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  1. I'd like to join, if that's ok? I'm currently 35wks with my first, & DH & I are doing the whole30 as our yearly "we've over indulged too much during the holidays". I started on the 1st, & am not finding it too hard at the moment. I had been pretty paleo all of last year - excluding the first tri where all I wanted was carbs (bread,pasta etc) & since thanksgiving. Time together eating properly again before my little "Spud" arrives
  2. Egre4926

    "Breading" advice and or tips

    I use dried/desiccated coconut (unsweetened) as my breaking, especially on chicken. When I make my chicken Parma , I'll coat the chicken in either coconut or almond flour (just depends on what I have handy), the coat in a beaten egg. Then crumb in the coconut. Bake in a 400F oven until chicken is cooked through. I also find that putting the chicken on a wire rack that's in a cookie sheet also helps crisping the crumb. Also don't add the coconut oil as the coconut absorbs it, and it'll end up greasy rather than crispy
  3. Egre4926

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Plantains are roughly 20-30cm long, almost straight & more triangular than bananas. Green bananas won't work in the tostada recipe, as plantains, especially the green ones that the recipes are very starchy - much more so than green bananas. As they ripen (skin goes black) the flesh mellows & becomes more banana like, but still as some starch. General rules are the unripe ones need to be cooked twice, like in tostadas & are savory, while the yellow/black ones are fried gently once & are sweet like bananas. Can't comment on finding them though, as I've only seen them in shops in the US.
  4. Egre4926

    a safe almond milk?

    I found one in my local whole foods in the refrigerated section. It's in a bottle (sorry cant remember the brand name), & comes in 3 varieties - vanilla, original & unsweetened. Obviously only the last is whole30 compliant & it lists the ingredients as almonds & water
  5. Egre4926

    Whole30 and the OGTT

    I think I remember Melissa suggesting to someone earlier this year to eat some paleo friendly (contradiction I know) foods like white rice in the week or so leading up to the GTT. That way your body has some higher glucose based carbs, & doesn't go into shock when you drink the high amount of sugar. I'm also interested in what Melissa comes back with, as I'll be doing this some time in the next trimester.
  6. Egre4926

    Little problems

    Could you perhaps have a mini meal when you first wake up, & then do a full breakfast when you get to te office? That way you have something in your stomach for your body to use, and then can last until the 3pm point to have lunch? 6am mini-meal 8:30am meal 1 2pm meal 2 7pm meal 3 Not ideal, but maybe the best thing to get to know your hunger cues. Later on you can always eat meal 1 when waking & find that you can last a longer period of time before eating again
  7. Egre4926

    Mung beans

    Ok cool...still trying to get my head around peas being legumes, so I guess I'll be throwing the mung beans into that category
  8. Egre4926

    Mung beans

    So I was wondering about mung beans. After doing some research, I noted that they are a seed of a plant and not a legume (in he traditional sense). So what's the deal.....yeah or nay?
  9. Egre4926

    Fat phobia!

    I usually count my "fat" component as the oil/tallow that I cook with, except in salads whereby I add avocado, or olives To give you an idea, my meal plan today is: Meal 1: 7 mushrooms sauteed in olive oil, with 2 large handfuls of baby spinach, 2 chicken apple sausages & 2 eggs cooked intop - did hubby & I Meal 2: greek salad with romaine lettuce, cucumber, cherry toms, red onion, olives, 1 artichoke heart (in olive oil) & a handful of leftover oven roasted chicken breast. Meal 3: roasted chicken with roasted beets, sweet potato & parsnip, steamed Brussels sprouts. - in this instance all my roasted veg have had some form of oil put on them before roasting, but I may still add some homemade mayo! Hope that helps & good luck
  10. Egre4926

    Coconut Water

    Hubby uses the O.N.E brand one for his electrolyte replacement on his long (60+miles) bike rides. It's not overly sweet, nor overly coconutty in flavour. He says that after awhile overly sweet things get too much for him, but that particular brand is fine.
  11. Egre4926

    What can I have at STarbucks?

    They have different types of tea. Or bring some coconut milk & add it yourself to a black coffee - yummy!!
  12. From my experience there are normally 4 types of sweet potato/yams found in US supermarkets/green grocers/farmers markets. 1. The garnet yam - is really dark orange in colour, and a deeper orange skin. This is the really, really sweet one, that are on most thanksgiving dinner menus (although I'm still trying to get my Australian head around why anyone needs to add brown sugar & marshmallows to sweet sweet potato - prior to whole30 of course!) 2. The Jewel yam - is still orange in colour, but more of a browner colored skin. Not as sweet, but still a sweet potato. 3. The Japanese yam - has purple skin, but white flesh. I personally find these really starchy, not sweat all. 4. The Hannah yam - which looks like a white potato, but in the traditional sweet potato shape. These are NOT sweet or overly starchy, & are my favourite to make sweet potato fries in the oven, as they seem to crisp up / brown better than all the other types. Hope that helps
  13. Egre4926

    April Whole 30 group

    What about soup for breakfast? My husband gets bored very easily with eggs for breakfast, so I have to come up with different ideas. Our go to is cauliflower soup - take a head of cauliflower, chop it, cover it with stock, add an onion & chunked carrots, & cook until the veggies are tender. I then blend with an immersion blender until smooth. I then serve a mug of it with any other in protein on hand - bacon, nomnompaleo's kahula pork, or mini meatloaf balls (cooked in a muffin tin). Does that help? Still here on day 18. Have increased my exercise routine this past week, & think I need to up my portion sizes as about 2-3hrs after eating, I'm hungry again! Still waiting for the increased energy levels (& I didn't get them at all in my last whole30), but have noticed that my energy evils throughout the day seem to be fairly consistent - no more nana naps for me :-)
  14. Losartan works by blocking a pathway that causes BP to increase in your kidneys, which in turn lowers your blood pressure. It also acts to protect your kidneys from further damage. Unfortunately as the human body is a complicated thing, there are many pathways in which BP control works. It seems like you are managing to control your BP, but please let your Dr know that you are changing the dose of the losartan and adding in magnesium, as it can have an impact on any further treatment you may require (more so drug interactions if you ever needed additional medications for ANYTHING) also please note that just because something is natural doesn't necessarily mean that it's of benefit to you ( as lots of herbal/natural products interact in a bad way with prescribed medications, and can cause unwanted side effects) . I'll get off my pharmacists soap box now :-) looks like you are doing great. Congrats
  15. Egre4926

    Cooking Your Way Around the World for the Whole30

    Why wouldn't coconut oil work? The stuff I have is completely tasteless