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  1. Kate C  Mayone

    The tea trick really works. Take that, sugar dragon!

    Never thought to try bone broth after a meal! I've been making a ton and freezing it for meals. Occasionally I remember to bring some along with me to work and had it with my first meal. Makes sense to enjoy it after a meal to ward off sugar cravings. Thanks!
  2. Kate C  Mayone

    Fighting the sugar dragon

    Thanks MeadowLily for all the posts! I need to get back on track and stay there for a while. I really want to make this my life-long pursuit as noted by Melissa. Starving the sugar dragon is my best course of action since I am an 'all or nothing' type of person. But I am still trying to learn more about my emotional connection to food and my habits. It's a lot of learning about yourself
  3. Kate C  Mayone

    Fighting the sugar dragon

    This is all true! I recently watched the Fed Up movie and it makes you think differently about the 'fat people are lazy' tagline. I hate feeling under the control of anything...food especially. And it's worse when you've succumbed and end up paying for it the entire day after.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm on the second week of reintroduction and starting to struggle with sugar again. I tested out some non-gluten grains as well as some dairy and fared okay. My response to sugar has been bad of course. I've held out for special occasions and only items I've prepared myself (cake and cookies). Keeping some boundaries was and still is important to me. I enjoy baking so luckily the idea of eating grocery store pastry or candy bars isn't very appealing. My sugar cravings haven't been too terrible after having sugar but the hangover is the worst. I wake up the next day feeling like I have the flu. I'm super cranky and here's the TMI part - my butt itches like crazy. Yikes yeast This morning I could barely pull myself outta bed and I'm still moving like molasses. It's an obvious response so I'm trying to pay close attention to all the details and weigh in on when it's important enough to the make the sacrifice. Does anyone have any good advice on how to rebound from the sugar flu? I have a tendency to try and compensate with lots of coffee which I know is a bad idea. I'm drinking lots of lemon water but if there are any teas or herbs that might help I'm all ears. Maybe lots of veggies and fats? Trying to keep balance isn't as bad as I woulda thought. After 60 days I was really able to create a lot of good habits so it's much easier to fall back into my healthy routine. I still want to enjoy a sweet treat every once and a while without feeling like total garbage. Maybe I'll just find out along the way that it's not always worth it. But something tells me not
  5. Kate C  Mayone

    Help me break up with my scale

    So glad I read this just now... I wrapped up 61 days last week and my initial response was "I look and feel great - that's great". I hadn't really weighed in before starting but I always seem to float around the same number. I can go months without weighing and then weigh myself twice a day for a week straight. I know when I've let my eating get out of control I can count on a few more pounds than usual. But I also know that's when I'm skipping the gym so I'm losing muscle. I generally do not put much worth into this number. But on occasion I do let the fantasy get into my head that I will lose those stubborn last 10 pounds and finally see the scale drop under 130 and stay there for good. On day 61 I did not bother weighing myself. I knew I looked better and I had lost inches - my pants fit well and some were even baggy. My plan was to reintroduce non-gluten grains over the weekend so I figured I'd weigh myself for reference. On day 1 of reintroduction I weighed 127.8 lbs. I figured this was probably an 8 lb weight loss after two months. I was happy with that. I know people generally want to lose more even just in one month but I considered myself lucky to be happy with my results. Now a few days later I'm finding myself weighing in the morning and at night. I'm back on a reset to wait things out before reintroducing dairy later this week. I'm now at 130.2 lbs and seem to be sticking there. Something about seeing the scale jump back over 130 saddened me. I tried to remind myself of all the great thoughts I was having last week...this number should not matter. I haven't undone my healthy ways but I certainly don't want to let the scale screw it all up. I agree with the original poster that I want to be conscious of my portions at meal time but not get crazy with measuring, etc. Trying to find that healthy balance and stay there is tough for me. The all-or-nothing approach is easiest and now that I'm letting myself get bummed it's like I'm subconsciously giving myself a free pass to bad behavior. I am going to check out the everyday paleo links as well as the 'staying on track' forum for some extra support. I know why I chose to extend to 60 days and how important it is that I manage to maintain this new life. I want to do it. I know I can do it. I cannot let my scale get in the way. I sorta want a breakup but more importantly I want to straighten out the backwards reasoning in my head. Good luck to you all.
  6. Kate C  Mayone

