagio

    Bacon or Breakfast Sausage

    Nieman Ranch Thai style sausage doe not have sugar. It's pretty hard to find, though.
  10. Adagio

    Excess gas & Farting on Whole30

    Whole30 recommends Now Super Enzymes. I use a different brand - specifically for celiacs.
  11. Adagio

    Excess gas & Farting on Whole30

    Digestive enzymes help with this.
  12. Adagio

    Couple of items: pickles, V8

    At my WF (Harry's Farmer's Market) Bubbie's is now in the produce section.
  13. Adagio

    Plan a Whole30 dream vacation

    1. I'd stay at a eco-friendly ranch, in a lovely log house on a pristine lake, somewhere in the high Rockies in the fall with the aspens in full bloom and the peaks dusted with snow. The house would have numerous windows with gorgeous views. The ranch would have lots of land to roam, and trails just begging me to hike and view wildlife to my heart's content. It would also have a huge garden and some fruit trees. 2. I'd have a personal chef who would come in daily to prepare my meals. My meals would consist mostly of organic Whole30 food grown and raised on the ranch. The food wouldn't be fussy or fancy, but simple and delicious. 3. I'd have fun/exercise riding horses, hiking, exploring, and swimming. At night, I'd look at the stars through a telescope. I'd read and write every day, too. I'd probably have a massage therapist in every day. The fresh air, sunshine, beautiful surroundings, and local healthy food would feed my body and soul, and I would be peaceful and content. (And I'd never want to leave!)