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    Plantains are roughly 20-30cm long, almost straight & more triangular than bananas.
    Green bananas won't work in the tostada recipe, as plantains, especially the green ones that the recipes are very starchy - much more so than green bananas. As they ripen (skin goes black) the flesh mellows & becomes more banana like, but still as some starch.
    General rules are the unripe ones need to be cooked twice, like in tostadas & are savory, while the yellow/black ones are fried gently once & are sweet like bananas.
    Can't comment on finding them though, as I've only seen them in shops in the US.
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    Egre4926 reacted to CraftyCarnivore in Spending way too much $$ on groceries!   
    It's funny. I see all these comments that fruits and vegs are "cheaper at the farmers market than in the store". Not here. And I've been to Farmers markets where they sell bananas. I have yet to see a banana "locally grown" in the Chicago area.