    Whole 30 Starting 24/09/14

    Hi Everyone, I'm still here! Well not really I guess since I haven't been checking in much. But as I approach Day 60 there is some definite re-examining that needs to take place. I'm excited and nervous all the same. I've been keeping a daily journal since about day 20 which has been a great tool. I can really look back and see patterns clearly. It's kept me honest and accountable. Even on the days I have overdone it on fruit or snacks I've written it all down along with notes on how it made me feel. It's a bit time consuming and while I'd like to continue journaling after day 60 it's probably not very realistic. Trying to figure out a way to keep some of these good habits in the 'real world'. For the last two months I've been very food-focused which is great. But I know I need to let go of some of my stricter ways in order to make this work. I've accomplished some really amazing goals in a short matter of time like getting more sleep every night and creating my own meals without recipes. I'm happy to see people are still here making progress with every day. This experience has been so eye-opening. I realize now it's not about being my version of perfect...just my version of what works. Reintroduction is going to be an interesting challenge for me. I'm about to head over to that section of the forum and do more 'research'. Good luck to everyone today; tomorrow and this week! Keep doing what you're doing
  7. Kate C  Mayone

    Whole 30 Starting 24/09/14

    Hi Everyone, It's been longer than I would have liked since my last 'login'. I guess maybe that's not such a bad thing considering I believe in the Whole9 reduction in technology I have still been logging my food entries religiously. Today is my day 44 and I'm feeling quite well. I will admit this week, against better judgment, I allowed myself to buy some dried mangoes. Trader Joes sells a variety that is simply dried mango - no sugar or sulfur dioxide added. But I realize it's still a lot of sugar packed into these leathery 'treats'. I had bought them early on in my W30 and knew they were not a good decision. Well, this 'test' was no different. I bought the bag on Sunday and it was gone by Monday night. It technically serves 4.5 but I ate it in two sittings - yikes. My feeling last night while I finished the bag was 'let me just get rid of these now because they're such a weakness'. May as well get it over and done with right? I can make excuses and say they didn't bother my stomach. But I knew immediately this morning that they affected my sleep and energy. I woke up in sort of a 'sugar hangover'. My energy is okay now but my brain is still playing catch up. So note to self for future shopping - skip the dried fruit aisle at Trader Joes. I'm much better at managing fresh fruits in my diet. I can have just one clementime after a meal and leave it at that. Controlling my consumption of 'packaged' items is still a challenge for me. I think the reason I want to 'eat it all' was just that pure mindless comfort that you get when you binge. I wasn't stressed and my last meal had enough fat and protein to satisfy me. Plus I had made the purchase in advance - it was a premeditated event I am happy to continue my journey and learn more into the next 20 days. My MIL will be visiting soon so that means more family get togethers coming up. I am pretty good at planning ahead at this point but I'll need to make certain I have lots of protein on hand to grab and go. I don't feel the same need to excuse my eating that I did initially and being the 'outcast' who brings her food isn't my issue; it's theirs. So I will bundle up containers of prepared meals and bring them along on the weekends. Take-out is still sort of my enemy. Not because I can't work with it...I've ordered a few green salads with grilled chicken and olive oil when necessary. I just prefer to eat food I've prepared because it tastes better and is more satisfying. I never was much of a 'take-out' or restaurant goer so working that into my lifestyle isn't a goal of mine. What's more important to me long term is creating ways to maintain and manage the lifestyle I have now. Not necessarily a strict W30 but not the 'on again; off again' wagon I've been traveling in the paleo world. Finding that everyday balance is key to my success. Not too much time or stress spent mapping out my meals but still enough mindfulness that I don't revert back to the bad weekends that stretch into the week of 'anything goes'. If they happen they happen. But I want to reduce those unhealthy decisions to smaller number so I don't extend one bad choice into a week-long series of one after another. Guilt isn't the issue for me. It's more of just the roller coaster release of letting go and forgetting about planning and rules and grocery lists and time spent in the kitchen. It's the release that spirals me out of control. That coupled with the "I've already eaten a few bad things so screw it" mentality. Staying accountable and in touch is my focus!! Just a few comments re: the most recent posts - Natural Calm is a great magnesium supplement. I use it to keep things moving but it can help with muscle cramps as well. Dosage is somewhat personal - I found that one 1/2 teaspoon just before bed works best for me. It's good to start off with 1/4 teaspoon but for me breaking up my doses (morning/noon/night) thru out the day upset my stomach. I notice a big difference when I don't take it but too much (for me, 1 tsp) isn't a good thing either. It helps improve your sleep as well. Just give it time. Epsom salt baths are a great way to relax and detox as well. Helps with constipation and relieves inflammation in the body like sore muscles. Restless Leg Syndrome might be what you're experiencing if you feel the urge to constantly move it. "RLS is a neurological disorder characterized by an irresistible urge to move one's body to stop uncomfortable or odd sensations. RLS sensations range from pain or an aching in the muscles, to "an itch you can't scratch", an unpleasant "tickle that won't stop", or even a "crawling" feeling. The sensations typically begin or intensify during quiet wakefulness, such as when relaxing, reading, studying, or trying to sleep.[4] Additionally, most individuals with RLS suffer from periodic limb movement disorder (limbs jerking during sleep), which is an objective physiologic marker of the disorder and is associated with sleep disruption.[5] It can be caused by low iron levels.[6]" - WIKIPEDIA.ORG Good luck to everyone as their week unfolds. All the best!!
  8. Kate C  Mayone

