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    Egre4926 got a reaction from angledge in Management/lowering of high blood pressure - question   
    Losartan works by blocking a pathway that causes BP to increase in your kidneys, which in turn lowers your blood pressure. It also acts to protect your kidneys from further damage.
    Unfortunately as the human body is a complicated thing, there are many pathways in which BP control works. It seems like you are managing to control your BP, but please let your Dr know that you are changing the dose of the losartan and adding in magnesium, as it can have an impact on any further treatment you may require (more so drug interactions if you ever needed additional medications for ANYTHING) also please note that just because something is natural doesn't necessarily mean that it's of benefit to you ( as lots of herbal/natural products interact in a bad way with prescribed medications, and can cause unwanted side effects) . I'll get off my pharmacists soap box now :-)
    looks like you are doing great. Congrats
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    Egre4926 got a reaction from Mom2A&M in "Breading" advice and or tips   
    I use dried/desiccated coconut (unsweetened) as my breaking, especially on chicken. When I make my chicken Parma , I'll coat the chicken in either coconut or almond flour (just depends on what I have handy), the coat in a beaten egg. Then crumb in the coconut. Bake in a 400F oven until chicken is cooked through. I also find that putting the chicken on a wire rack that's in a cookie sheet also helps crisping the crumb. Also don't add the coconut oil as the coconut absorbs it, and it'll end up greasy rather than crispy
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    Egre4926 reacted to Robin Strathdee in Salsa?   
    We like Wholly Salsa in my house
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    Egre4926 got a reaction from praxisproject in Sourcing food in Australia   
    Plantains are roughly 20-30cm long, almost straight & more triangular than bananas.
    Green bananas won't work in the tostada recipe, as plantains, especially the green ones that the recipes are very starchy - much more so than green bananas. As they ripen (skin goes black) the flesh mellows & becomes more banana like, but still as some starch.
    General rules are the unripe ones need to be cooked twice, like in tostadas & are savory, while the yellow/black ones are fried gently once & are sweet like bananas.
    Can't comment on finding them though, as I've only seen them in shops in the US.
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    Egre4926 got a reaction from bi0nicw0man in Any way to make sweet potatoes less sweet?   
    From my experience there are normally 4 types of sweet potato/yams found in US supermarkets/green grocers/farmers markets.
    1. The garnet yam - is really dark orange in colour, and a deeper orange skin. This is the really, really sweet one, that are on most thanksgiving dinner menus (although I'm still trying to get my Australian head around why anyone needs to add brown sugar & marshmallows to sweet sweet potato - prior to whole30 of course!)
    2. The Jewel yam - is still orange in colour, but more of a browner colored skin. Not as sweet, but still a sweet potato.
    3. The Japanese yam - has purple skin, but white flesh. I personally find these really starchy, not sweat all.
    4. The Hannah yam - which looks like a white potato, but in the traditional sweet potato shape. These are NOT sweet or overly starchy, & are my favourite to make sweet potato fries in the oven, as they seem to crisp up / brown better than all the other types.
    Hope that helps
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    Egre4926 reacted to KitchenWitchy in Snarky vegan friend vent   
    Thank you for the support guys! I have decided not to make an issue out of this, and am maintaining polite interaction at work. As far as friendship goes, well, that is another story. Regardless, this body, the one I occupy, is satisfied with what I am doing and that is what really matters.
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    Egre4926 got a reaction from jmcip in Fat phobia!   
    I usually count my "fat" component as the oil/tallow that I cook with, except in salads whereby I add avocado, or olives
    To give you an idea, my meal plan today is:
    Meal 1: 7 mushrooms sauteed in olive oil, with 2 large handfuls of baby spinach, 2 chicken apple sausages & 2 eggs cooked intop - did hubby & I
    Meal 2: greek salad with romaine lettuce, cucumber, cherry toms, red onion, olives, 1 artichoke heart (in olive oil) & a handful of leftover oven roasted chicken breast.
    Meal 3: roasted chicken with roasted beets, sweet potato & parsnip, steamed Brussels sprouts. - in this instance all my roasted veg have had some form of oil put on them before roasting, but I may still add some homemade mayo!
    Hope that helps & good luck
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    Egre4926 reacted to CraftyCarnivore in Spending way too much $$ on groceries!   
    It's funny. I see all these comments that fruits and vegs are "cheaper at the farmers market than in the store". Not here. And I've been to Farmers markets where they sell bananas. I have yet to see a banana "locally grown" in the Chicago area.
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    Egre4926 reacted to Physibeth in Coconut Water   
    This is the brand I mix with water and take on my harder runs too.
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    Egre4926 reacted to Physibeth in How to NOT die of protein boredom?   
    Lamb is amazing and is usually very safe as I don't think it is factory raised. Buffalo is another good option for high quality and is leaner than beef if that is a concern. What about other poultry like duck?
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    Egre4926 got a reaction from bi0nicw0man in Coconut Water   
    Hubby uses the O.N.E brand one for his electrolyte replacement on his long (60+miles) bike rides. It's not overly sweet, nor overly coconutty in flavour. He says that after awhile overly sweet things get too much for him, but that particular brand is fine.
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    Egre4926 got a reaction from bi0nicw0man in Coconut Water   
    Hubby uses the O.N.E brand one for his electrolyte replacement on his long (60+miles) bike rides. It's not overly sweet, nor overly coconutty in flavour. He says that after awhile overly sweet things get too much for him, but that particular brand is fine.
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    Egre4926 reacted to Krista Billows Rodriguez in Mushrooms bad?   
    I keep mine in a paper bag, seems to help lengthen the lifespan
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    Egre4926 reacted to hiennnguyen in Frozen Goya plantains?   
    gosh plantains are seriously heavenly and as i was eating them today, i felt like i was cheating over and over! i had to go reread the box twice during dinner just to make sure they didn't contain crazy artificial flavors and preservatives, but nope, it just says "ripe plantains" in the ingredients! this is pretty exciting. i will always keep these in my freezer from now on
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    Egre4926 reacted to Jtandi in Paleo Bread??   
    nksl - I know exactly how you feel. I felt the exact same way, and when I found something - ANYTHING - I liked eating during my whole30 I felt guilty and thought for sure it was non-compliant. I felt like everything I had to change sucked the life out of food. it felt wrong to me that I couldn't even go and enjoy a cupcake with my family for a celebration. but along the way I learned so much about myself and my relationship with food.
    I agree, week three is where I found this happening, too. I'm looking back over my log and watching my emotions and relationship change. I can honestly say now that in the end I have also found immense freedom from obsession over food and have more enjoyment than ever while eating. I have been able to sit with my family while they enjoy ice cream/cake/yogurt and enjoy being with them. I found that many times that I thought I was "enjoying" my food I was simply stuffing myself and was worried more about if there would be enough cake/cookies/ice cream for me. and I was worried about what other people were thinking about me watching me eat what/how I wanted. but it took me a long time to get here. and I got pretty resentful and angry on the way.
    you may have a different starting relationship with food than others, so this journey is yours. you get to decide what things you have problems with and what things are completely fine for you. you get to decide if you are going to do things exactly by the book, or if your experience is something you can "tweak" to make more of your own - but, as is said before, if you do not do this 100% and don't get 100% of the results then don't be surprised. it's only 30 days. and at the end you can eat however you want.
    it actually took me 100 days of strict 100% compliant eating to feel this way. but I believe it's totally and completely normal! I've read that around this time (3 week mark) our sugar dragon (bread dragon/whatever dragon) is taking one last ditch effort to just drag us back.
    I'm glad you brought this out and I'm happy to see others saying how they experienced the exact same thing. this journey isn't sunshine and rainbows, it's not all "OH I'm SO happy I changed my eating! I feel SO MUCH BETTER ALL THE TIME!", at least not for me. I didn't like parts. I dare say I hated them...but I got through and today I'm happier and healthier!
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    Egre4926 reacted to Kirsteen in Paleo Bread??   
    I am really sorry you feel this way. There is no doubt that a lot of commercially prepared prepackaged processed food is deliberately treated with an array of chemicals to over stimulate our taste buds and literally set up an addiction for it. This is the kind of food W30 avoids. It also tells us to avoid taking compliant foods and trying to copy junk foods we've previously beed addicted to. Why? Well for one they'll never be quite what we were looking for and two, if we keep the memory of old previously loved junk foods alive like this, we're more likely to dive head first back into them after a W30.
    W30 does aim to change our relationship with food and part of that is seeing it for what it is - fuel for our bodies. However, believe me, I want the very best tasting fuel I can get I learnt long ago that any way of eating that incorporates food I don't enjoy is doomed to failure as far as I'm concerned. Yes food is fuel for my body bit it's also a major source of enjoyment. I defy anyone to try the recipes in Well Fed or on Tom Denham's site or Johnny M's. and not enjoy it; that food is fabulous, compliant, healthy and delicious. Don't let anyone suck the enjoyment out of eating. You're absolutely right - don't go there
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    Egre4926 reacted to CAK911 in Paleo Bread??   
    I haven't bought the Pure Wraps, either, and I also like wrapping things in lettuce.
    At our house, we do some "paleoified treats" stuff when we're not Whole 30ing, but pretty much only stuff we make ourselves. There are a few products I'd like to try, but probably not paleo bread. That's mainly because I really enjoy baking, and I haven't heard good things about the bread in general.