    Starting on 1st September

    Hi All, I'm a lil late in my reply but happy to see a lot of posts from those who finished. Congratulations to everyone. It sounds like there were a lot of successful journeys. I'm extending to 60 days so my journey isn't over yet. But I did weigh in on the 1st just to take note. Actually, I hadn't weighed myself before I started but I know where I generally fall on the scale so I took an estimate. I'm guessing I lost at least 5 lbs. I was happy about that but I really try not to put much focus on weight in general so it's just 'good to know'. I certainly didn't have any weight-loss goal but I knew I would slim down in the process. I'm more excited to report that I haven't experienced any bloating in the last week. I still have a ways to go in addressing my behavior with food. I was good most of the way but this past weekend I found myself snacking and letting emotions steer my food choices. Definitely something to address in the coming weeks. Meal planning and shopping has finally become an easier task then when I started. That was a big goal of mine so that I could find a way to keep this going. Angelina, I will agree that my grocery bills have been much higher the last few weeks...all these meats and veggies add up. I'll be looking for ways to make this more economical so I can continue this lifestyle. All good things ahead! I'm looking forward to staying on track and making more progress. We should all be very proud of ourselves. This is a tough challenge in so many ways. Good luck to everyone as they move forward in the reintroduction process. Congrats again!
  9. Kate C  Mayone

    Whole 30 Starting 24/09/14

    Hi Everyone, Dawn led me over here from another post where I mentioned I would be extending into a Whole 60. Today is day 31 and I'm excited to see where I can take myself with more time. Yesterday was a pretty low day for me...I was so exhausted and not feeling myself at all. It would have been a horrible way to end my experience. I had already known before then that I needed more time so continuing for another month was in my mindset. My digestion is still working itself out and I feel like some days are still trial and error. More than anything I know I need to break my unhealthy attachment to food. Yesterday when I was feeling so crummy all I wanted to do was snack and binge. I knew I wasn't hungry and I could barely touch my designated meals. But I could have eaten any entire jar of homemade sunflower butter or bucket of fruit if you let me. The sugar dragon is still haunting me! I really hope I can conquer some of those impulses in the next 30 days. I will be checking in as frequently as possible. It's great to have the support. I think it will help me stay on track and motivate me on those days I'm just not 'feeling it'. Good luck to you all. Have a great day and keep your head up!
  10. Kate C  Mayone

    Starting on 1st September

    Hi Everyone! Day 30 is here! I hope everyone is doing well. I just posted a thread about my 'Whole 60' because I was wondering who else is extending the challenge. I definitely need more time to sort things out. I have to admit there is something relieving about not having to figure out 'life after W30' yet. I'm not frightened by it but I do feel like I'm in the groove as demos88 mentioned. I finally simplified the meal planning process for myself this week. I definitely need to take that further if I want to stay on track. Angelina, that stinks your husband had trouble with the food while eating out. I've noticed that going to parties isn't hard for me because I just eat beforehand or bring a compliant dish. But restaurant eating isn't worth it for me. My husband was dying for a SAD breakfast this weekend so we went to a local pancake house. I ordered a veggie omelet and a fresh fruit salad. My husband ate the world and went into a terrible food coma for the rest of the day...not surprising. I didn't feel sick but my stomach could tell the difference between their omelet and mine. I have to say it was refreshing (and rewarding) to be on the other end of watching what overeating/certain foods can really do to you. Not being that person felt really really nice. I still had energy and did work around the house while he laid on the couch gripping his stomach. Thanks ladies for the advice regarding baking. Most of what I do is almost always for others...birthday cakes or desserts for a party. I don't often bake unless I have somewhere to bring it, lol. But generally I am decorating cakes which turns into an outlet for a frosting binge. I did make some blondie bars this weekend for a party and it wasn't too bad. I made some homemade caramel and the smell of it was all too attractive. I had to pretend it was a lab experiment or something non-food related if that makes any sense. It's hard for me to work with any food and not taste it. I had to remind myself what all that sugar would do to me. The dessert made it to the party and by then I didn't want anything to do with it. I was more interested in the delicious roast beef that was being sliced up. I think moving forward I need to play around with more paleo-friendly desserts. It definitely makes me rethink my passion for baking especially what I feed to my family and friends. I always put more focus on what I eat but it's sad when you're giving all that sugar and trans fats to loved-ones. I have to say the one thing I never miss is cheese! Yet it's one of the first things other people will blurt out (after bread of course) to me when I explain the challenge...you can't have cheese?? I don't usually cook with it aside from some parmesan regiono on top of dish. For me, cheese is not the love loss. It sounds like everyone is working out the kinks but doing well! Good luck to you all whether you're staying on for more time or reintroducing foods this week. It's such a learning experience!
  11. Kate C  Mayone