    For me, the Whole 30 has actually made food more enjoyable for me. I've tried all kinds of things I didn't think I'd like. I've really changed my tastes, and we've gotten way, way more into cooking. Right this second, we have a huge pot of stew simmering on the stove, and we just finished making a pot of tomato soup. We're also prepping here and there to make an egg bake for the week. I think Whole 30 has changed my view of what a luxurious meal is, but I still love those kinds of meals. My favorite at the moment is oven steaks with baked sweet potato fries (Whole 30 friendly, and amazing).
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    Egre4926 reacted to GoJo09 in Cooking Your Way Around the World for the Whole30   
    That fish stew sounds fantastic (minus the coriander, I can't stand that disgusting excuse for a herb!)
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    Egre4926 reacted to Kirsteen in Any non-cooks having success with this program?   
    I would buy the book Well Fed. Her recipes are delicious and not complicated. The books well set out and you just follow it step by step. She gives ideas for variations witha lot of her recipes and tells you what each one goes with. I swear that book is brilliant and such a help - every recipe bar one dessert is W30 compliant.
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    Egre4926 reacted to Pea in Any non-cooks having success with this program?   
    I think a crockpot is a non-cook's best friend. You throw stuff into it in the morning and you have a large pot of food to eat from for a couple of days. Also, you can at least get organic chicken in most markets. Truly free-range birds will NOT have a label that says "all vegetarian feed" because truly free range chickens eat bugs and worms. If you have a farmer's market you can get those magnificent ladies for the crockpot.
    But supermarket organic birds are at least a step in the right direction.
    Here's my top crockpot "recipes":
    1. Season a whole chicken well with salt and pepper, garlic powder, paprika and/or turmeric or whatever other spices and herbs you like. Put it breast side down in the slow cooker and cook 6-8 hrs on low or 4 hours on high. Voila. Chicken. Eat it with a green salad enriched with avocado and olive oil or steam a bag of frozen veggies and dress with plenty of ghee or olive oil.
    2. Buy a chuck or bottom round roast and throw that in the crockpot, well-seasoned, along with a bag of baby carrots and a thickly sliced onion, a bit of water. Add other root veggies if you feel adventurous, like parsnips or turnips. Cook 8 hours on low or 5 hours on high, or until tender.
    3. Lamb shanks: throw a couple of lamb shanks into the crock with veggies as for the chuck roast and you've got a savory meal.
    Good luck....I like to cook and some days I find it challenging to keep all this good food around.
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    Egre4926 reacted to Moluv in Received Dr. note for food intolerances. Yay!   
    Thanks to the posters and moderators (especially Robin) in the kids forum, I took the advice to get a Dr. note when my little one went in for his annual visit today. My kids go to a health clinic run by the WTAMU nurse practitioner school and as consumers of self-pay medical services we have always found NP's more accessible and flexible than MD's. Even so I was a little nervous to ask because I expected some kind of difference of opinion to ensue, and I felt a little underprepared to defend myself. But, the NP was right on board with it and even commended me for it. I feel validated in making this choice for my kids. The note states intolerances to all grains, dairy and sugar and instructs no foods containing them shall be given.
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    Egre4926 reacted to 1Maryann in Comments on how much I eat   
    Heck, Whole30 shouldn't discriminate against people with small hands. They get hungry too. Unless the rest of you is very small as well, I'd go more toward 1.5-2 palms and not worry about it. You'll know if it winds up being too much.
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    Egre4926 got a reaction from Derval in Alternative to beer in Beer Can Chicken   
    Would a can of soda water work in place of the beer? I'm assuming that its just extra moisture so not to dry the chicken out? But I've never made beer can chicken before
    @Derval - how I miss proper cider. Americans "hard" cider just isn't the same!!
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    Egre4926 reacted to little_muffin in Help, nursery not very happy   
    As far as I'm aware they are not on a government subsidised program. The frustrating thing is that right now I feel that my judgement is being called ito question all the time. Regardless of my reasoning, Hattie should follow whatever "diet" I wish to put her on. Oddly, if I was over feeding my child chocolate, bread, crisps, fizzy drinks etc, that wouldn't be in the slightest bit cruel but somehow, trying to ensure that she gets proper, wholesome, nutritious real food is?!!!!!
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    Egre4926 reacted to Nadia B in Mushroom recipes?   
    Oh oh enoki, how could I forget. Good call! They make phenomenal fritters. Did I say phenomenal?
    Beat eggs, add chopped onions, shredded carrots and cut enoki (i like mine to be around 3/4 inch long) + Salt pepper spices. Scoop and fry on both sides.
    They look like this.