    Starting on 1st September

    Hi Everyone, It's the last Friday for most of us which might be exciting for some and maybe scary for others. I'm feeling pretty good at day 26 but I made a promise to myself earlier this week that I'd extend this 'challenge' into 45 or 60 days. I should just say 60 because that's what it needs to be...I was trying to ease my mind into it at first, lol. My stomach could definitely use more time to sort things out. I'm still working on the emotional aspects of food as well. I'm enjoying the food I eat and haven't had many cravings. But I also love to bake and still can't read a blog/recipe without drooling. I know that's a clear sign so I'm just avoiding the idea of baking all together at this point. Last night, I had a fig and pork ragout and it was actually too sweet for my taste buds. My body seems to know what's best but my brain is still trying to catch up. I know I will always need to work on my sugar addiction but I don't want to fall on and off a wagon so to speak. I really want to achieve some balance in life where I can make the majority of my food decisions to be healthy ones. And when I do want to indulge in something 'not healthy' I can do it and then return from it; not fall victim to it. I think the key for me is to stay connected and supported. I realized that this time around that the forum is a huge help to me. Thank you! Good luck to everyone on the rest of their journey. I know it doesn't end after Tuesday. Hopefully it's been a learning experience in more ways than one.
  12. Kate C  Mayone

    Food prep vs. sleep

    I think over-planning everything is my Achilles' heel. That and Pinterest! I can consume an entire Sunday just planning meals (aka trolling the web); making a list; shopping and then prepping for the week. Even still, I come home every night and spend at least 2 hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy it. But I don't think I can maintain this life once kids are in the picture which is hopefully in the near future. I need a course in time management I've been cooking for the last ten years and I've definitely gained a lot of knowledge and experience. But I can turn a simple meal into an all night adventure if you let me. I think being recipe-obsessed is my biggest weakness. I can throw together a meal on my own but I'd prefer to spend 15 minutes checking out someone else's blog and re-creating their meal to a T. I also seem to have trouble with planning meals based on items I already have...hence the all day planning/shopping. I tell myself I like the challenge but on the nights I don't cook I realize how wonderful all that extra time can be. You are not alone but I give you the utmost credit for keeping it up with two kids and a traveling husband! My sisters tell me I won't be able to live this way once I have kids!
  13. Kate C  Mayone

    Day 23...still moody

    I had four strawberries after my workout...I know, not the best time. But it was quick workout and nothing too intense. Interestingly enough, they didn't give me any discomfort or bloating. I had a few minor gurgles at first and then nothing. All was quiet and fine. Going to have to log it away and do some more testing later.
  14. Kate C  Mayone

    Starting on 1st September

    First off - congrats on feeling so great! That's amazing that you've managed your pain and created a happier you I had a hard time with tea...it's always tasted like warm water to me, lol. Never quite understood how or why so many people love it. But I have finally taken a liking to it during this W30. I found that getting a quality brand and good blend is important. I really like the Yogi brand but you have to be careful and read the ingredients. Some of them are sweetened with stevia leaf which is a not complaint. I also noticed last night the Yogi Stomach Ease has barley malt in it : / The two Yogi teas I've been enjoying most are Green Kombucha and Roasted Dandelion Spice - both great for cleansing. There are no sweeteners that are allowed in terms of a Whole30 but you might find (like I did) that certain herbs and blends are more flavorful. Things with licorice root tend to be 'sweet'. I really like Tazo's passion tea and they state on their page that "Licorice root’s botanical name comes from the Greek words meaning "sweet root." I also really enjoy a spicy rooibos filled with cinnamon etc. For me, bold blends are great. One final note - I was initially trying to chase a sugar dragon in finding a 'good' tea that I didn't have to load with honey. Be careful because it's a slippery slope. I make sure I don't drink the 'sweeter' teas a lot because for me they tend to draw out the bad old responses...like wanting to pour honey all over everything. It's tough but you have to examine the real meaning behind everything. On my last W30 I was drowning my coffee in coconut cream. This time I'm drinking it black with a big scoop of coconut oil. Replace that need for sugar with fat! I know my response kinda of goes back against itself but hopefully it still helps